Jayson Outed
Christmas Wish


'Tis the night before Christmas, Y all through la casa,
Not a creature is stirring, Caramba! Qué pasa
The stockings are hanging con mucho cuidado
In hopes that San Nicolas will feel obligado
To leave a few cosass aqui and alli
For Chico y Chica (Y something for me).
Los niños are snuggled all safe in their camas
(Some in vestidos and some in pajamas)
Their poco cabezas all full of good things
They're all esperando que Santa will bring.
Papa in a tee shirt is grinding nixtamal,
While buñuelos' aroma wafts down the hall.
Mama at la estufa stirs up chile rogo
For Tamales que Santa will enjoy y cómo!
La familia is feliz, Tree lights gleam bright-
Merry Christmas a todos, Y a todos, good night.

From the Garcias and Adams

Feliz Navidad

Jayson Adams Brad Garcia

And family

A special thank you to all of my loyal readers.
The boys will be back, wait for it.
In the meantime follow the TRAVELER as he winds across America and joins up with Jay and Brad on July 4th, 2005.
Happy holiday: thefisherman@iname.com