Jacob's Life

Chapter 2


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


October 11, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually explicit material, you must be of legal age to read it. The tale is about young gay life, in the real world, but it is fiction. If there are any similarities to real people, places, or things, it must be a strange coincidence. The writer, his editor, and his publisher accept no responsibility for the reader of this material. This work is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America.©JCPCo2001


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I couldn't shake the thoughts of Champ out of my head. The next day, it was a Thursday, I remember, because my mother didn't work. Thursdays and Sundays are her two days off a week from Shop Rite. She woke me up that morning, and I was in the middle of a dream about Champ and me.

"Jacob, get up! Joan has to use my car today, hers is in the shop, and I need to go to the doctor for nine o'clock." She seemed distressed, but she always does.

I waited for her to close my door before I stretched and got out of my bed. I quickly grabbed a clean pair of boxers out of my dresser drawer. I looked into the mirror over the antiquated bureau that had been one of my uncles', I noticed my face seemed to be different. I can't explain it, but suddenly I wondered who that was looking at me, it was almost as if I was a stranger to myself. I glanced to the clock on my night stand, next to the twin bed, that had been some other family member's, it was six forty-five.

Yeah, all the furniture in our house is hand-me-down. I guess you figured that out, huh? That's one of the reasons Joan and I never really had anyone over to our house. I guess we felt embarrassed. I mean our couch is broken down, and my mother usually is sleeping on it, unless she's working. The television picture is all green; the color has been going for as long as I can remember. We just don't have the money to have things like the other kids do that live in Mayfield. I think that's why I hang around with the Morins, they don't have much either, so I don't feel out of place.

Where was I? See what I mean about going off in all kinds of directions? "Stick to the subject, and keep it genre," the other thing Mr. Furey told us to do with this writing assignment. If I didn't need AP Literature and Composition for college, I wouldn't be doing this. I want to go to college though; I need to get out of this place so bad. OK, let's get back to two years ago, and that Thursday morning in April.

I headed up the hallway to the bathroom, Joan was just coming out, she gave me the look. I knew what she meant, `Mom's in one of her moods' look, my sister and I knew about the moods. Ever since my father left, or was tossed out, depends on who you ask, my mother was never herself. There would be days at a time when all she would do was go to work, come home and sleep on the couch. She never cleaned the house anymore, and hardly ever cooked, "You're old enough to take care of yourselves," she'd tell us. I ached for a normal family, and my mother's affection, but I didn't tell anyone, not even Joan.

"Hurry up, Squirt, we gotta get you to school. She needs her car back, mine's broke again." She tussled my hair as she walked towards her bedroom; she had a towel wrapped around her body and another around her long black hair.

I remember picking up Melody and Champ; we gave them a ride to school. The reason I remember it so well is because Champ sat real close to me in the back seat that morning. He kept staring into my brown eyes; I tried to avert his looks, but couldn't. I kept staring into his twinkling blue eyes.

"Jacob, do you want to come over for supper tonight?" Melody asked, bringing me out of my trance.

"Yeah." I went back into the comatose state.

"Spaghetti and meatballs with Italian bread, your favorite," Melody invitingly tempted me.

"Yeah, and then do you think you could help me fix the room in the garage?" Champ's voice cut through the air like a shark fin cuts through the waves.

I thought about being alone in the dark garage with him. I pictured us alone in the room that we had built ourselves. We had used some old lumber scraps we had collected the summer before at one of the building sites. We framed a small room in the back corner of the two-car garage; the Morins only had one car, so there was plenty of room. Until we built the room, there had been a picnic table in the garage that we all used to play on, especially when it rained out, 'cause we weren't supposed to be in the house when Mr. and Mrs. Morin were at work.

Now, the only one that really goes over to the Morins' house, besides them of course, is me. The rest of the kids we hung out with don't come around that much anymore. This story is going to tell you about them though. I'll even tell you why most of the crew doesn't come around much now. It's no big deal really, time, it seems to change people. I guess some of the others feel older, and have to keep up their images. Like I said, I'll get into that later.

When we built the room, we had Bob and Dane help us. It was just us four boys. It was also the summer we discovered girls. The room helped us to do that; it gave us the privacy we needed.

Bob was fourteen, just like me the summer we built the fort, two years ago. He was from Cedar Street, it was one street over from the Morins who lived on Alamo Street. Bob was a little shorter than me, at the time; he was about five-foot exact, to my five foot four. Champ was the shortest one of the bunch at four foot eight. Bob has light brown hair, and a very round face, he wears these big glasses with thick lenses, which magnify his green eyes.

Dane on the other hand was twelve, same as Champ, at the time we built the fort. He lived right behind the Morins on Duffey Lane. His mother was from England, and she has an accent. Dane has blonde hair and brown eyes, with a great smile.

The rest of the day was pretty nondescript; it wasn't until we got off the bus after school that things began to change for me. I remember Bob and Champ walking along with me towards the Morins' house, Melody and Margie were behind us. It was a beautiful spring day; the temperatures were warm enough we didn't have jackets on, and the sun blazed in the sky. We were all chatting away about the next week being April vacation. We all seemed to be looking forward to the time off from school, it was our first year in high school, and it had been nerve wracking going back to being the youngest in the building.

I was thinking about two things, well, three - spaghetti, Champ and I in the room, and April vacation. While we strolled up the street, I noticed my mother's car coming towards us from the other direction. It was Joan; she pulled up and rolled down the window and poked her head out, her long flowing hair got stuck on the door handle and she had to fumble around a little. It was a sight.

"Jacob, Mom has to go into the hospital next week, she's having a hysterectomy. Isn't that cool? We'll be home by ourselves," she beamed.

"Wow. What's a hysterectomy?" I had no idea, but everyone started laughing, so I knew I should have known.

"They're taking her female parts out, so she can't have anymore kids," Joan explained, and drove off.

I didn't know my mother was having relations where she could have any kids. I was totally confused; it must have shown on my face.

Melody piped up, "Jacob, your mother is going through the change of her life, so they do this operation to speed up the process. It's man's way of doing God's work, my mother told me."

I still must have looked confused.

"Jacob, has your mother been having mood swings, you know, bitchy one minute, nice the next?" Margie continued.

I thought about it, "No, she's always bitchy or sleeping."

"Well, this might help her. It's nothing, they do it all the time," Margie finished.

Later, after we had eaten dinner Dane had come over. Bob came back a little while after that; we were all working on the fort with Champ. It was really cool, well, Bob tells us all he had stolen one of his father's dirty magazines. Being fourteen, us older boys were pretty interested, but I could tell Dane was a little embarrassed. Oh, he was interested, but I think he felt intimidated, he seemed a little shy. The four of us guys were all hunkered over the magazine, looking at the voluptuous blonde pictured in the center fold, with the muscle bound guy that had a soft dick.

"Man, how can that guy be soft next to that chick?" Bob observed.

We didn't even notice that Melody and Margie had come in to the room and were standing right next to us. Suddenly, I felt their presence.

"That's because he's had sex before, Robert." Margie's accusatory sounding voice broke us all into laughter

Bob quickly closed the magazine and tried to hide it underneath himself. His face turned three shades of purple. I just watched Champ, and tried to figure out what he was thinking about the whole time.

"Is that what you guys come out here for, to look at dirty pictures?" Margie teased at us.

"Yeah, why look at pictures when you can look at us?" Melody volunteered.

I could see the look of disgust in Champ's face, as he left the room. I wanted to call out after him, but didn't. I was too curious as to what was going to happen with the two girls. I was torn, I knew that I had feelings for Champ, but I had been told those feelings were bad. I figured if there was a chance to change, it was now.

"You offering?" Bob smoothly asked.

"You interested?" Margie quipped.

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine." Melody looked me right in the eye as she said it.

There was no turning back; the dare had been spoken. I had no choice, it was do it, or be chicken. My friends would all laugh at me. They might even say I was queer, `cause I didn't want to look at a naked girl. I had to do it; I had to prove my manhood. I quickly undid my belt and let my pants drop to the floor.

"Now yours," I said. I wasn't going any further until she made a move.

I watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and Margie did the same. I looked over and saw Dane and Robert taking their shirts off. `Why did you take your pants off?' I wondered to myself, as I watched Melody slip out of her slacks. She stood in front of us with just her white bra and panties on. Margie was right behind her, taking her pants off.

I was frozen in place, I heard Robert fumbling around with his clothes, he was behind me, and I saw Dane standing there in his white briefs. I could see the outline of Dane's hard dick pushing against the cotton cloth of his underwear. I felt my own cock begin to grow in my boxers.

For the next hour, that seemed to last for days, the five of us played around with each other. Not boys and boys, just boys and girls. I couldn't help wanting to touch Dane and Robert, but didn't dare. We all had gotten naked, and studied each other's bodies with our eyes, hands, and mouths. No matter how excited I was, I couldn't seem to have an orgasm. Dane and Bob had more than one, but I couldn't seem to have even one. I was too embarrassed, I guessed, I mean, it did feel good, and I did like watching what Melody and Margie did with the other boys, but they just couldn't seem to do it right for me.

"Wow, Jacob, you can last a long time," Bob stated, and sounded like a news reporter on the evening news.

"Yeah," was all I could muster.

"MEL-OO-DY, MARGOR-EE," Mrs. Morin's call came from the back door.

We all freaked and quickly tried to find our clothes. We were all scared to death that Mrs. Morin might come into the garage and catch us. It was a moment of terror that I don't think any of us will forget.

Finally dressed, the girls left. I sat in the room with Dane and Bob, totally amazed. All Bob could do was talk about how good it had felt when one of the sisters had been sucking on his dick. Dane didn't really say too much, he kept looking at me, rolling his eyes. I had to get out of there; I just had to go home. I wondered about Champ. I felt bad about what we had done with his sisters, but it wasn't like it was all our idea. I still felt bad though.

I walked home slowly with Bob, he lived in between my house and the Morins, so I'd drop him off, and then continue on home alone. We didn't talk too much, Bob kept saying he couldn't wait until next week, when we'd have all day to play around with the girls. I kept hoping I'd have all day to play around with Champ, but didn't tell him that. I thought about how my mother would be in the hospital, and Joan was hardly ever home. I knew that there would come a time in the week when Champ and I could be alone together. I just hoped it could happen, but worried he might not want it to.


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