Jayson Outed
Chapter Ten


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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Everything fell into a routine. The work progressed at an amazing pace. Everyone was really pleased with the results. The boys had turned down many requests to spend the night with the campers and had several propositions for some rather interesting couplings even groupies but all were declined. It was their feeling that they didn't need to get involved with the kids. Who knew what their future held? Besides that they did have their own boyfriends and were completely in love with them. That didn't mean that they didn't have a little time between the four of them but it was done openly and with great care for the feelings of everyone involved.

July fourth approached and a celebration seemed in order. Brad called his dad and they hashed out a plan. All of the families came up. A catering service had been hireds. Two days before the event tables were set up and hundreds of chairs were set around a small stage.

Brad and Jay talked to Mr. Bradford about having a talent show. The campers were really up for that. The only thing that put any damping on the whole event was when the campers were told that they had to get dressed.

The Fourth dawned and the celebrations began early. Tio (uncle) Carlos had hired a rather decent band that played all day. It was later discovered that it was actually three bands and that they were alternating their play so that no one tired out. A major herd of cows gave their lives to provide hundreds of pounds of steaks and hamburger for the days fare. There was enough food for the literally hundreds of people in attendance. The boys found out that all of the property owners on the lake had been invited and all of them had come. Many people from the nearby town were there also.

At one o'clock Ricardo Garcia got up and took the microphone on the small stage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming. I want to give a very special welcome to the boys from Mr. Bradford's camp. It is because of you boys that we are all here." The place was deathly silent. Every mouth shut and every ear was tuned to hear what the man at the mic had to say.

"Mr. Bradford, Carlos, would you two join me please? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jerrod Bradford is a loving and caring man. He saw a wrong and has done everything in his power to right that wrong, even going in the face of the system. He has fought lawmakers, bureaucrats, and bigots all over this state to make a place for these youngsters to have a good summer.

"Because of you people right here that summer doesn't have to end. Through your efforts and your generosity a big right is to be done for the lads. You folks from the town, Mr. Mayor, city councilmen, city leaders, merchants and town folk have gotten behind us with more support than we could ever have imagined.

You, the land owners of this lakeside community have been extra generous and we thank you. Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce the foundation of the Jerrod Bradford Academy for Gay Boys. Construction will begin tomorrow on a meeting hall that will serve as temporary dinning and office space until a permanent kitchen is built. A single barracks style building will also be built at once to get weather proof shelter for the youngsters before hard weather sets in.

The barracks will also double as classrooms when the school season starts after Labor Day. Eventually there will be housing for five hundred boys on this land. There will be a full Junior and Senior High School and the school and grounds will be home to boys ranging in age of twelve through high school graduate.

"Yes, there were some major hurtles but people like your state Senator Bledsoe, stand up Phil, has come to the call and rallied a group of legislators to pass a bill giving this school special consideration. By federal law a school cannot be gender specific. The only specification for admittance to Bradford Academy is that the applicant is homosexual. Homosexual is spelled out as male on male, period. The law was written with the aid of the state supreme court justices and was presented to our personal friends on the US Supreme Court, and we all know how right wing those people are. No offense Justice," he nodded to a member of the US Supreme court in attendance. "We are confident that we have a law that will stand to protect these young men.

"Now I would like to turn the microphone over to Jerry and let him tell you a few things that have transpired." With that he handed over the mic to Mr. Bradford and took a seat.

"I must tell you how overwhelmed I am today. Everyone of you is a friend and I am so thankful to you. As Ric Garcia has told you we have a school, we have a mission. Our mission is take these unwanted children and give them a home with stability and love. We are here to educate them and to rear them up to be the men that will be our future. Through your generosity that is possible.

"Folks, a school isn't the only thing that shapes the life of a young person. It is also the community and you have shown your willingness to take on that job. We, as a community, are going to provide for, house, feed and teach five hundred boys that have come at odds with societal standards, how to be men and leaders for tomorrow.

"A brief bit of business. I have made some changes in my staff. Bill Thompson, our caterer today," he indicated the man at the food table. Everyone applauded. "has consented to take over as head chef of the academy." Loud cheers came from the boys, our four included..

"Tom Chips has been hired as our dietician. He says three will be no more jello/carrot salad for desert." More cheers.

"Two very special young men are coming on staff as councillors. Mr. Luke Bingham and Mr. Jerry Hodges." A huge round of applause went up for this announcement as the two boys stood to be recognized. "Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would encourage each of you to seek out and visit with these young men and get to know them as I have. I am sure that you will grow to love them as I have. Now, let's eat and prepare for our talent show.

People made their ways through the food lines again. Groups of people gathered to visit with the campers. There was genuine interest in these boys. One family was shocked when there fourteen year old son asked if he could go to the school. His parents were mortified as his father asked him if he was gay. "No dad, but I can learn. I want to go to school here. I think I will learn more about being a man than I do where I am. All I learn there is how to hate those who are not like me. If you're not rich or good looking or athletic you're out. If you are gay or have pimples, you're out. I don't like that, I want to learn not judge."

His father hugged him. "Don't tell me if you learn to be gay. Let me go on dreaming about my grandchildren."

The talent show offered many surprises. Groups of boys performed skits. There were many solo vocalists. Jay brought the house down with his solo of "New Jerusalem", a song about the City of God. He told the audience that he felt like BAG Boys was a city gifted to these boys by God.

"BAG Boys? Where did that come from," Brad and the others wanted to know. Mr. Bradford smiled at him and winked.

"Well, look at it. Braford Academy for Gay Boys. B A G."

"You know you are sick don't you?" Brad chided.

The talent show continued on. Some of the skits bordered on obscene but were tastefully done. The truly raunchy ones had already been canceled due to the mixed audience. Overall the boys did a remarkable job and demonstrated to the community a side of homosexual youth that most people had never considered. The stereotype of homos was shot down on this Independence Day.

The crowds dwindled as the sun sank over the western sky. People had taken seats around the lake in anticipation of the fireworks display the townsfolk had provided. It was a spectacular display and everyone already had a heart full of pride for the freedom offered to those that are different in our society.


With all of the families here the boys had to be good Not!! The adults each had their rooms downstairs. Emily Adams was in the guest bedroom. Ric and Anita, Carl and Rosa each had their own bedrooms that they always used when up at the little mountain house.

Luke and Jerry had to be given a solid send off. They had graduated highschool this past spring and now had jobs that would help them move on from their troubled life back home. They were happy. They would miss Brad and Jay but they would see them every time they came up to the lake. For now the four of them had to get a few little, some maybe not so little, things straight between them for old times sake.

Brad and Luke had been the first to get it on. Luke had never had the chance to show Brad how much he loved him for getting him and Jer together. Brad had never thought of the consequences of having eight inches of thick cock in his ass. He knew he was going to be seriously bow legged for several day.

Jay, still very small, although he was very buff from his summer work out found out just how thick Jerry really was. It is quite one thing to stretch your lips around a huge cock but the anal muscles don't give that quickly or completely. Jay was sure that he was ripped open and no good for anybody anymore. He expected to see blood all over the place. Instead he saw stars and fireworks and all with his eyes shut in the most intimate of times with a boy he was glad to call, friend.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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