Jacob's Life

Chapter 7


Written By: Justin Case

Edited By: Ed


January 22, 2002


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"Joan, I'm gonna sleep over at the Morins' tonight," I called out to my sister as I gathered my toothbrush, some clean underwear, and the other essentials I needed.

My mother was home from the hospital, but remained in her bedroom, leaving my sister in charge. You know, as I sit here writing this I realize no one ever really took charge of our house. Since my father `disappeared,' it seems to me we all survived by proxy.

I remember thinking about what Paula Crowley had said that day in Art class. Paula is a buxom blonde, with some of the most dazzling blue eyes I've ever seen. While she may not be on the `Who's who' list, she was well known in Mayfield. Her father was heavily involved in local politics, Chairman of the Democratic town committee, actually. I guess something in my demeanor conveyed to her my lack of parental supervision. I don't know why, but her comment to me about not having parents intrigued me.

"Well, you best be home by lunch time tomorrow," Joan warned me.

"Why?" I asked, as I busily put all my sleep-over necessities into my backpack.

I heard her footsteps thumping down the hallway. I envisioned the scowl on her face as she stood outside my bedroom door. I heard the doorknob as she turned it in her hand before she flung the door open. I knew she was pissed, but for the life of me, I didn't know why.

"JACOB MATHER!" she shrieked, as a swoosh of air caused by the rapid swinging of my door made several papers fly off my dresser, and she stomped into my room.

I turned from my bed, where I was diligently packing, and looked at her. Her eyes were fierce with anger. Her chin jutted out, her right hand was raised and its index finger pointing directly into my face. My body shook, involuntarily, almost like a chill had taken hold.

"You haven't helped one fucking bit around here. Mom is just home from the hospital, and you barely even stay here. I have done everything. You better be home tomorrow and make lunch, it's my turn to go out and enjoy spring break!" She spat the words out like venom, turned around, and slammed the door as she stormed out.

I stood in my room motionless. I suddenly felt horrible, my guts were churning, she was right. `When had I become so thoughtless?' I wondered to myself. I began to feel sick to my stomach. My head began to spin and I felt dizzy. I looked into the mirror on my bedroom wall and watched the color drain from my face. I carefully moved the backpack aside, and laid the top half of my body on my bed, with my feet still planted firmly on the floor. I stared up at the ceiling, my hands behind my head, thinking to myself, `how right she was.' I don't know how long I stayed there. Sometime later, there was a soft knock on my door.

"Come in," I heard myself say.

"I'm sorry, Jacob. I didn't mean to be so angry. It's just that I wanted to go out with Judy tomorrow, and I feel so stressed. I was hoping you could stick around tomorrow for Mom," Joan explained, her tone was much calmer.

"I understand, Joanie, and it's me that's sorry. You're right, I haven't been much help," I confessed.

"Well, you did go to the hospital," Joan tried to make light of my behavior.

"I'll be home before lunch, Joanie, I promise." I sat up and looked her in the eyes as I said it.

"Thanks," was her simple statement, and with it, she left me alone in my room.

I sat on my bed for a few minutes, after she had left, thinking about how I could make it up to her. I mean Joan is always there for me, and always has been. I needed to do something special for her, but I couldn't think of anything suitable. I decided I'd keep thinking. In the meantime, I kept thinking about Champ and Dane, and how much fun we'd have `sleeping' in the room. I grabbed my backpack, took a look at myself in the mirror, gazed around my room hoping I hadn't forgotten anything, and quietly left the house.

It was dark out, and chilly, as I walked over to Champ's that April evening. I remember, because I hadn't brought my jacket, and the straps from the backpack irritated my erect nipples. I wondered if other guys had sensitive tits like me, or if something was physically different on me. I never have had the balls to ask anyone, for fear it was only me that suffered from this affliction. Sometimes, my nipples became so sensitive and aroused it felt like they were leaking fluid, just from my shirts rubbing against them. It hasn't happened since I was fourteen, so I don't worry about it now.

I was freezing by the time I knocked on the Morins' back door. It was cold enough to see my breath, and the tip of my nose was stinging as Mrs. Morin opened the door. I felt the warmth from the house rush out as she held the door open for me to come in. I was shivering something fierce.

"Jacob, you look like something the cat dragged in, come in before you catch your death," she said with concern.

"Yeah, it's colder out than I thought it would be," I told her as I stepped into the kitchen.

"How's your mother?" she inquired.

"Resting," I told her, further realizing that I hadn't even asked my mother how she was.

"That's good, tell her I was asking for her. So, I hear you boys are sleeping out tonight. I told Champ to bring out the sleeping bags. You'll need them, it's supposed to get down below freezing tonight," she stated knowingly.

"JACOB!" Champ yelled to me from downstairs.

"He and Dane are downstairs, you better hurry up, they've been all antsy waiting for you," she prodded, as she nodded towards the basement door.

"Thanks," I told her, as I headed across the room to the door that led down the stairs.

I found my two friends stretched out on the floor in front of the television deeply engrossed in the video game they were playing. I took a seat on the couch and watched them, as I tried to warm up. My mind was full of thoughts about what we were going to be doing later that night, and guilt about how little I seemed to think about my sister and mother.

"What's up, Jacob?'' Champ asked, never taking his eyes off the game.

"My dick," Dane beamed with excitement.

"You perv!" Champ teased.

"Notta, what's up with you guys?" I answered.

"I told you, my dick," Dane persisted.

"Let's finish the game, then we can go out to the room and fix it," Champ reasoned.

I was amazed by how easily this conversation took place. Just a few days earlier I would never have thought it possible. I only dreamt about having sex with Champ, and other boys, until that fateful day he put my cigarettes in his pants and I fished them out. I began getting horny, as I remembered feeling his dick in between my fingers, and his soft pubes against my hand. I thought about what the three of us had done earlier that afternoon. My cock had become rock hard in my pants thinking about it all, I moved my hand towards it to adjust it.

"Looks like Jacob is horny too," Dane announced as he threw the game controller down and flung himself at my crotch.

His hands began rubbing my cock through my jeans, as he knelt in front of me. I closed my eyes and involuntarily pumped my hips towards his probing hand. He wrapped his tiny fingers around my aching dick, over the cloth of my pants and boxers. I watched his hand as it rubbed the bulge up and down.

"Not here, Dane," Champ protested, "we have to go out in the room."

I couldn't help myself; I leaned over so I could kiss Dane. I took his head in my hands and pulled it to me as I locked my lips on his. I was delirious with desire. I stood up, and held Dane in my arms as I did. I pulled his little body into my own as I parted his lips with my tongue. I felt his body go limp as he pulled the back of my head towards his. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth; he ground his pelvis into mine. I could feel his hard prick rubbing against me through our clothes.

"Hey, you guys, come on. Knock it off before we get caught." Champ's voice brought me back to reality.

I looked into Dane's eyes as I broke the embrace; they were transfixed onto mine. His cheeks were flushed. I stole a quick glance at the front of his pants. I could see his prick pushing the fabric out where his hard-on was. I wanted to feel him in my mouth; I wanted to taste his cum. His facial expression was full of wanton desire. I reached to my shirt pocket for my cigarettes, and fumbled around as I dug them out. I held the pack out, offering each of them a smoke, not uttering a word. I sat back down on the couch, and just stared into his eyes, as I tried to calm my hormones, hoping my raging cock would deflate itself while I drew on the Newport.

Champ turned off the game and TV. He motioned to us to follow him as he walked towards the stairway. Dane reached his hand to mine and pulled me to my feet, I followed the two of them without hesitation up the stairs. The three of us crept into the kitchen, and quietly walked out of the house to the garage.

It didn't take us but a few seconds to bolt the lock on the room's door, strip naked, and tumble to the sleeping bags on the floor. I ended up in the middle of them, Champ at my front, Dane at my back; each of us frenzied for release.

I felt Dane rubbing his smaller dick in between the cheeks of my ass, and Champ's hand grasping his and my cocks together as he pumped his body against my front. The sensations of Dane's dick rubbing against my ass hole were too much. I was so excited by the feelings I pushed my ass into him, trying to get his cock inside me. Champ used his left hand to pinch my nipples as he ground our cocks up and down with his right. Dane began chewing on my ear, as Champ pulled my face towards him so he could kiss me.

I gripped my arms around Champ's back as I pulled him closer to me. I bent my legs so I positioned my butt hole where Dane's prick teased at its entrance. I wanted his dick inside me, the feeling was overwhelming. I moved one of my arms around my back; I grabbed Dane's dick, and pressed its head into my hole.

There was a sudden burst of pain that ripped through my body as Dane thrust his dick into me. I groaned out in pain. Champ locked his lips on mine, and kissed me tenderly while Dane pumped his little prick inside my ass. Within a few moments, the pain I felt subsided, and was replaced by sheer pleasure. I wanted his dick deeper inside me, deeper than he could put it. I pushed myself towards his cock. All of a sudden, his cock came out of me; I frantically tried to get it back inside of me. I had to have it!

I pushed Champ away from me; I got up on my hands and knees over him. I took his cock in my mouth as he lay beneath me, and he put his mouth on mine. Dane mounted me from behind and drove his dick into me again. The three of us pumped our bodies in unison, Dane drove his dick into my asshole, while I humped mine into Champ's mouth, and he pumped his up into mine. The sounds of us grunting and groaning excited me even more.

I felt Champ's cock as it swelled in my sucking mouth. I felt my balls as they ached for release. I knew I was close to shooting my load. Champ's hips came up off the floor as blast after blast of his sweet cum shot into my waiting mouth. I could feel my own cock as it throbbed in his mouth, while Dane pounded his dick into my ass. A few seconds after I swallowed Champ's juice, I felt my jiz as it streamed into his mouth, while my ass seemed to clamp down and around Dane's pounding pud. It wasn't a few seconds later, when Dane's body began to tremble, as he emptied his balls inside me. I fell down onto Champ, with Dane clinging to me; the three of us ended up entwined on the sleeping bags in a heap of sweaty naked bodies.

"Oh man, that was fucking awesome," I finally mumbled.

"Mmm," Champ responded.

"Jacob, next time you do it to me. OK?" Dane said.

We didn't move for quite a while, we were all too spent, I think.


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