Jacob's Life

Chap 5


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


October 30, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually explicit material, you must be of legal age to read it. The tale is about young gay life, in the real world, but it is fiction. If there are any similarities to real people, places, or things, it must be a strange coincidence. The writer, his editor, and his publisher accept no responsibility for the reader of this material. This work is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America.©JCPCo2001


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It was just before dawn, that Saturday morning in April two years ago, when I woke in Champ's arms on his family room floor. I felt his warm smooth body pressed against me, his hardness poking into mine. I ran my hands down his back and grasped his small butt with both my hands. I felt so aroused being naked with him under the goosedown sleeping bag; every fiber of my body was alive with desire. I looked at his sweet face in the dimly lit room, his light brown eyelashes fluttering a thousand miles per hour. I felt his hard dick as it flexed against mine, while I gently rubbed his smooth ass with my hands.

`I'm a man,' I thought to myself. I could barely contain my happiness. Yet at the same time, wondered, if what Champ and I had done was going to be the beginning of something, or just a night of pleasure. I also knew that the sex we shared had to be kept a secret between us. Other people wouldn't understand how I felt, and I wasn't sure exactly how Champ felt. Did he love me, or was it just curiosity that brought us to the pleasures we had?

"Good morning, Jacob, that feels nice. You want to do it again?" his tender voice whispered to me, as his batting eyelids opened.

"What if we get caught? Are you sure we should?" I asked, hoping for something that would tell me how he felt.

"I don't know, but it sure feels good. I like doing it with you, besides no one's up yet, if we're quiet like last night no one will hear us," Champ tried to convince me, while he groped at my hard cock.

"I want to, but I don't know. What would people say if they found out? What would we tell them? God, Champ, I don't know, but it sure feels good, and I like you a lot." I continued to feel him out.

"I won't tell anyone. If you promise not to tell, no one will know. I like you too, Jacob,"

he reasoned and said the one thing I needed to hear.

I felt so complete knowing that he liked me. I was hopeful that this wasn't just a way to get release with him, I really wanted more. I just didn't know how we could get more. No one I knew understood how I felt. I was too afraid to tell Champ what I was really feeling and thinking. I had been struggling myself, alone, the few years before that night. Wondering why I was attracted to other boys, and not girls like my other friends all were. I kept telling myself I would grow out of it. I had been feeling guilty when I jerked off, because I would dream of Champ and other boys at school, instead of girls. I had no one to tell these secrets to, and that early morning I finally felt like I had found someone I could talk about all these things.

"Champ, can I ask you something? Do you ever think about having sex with girls, or just boys?" I asked him, while I played with the fleshy globes of his tiny ass.

"I don't know, sometimes I think about girls, but not as much. Do you?" His voice was serious.

"I try, but it doesn't seem to work for me," I confessed one of my deepest thoughts.

"How many times a day do you jerk off?" came his next question.

"Oh, wow, some days I do it three or four times," continuing to release my innermost haunting.

"You got to be kidding? Jacob, damn, I only do it sometimes twice a day, but never four. It hurts me after three times, so I don't do it after two. Doesn't it hurt you, like in your balls, when you shoot that many times?" He begged for an answer.

"Well, if I do it like right in a row, but if I let an hour or so pass it doesn't," I told him truthfully.

"I used to think it was bad, but Dane told me he does it more than that. He, Norm, and I jerked off one night when he slept over. It was funny, little Norm couldn't cum, but he tried," he laughed a little as told me.

"Really, you jerked off together one night? I was surprised and in awe.

"Yeah, I wanted to do more, and I think Dane did too, but we didn't say so. Norm was there, so we just did it to ourselves in the beds under the blankets," Champ explained as he lightly stroked my hard dick in his hand.

"Wow, did you ever talk to him about doing anything?" I was intrigued.

"Not really, I want to, but I don't know. I knew I could trust you, I always had a funny feeling about you, but you like my sister." He kissed my lips after he said it.

"I've always liked you too, Champ." I humped myself against him, and pulled his body into mine.

"Yeah, I've always liked you too, Jacob." He kissed me again, this time he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I was so happy, I felt tears filling my eyes. Here I was, fourteen and having sex, and with someone that I was drawn to. Not like the few nights before, in the room, where I couldn't seem to climax. I felt his smooth legs rubbing against my own as I tried to wrap myself around him. He pulled me towards him as he rubbed his dick against mine; we lay there silently looking into one another's eyes.

"What's the matter, Jacob? Why are you crying? Did I hurt you somehow?" His voice was full of concern.

"No, I'm just so happy."

"Me too."

"Can I suck you?" he asked, his eyes riveted onto mine.

"If I can do you again."

We shifted our bodies around so our heads were positioned at each other's dicks. I studied his nice four-inch prick. I tried to memorize it perfectly in my brain, so I could visualize it when I was alone and jerking off. I liked looking at his smooth legs, and small ball sac that was tight against the base of his hard cock. He had two slight patches of hair, on either side of the base of his hard shaft, nice soft brown hairs, but it hadn't grown in fully yet. There was no hair over the top, when I lifted his dick off his smooth belly he murmured slightly. I slid my lips around the bulbous head of his little cock, and sucked it hard, as I moved my head down towards his body. I gently squeezed at his tiny balls in my hand, and closed my eyes.

I felt his little fingers as he pointed my hard five-inch dick into his mouth. My dick was all ready to explode. I pulled him away, I didn't want to cum yet, and I wanted this feeling to last. He understood and kissed me on the stomach while waiting for the feeling to subside. I felt him massaging my sac as his mouth played on my skin just above my dick. I probed the rim of his prick with my tongue as my excitement subsided.

"Oh yeah, I want to take our time, Jacob, this feels so good," he moaned, as I drew his four-inch dick into my mouth and jiggled his balls in between my fingers.

I was alive with desire, every waking tendon and muscle in my body was screaming for pleasure, and the ultimate release. It was like I wanted to do everything at once, my mind raced as I sucked his hard dick and stroked it tightly in my hand. I felt his hot cock as it throbbed and pulsed in my hand and mouth. It was more than I could take; I furiously thrust my hips and rubbed my dick against his smooth bare chest, building the sensations before I shot my load.

Champ forced my aching cock into his lips and rolled his tongue around it. I felt his saliva as it enveloped my red-hot member; his right hand firmly grasped around the base of my shaft and jerked it while he sucked me hard. I was aching for release; I could feel the thick white cum as it began to stream from the insides of my balls into my sac. He held the head of my dick in his mouth, and sucked his lips around the rim, as he pounded his hand up and down my rock hard cock. He ran his other hand to my ass, his fingers poked at my hole, and the sensations he created in my body were beyond comparison to anything else I have ever known.

"Arggh," I grunted, as my thick hot cum spewed from the tip of my cock into his waiting mouth.

I pushed my head down onto his throbbing cock, and jerked it frantically so he would cum at the same time. It was a second or so later, I felt blast after blast of his cum hit the back of my throat. With each shooting stream of his love juice I felt the warm seed hit the roof of my mouth, and tasted its bitter flavor, as I drank it all. It almost seemed to gush down my throat. I felt so fucking good, to know I had created as much pleasure in him, as he had in me. I was ecstatic with the thought that my cumming excited him. I clung onto his ass after he came, and lightly licked his cock and balls clean, while I gently stroked his hardness. I wanted to hold him in my mouth forever.

"Wow, Jacob, that was fucking incredible," he sighed, and gently rubbed his hands up and down my body.

"Yeah, thank you," was all I could say.

"Someday we should try this with Dane. The three of us..." Champ suggested, with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

"Do you think he would? How would we do it?" I asked, wondering how three of us could give each of the other pleasure.

"I think he would. I could suck you, you suck him, and he sucks me, like a triangle on the floor. Man, that would be fucking cool. What do you think?" he asked, filled with delirious anticipation.

"I guess, I don't know. If you think he would, let's go for it," my voice said, while my brain held reservations.

"Yeah, we got all next week to plan it out. I'll talk to him and make it happen," Champ volunteered, before I could change my mind.

"OK, I guess." I said, giving my approval.

I lay next to him for a few more minutes; I tried to visualize the three of us fucking around. I thought about my mother, and her operation. My stomach started to feel like butterflies were flitting about and tickling the insides of it. My breathing started to quicken, and my mind slowed, as I came down from the sheer erotic pleasures I had just experienced. I could smell the aromas of my spit and his sweat, that lingered in his crotch as I held my head on his thighs. I continued to stroke his ass in my hands as I enjoyed his scent.

I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I remembered was finding myself alone on the floor, Champ was nowhere to be found. I rubbed my fist into my eyes, as I fumbled to get up. I thought about my mother and her operation, I knew I had to leave. I threw the sleeping bag off my naked body, scratched my balls, and slowly stood up. I scanned the slightly darkened room for my clothes, and saw them cluttered in a ball near the corner of the room; his clothes were gone. My heart seemed to ache, I wished he was still with me, I felt abandoned.

I dressed, alone. I remembered the love that Champ and I shared. I thought about Dane and him, the idea intrigued me. The three of us touching and sucking each other was beyond my wildest dreams. I wondered if it would ever really happen, I also feared it might.


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