Chapter Two


            A jackhammer was pounding on the inside of Jake’s skull as he woke. Trying to shield his eyes from the morning sun, Jake tried to fully wake up. Getting up was more difficult than he thought it would be with his pounding head. Walking over to the bathroom, Jake slipped off his boxers and stepped into the shower. As the warm jets hit his face, it washed away any remnants of the tears that stained his face. He tried to keep composure as he thought back of the past event. “I need to be strong.” He told himself. Trying to make himself forget, he grabbed the bottle of shampoo and poured a glob of it into his hands before kneading it into his hair. Stepping back under the spray, Jake could feel as a sickly feeling come over him. His knees went weak again and he stepped back, resting his back on the wet marble wall. His knees gave out as he slowly slid down the wall. Putting his head towards his knees and curling up, Jake could no longer hold back the tears. He felt so miserable and alone.

            Fifteen minutes later, Jake pulled himself together and slowly stood up and continued showering. After getting dressed he realized he needed to get out of the house. Being alone, since both his parents were at work, was not good for him. He needed to get his mind off the breakup. Getting in his car, Jake made his way to 7-11.

Once parked, Jake got out and walked in. Walking towards the slurpee machine, Jake noticed a light brown haired guy getting a drink. “He’s kinda cute.” Jake thought to himself as he walked up next to him and got a cup out of the cup stacks and waiting behind him.

            “Sorry.” Said the guy in a nonchalant tone, getting his slurpee and walking away.

            “No problem.” Jake said, taking a step towards the machine. After getting his slurpee, he walked around to the chip aisle and grabbed a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Jake paid then walked outside and sat down at a bench overlooking the street.

            “Mind if I sit here?” Came a voice next to him. As Jake looked up, he saw the guy from earlier looking down at him. He had a smile on his face and his hair seemed to sparkle in the sun.

            “Sure.” Jake said, slightly scooting over.

            “The name’s Ryan.” The guy said, stretching out his hand.


            “So Jake, I’ve never seen you around here.”

            “Really? I come here a lot with Dav- I come here a lot. I live across the way there.”

            “Weird. I come in a lot too. I live the other way thought.”


            “So what’s new?”

            “Nothing really. You?”

            “Same. Just relaxing today.”


            “Yeah. So I know you barely know me, but are you ok?”

            “Yeah. I am.”

            “No you’re not. I can hear it in your voice. You seem a bit sad. Like you lost someone or something.”

            “No really I’m fine.”

            “Oh. Well if you’re sure. Say wanna go get some real food later. I’ll buy.”

            “Thanks. But I’ll pass.”

            “Ok. I tried. But hey, if you change your mind here’s my number.”

            “Thanks.” Jake said taking the number as Ryan turned to walk away.

            “What was that about?” Jake thought to himself. “Did he hit on me?”


            Jake looked down at his phone and the piece of paper next to it. He stared at it toxically, as if it was going to try and bite him any second. “Should I call him?” He thought. “I know I can’t just wallow over loosing David. He seemed to see that. But how? Maybe it would help the pain.”

            Taking a deep breath, Jake picked up the paper and punched the numbers into his phone. Putting it to his ear, Jake could feel his heart race with every ring. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” He thought.

            “Hello?” Jake heard on the other end of the receiver.

            “Hey. Ryan?”


            “This is Jake. The guy…the guy you met earlier.”

            “Oh. 7-11?”

            “Yeah. That’s me.”

            “Hey what’s up?”

            “Nothing. You.”

            “Same just laying in bed.”

            “Oh. Did I…did I wake you?”

            “Not its ok.”

            “Listen, I wanted to apologize about earlier. I was rude to you. Do you still want to grab a bite?”

            “Yeah sure. Where you want to meet?”

            “I don’t care.”

            “How about Outback?”

            “Eh. I work there.”

            Haha ok. Umm…Buffalo Wild Wings?”

            “Sure sounds good. When?”

            “Hmm, well its 4:35 now. Lets say 6?”

            “Sure that works. See you then.”

            “Bye Jake.”

            “Bye.” Jake said, putting down the phone and laying on the bed. For some reason he felt nervous about meeting him. He felt as if he had to impress him.


            Ten minutes to six, Jake rolled into the parking lot. Feeling nervous; so nervous that he could hear his heart beat like a drum. Taking a deep breath, Jake got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

“Hey Jake.” Ryan said once he saw Jake walking through the entrance..

“Hey.” Jake replied looking over at him. Ryan was wearing a tight white button down that showed off his body. Jake looked him up and down as blood rushed to his cock. He quickly moved his leg, trying to readjust himself.

“Table for two.” Ryan said to the brunette hostess.

“This way.” She said, walking the two to a booth in the left corner. “Your waitress will be with you shortly.”

“So, what’s up? Ryan asked, after the two sat down.

“Nothing. Just hungry. And you.”

Haha. Starving.”

“Hi. I’m Samantha, I will be your waitress. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Just water for me.” Jake said.

“I’ll have a coke.” Ryan said politely.

“Thanks. I will put that right in. I’ll give you a bit to look over the menu.”

The two looked over the menu before Ryan broke the silence. “So if you don’t mind me asking, why did you decide to come tonight?”

“Well. I’m just feeling kind of..blah at the moment.”

“I knew it. I could see it in your eyes.”

“And you? Why did you as me out…I mean to dinner. Not out.”

“Honestly I thought you were cute, so I took a chance. I’m sorry if that offends you.”

Haha. No noim flattered actually. But how did you know I was gay?”

“Well, I have a good gaydar. You’re not like obvious or anything. Plus you mentioned someone named David. At first I thought he might just be a friend.. But your sadness. I’ve seen it before. It’s not something you feel for a friend. But someone more special.”

            “Yeah. He was.”

            “An ex, I’m guessing.”

            “Yeah.” Jake said, sighing.

            “I know how you feel.”

            “How could you?”

            “I lost someone too. Recently my ex and I broke up. It was and still is the feeling of complete loss. Not knowing what to do. Feeling so done with the world.”

            “Yeah. I’m sorry. And sorry I jumped to conclusions about you not knowing.”

            “It’s ok. I know how you feel. I feel it too. The feeling of being alone. Like there is no one else who knows the pain and suffering I go through. Not a day going by that I don’t think of him.”

            “Yeah. I miss him so much. All I do is think about him. And the time we spent together.”

            “Well here’s to our pain and being able to let go sometime.” Ryan said, raising his coke.

            “Cheers.” Jake said, toasting his water with Ryan.

            “Hey. Have you decided what you want?” Samantha asked.

After they both gave Samantha their order, Jake turned to look at Ryan, “I’m really glad you asked me to dinner.”

“I am too.”

“No it feels good. Not being alone, and trying to move on.”

“Yeah. It does. It’s hard, but time will heal all wounds.”


“So, Ryan. I really don’t know much about you.”

“Well, what you want to know?”

“Well…hmm…what you do? How old for you would be a good question too.”

“Well, I’m 22. I am a senior at State. Studying Economics.”

“Hmm 22. Old man.”


“Bite me.”

“You’d like that, Jake.”

“Maybe.” Jake said with a smile.

Haha, so what about you?”

“I’m 18. I going to start State after summer. Business.”

“That’s cool. We’ll be at the same school.”

“Yeah haha.”

The two of them spent the rest of dinner talking about school and getting to know one another. Jake was really enjoying it; his mind for once not on losing David.

“Will you be having and dessert?” Samantha asked, as she started to clear the table.

“I don’t think so. Jake?”

“No. No. I’m good.”

“Ok. Here’s the check.”

“I’ll take that..” Ryan said, grabbing the check.

“No. Really, how much do I owe you?” Jake said, trying to grab the check.

“It’s all good.”

“No. Really.”

“Jacob. It’s good.”

“Ugh. Fine.” Jake said in mock anger; knowing he wouldn’t win.

            After paying, Ryan and Jake walked out into the crisp night air. Knowing that he did not want to go back to the loneliness that waited for him at home, and enjoying the company of Ryan, he suggested they walk around for a bit.

            The two started walking down the street, looking at the different stores that were around. Every once in a while they would stop and look into a window of a store. Jake could not put his finger on it; but something felt good. Felt almost right. Seeing a Starbucks ahead, the two decided that a hot drink would really feel good as the night got drastically colder.

            After getting their drinks, they sat down outside; watching all the people go by. In complete silence they watched, just enjoying their drinks. Jake looked over at Ryan. He watched how the soft wind would blow through his hair; making it wave ever so gently. The way his blue eyes would sparkle every now and then in the light. The way when he smiled, his smile was just ever so subtly crooked. Thinking back to the night, he saw how caring Ryan was. How he understood his pain, but was there for him. Helping him deal. “Holy Shit! Am I falling for him?” Jake thought.

            “You ok?” Ryan asked, bring Jake back to Starbucks.

            “Yeah. Sorry. I was just thinking.”

            “It’s ok. But I think we better go.”


Throwing their cups in the trash can, the two made their way back. “It must have been later than I thought.” Jake said to himself as they walked. There was barely any one in sight. As they walked, Jake’s fingers grazed over the tips of Ryan’s. An instant jolt rocked Jake’s body. It was so sudden that it scared him and he quickly pulled his hand away. “I don’t want to give him a wrong idea.” He thought.

The two of them could see their cars ahead, no one else in the parking lot. Ryan stopped in front of his car and let out a faint laugh.

“What?” Jake said, looking mystified at Ryan.


“Ok you’re weird.”

“Thanks.” Ryan said, smiling faintly.

Suddenly Ryan took a small step forward, and looked deep into Jake’s eyes. A gust of wind blew and Jake could smell Ryan’s Aqua diGio cologne. It was an invigorating smell, almost pulling Jake forward. Looking back, Jake saw fear and longing and passion in Ryan’s eyes. Taking a step forward, Ryan put his lips ever so gently to Jake’s. Jake slightly held his breath as he slowly pressed his lips forward. It was like a new sensation took over him. All that fear and sorrow he felt was gone. But as quickly as it came it went as Ryan recoiled in horror..

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Jake.” Ryan said turning towards his car door.

“Wait.” Jake said putting a hand on Ryan’s shoulder and slowly turning him to face him. Looking deep in his eyes, Jake moved his hand ever so slowly up over Ryan’s cheek; gently caressing it as he travelled down. Resting his fingers under Ryan’s chin he pulled him forward; closing the gap between the two. Jake pressed his lips harder against Ryan’s; moving his tongue forward. Ryan slowly opened his mouth, letting Jake’s tongue enter and slide over his own.


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