Jayson Outed
Chapter Eleven


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

Summer wasn't over by a long shot. The families had to head back home to jobs and responsibilities. Luke and Jer waited until the weekend was over before they moved over to the camp. Brad and Jay had the better part of two months to explore the lake and each other.

They had enjoyed the nude activities of the summer and continued on in this dress mode. The only problem they had was when they took Jason Weller skiing. Jason, Jace, he wanted to be called was the fourteen year old lake dweller that wanted to attend school at the new academy. He spotted as Jay skied then the boys swapped around until they had all skied and all had spotted and all had driven the boat and all had gotten major sunburned in places that they should never have gotten sun burned in the first place.

Jace's folks had gone back to the city for the week. They had agreed to let him stay at the lake. He wanted to get to know the shakers and movers across the lake that had really been the ones to get all of this started. He stayed with them as they learned about one another. Jace had a girlfriend that he had gone all the way with. He thought he was in love but she told him he was a bum fuck and embarrassed the shit out of him on the last day of school. She told everybody that he had a tiny dick and couldn't keep it hard. She had to tie the rubber in a knot at the bottom to keep the blood in his tiny pecker so it wouldn't go soft. She lied and teased about him all day and the other students were having a great laugh at his expense.

He was not emotionally ready for sex. She had kind of pushed him. He wanted to prove that he was a man. He was jr. varsity and was sure to make the varsity team in the fall. He was bright, good looking as hell and fun to be with. He had been quite popular but one little bitch had done him in and he didn't want to go back.

Did he think he could go gay? He didn't know. It was kind of revolting to think about having some guys dick in his mouth and what if he cummed? He wasn't sure. Brad and Jay relented to letting him watch them. Jace was all eyes and an eager student as he got in close to watch every move the two lovers made. He couldn't believe how easily they could take each other's cocks in their butts.

He lay in bed the first night thinking about all he had seen. He had burned his bridges and would be going to a school full of homos come fall. He better come to grips with this. He gripped himself and began a slow wank. He was in it for the feelings not the climax. He used no lube as he slowly used his whole hand to work the glans over and over. It was a strange sensation and was driving him mad. He switched to his left hand which exasperated his dry, reddened organ, but he kept on. He kept playing in his mind the look of the two boys as they sucked each other and swallowed each other's cum. He had looked into their mouths and seen the white, slimy offering laying on their tongues as they told him how good it tasted.

And how about that back door delivery? That had to hurt but they moaned and moved about in obvious delight as they begged each other to do them harder and faster. He had watched as they would shoot their cum into each other. They would pull back and plunge in again and cum would squirt from their holes. When they finished he could see up inside of them as their holes remained stretched for some time afterwards. He could see the cum up in there and he watched as it oozed out and rolled down their legs. And then that bit about sucking it back out. He had watched as they locked their lips on the other's ass hole and sucked the cum, and who knows what else, back out.

If this is what queers do they could have it. His orgasm lept out of him. He was so far into thoughts that he didn't feel it coming until it was on him. He had the most intense orgasm he could ever recall. His cock was sore from his method of stroking but he felt a before unknown release. His hand was covered in his thick, white boy milk. He took it to his nose. Very pungent, not unpleasant but strong, unusual. His tongue darted out of his mouth of its own volition. He had no plans to taste it. It was good. He wanted more. He licked his hand clean. He wiped his belly, seeking every drop. He got some on both hands to that he could smell one as he licked the other clean. He couldn't find anymore.

He opened his eyes and looked at the other bed. Jay was watching him. They made eye contact. Jace pleaded with his eyes. Jay got in bed next to him and held him as they drifted off to sleep.

The sky was gray, the air was cold. Dawn was about to break. So were Jay's balls. He was in a warm, moist place. He looked down as Jace was sucking and bobbing his head for all he was worth. He had Jay's whole length in his virgin mouth and he was giving Jay a blow job that rivaled any other he had ever had. He lay back and enjoyed the ride. He was close. He could feel his balls churning and his toes curling. He thought about a warning but he figured the kid would never know if he didn't try so Jay was going to fire off and let the cum fall where it may.

Both boys were satisfied. Jay had a wonderful climax and Jace enjoyed every drop of it. Jace smiled as he licked his lips. He lay down beside Jay and the held each other, close. "You ok?"

"Yeah, great."

"Think you'll ever do that again?"

"Yeah, often. Maybe I can do Brad when he wakes up."

"Or you can awaken him like you did me." Jay smiled at the young novice cocksucker.

"I want to get fucked. Will....would you....you know."

"Now?" Jace nodded. Jay ran in the house and was back in a minute with a new tube of KY jelly. He had Jace roll onto his stomach as he moved between the boys legs and began a digital assault. Jace was a wiggle worm as he squirmed all over the bed in ecstacy. He raved abut the wonderful feelings he was receiving and begged for more. Each time Jay stroked a new spot or added a finger or just stroked the boys prostate he would whine like a little puppy.

Jay had him opened three fingers wide. He had Jace get up on his hands and knees on the other bed, with Brad. He told him to take Brad's cock into his throat as he lined his cock up to the virgin doorway. Jay slid his entire length in with no resistence and no pain to Jace. He had done an excellent job of preparing the boy.

Jace was now sure that he could handle the new school. If the boys there could make him feel like he felt right now he was ready. Jay was doing a slow fuck in his butt and the sensations were remarkable. He would never be able to describe these feeling so that a virgin boy could comprehend. This was just too delectable. Brad's cock was a little larger than Jay's and it felt really good as it slid in and out of his mouth. He loved the taste of the cock. Brad still had the residue of his night time frolic with Jay on him. It totally enhanced the mood for Jace. He was in total lust.

Brad awakened and turned his body so that Jace was between his wide spread legs. Brad was coming up with each downward plunge of the excellent cock sucking he was getting. His fucking motion into Jace's mouth and the now faster fucking of Jay into his ass found Jace in an almost dream like state. He felt his cock enlarging as cum shot out of his excited glans with no outward stimulation. He didn't seem to want to quit cumming as his young body went into sexual overdrive.

Brad was pumping gallons of hot boy juice into his mouth. He was sucking at a maddening rate, not willing that a single drop should escape. He would savor this wonderful elixir the rest of his life. He felt Jay swell to humongous in his rectal cavity and moaned at the knowledge that the youngster was filling him with his love juice. He was almost jealous of his ass for getting the juice that he coveted for his hungry mouth but he let it go as he felt the warmth and fulfillment as Jay continued to plunge back and forth shoving his offering deep into the eager cavity, massaging the thick cream into the very walls of his nether region.

Jay was the first to pull away then Jace fell to the side. Brad moved down and the three young teens gathered themselves together for a hug and a little more sleep.

The automatic sprinkler system kicked on to water the grass between the house and the lake. The sounds of the water spray awakened the boys to their bladder's calling for relief. Jace stopped them in mid stride and made a timid little request. With devilish grins the three boys trooped down the stairs and out into the fountains of flowing water, their morning piss hards leading the way. Oh what a site to see three young teens in all of their naked glory. No shame, no inhibitions. Totally innocent in their play as they danced under the sprinkler system showering each other with their own golden flow. There were no boundaries, anything was a go. Urine was in hair, face, torso, even mouths as the boys explored a new level of their sexual experimentation. This was something that each boy and been curious about and the lawn sprinklers gave them the perfect opportunity to find out where their limits lay.

The sprinklers were set on a thirty minute cycle. The boys found themselves wanting more as they stood there in the cold morning air. Suddenly the sprinklers to the west of the house came on and three gleeful teens joyously ran, screaming in childish delight to the new playground.

A few minutes before eight o'clock a long, flat bed truck pulled up. Emblazoned on the side of the truck was a firey flame that Brad recognized as one he himself had designed and had drawn on all of his school notebooks for the last two years. In the center of the flame were the bold, black letters: BJ, underneath those letters was the word: Cords. Curious the boys ran over to the truck. Luke climbed down from the passenger's seat. "You are the luckiest bastards alive. You are going to be so rich." When he got a blank stare he pointed at the logo, "Brad and Jay cordwood. Your dad established a company in your name to sell all of the wood we split this summer.

"You have a contract with every land owner up here. They are going to pay you to clear their land and leave them one cord of firewood stacked at their house. All of the rest of the wood belongs to you. You are paying the school to have the boys work for you to clear the forest just like we did your's and the school's land. All of the cordwood will be taken to the city where it can be sold like gold bricks. You are going to be rich."

At this news Brad and Jay were holding hands as they jumped up and down. The truck driver was feasting his eyes on the ample size of their cocks as they bounced in every direction. The boys energy was contagious as Luke and Jace started to jump up and down with them. The truck driver creamed his pants without touching himself.

Luke said that had to get started. He had a crew on the road ready to load the truck but he wanted the boys to see it first. The truck headed out as Brad and Jay made a bee line for the garage and their ATVs. They tossed Jace a set of keys and he grabbed the yellow ATV then followed them out to the road to watch the campers load the truck.

Fully loaded, properly tarped and tied down the truck carried thirty cords of wood. The driver told them that at current prices this load would retail out at forty five hundred dollars. Ric had bought three trucks and had standing orders for five hundred cords of wood. The trucks would be making two trips each day to gather in the wood already cut. Another very cold winter was expected and it was suggested that Brad and Jay quit fucking around and get some more wood cut. They suggested that maybe they needed to fuck around with someone who seemed to have a big mouth.

With laughter in their hearts the crews of boys split. Brad, Jay, and Jace made it back to the house and the refrigerator full of food. There were hungry boys that needed feeding before the wood could be cut.


Labor day weekend was a sad holiday for the pair of happy boys. They had enjoyed freedom that boys their age only dream of. Both boys had celebrated birthdays during the summer. Jay had turned fifteen on July twenty fifth and Brad had turned Sixteen on August thirteenth. School would be starting on Tuesday. The academy had a nice, modern kitchen and excellent food. Ric and Carl had driven up to gather the boys home and they had opted to spend Sunday and Monday at the academy saying good bye to the young students there.

The new barracks/school house was finished so the boys would be warm and dry for the coming winter. Three more dormitories were under construction with completion dates projected for early November. A little more time was being spent on these buildings so that they would be done right. Each boy was going to have the opportunity to have his own room. Two boys could share a room if they both desired.

The campers had worked like troopers the last two months of the summer as they helped clear more of the surrounding forest of the carnage left by last winter's storms. BJ Cords had paid fifty dollars a cord and twenty dollars a cleared acre for the boy's work. The school had made a tidy sum that helped with school books and supplies. The clearing would not stop with the start of school. It would just be cut back so that the boys could get their education first and work during non-class time.

Monday morning the three Garcias and Jay Adams locked up the house for the winter. The boys shed tears as they said good bye to their summer. They headed over to the academy for a special day that had been planned just for them.

The boys young eyes popped when they walked into the mess hall, as it was now being called. Banners hung everywhere with words of thanks to the two boys. Pictures adorned the walls showing the many highlights of the summer. There were even pictures of the boys in sexual contact with other boys. Scenes that to many may seem pornographic but to these two they were mementos to be cherished.

Lunch was a teenager's dream menu. Pizza and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches headed off the list. There were plenty of chips of every kind and soda flowed by the gallons. Large bowls of chocolate pudding sweetened the palate. The boys questioned the new chef. He said that he had to serve what the customer wanted. They each gave him a loving kiss. He was not gay but he loved these kids for who they were and accepted their gratitude.

There were some skits and some of the guys did their routines from the July fourth talent show. Some were rather sleazy and had not been done in front of the mixed audience before. There were some red faces amongst the older people present but it was all good clean queer fun and was truly enjoyed by all.

Tuesday morning the boys arrived at their highschool, having been driven there by Brad in his brand new Chevy Silverado. The boys walked into the school only to be greeted by none other than Ryan.

"Hey, queers. How's your love life?"

Well, how are you feeling? I haven't heard anything about the boy's summer. Did everybody go up to the lake with them? I think I told you that I like a story with a twist. You aint seen nothing yet. Twists and kinks lay ahead. If any of you are still with me I will keep posting. I have several more chapters written. I write my stories several months in advance and this one is just dying to get told. I hope I am not posting to fast for you to keep up. Should I slow down? Maybe I'll just post once a month. In the meantime I have pulled out some of my old stuff, dusted it off and added it to this forum maybe they would be a better read for you. Maybe Jay and Brad have gotten boring. Only time and e-mails will tell.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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