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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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            Jason and Ryan were arguing all the way home from school. Jason had come to the reality that Renee was a better person. She was soft and sweet and when they had kissed each other behind the curtains on stage during drama club he knew he had it bad.
            Ryan was some sort of sex fiend. Oh he was okay if you just needed to get off but he was a bully and always had to have his own way. As soon as the two boys took to their bikes for the ride home Ryan started in. "Let's suck each other for awhile and then I'll let you fuck me. You like to fuck me with that big cock of yours don't you, Jase?"
            "I'm telling you man, I don't want to do that shit anymore. I don't think I'm gay after all."
            The boys stopped at Ryan's house. Jason's mother wouldn't be home for an hour yet. The boys always stopped here and messed around until Jason could go home. Today he just sat and did his homework. He had been working on it for almost an hour when he broke his last pencil lead. Ryan was out of the room so Jason went over to Ryan's computer desk and opened the drawer to find a pencil. When he moved some papers what he saw made him sick to his stomach. Laying there in the back of Ryan's desk drawer was a Purple Heart medal. With shaking hands Jason picked it up. There on the back was his dad's name engraved in the precious keepsake.
            Jason was still sucking tit when his dad went to Operation Desert Storm. He hadn't even started on bottled milk yet he was so young. He never knew his dad. He had a picture of his dad holding him. His dad was all smiles. That and this medal were all he had of his dad and he cherished both items. Why was it in Ryan's desk. He had been looking for it for two weeks. He always kept it on his dresser right in front of his dad's picture and it had disappeared. He had searched his room over thinking that it had gotten knocked off and was under the furniture somewhere. He had been sick with worry over the lost medal and hadn't even been able to eat for several days. He cried to his mother when he told her he had lost it. She was a little upset and made some comments about him needing to be more careful with his things. But all in all she had been a comfort to him and encouraged him as he searched the whole house, daily.
            Ryan walked in the door. "What you doin' in my desk, dickwad?"
            "I'm looking for a pencil. I broke mine."
            "Well there's some in the desk there."
            "There was something else there too," Jason was holding out the medal. "Why'd you steal it? This was my dad's. Why'd you take it?"
            The boys were yelling so loud that Ryan's mother came so see what was going on. Ryan heard her coming up the stairs. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FAGGOT. DON'T EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN." Ryan's mom was standing in the doorway when Ryan turned to her and said, "This creeps a homo. He wants to suck my dick." and he stormed down the stairs.
            Jason grabbed his books and headed down the stairs. He heard Ryan's mother, "There's a special place in hell prepared by God for people like you. I'm going to call your mother. You are very sick, you know. You're not welcome here ever again."
            Jason got on his bike and rode the two blocks to his house. Why was he crying. He wasn't the thief and he wanted to stop messing with Ryan anyway. He pulled his bike behind the bushes under the porch and started up the stairs. His mother was standing there looking at him.
            "You and Ryan have a fight?" Jason showed her the medal he still clutched in his hand. "Oh, no. Did Ryan take it" Jason nodded. "Tell me about it, please."
            Jason couldn't not talk to his mom. She was the only person in the world who understood him and they could talk about anything. It was just six months ago, when he and Ryan started to fool around, that Jason had told his mom that he might be gay. She hugged him and told him if he was that was okay, she loved him anyway. She told him that it might just be a phase that he was going through, or maybe not; but not to worry. She told him he would know himself when the time was right but for now not to try to put labels on himself that he couldn't get rid of so easy. He had to tell her about this.
            "Mom, I was doing my homework when I broke my pencil. I looked in Ryan's desk for a new pencil and I found this. When I asked him about it he started calling faggot, and cocksucker and yelling at me and cussing. His mom came up and told me I was going to hell for being like I am. Mom I'm not gay. I told Ryan today that we were through. I think I am in love with Renee."
            "She's a sweet girl. But like I said before, time will tell. Jason, honey you only just turned fourteen. Your body is going crazy right now. Look at your skinny chest and your big belly. Look at your big feet and long fingers. You're body doesn't know if it wants to be fat or skinny, short or tall. It doesn't know if it wants to look like a monkey or grow into a beautiful man, like your dad."
            Moms always know what to say. She led Jason in and finished putting dinner together. They sat down and ate. She told him that Ryan's mom had called and she just reminded her of what Jesus said about gossips. She said she wonders if Ryan's phone still works as hard as his mom slammed down the receiver. That got the desired smile and chuckle out of Jason. He headed off to his room to finish his homework and get in bed.
            The next day at school was hell. Ryan was just inside the front doors with the halls full of students when Jason walked in. "Hey, look here. The faggot did show up. I didn't think you would bring your queer ass back to school, homo. Did you know he likes to suck boy's dicks?" Ryan continued on as Jason went to his locker then first period.
            Renee came running up to him and took his arm in hers. "What's that all about, nene?" Renee was Hispanic and liked to use her native words when she could and Jason loved to be called nene which is Spanish for baby. He felt that it sounded better than being called baby and nobody else knew what it meant. And he was fourteen now, hardly a baby. And if you want proof he'll show you his cock, it ain't no baby. Oh, shit. That's what got him in trouble with Ryan.
            Jason rode out the day in pure hell. Ryan was shouting all over the school that Jason was a fag and tried to go down on him in his own bedroom. Renee stayed close to Jason and comforted him. She was hashing out a plan and she was sure it was going to work.
            When Renee got home from school `he' was there. She was so excited. Brad was her very favorite cousin. His family had moved two years ago, very suddenly. Something had happened and the family moved with no explanation. Renee grabbed Brad, made a cursory hello to his parents and dragged the boy off to her bedroom. She explained everything in detail about Jason and Ryan. When Brad heard Ryan's name he got pissed and agreed to go along with her plan. Brad told her that Ryan had outed him at his father's office building so they moved away, quickly..
            The following day Brad went to school with Renee. She got him a visitors pass and he milled around looking at his old school until lunch time. He had been gone for two years and had grown to be a good looking boy. Nobody recognized him except for the school secretary. She never forgot anything. Brad waited in his assigned place for Renee. She showed up right on time with the cutest kid Brad had ever seen. "It's a shame he's not gay," thought Brad, "I could jump that in a heartbeat."
            Renee pushed everybody through the lunch line and they sat at the regular table with the regular crowd. Ten minutes tops, here he came. Slapped his sack lunch down next to Jason and started in, "How's it going fag? Find any cocks to suck today? Hey everybody Jason here is a full blown h-o-m-o-s-e-x-u-a-l, or should that be blowing?"
            "Hey, Ryan." Brad stood up. "How's my favorite pussy boy? Gads, I have missed you. You give the best blow job I ever had and your ass hole is so tight and neat. I need a good fuck dude. I've traveling with the `rents for two days and I am one horned dude."
            Ryan was trying to disappear. He started to rise and Brad pushed his shoulder down. An eighteen year old senior walked up. This was the running back for the school football team and well respected. "Hey, Brad, long time no see. Welcome back." Looking at Ryan he said, "You sure got some balls calling someone a homo, fag. You can't wait to get a cock up that fucking ass of yours. I have to admit that Brad is right, you give one fucking good blow job and you always turn around to take it up your ass afterwards." Raising his voice a little so there would be no problem being heard he continued, "Yeah, I was fourteen the first time you wrapped those faggy little lips of yours around my cock. I thought you were crazy of something. A little kid like you. Fuck who was I to complain. I was getting good head. And about a year later you were begging for it up your ass. I guess your old man taught you well, huh? How long is he going to be in prison for raping that twelve year old boy?"
            Looking across the room he hollered out, "Hey Anderson, Ryan needs a fucking. You still do him?"
            Walking over the full back just smirked, "No that was a long time ago. I found out pussy was better. But you got to admit he was hot in his day. Hey your old man still in prison?"
            "I'm the one his old man fucked." the Junior Class President said as he walked up. "This fag was sucking me when his old man came in drunk and he pulled his pants down. `Which one of you is gonna take this.' Ryan turned around to his old man but he just pushed him away. `I've had you already I want this fresh meat,' and he grabbed me and shoved his cock up my ass and nearly killed me. I was in surgery for seven hours, dude. His old man will be in prison till he rots and I hope he gets raped everyday. I know you, that kid," he pointed at Jason, "probably wouldn't let you go down on him so you're trying to get even. Always a fag." He turned and walked away.
            "Well, pussy boy seems like you been a busy little cock sucker." Brad said.
            "Yeah, and a rapist in his own right. I was skinny dipping in my swimming pool in my own back yard when this dude walks in and wants to suck my dick. Hell, I was like fourteen. He was twelve. I let him chow down. And he swallowed too. I let him do me when I can't get Amelia to put out." Raymond was probably the best looking kid in the Sophomore class.
            "When you can't get whom to what," the shriek could have awakened the dead as the girl headed for the door.
            "Amelia, wait. Honey, I didn't mean..." Raymond was running down the hall chasing his girl friend.
            "Hey, how many guys in here had their dick up this dude's ass?" Anderson called out. About five hands kind of jerked up then back down.
            A teacher walked over and told the boys this had gone on long enough. Everyone could tell that he had heard the whole thing and had let it slide. Nobody was happy with the way Ryan had been acting the last two days. Except maybe a few homophobes. How were they going to react to the fact that their hero was actually a cocksucker himself?
            "Well, I guess you done been outed, pussy boy. But hey, if you want some of this I'll be at Renee's all weekend Bring your sweet lips on around."
            Jason had been vindicated. He knew Renee was behind it but he felt good. He kind of felt sorry for Ryan...not.

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