Jacob's Life

Chapter 6


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Rob


November 19, 2001


Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic material, you must be of legal age to read it. It is fiction, all the people, places, and things, are figments of the author's imagination. If there is any similarity to real places, it is a strange coincidence. The writer, his editors, and the publisher accept no responsibility for the actions of the viewer of this material.©JCPCo all rights reserved


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"You leaving?" Champ's voice called to me.

"Yeah, were did you go?"

"I just took a shower. What'd you think?"

I saw his wet hair, his smooth chiseled chest was bare, and he only had on a pair of jeans. The striped boxers could be seen above his pants waistline. He had a light green towel draped around his neck, as he walked back into the family room. The room were we had had each other just a few hours before. He looked fantastic, I couldn't take my eyes off of him, and now, I didn't have to worry about him noticing me staring at him.

"What you staring at? You like what you see?" He teased me.

"Um Hmm."

"Hehe, well, people are getting up now, so you'll just have to wait." Champ sighed a little after he said it.

"Yeah, well, that's OK, `cause I got to go home. My mom's going into the hospital, how `bout I call you later, and you come over my house?" I asked him in a loving manner.

"Sure. Should I bring some clothes and spend the night? I could keep you company while your mom's away." His blue eyes said it all.

"Hmm, company huh? I have such a small place though, you'd have to sleep in my bed with me." I couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"Well, since you put it that way, I couldn't refuse. I can hardly wait myself."

He walked across the room to me, took me in his arms, and looked up into my eyes, and then he kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed his delicious lips back. I could taste the toothpaste he had just used, and I could smell the bath soap fragrance that clung to his warm soft body. I ran my hands down his back, and into his trousers, I felt his firm smooth ass with the palms of my hands.

We broke from our kiss and embrace. I looked deeply into his baby blue eyes, and he looked into my eyes. I smothered his cheeks with little kisses, as I continued to fondle his butt in my hands. I felt his fingers as he ran them through my hair; it sent tingles down my spine. I was overcome with feelings for him. I began to feel my hard dick as it pressed against the insides of my underwear and pants.

"Jacob, we have to stop. God I want to so much, but what if someone comes down here?" Champ begged.

"I know, but you're so irresistible."

"What about Melody? What are we gonna do about that?" He pushed me back a little to look me in the eye again.

Suddenly my mind snapped; I was so ready to fall in love with him, but the reality of it all was what it was. I felt the guilt as it rose from the depths of my soul. I knew he was right, we couldn't exactly go on as lovers, and we had to hide what we felt for each other. I could also tell by the sound of his voice that he was jealous. I was going out with his sister. How had this all happened? I just stared at him and shrugged my shoulders.

"Jacob, people wouldn't understand. I mean maybe Dane would, but no one else," he reasoned his thoughts with me.

"We'll just be best friends like we always have been, and when we're alone, we are free to be who we really are," I tried to comfort him, and me.

So, that was the beginning of our love story. I have to hurry again, to get this paper into Mr. Furey. I hope he doesn't mind my graphic details. Here I am two years later, writing it all down for the world to see. I almost feel better about myself, who knows, this could be just what I need to do. I certainly hope whoever reads this likes it.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much a blur. I remember taking my mother to the hospital in Woodbury. Joan drove, I sat in the back seat. I thought about Champ the whole time. I wondered what he was doing, and what he was thinking. I couldn't seem to get him out of my mind. I remember thinking about having the whole week off, and having time to spend with him. I also remember thinking about what he had said about Dane. I guess I should get back to the story and let you all know what happened a few days later.

Like I was saying, we took my mother to the hospital. Joan and I stayed with her for most of the morning and into the afternoon. Mom told us to go on home, and not to come back until the next afternoon, after her surgery. I couldn't get the thoughts of Champ out of my mind, so as soon as I got home I called him.

"Hi Mrs. Morin, is Champ there?" I rattled off into the phone.

"Yep, hang on."

I waited for him to come to the phone and looked out the dining room window into our back yard. I noticed the grass seemed to be getting greener, a sign that spring was finally here. I had already seen some of the birds too, the ones that return after the winter. Joan was down the hall in her bedroom, from the sounds of it she was getting ready to go out. I was hopeful anyways.

"Hey," I heard his voice.

"What's up? You wanna come over?"

"Now? OK. What about your mom? Is everything OK?"

"Yeah, she told us not to come back until late tomorrow," I told him.

"Give me about fifteen minutes. I got to throw some things together. Hey you got any cash? We can order Domino's or something," he excitedly asked.

"I got about fifty bucks, I was saving it for a special occasion," I teased him a little.

"Oh, is this a special enough occasion?" he chided.

"I think so," I laughed as I said it.

"See you in a few."

We both hung up at the same time. I heard Joan as she closed her bedroom door, she walked up the hallway, and told me she was going to be spending the night at Judy's house. Judy lived a few blocks away and was one of Joan's best friends. I couldn't believe it; Champ and I would have the whole house to ourselves. I nodded my head at my sister, and thought about all the possibilities.

"What the hell did I say? You look like...I don't know what you look like. What's going on?" Joan's voice rang in my ears.

"Nothing. What do you mean?"

"You. You look like you're excited I'm leaving. You better not do anything stupid, like have a party or nothing. You know what Mom will do if you get out of line," Joan chastised me, and I hadn't done anything.

"I'm not having a party. I was gonna have Champ come over and spend the night. If you call that a party," I defended myself.

"I don't know Jacob, you looked like you had something on your mind. All I got to say is you better not do anything stupid."

"Gee, Joanie, you said that already. Why don't you run along and have a good time with Judy. Don't worry, I don't have anything planned. Especially, anything stupid," I reassured my older sister.

She shook her head as she walked to the back door. I watched her as she looked back to me, then she left the house. I listened to her car start in the driveway, and wondered what I must have looked like while I was thinking about Champ and I having the whole place to ourselves that piqued her curiosity. I decided I'd have to be more careful with my facial expressions from then on.

A little while later Champ had come over. We hung around watching television and playing Mario. I called Domino's and we ordered a pizza. It was great, just the two of us. I hoped he enjoyed his time with me, as much as I did mine with him.


A few days later:

I remember it was Tuesday, it was the day my mother came home from the hospital. Joan and I had picked her up, and made sure she was comfortable, before we both headed out, leaving Mom home alone to rest.

"Jacob, I talked to Dane," Champ told me, as we sat alone in the room.

"Really? What'd he say?"

"He wants to try it. He wants us to go over his house. I talked to him this morning, he said Paul would be out the whole day." Champ adjusted his hardon in his pants as he told me.

I reached for my cigarettes; I took one out and offered him one. I lit mine, then moved the lighter to his. We both took deep drags and let the smoke out at almost the same time. I felt my own dick begin to swell in my pants. I reached my left hand down to his bulging pants and groped at his dick. With every stroke I made, I felt his hard cock throb against my touch. I wanted to do him right now. I didn't want to wait another minute.

"God, Jacob. We should wait until we go over to Dane's. Don't you think?" Champ tried to convince me.

"I guess. When do you want to go?"

"NOW! If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum in my pants," he thrust his hips towards my hand.

"I think we should do it first, that way we can last longer with him," I tried to reason with him.

"OK, but we have to be quick." He pushed the lock closed we had put on the door the day before.

I unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down. I looked at his hard dick; it was leaking pre-cum and looked bigger than usual. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around it. I got down on my knees and sucked him into my mouth. I slowly let my tongue swirl around the shaft as my head bobbed up and down on him. I could smell his sweet scent as I sucked on his swollen cock.

He grabbed my head and pushed me onto him, as his hips bucked back and forth to my mouth. I felt him as he began to lie down, and he pulled me along side of him. I felt his fingers as they fumbled at my zipper and he pulled out my dick. He flicked his tongue at the head of my cock and stroked me with his right hand. I felt his left hand undo my belt and pull my pants and underwear away from my body to give him better access to my raging dick.

We sucked on each other frantically. It was like we were in a race against time. I ran one of my hands over the back of his head and held him close to me. I felt him do the same thing on the back of my head. My balls began to ache, I could feel the cum as it began its journey up my dick.

"I'm gonna bust." I told him.

"Me too."

We both put our mouths back onto each other, and used our hands to stroke each other's dicks as we sucked like there was no tomorrow. I felt his hot juice as it hit the roof of my mouth. I felt my own cock bursting into him just a second later. My hips were almost convulsing. His legs tensed and stretched as he spewed his cum into me. We both squeezed each other's balls with every shot, almost as if we were helping to drain them of their cum.

I let his dick go and just stared at it, it glistened with the wet of my saliva and the remains of his orgasm. I licked at it, gently. I felt him licking me too. It was great. I didn't want to stop. We both must have heard it at the same time, someone's footsteps coming into the garage. I jumped up and pulled my pants up, just as he did the same.

"Champ? Jacob? You guys in there?" Rob's voice came from outside the room.

My heart began racing; I could feel the fear. Champ's eyes held terror. We both worried we'd be caught. Champ was still fumbling with his pants, trying to get them on and buckled. Rob was trying to open the door, but it was locked.

"What the fuck? Are you guys in there? Why the fuck is the door jammed?" Rob yelled.

"Yeah, hang on Rob." Champ squeaked out.

He was still trying to get his pants on. My heart was pounding. Finally he had his pants up and the buckle to his belt all set; he quickly threw back the bolt to the lock and opened the door. Rob was standing outside; he face was full of confusion.

"When did you put a lock on the door?" Rob asked.

"Yesterday. So we can smoke in here and my mother won't find me," Champ quickly shot back.

"Oh, cool."

My heartbeat started to return to normal. I looked at Champ and he just slyly smiled at me. I lit another cigarette and offered one to Champ. I felt so guilty, and worried that Robert might have heard something. I quickly dismissed my fears though, as I thought about it. It wasn't like we were moaning and groaning or anything like that.

"So what you guys up to?" Rob asked.

"Not much. Just hanging out," I volunteered. I was trying to figure out a way to get rid of him.

"Jacob was going to go home and check on his mother. He asked if I could help him cook her some dinner. What are you going to do? We'd take you along, but you know his mother just got home from the hospital," Champ quickly spun his lie.

"I guess I'll go over Dane's," Robert said.

"Oh, Dane. He's not home. He and Paul had to do something for their mother. He told us to come over after dinner. Right Jacob?"

"Yeah, Dane had to go with Paul," I lied.

"I guess, I'll just hang out with Margie and Melody then. Catch you guys later," Rob said, sounding a little put out.

"Yeah, check you later," Champ told him and started to leave, I followed right behind.

The two of us walked at a brisk pace; we headed out of Champ's yard like we were going to my house, and cut through some yards to double back on the next street over. We both knew where we were going. I could barely keep up with him.

"Wow, that was close," I panted.

"Yeah, a little too close, but it was great," Champ confessed.

It didn't take us too long to reach Dane's back door. Champ rang the doorbell, in a flash Dane's face was planted against the window. He had a huge smile on his face. I couldn't believe what was about to happen was really going to happen, I just went along with the flow.

"Hey Champ, hey Jacob. Come on in," Dane greeted us.

Champ held the door for me and I followed the two as we headed down the stairs to Dane's bedroom. The only light I could see was the one coming from the laundry room, right at the base of the stairs. It wasn't dark, but dimly lit in the basement, as we walked down the short hallway to his bedroom I noticed the television as it flickered in the background.

"Champ you got to see this poster," Dane proudly told him as he pulled him by the hand to into his bedroom.

On the wall over his bed was a poster of the Hansons. I have to admit they are hot. I wondered where he had gotten it, and what Paul thought about it. I always thought Paul was kind of cute, and hoped he may play around, but never had the courage to explore it. He was just one of many other boys I often fantasized about. Until just last week, everyone was a dream, now I had found Champ.

"That's cool," Champ told him.

"Dubie gave it to me," Dane said, almost like he was announcing it.

I couldn't believe what he had just said, I began to wonder why Mike Dubinowski, another hottie I had visualized in my jerk-off sessions, would give this poster to Dane. I pictured Mike in my head as Dane prattled off. Mike was a little shorter than me; he had short dirty blonde hair, which he wore with bangs. He had gray/blue eyes set below some long black eyebrows. His face was squared off, with a small pointy nose, which pointed upwards slightly. He had thins lips, but the middle of the top lip was very thick, they almost begged to be kissed.

"Check this out Jacob," Dane got down on his hands and knees and reached under his bed and produced a magazine.

I took the book from his hands and noticed the cover was full of naked pictures. Not just any old naked pictures, they were all pictures of naked boys and men. The cocks were blanked out with large white circles.

"Mike gave me this too. Open it up, and you can see the good stuff," Dane explained.

I started flipping through the pages; it was full of naked guys, fucking, sucking, and cumming. You name it; there was a picture. I began to feel my dick stir in my pants. I caught Dane out of the corner of my eye; he was undoing his pants. I saw Champ was doing the same thing. It wasn't too long before the two of them were totally bare, with boners poking out.

I put the magazine down, and took my clothes off. In a few minutes, the three of us were on the floor. Our hands were feeling each other up and down. My mouth was licking on Dane's small four and a half-inch, almost hairless dick. I felt Champ's face rubbing against mine as he frantically tried to suck on Dane at the same time. We began to alternate our sucks and licks, as we both tried to pleasure him.

I loved his smooth young body; he only had a few wisps of pubic hair, which grew right over the base of his dick. I felt them with my fingertips, and jerked his dick while I sucked it, and while Champ sucked on it. Every now and then, Champ and I would kiss each other with Dane's small prick between our lips, but I would hold the base of it in my fingers then too. The feeling of his little dick, and tight sac was familiar to me, only from memories of what I used to look like.

I began to fantasize about Mike Dubinowski, and realized I would have to explore those possibilities later. I couldn't believe it, a week ago, I put my hand into Champs pants, I felt his soft cock and pubic hair, now he and I were sucking off Dane. It was too much, and I never wanted it to stop.

I felt Dane's head as he placed it between my legs. I ran my free hand to the back of his head and pushed him all the way down onto me. I let his dick slip from my lips, and Champ took it into his mouth. I moved around a little, carefully not to pull my cock from Dane's mouth, but enough to get Champ's into mine.

The three of us sucked on each other's cocks. Champ sucked Dane, Dane sucked me, and I sucked Champ. I wanted to suck on Dane, his little dick looked so perfect to me. I slowly twisted around and pushed Champ off of him. He got the idea and moved to let me suck on the little prick. He lie next to us watching Dane suck me while I sucked Dane. It didn't take him too long to join back in; he pushed Dane's mouth off of me, and replaced his mouth on my dick. Dane moved his mouth to Champ.

I felt Dane's little prick in my mouth, as he began thrusting his hips towards my face, swell up. I knew he was close, so I massaged his little balls. Champ was furiously sucking my dick up and down while he jerked me rapidly with his hand. I watched Champ as he pushed his cock in and out of Dane's mouth. I felt my balls; they began to ache, almost like they had been hit, but not quite as sharp. It was a dull, throbbing pain, not enough to take away from the pleasure I was experiencing. I felt Dane's prick as it began to twitch in my mouth; his clear boy juice hit the back of my throat. I stroked his little cock with every burst of cum I felt.

"Arrggh!" Champ moaned as his hips bucked back and forth into Dane's face.

I saw some of Champ's white juice as it dribbled from Dane's lips. I watched as Dane tried to milk his dick with his little fingers wrapped firmly around its base. Dane let the cock fall out of his mouth, and slid his hand up and down the slippery, red dick.

I felt my cum as it surged into Champ's mouth. Dane had put his finger up my ass just as I shot my load. I let his cock slide out of my mouth; I wanted to see his little boy dick as I came. I watched as a last drop of his clear boy cum dripped from the tip. My cock exploded, with each blast my balls ached.

The three of us lie silently on the floor for quite a while; all I heard was our shallow breathing. I gently rubbed my hands on the two of their bodies, just feeling the softness of their skin. I felt Dane's hands rubbing me as well. It was the best feeling I had ever had. It was the first time I didn't feel any guilt; I was too spent. Too dazed to care about what other people said was right or wrong. All I knew was that we each liked it. I also knew this was only going to be the first of many times we'd enjoy each other.

"Hey, you guys want to sleep over tonight? We can sleep in the room in the garage," Champ finally broke the silence.

"Yeah," Dane sighed.

Like I said, I knew this was only the first time of many that we'd get together and enjoy each other's bodies.


Well, I hope you liked it. I want to wish all my readers in America a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I also want to extend my prayers for glad tidings and joy for all of my readers over these upcoming holidays. May God bless you all. Until the next time, be safe. Peace.

Thanks Rob, for the fine job you did in editing this.

As always,

But not forever,