Jayson Outed
Chapter Thirteen


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

Sorry, this is a long chapter. There is just so much to tell you about and I couldn't break it up, it has to flow, don't you know.
E-mail has dried up. I guess that interest in the story has wained. It seems a shame because so many good things are just on the horizon for our two youngsters. I have to go with what the reader wants and if there is no more interest then so be it.

Brad squealed his truck to a stop in the parking lot of Jay's apartments. Jay jumped down from the high truck and drug his ponderous back pack out. He had a mountain of homework and a mountainous mound in his jeans. "First things first," he thought as he wiggled his butt in his lover's face as Brad followed closely behind the boy running up the stairs. Jay giggled to himself, if he stopped suddenly he would get rear ended by Brad's face. That brought a sweet smile to his young face.

Jay burst through the door of his apartment. His mother was sitting at the table with an old man, drinking coffee. "Fuck, no sex now," both boys thought.

"Hi honey. Here's someone you haven't seen in awhile."

Jay had to think for a minute then it hit him. "Grandpa." He ran to the old man and threw his arms around him as he received a warm, firm hug and a kiss on his cheek.

The old man pushed the boy back to arm's length, "Let me get a look at you, son. Oh, you are the spitting image of your dad. You are beautiful." The old man had tears in his eyes as he pulled Jay into another hug. Jay was loving it. He had not had a man's affection in ages. This wasn't sexual, this was family. Jay so much wanted a family like Brad had. He loved his mother but he missed having his father so much. Why did his dad have to die?

"Honey, I have to get back to work. One of the girls is out so I am filling in for her. I will be closing tonight. It will be late so don't wait up, okay?" She kissed her son, grabbed her purse and was out of the door.

"Uh, grandpa, this is Brad."

"I have heard so much about you, son. It is an honor to meet the man who stole my boy's heart." Jay and Brad looked at each other, did he know?

"Hey, Jay, I gotta split. You can call me later. Bye." Brad didn't like strangers knowing about him. He was not shy. He was comfortable with who he was, except at school. "Oh well," he figured, "this is Jay's family and of course Em would tell him what his grandson was into. Wouldn't she?" He was mixed. Did his family discuss his life with the extended family. It would kill him if he thought that his nanna knew he was gay. Tears ran down his flawless cheeks as he climbed into his truck. He took the long way home as he just drove and thought.

Jay and his grandfather sat and talked as they ate the dinner his mom had left for them. He really liked this old man. He felt really comfortable talking to him. After dinner jay cleaned the kitchen then took a shower. He was funky from a hard day at school planning Brad's campaign for student counsel VP.

He did have a mountain of homework so he took out his books at sat down at the table and dug in. Grandpa sat down and watched as the best looking kid in the world sat there in total trust. The boy's tiny butt looked so good in the tight, white underwear. How many kids would just come in from the shower and sit down in their skivies without a care in the world. Yes, Jay was defiantly his grandson, brave and bold.

"You and Brad look really good with each other. You are a cute couple. I'm sorry that I scared you off kissing him goodbye."

Jay wanted to crawl under the table. Does everyone know about his love life? Does he have a sign over his head? Are big arrows pointing at him saying "here's the fag boy"? He was blushing and his eyes were getting moist.

His grandpa laid his hand on Jay's. "I have embarrassed you. I am so sorry. Jayson you have to know that it is okay with me. It is who we are." Jay looked up at the man. "Jayson, every man in our bloodline has been queer since the beginning of time, I guess. That's just the way it is."

"Are you....you know....like.."

"Yes, Jayson I am queer. I just happen to love boys. I always have a boy with me. I like them at about fourteen and then they stay with me until they start to like girls, around eighteen or nineteen."

"They all change like that? I mean don't they want to stay with you?"

"Some do but.....ah....Jayson I am a boy lover. When they get that old I just loose interest. I mean I don't quit loving them. Oh I am in love with all of them. I see some of them from time to time. They understand, I think. I just like a smooth skinned, flat bellied, long dicked boy in my bed."


"Sorry, son, that's who I am."

"Does mom know?"

"Oh yeah."

"Tell me about my dad."

"Well he was like you and me. I met this girl and married her."

"Grandpa....if you're...what do you call it, queer, how come you wanted sex with a girl?"

"I had to have a son. It is the code of my family. Look son you can suck all the cock in the world and you'll never get pregnant. And saints help the world should there ever be an ass hole baby."

"Ewwww, that's gross." Jay laughed at the thought of having Jay's baby. He would do it in a heart beat, he so loved that boy. His boyhood twitched as his mind went to the past summer.

"She was a sweet thing and she knew I was queer."

"Why do you keep saying queer?"

"Gay was not a word when I was growing up. It meant something else entirely. I like the old meaning because I have never met a queer who was really happy and joyous." Jay nodded, he understood.

"Your dad was born in nineteen seventy, I was twenty four. I knew I had to have a kid. The boy I was living with had found himself a boy. Chad and I had been together for eight years. We met in highschool and started messing around when we were fourteen year old freshmen. I really loved Chad and I still see him. He has a new boy now, I think you know him. A boy by the name of Ryan."

Jay knocked his Algebra book to the floor as he jerked at the name. "You know Chad Simpson he exclaimed?"

"Yes, like I said we were boyfriends for eight years. He found a thirteen year old boy and messed with him for a long time. I found out that I really prefer boys so I found a precocious fourteen year old who liked huge cocks and taught him all about a new way of life. He stayed with me until he was seventeen when he went away to college."

"I can't believe that you and Chad Simpson were.....you know. He's so fat and bald and old."

"He wasn't always. He was a beautiful boy. He was blond haired, flat bellied and firm bodied. His ass was my favorite dinning place. I could bury my face in those buns and fall asleep. He farted in my face once and I even enjoyed that."

"Ewww, that's sick. Hehehehe."

"So, do you want to hear the story or not? I was broken hearted. I was twenty two and loveless. Chad and I were still friends but I didn't have anybody to have sex with. I was at church with Chad one Saturday and I saw this really cute girl of about seventeen. Chad knew her family They invited the two of us to their house for lunch after church. I started talking to Linda and she was fun to talk to. I started going to church and when she turned eighteen we got married.

"Your dad was born later that year, but I had already found a boy that liked to be with me. I left Linda and your dad to chase the kid. He was fifteen and he liked big dicks. He had a good member of his own. I really enjoyed that boy. He took off for the service when he graduated school and I have never seen him again.

"He had a cute cousin of thirteen who he had already broken in. The cousin had spent the night at my house and the three of us got it on. When Tony left for the Navy his little cousin started coming around. I fucked that kid every way from Sunday until he was nineteen. He met this girl and his parents pushed him into a marriage. It didn't last. They had three kids but he was too much into older men. He tried to come back to me but there were so many changes. One, at twenty four he was too old for me. Two, your dad was now living with me. Yeah, don't look

at me like that. Your dad was a looker.

"Linda couldn't handle the fact that he was gay. He had told her when he was twelve. She tried to pray it out of him but he had a steady string of boys around. One weekend two seniors took him on a trip up to their lake cabin and opened his life up to a whole new way of living. He came home, barely able to walk. When he got to school that next Monday the two boys were waiting for him. They put a wide dog collar his neck and hooked a chain leash on it. They paraded him around the halls of the school. He got down on his knees to service a few boys in the stairways then took him out to the boy's locker room.

He sat on a bench and serviced eight boys, one after the other. He had the two seniors up his butt, at the same time when the coach walked in. Twelve boys were expelled for the rest of the year. Your dad was sent to live with me. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time. Your dad and I became lovers."

"Isn't that incest? That's against the law."

"So is sex with underage boys. We weren't looking at that we were looking at each other's big cocks and how we would like to find new ways of playing with each other. Your dad was about the best lover I ever had."

Jay closed his algebra book and put his papers into his notebook. "All done," he sighed.

"I am so proud of you. I have been watching you. We are talking but you stayed right at your homework. I was checking some of your problems as you worked and you got them all correct. I could never have done that. Your are truly amazing."

Jay got up and put his books in his back pack and laid it by the front door for morning. He turned to walk back to the table while his grandpa stared at his boy package. Grandpa held out his hand, "Come here son." Jay walked up to him. "Jayson you are a beautiful boy and I think you have the family attributes." He fondled the boy's soft package.

"Why do you keep calling me Jayson?

"That's what I named you."

"You named me?"

"Yep, it was always a favorite name of mine. Your dad couldn't spell worth shit and he put a Y in there when he wrote your name out for the nurse at your birth. He and I had to fight like dogs to keep your skin intact. That nurse was bound and determined to get you cut. I threatened to do a female circumcision on her if she didn't drop it." Jay was boning up from the man's attention to his cock. To be honest it did feel good to be touched and he was really missing Brad. Grandpa pulled the boy's briefs down and a very sweet uncut six and a half inches of boi meat waved a flag in the old man's face. It said, "SUCK ME!".

Grandpa wrapped his hand around the perfect joint as Jay shuddered. He looked into the boys eyes with a question. Jay slightly nodded then watched as his tumescent play toy disappeared into a super hot vacuum. Jay staggered under the wonderful assault. He had some terrific blow jobs by several boys but this was different. His grandpa had a different technique or something but it felt so much gooder, he thought.

His grandpa lifted him up to sit on the edge of the table then laid him back. He spread the boy's legs and suckled the sweet hairless ball sack. Jay wrapped his hands around the edge of the table beneath him. His legs were pushed to his shoulders as his grandpa sought out the dinning room entrance at his young Y. The old man's tongue was so much longer than Brad's and it felt rough, like sand paper. His hips raised to the ceiling as he felt the tongue move through his sensitive opening.

Jay was in a blissful, euphoric coma as his grandpa continued to pleasure him in so many different ways. He knew his climax was coming. He didn't want this to end. His grandpa knew the signs. He slipped two fat fingers into the spit slickened passage and took the thick boi appendage to his mouth. He began to pay extra attention to Jay's sensitive nerve center at the underside of his young cock. Jay was so much into it that he did not hear the front door open as Brad entered.

Brad stood silently and watched as Jay filled the old man's mouth with wave after wave of thick, hot boi splooge. It was cumming like the tide and the old man caught every drop in his experienced mouth. He set back to savor his treat when his eyes met Brad. Brad smiled at him. He held out his hand to Brad as the boy walked over. "Feel good?" Brad asked. Jay's eyes shot open as he realized for the first time that his lover was there.

"Yeah, you're next." Jay slid off of the table and picked up his undies. He slipped them on top of his head as he knelt in front of Brad to untie his shoes. He stripped the boy from the waist down then stood to kiss him. He unbuttoned Brad's shirt and pushed it off of the muscular shoulders he so much loved to have embrace him. He turned a naked Brad so that his cheeks pressed against the dinning room table and pushed him back with his legs hanging over the edge and his super hard fuck stick standing at the ready.

Jay moved aside to indicate to his grandpa that the second course of lunch was on the table. Jay went straight for Brad's tonsils. As Brad and Jay tonsil stroked the old man was slathering at his main mast. "Nice hat dude," Brad said when Jay came up for air. Jay giggled as he threw his drawers across the room to his bedroom door.

Brad enjoyed the older man's techniques as much as Jay had. Both boys asked for lessons in how to love your main man as a man and not a sex object. Grandpa was only to glad too try to teach them although he cautioned that it could take several months to get all of the subtleties of genuine cock sucking in a usable order. Then he would have to train them in the finer points of backdoor activities. The boys were eager for the lessons.

"Grandpa has been telling me about my dad. Well my heritage I guess, but we were up to my dad. My dad and grandpa were lovers, just like us, babe."

"Well we had the best of two world's actually." The old man began again. "I was, of course, his dad. So he lived with me. That was unlike any of my other boy's. He and I were together all night every night. He loved cock and didn't really care from what source. He loved to ride a fat pony and he could suck the fillings out of my teeth through the head of my throbbing cock.

"He loved to sleep with me in him, either end. He ruined me for what I had always had to contend with. I always hate to spend a great few hours with a lad then dress him and take him home. I want to spend the night.

"Your dad was growing up and getting kind of kinky. Too kinky for me. He liked to be double dicked while he sucked a third. I could handle that with more boys but he wanted men, with big cocks. He was what we usually call a size queen. He wanted cocks of eight inches or more. He met an Army recruiter with a ten inch cock and he followed the guy everywhere. He was only seventeen but he would soon be of age to join the Army and I think that is all the bastard had in store for my son."

"So, how about me. When did he have time for me to be contrived?"

"Contrived is probably the correct word but I think you mean conceived. Jayson have you ever thought about how old your sweet little mother is?" Jay shook his head. She was old. She was his mother. Why she had to be ancient, didn't she?

"She is twenty nine. Still just a girl in so many ways. She is young and beautiful. I am surprised that a man hasn't grabbed her up."

"Yeah, and so?"

"Hey Mr. math man, hello. Your mother is twenty nine."

Brad rapped his fist on Jay's head, "Hello, is anybody in there? You are fifteen. Your mother is twenty nine."

"Okay, so she was like young. My question was..."

"I know your question Jayson." Grandpa had a sad look on his face. "I told you about the locker room. Your dad wanted to show the new school that he was not gay. Fat chance. He raped your mother. He was seventeen, she was thirteen.

"Her family was totally pro life and she never considered having your tender body ripped from her by some child killer. She knew the road she choose would be difficult but she was not going to let you go. Your dad could have gone to prison. Not just for the rape but because she was so young. He had a lot going for him right then and was lucky to escape from what could have been.

"I found out about the rape and I took a belt to that boy. I beat him for an hour then I had to rest before I could beat him again. He begged your mother to forgive him. When she told him she was going to have his baby he cried. He was so sorry for what he had done. He wanted to make it right. He was with her every hour that he could be. He waited on her hand and foot. He combed her hair, cleaned her room, brought her food. Bought presents for her. He was truly contrite. The two of us convinced her parents to sign a waiver so that they could get married and give you a name.

"When you were born in nineteen eighty eight it was like a new person moved in. He was so proud of you. Well why not? He was seventeen years old and he had a healthy beautiful son. He worshiped you. You have a picture on your dresser of the two of you. That was the last time he ever saw you. Emily's dad put his foot down. He wanted your dad to grow up and face his responsibilities. He had learned that your dad was a homosexual and that went against everything he and his family believed in. He wanted your dad to repent and live a Christian life. He offered to let him live in a spare room in his house but your dad couldn't do that.

"He came home and cried to me. We talked for a long time then went to bed together. He was horny and he needed my cock. I am such a pervert that I gave it to him instead of trying to help him. He started hanging around where he could find men. AIDS had just come on the scene and I was terrified for him and for me. I was afraid of what he was going to bring home to me. I stopped having sex with him and just watched him get worse and worse in his lustfulness.

"On his eighteenth birthday he enlisted into the Army. Two years later Iraq invaded Kuwait. The Army called up your dad's unit for duty in Operation Desert Storm. Three months later I had a visit from two officers who informed me that your father was a war casualty. No one could tell me how he died. Then I got the letters."

He picked up the naked boy and took him to the sofa. He sat down with his arm around him and had Brad sit on the other side, still naked. "Jayson, what I am going to tell you, not even your mother knows but it is important that you know the truth." The old man took a long breath as he looked deep into the eyes of his beautiful grandson. A tear ran down his cheek. "A bullet tore through your father's back and exited through his chest after passing through his heart. There was a hole the size of a football in his chest. His heart was virtually gone. I sat with the body for two days, Jayson. He was my son and I loved him so much. I had hopes and dreams for him. I wanted him to be a father to you. He would be so proud of you." He held the youngster as he silently wept. Brad cuddled in behind Jay and joined in a group hug. Jay had to let it go. He had held so much love for his, heretofore, unknown father.

"You said letters came."

"Jayson, the men of your dad's company wrote me hate mail. Your dad was murdered by his own men. I shared the letters with the Army and six men were tried for conspiracy and complicity in his murder. They were all found guilty and are doing twenty years in a military prison."

"Why. What did he ever do to them?"

"Everything. Your dad was a homosexual. He had sex with every man he could find, his own unit included. He was hated by the men. He literally made an ass of himself. He was blatant and open about his sexuality. That was before the 'Don't ask. Don't tell' policy that President Clinton established. When your dad was in the Army being queer was a prison sentence. In combat it was a death sentence. Men don't trust a queer to be there for them in combat. If a man spurned the advances of a queer would he back them up if a situation arose. They believe not. Since they could not depend on him they didn't want to serve with him. They had gone to their unit commander and the machine was in place to get your dad out of there. However, there they were on the front line and one of the younger men that was highly homophobic shot him in the back thinking that they could say it was a sniper. One problem, there were no enemy troops within miles of their position at that time.

"The shooter had just turned eighteen two months before and was fresh from basic training. He is now serving life in a federal prison for first degree murder. He could have gotten the death sentence for murder in a combat zone but he had witnesses that your dad had molested him as he slept. The Army considered that as a mitigating circumstance."

Jay looked at Brad, "You mitergate me when I sleep."

"Mitigate, doof." The two boys kissed each other.

"So, the medal is..."

"Good. He was wounded in combat. There will be many veterans who will disagree and want to see it rescinded but it is yours to keep."

"Grandpa how old are you?"

"I was born New Year's day, 1946. I'm a war baby. My dad came home from the Pacific war and met this cute young guy. He wanted to get to know him. He had an older sister so dad started talking her up, as you kids say today.

"Turned out they were orphans. Their mother had been dead for several years and their dad died in Europe. They were living with a family friend." When Jay looked at him he explained, "It was a different time then. Things were not as complicated as they are now.

"Anyway, dad and the girl got married and the boy moved in with them. Dad bedded the boy before the girl, so he told me. He did bed the girl or I wouldn't be here. I don't know anymore about her. I never heard dad say her name. She died giving me life. She was too small to have a baby and the doctor's had told her that she would have trouble. There was no baby murder in those days so she carried me full term then gave up her life for me.

"Dad, and Uncle Lucias raised me. Lucias stayed with dad until he died when I was thirty four. Lucias is still alive. He has a new partner. They have been together for nearly twenty years now. Lucias is seventy one and Will is thirty six. It is sweet watching Will care for the old man. They are as much in love now as the day they met."

"I don't know. I thought Ryan was sick. Being with an old man and all. I guess it happens more than I thought. I know I really enjoyed what you did to me awhile ago."

"Me too," chimed in Brad.

"Grandpa....uhhhh.....you keep talking about big cocks and like uhh..... I mean how big is yours. I mean I...."

"Don't fret it boy. I want to show you but I want you to want me too. I would really like to do more. With both of you. I am queer for boys, you know." The boys giggled as the old man left the room. He came back in just his baggy boxers. "Ready?" he asked. The boys were on the front edge of the sofa with eager faces. Grandpa pulled off his boxers and hung them on the end of his amazingly long cock. The boxers hung there like they were on a nail. "I am fifty seven years old and I still got it. That's the sign of a man's man,." the old man bragged. The boys were panting over the thickness and length of the thing.

Jay reached out a hand and wrapped it around the massive stick. Brad removed the underwear to reveal an extra thick, purple cock head with just the ridge covered by a roll of withdrawn foreskin. Brad knelt in front of the man and looked up at him. He turned to look at the smiling face of Jay and moved forward, engulfing the extra wide bulb of meat before him. He worked his face around and around as more and more of the lunch meat slid inside his cock hungry pie hole. Jay came up with a tape measure to check things out. Things checked out at eleven and three quarter inches with a huge girth of six and a quarter inches.

"I am so going to die tonight but I want that inside me. Can you do me?" Brad asked.

"My pleasure." What a line from a horny old pedophile. Here he is getting ready to molest two sweet little boys and one of them his own grandson. Go for it pops. "May I ask if you will do me a favor first?" Brad nodded. "I want to get you as open as I can so that you can enjoy yourself and not get hurt. I won't say without pain because this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me."

Brad gave a nervous laugh. "I would like to have you lay on top of me with that sweet treat you have to offer, deep in my throat while Jayson fucks the shit out of you. I have not had two sweet boys at the same time in a long time and I love to watch a boy getting fucked while I suck his dick and drink his sweet milk. Jay I want you to make him cum as many times as you can."

The boys were ready for this. Grandpa started turning off lights as the three of them headed for Jay's bed. Grandpa lay on his back in the middle of the bed, his head about two feet from the foot of the bed. Brad got up on top of him. Grandpa told him to stretch out and lay down. He wanted the boy comfortable.

Brad's cock found a ready receptacle as he snuggled in to the old man's body. This was way better than he had ever imagined. The man's hair even felt good to his young, smooth skin. He took hold of the massive monolith before him and slowly worked his way down trying to reach the pubes. Grandpa spread the boy's legs and ran his tongue up the tiny pucker before him. It was obvious that Brad had been fucked and fucked often. His anus did not have that virginal tightness and shape to it but it was not too terribly invaded. In fact this boy looked a lot better than any of the boys he had ever been with for more than a month or two.

With Brad well laved and dripping spit from his opening, grandpa pulled Jay by the cock to line himself up and slide inside. All three of the horny sex machines moaned as Jay pushed his sandy colored pubes against the taught cheeks of the one person in the world he would gladly die for. Brad's rectal cavity was so warm and tight. Jay loved to be there. The only problem that he had was that he couldn't stay as long as he really wanted. He wanted to hold off his climax and just fuck and fuck. He was about to get a lesson on how to do just that.

Brad loved the feel of Jay in him. He was so glad that this young lad was growing larger as he aged. He really enjoyed the feel of the extra meat in him. He was going to hurt when the old man did him but he had to know what that big fuck stick would feel like. Luke had a solid eight and a quarter inches and it was very thick but this cock made Luke look like a prepubescent youngster, and he had taken that delivery driver's twelve incher last summer. He could do this..

He had been working and he now had more than ten inches of this huge cock in his throat. He suddenly worried about it reaching into his stomach and the acid there dissolving the head. At least he thought that his stomach acid would hurt the man. Suddenly he was wracked with the biggest wave of pleasure he had ever experienced. The old man did something to his cock as Jay stroked back and forth across his young prostate. Brad couldn't contain himself. He let loose a wad of cum that was unlike any climax he had ever experienced. His whole body convulsed and relaxed. The giant cock in his mouth slid all the way in and Brad had his nose buried deep into the once blond now graying pubes of his lover's grandfather. His lust level broke through the upper stratosphere.

Brad was now on sexual overdrive as he pushed and pulled his just drained cock through the tight opening of the old man's lips. He could feel his cock head being squeezed by the old man's throat. He was deeper in this man's mouth than he had ever been in anyone's mouth before and he knew that he could not ever have gotten one more millimeter into Jay every time they made love.

Jay had changed his angle and was making Brad experience the real joy of being fucked. Suddenly he was so proud that he was a boy, all boy. He was getting sensations from his sensitive cock head. He was experiencing sensational signals from his prostate that he had never felt before. For some reason he was feeling sensations from deep in his ass, from a place well beyond any nerves or other sensory points that he was aware of. He just felt good getting deep fucked by Jay.

At the same time the stimuli that pervaded his throat was enough to put him over the top, again. Twice within three minutes and his balls felt so full and ready. He knew he was going to go again. He continued to slide the huge cock in and out of his mouth. He loved the long slide as he pulled almost all the way off of the mighty meat in his mouth. He almost felt as if he indeed did have a giant roll of bologna down his throat. He would never slice this up but the thought of a slice of dick sandwich with mayo, lettuce, tomato...gads he was horny. He felt it moving again. His toes curled. He felt Jay struggling to hang in there as he squeezed his ass muscles with all of his might trying to give his young lover all the feeling that he was getting.

Suddenly he felt a flood of hot liquid fill his every cranial cavity. Sperm was shooting out of his nose, from around his locked lips. He could not stop the flood of escaping jism. Jay was shoving his cock so far up his ass that he was being moved forward. He felt Jay pulsing as his wonderful climax filled him. He could not contain himself as again he felt his body pulse with such a mighty orgasm that he was robbed of all energy.

Jay pulled out and rolled away. Brad needed help to roll to his back as he turned blue seeking oxygen. Grandpa rose and came back in a minute with a cold cloth. He held it behind Brad's neck as the youngster changed back to an even pink color.

Jay looked at the clock, "You are amazing, babe. One hour and ten minutes. I have never felt so fucked out, and what your ass did to my cock. Man, you must have gotten off at least four times."

"Five, grandpa said."

Brad was awe struck. "We fucked for an hour and ten minutes? I thought it was like maybe twenty minutes. I was feeling so good. I just couldn't stop cumming. Did I really cum five times?"

"Yes you did, lad. And it was most delicious. You are one terrific boy. I want to do the same thing for Jay but I think you two are spent for tonight. What say we get some sleep."

"Yeah, babe, it's already eleven thirty." The boys cuddled with grandpa behind Brad. No one moved before morning.

Two boned boys awakened and made a hasty retreat to the bathroom. They showered and got ready for school as quietly as they could so as not to awaken grandpa. Today was a big day, election day was just two days away.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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