Jake and David


I dedicate this story to Jake and David. It has been great getting to know you and becoming friends.

Chapter One:

“I’m sorry. I just…I can’t do this.”

            “Do what David?” Jake asked, trying hard not to let his anger and hurt get the best of him.

            “This…this relationship…I just don’t think it’s for me.”

           “What was all this then?”

            “I...I just don’t know. I just don’t think I love you the way you love me.”

            “Ok. Well I think you should just leave.”

            “Jake. I—”

            “Just leave.”


            “Get the fuck out!” Jake screamed, his face turning scarlet with anger.

            “I’m sorry.” David whispered in a barely audible tone, getting up and walking out the door.

            Jake stared at the heavy door shut behind David. With the sight of him leaving, Jake’s whole world came crashing down. The boy he thought he was in love with was gone. A sudden force swept over Jake’s entire body; leaving him hollow and miserable. His legs suddenly felt weak and everything started to spin. Stumbling to his bed, Jake fell backwards landing hard on the cold empty bed; a bed that earlier in the week Jake and David shared something special. Something that Jake thought would keep them together forever.

            Shutting his eyes like a vice, Jake tried hard to keep back the tears wanting release as he thought back to that night.

            Jake lay on his bed in his boxers, starring nervously at the ceiling. With every minute that went by a new emotion came over him. He felt happy because in a few hours he would be with his boyfriend again. Whenever they were together, all other things melted away. All his worries and struggles disappeared. Although it made him happy, at the same time it made him nervous. Never had he ever felt like this before. He didn’t really know what it meant or if it would last. Could life ever be the same if they ever broke up?

            More than anything, he was nervous for what the night would bring. In the past all they ever did was make out and an occasional handjob. But tonight, was the night that Jake wanted to give everything to David. Lose his virginity to the one he wanted and needed most.

            Looking over at the clock, Jake realized that David would be arriving any minute. As Jake got out of bed and walked over to his closet a cool gust of wind blew through the open window. The cool air stung on his almost naked body, sending a shiver down his spine. The faint hairs on his arms and legs stood on end as his nipples became erect.


            Out of pure habit, Jake ran his hand over his shirtless tan torso, feeling the ever so faint blond hairs on his chest. Slowly he moved his hand upward towards his sensitive pink nipple; squeezing it a little. Jake let out a moan at the pleasure he was giving himself. Again he looked at the clock and knew that he would need to get ready. Besides he wanted to save any sexual situation for later tonight. Flipping through his closet, Jake decided on a tight pair of jeans and a forest green American Eagle polo.

            Just as he pulled the shirt over his muscular torso, the front door bell rang. Quickly, Jake sprayed some Hollister Jake cologne on himself and made his way downstairs and towards the front door. With each step, Jake grew more and more excited to see his love.

            Opening the door, Jake could not help laugh as he opened the door. Standing in front of him was David wearing the most ridiculous outfit. He had a white shirt on that was way too big for him and shorts that he had sagging. His baseball cap was backward and his brown eyes were covered by dark sunglasses. Standing cross armed in front of him, David said, “Sup Dawg?”

            Jake could not hold the laughter, that was boiling inside him like a volcano and he erupted in a deep laughter. Trying to catch his breath he looked at David and in as serious voice he could muster, “David. Ya do know you’re white, right? You’re not gangster.”

            “I’m gangsta, yo!” David said, trying to defend himself.

            “Sure. Whatever. Come inside.”

            David walked inside past Jake, who once closed the door turned and pulled David towards him. He put his moist lips on David’s, sticking his tongue out trying to find an opening. As soon as he felt Jake’s hands massaging his back, David gave himself over to Jake and opened his mouth letting his tongue snake its way into his mouth. With a sudden force, Jake pushed David back against the hard wooden door and made out with him with a new intensity. Their lust for each other and hormones were driving both mad with rabid sexual desire as Jake slid a hand inside the bottom of David’s white shirt. As soon as he felt Jake’s cool fingertips run over the soft skin of his hard abs, David let out a stifled moan.

            Jake broke the kiss and reached down on either side of David’s shirt and started pulling it up. David put his hand on Jake’s holding his arms there. “What about your parents?” he asked, looking into Jake’s green eyes.

            “Out for the weekend. We have the place to ourselves.”

            “Oh really?” David said, with a smirk. With that he pulled on Jake’s wrist signaling for him to continue what he was doing. Jake did not need to be asked twice, as he almost tore off David’s shirt and threw it across the room. David quickly reciprocated and tore Jake’s shirt off throwing it on the chair in the living room.

            The two of them start kissing, making their way to the stairs behind them. As soon as they reached the first step, David fell pulling Jake on top of him. Jake grabbed David’s wrists and pinned them above David’s head as he broke the kiss and slowly started kissing down David’s neck. With every kiss, David let out a soft moan making Jake hornier as he continued to kiss down David’s Adam’s apple towards his erect nipple. Once Jake reached his destination, he started to suck on David’s sensitive left nipple; playfully stretching it. After a while he focused his attention on the other nipple, giving it the same pleasure. After a while Jake kissed his way over David’s right shoulder, stopping at the faint scar on his shoulder then back over to the middle of David’s neck. His tongue brushed over the slightly course skin before Jake continued exploring David’s body.

            Kissing and licking his way down in a somewhat of a “Z” pattern, Jake reached David’s belly button. Sliding his tongue over it, he started flicking his tongue in and out of it, sending waves of pleasure and lust through David’s body. The short hairs under David’s belly button slightly tickled his tongue; inviting him to go further. Kissing downward, he reached the waistband of David’s cargo pants. Running his hands down David’s wet body, covered in a thin layer of sweat and Jake’s spit, he reached the top of his pants and started to unbutton them and slowly lowering the zipper. Slipping them down David’s hips, Jake leaned in and licked the length of David’s covered cock. Only a thin layer of fabric was standing between Jake and the thing he wanted most, that was soon becoming wet with David’s precum and Jake’s saliva.

With one quick motion, Jake lowered David’s boxers to his hips and leaned over, hovering only centimeters from his throbbing cock. Jake leaned in closer and his tongue touched the tip of David’s cock; sending a wave of pleasure through David’s body. Sliding more of it into his mouth, his hands traveled up David’s body until he reached one of his sensitive nipples. David rested his hands on the back of Jake’s head; softly playing with his dirty blonde hair as he pushed Jake down until Jake’s nose was buried in David’s neatly trimmed pubes. Feeling Jake’s throat contract around his cock, milking the precum out of it; David let out a moan of ecstasy.

Jake could tell by the change in rhythm of David’s breathing that his orgasm was not far. Knowing this, he sucked faster and harder. Using his tongue to massage the underside of his shaft as he sucked him, Jake brought David closer and closer to eruption. With one final move, David slid his cock all the way down Jakes mouth, as volleys of cum sprayed out of his cock. Jake kept sucking; getting all of the cum out of David. When David started getting soft, Jake slid it out of his mouth and leaned up to kiss him.

David slid his hand over the back of Jake’s head pulling him down on his mouth. With one swift motion, he pushed Jake to the side and rolled on top of him. Lean down, he pressed his lips harder against Jake’s; allowing their tongues to slide deep into each others mouths. Breaking the kiss, David pulled back a little, smirking he got up and raised his finger motioning for Jake to follow him. Jake looked at David’s brown eyes blending perfectly with his tanned body. His earrings shimmering in the light. Scanning his eyes downward, he noticed that in this light, David’s skinny toned body glistened with the combination of sweat, spit, and semen. Travelling further, Jake followed David’s treasure trail to his hard seven and a half inch cock nestled in his neatly trimmed pubes. “God. He is so fucking sexy.” He thought.

“So? Take a picture. It lasts longer.” David said smugly.

“Fuck you.” Jake said running up the stairs after him. Seeing Jake coming, David took off running for Jake’s room. Jake quickly caught up to him and tackled him onto the bed. Looking up at Jake’s emerald eyes, David closed the small gap between their lips and slid his tongue into Jake’s mouth. Sliding his fingers inside the bottom of Jake’s polo, his fingertips gently caressed the warm skin. Running them upward, David felt the hard muscles of his abs; slightly hardening to his touch. Jake reached down and pulled his polo off revealing his toned abs and chest. Straddling David’s chest, David started sliding his hands up and down Jake’s body. Using his index finger David started rubbing Jake’s hardening sensitive nipple, causing him to moan out loud. With his other hand, David slid downward over Jake’s hard abs and over his jeans; massaging the rock hard bulge. David unbuttoned and unzipped Jake’s pants, reaching in and releasing Jake’s throbbing hard cock out of its confinement of his boxers.

Leaning forward, David opened his mouth and let the head of Jake’s cock enter; dripping precum down David’s hungry mouth. Bringing his hands down to hold David’s head in place, Jake started to face fuck him. Sliding his cock over David’s lips harder and faster, Jake felt the sensation of total bliss. As David was sucking, he slid his hands over Jake’s sweaty body; feeling his muscles twitch with every thrust into him. With the sensation David was giving him, Jake knew that he wouldn’t last long. David sucked harder and faster, sending Jake over the edge. His body slightly convulsing, Jake’s testicles emptied themselves in David’s mouth; who was trying hard to swallow as much as he can. After Jake’s orgasm subsided, he leaned down and licked the cum that dribbled down David’s chin before putting his lips on David’s.

After a bit of kissing, Jake broke the kiss and started kissing the side of David’s neck. Randomly biting his way up, Jake started to nibble on David’s ear; running his tongue around his earlobe. “I want you to fuck me.” He whispered.

“Are…are you sure?” David asked, looking deep into Jake’s green eyes.

“More than anything. I want to be yours.”

“Ok. Where are the condoms?” he asked, looking around Jake’s room.

“I don’t want you to use a condom. I want to feel you inside me. If you are ok with that.”

“I am. But are you sure about this? I mean if you think we’re going too fast tell me.”

“No I am not. Do you want to?”

“Yeah. More than anything. I just wanted to mare sure.”

“Fuck me baby. Please.”

David did not answer, but simply rolled Jake off him and got on top. Kissing him, he told him to raise his legs. With one of Jake’s muscular legs on either shoulder, David put the head of his cock at the entrance of Jake. Slowly he pushed forward, the head of his cock forcing open the outer ring of Jake’s tight hole. Jake held his breath to keep from crying out in pain, but then with an instant the pain was gone. Something else filled its place; something more powerful than he had ever felt. A desire. A want. A sudden need: A need for his hole to be filled. Jake needed more and he needed it fast. Grabbing on to either side of David’s hips, Jake pulled David forward sliding more of David’s cock into his hole. The sheer sensation was something he could not put in words; it was every emotion he had ever felt in one.

David slid his cock all the way into Jake, waiting a second so that Jake could get accustomed to the foreign object invading his insides. As Jake finally let out a breath, his outer ring constricted around David’s cock squeezing it tight as precum leaked out deep inside Jake. Slowly David moved his hips back, retracting his cock. With just the tip still inside him Jake felt empty; he needed David’s cock in him again. “Fuck me.” He screamed.

David needed no second invitation as he thrust forward, driving his cock deep into Jake. Letting out a moan of pleasure, Jake thrust his ass forward impaling himself on David’s throbbing penis. Within moments the two of them had a set rhythm going: David thrusting forward as Jake brought his ass down. David turned his head and started to lick Jake’s muscular calves as he slid his cock in and out of Jake. Gripping on to the bedspread, Jake was overcome by a sensation of total lust and love. After a while, David grabbed onto one of Jake’s ankles and slid out of him and turned him on his side. With one leg resting on the bed, the other straight in the air, David filled Jake’s aching hole. Slamming the whole thing in at once. With every thrust, Jake could feel the precum leak out of David, leaving a mark deep inside Jake.

Thrusting his cock in and out of Jake fast, David leaned in pressing his sweaty chest against Jake’s back. With his head in Jake’s neck, he started to suck and bite on it playfully, slowly increasing his thrusts. Sliding his tongue up over Jake’s neck and tracing his jawbone, his tongue finally slid its way into Jake’s mouth. The two of them started making out with as much force as David was fucking Jake.

Breaking the kiss, David told Jake to get on his hands and knees, which Jake quickly obliged. Not wanting to feel the sensation of being without David’s cock, until he was fully satisfied, for too long. David got behind Jake and placing a hand on each side of Jake, thrust his cock into Jake with all the power he could muster; sliding the head of his cock against Jake’s prostate. With every strike against his prostate, Jake knew that he was close to reaching an ultimate sexual high. Slamming his cock into Jake over and over, David knew that his second climax of the day was close at hand. Wanting to see Jake as he came, David slowed down his strokes until he stopped completely. Wanting Jake on his back, he grabbed each of Jake’s shoulders and along with Jake’s help, flipped him over. Once on his back, Jake positioned David’s cock at the entrance of his hole and was soon filled again. Pumping faster and harder, David felt his orgasm draw near.

With one hand he slid it down Jake’s body and wrapped his fingers around Jake’s hard cock; stroking it at the same rhythm of his own thrusts into Jake. The continued jolts of pure sexual ecstasy as David hit Jake’s prostate and the sensation of David’s soft fingers over his throbbing cock was becoming too much for Jake. With a final assault on his prostate, Jake felt the pressure inside him reach an unbearable level, as his cock started to spray ribbons of cum on David’s abs before dripping of and landing on his own abs. The sudden tightening of Jake’s hole from the power of his orgasm, sent David over the edge too. His cock erupted deep inside Jake; coating his inside with warm sticky cum. Jake smiled as he felt the warm cum inside him; David was finally a part of him. A part that could never be taken away.

Overcome with sheer exhaustion, David collapsed on Jake; their bodies glued together with a mixture of sweat and cum. The two of them laid there, David’s softening cock still inside Jake. As it finally soften completely and slipped out, a few drips of cum leaked out of Jake’s ass and onto the bedspread. Looking deep in Jake’s green eyes, David whispered he loved him.

“I love you...I love you” echoed in Jake’s mind as he awake with a jolt. Everything around him was engulfed in darkness. Taking a few seconds to gather his thoughts and remember what happened before he fell asleep. It all came back vividly in his mind: The fight. David walking out the door. Walking out of his life. And then with a terrible sadness, Jake came to a realization: He was alone.

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