Jayson Outed
Chapter Fourteen


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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Sorry, this is a long chapter. There is just so much to tell you about and I couldn't break it up, it has to flow, don't you know.
E-mail has dried up. I guess that interest in the story has wained. It seems a shame because so many good things are just on the horizon for our two youngsters. I have to go with what the reader wants and if there is no more interest then so be it.

Morning found the kids with their heads together working out details of the campaign. Brad seemed a shoe in but hints of a rumor had begun. The quiet little girl that no one knew much about was the girl friend of one of the most homophobic seniors in the school. This senior had been right at the forefront of the parade when Ryan had outed Jay the year before. He could not believe that Jay had totally changed and was all so straight and everything with that glitzy girl, Renee. He also had a serious problem with Brad. He had always suspected that dude of being as bent as an ivy vine. He had gotten his girl friend nominated just to keep Brad off of the student counsel.

One thing the boys had learned to count on was Renee. This girl was with it. She had her thumb on the pulse of the school and knew in advance when anyone was about to fart. She was on top of this bump in the road. Her new friend from the previous year, Louise, was at her side this morning. Renee took the boys into a quiet huddle as she and Lou shared a plan with them. Lou was living with her girlfriend who had graduated the year before.

There had been stories about the two girls but so far Lou had been able to put them down. Renee had been including Lou in a lot of the activities in the campaign and had made it a point to pit Brad and Lou in different situations where they would be seen alone, together. She divulged her duplicity to the two boys this morning. She was deliberately heading off rumors about both Brad and Lou. She expressed a desire that these two should make an issue of being together. She felt that they should have lunch together and be seen sitting close and even holding hands.

The best way to fight a fire is to never let it get started and she was right on the button to prevent this one. Brad thought it was brilliant. He grabbed Lou and held her close as he whispered in her ear. He admitted that all he said to her was how smart Renee was but to those watching it looked intimate. "So, I am now your beard," Lou said.


"Yeah, it's a Hollywood term. It means that a person is involved with one of the opposite sex to mask their true orientation. It goes all the way back to the old silent movies of the twenties and thirties. Actors have always been ordered to marry to protect their box office image. You and I are going to be beards for each other."

"So are you my beard?" Jay asked Renee.

"Of course, nenee, why do you think I hang so close to you?"

"Well I always thought I would look good with a Van Dyke. I guess I'll have to trim you."

"Touch me and die." She got laughs from the foursome. They headed off, as couples to see and be seen.

Within hours the rumor mill had the pair engaged. They were the darlings of the junior class and sure to be the home coming king and queen. Home coming was still two months away but rumors spread faster than wild fire.

With that obstacle hurdled the four plotters worked on getting Brad elected as Vice President. He had some stiff competition on that front. The senior that he was going up against had narrowly lost his bid as senior class representative to the student counsel. He was extremely popular and he was also the winningest center the school's basketball team had ever had. The only chance Brad had was for the underclassmen to elect him. That was the angle of attack.

Jay and Brad found time to talk a little about Jay's grandpa. Jay didn't know what to do with the old man. He had enjoyed the night that the three of them had shared but he was committed to Brad and was not interested in an on going relationship of incest with his own grandfather.

The boys were sitting on the top of a picnic table with their feet on the concrete bench type seat. They were in a large city park that was awash with the colors of fall. A man emerged from behind a hedge row fifty feet in front of the boys. He looked around and walked swiftly out of the park. A moment later a tiny lad appeared from the same hedge row. The boys recognized him at once. The tiny lad ran to a sitting figure at a table closer to the bike path. He and the older boy were talking quietly as Brad and Jay walked up to either side of them.

Raymond Johnson looked like the a kid with his hand in the cookie jar as he saw his two school mates. His little brother was frozen in place, he had a hand full of money. Raymond grabbed for the money and stuffed it in his shirt pocket. An old man walked up to the entrance to the hedge row and looked over at the assemblage of boys. Raymond's brother took off at a run and disappeared with the man into the bushes.

Jay and Brad sat down beside Ray and watched as tears ran down his eyes. Brad turned Ray's face to him and smiled at the senior. Ray sighed and smiled back. Brad was shocked, he smelled cum on his friend's breath. Without a moment's hesitation he pulled Ray in and kissed him. His tongue entered the startled boy before he could pull away. Brad made a sweep of Ray's mouth then pulled away.

He put his finger to Ray's shirt pocket and pulled it out a bit so that he could look inside at the large wad of bills. His eyes questioned Ray. Ray finally said, "I need money to buy a nice gift for Amanda."

Suddenly the air was filled with the screams of Ray's little brother. "NO, don't, stop. Ray...help me, Rayyyy." All three boys were up and sprinting toward the hedge row and the noise. The little boy was on his back on the ground with his jeans and underwear around his ankles. The old man was on his knees trying to shove his cock up the lad's young ass.

The old man's life took a turn for the worse as six fists pounded him from every angle. Blood was flying everywhere as the boys relentlessly beat the old pervert senseless. He managed to take to his feet and stagger from the bushes, his pants still around his own ankles.

The boys turned to Ray's brother who was getting up and pulling up his pants. "He wanted to fuck me and I said no. He was going to rape me, Ray. You saved me. Oh, hi Jay, Brad. Thanks for helping me."

Brad looked out from their hiding place. Two bicycle cops had the old man on the ground and were handcuffing him. Brad told the others. The four boys ran from the bushes and each headed in a different direction as the police tried to get their prisoner's pants up. It was kind of obvious what had been going on, especially when four underage children ran from the same place the man had emerged from. The police tried to spot the boys so they could catch at least one and get to the truth but the boys had all disappeared.

Brad saw Ray's car in the parking lot. He ran to it and scooted into the back seat and lay down. Seconds later the other back door opened as the little brother ducked in. He smiled at Brad and moved into the floor. A few moments passed and the driver's door opened. Ray slipped behind the steering wheel. Brad told him to, "go, get out of here."

Ray backed out with the two boys still laying down in the back seat. He spotted Jay walking across the park toward Brad's truck. He honked his horn and Jay ran to the car just as Brad and Ricky sat up. Brad told Ray to drive to McDonald's down the street.

With sodas in hand the four boys took a table away from everyone else. The four of them stared at each other. "No lies. We are not stupid. Talk to us." He leaned over and kissed Jay full on the lips, letting the brothers see tongue. "You are in safe company."

Tears flooded down Ray's face. Ricky smiled at his big brother and pulled a large wad of hundred dollar bills out of his jeans pocket. He laid the money on the table as everyone stared at it. "When the old man pulled his pants down his billfold fell out of his pocket. While you were beating on him I grabbed it and took out all the money then dropped the billfold back to the ground."

Jay picked up the money, "There's twenty hundred dollar bills here, that's two thousand dollars." Ray and Ricky high fived each other.

Ray pulled the money out of his shirt pocket. He had three hundred dollars. He looked up to staring eyes, "We are trying to get the money together to pay the rent. Our mother ran off with some guy almost two months ago and we have been on our own."

"So you are letting your little brother suck cocks to make money?"

"I'm doing it too. They just like him better and pay him more." More blank stares. "Some old guy wants to blow me I get twenty dollars, Ricky gets fifty."

"Three hundred dollars? How much of that did you earn?"

"I had three dudes suck me and I had to suck two of them. Ricky had two guys that sucked him and he sucked them. We need another one hundred and fifty plus some money for food." His face was twisted in the pain he was feeling as he told this pitiful story to two school mates that could ruin him.

"Do you like doing old men or do you do it to survive?" Jay asked.

"I like to do it and I told Ray that we could make lots of money and have fun at the same time. He only likes to do it with Dean."

"Shut up, dude."

"Oops, sorry."

"Where is Amanda in all of this?" Brad inquired.

"She's such a cunt."

"That's why they call her a girl."

"I hang with her to keep from being outed. I fuck her sometimes but I don't like it a lot. Shit, I might as well tell you. You will keep my secret won't you?

"Well, Dean and I were both fucking Ryan about three years ago. I had my dick up his ass when Dean walked in. There was nothing I could do. Dean just smiled and opened his jeans. He fed the little cunt his big cock as I continued to fuck his sloppy pussy. When I finished Dean told me to feed the little cock sucker as he shoved his dick in where mine had just been. I moved in front of Ryan. He grabbed my cock and sucked me to another sweet cum While Dean shoved the biggest cock I had seen up to that time in and out of his ass. Dean got off, pulled up his pants and looked at me, "Can I walk you home big boy," he said. I walked to my house with him. We went in my bedroom where he pulled my pants down and sucked my cock.

"I opened his pants and started sucking him. We were both cumming when I realized that Ricky was sitting there watching us. Dean and I became boyfriends and I started teaching my little brother how to take dick. I fucked him that night and nearly every night since."

"You like it Rick?"

"I'm Ricky, and yes I do like it. I like old men better. I want an old man to love me."

Jay and Brad looked at each other. "Take me home." Jay said. The four boys got up and Ray drove to Jay's apartment. He led his three friends in to see his grandfather sitting at the table drinking coffee.

Ricky saw the man and yelled out, "Hey!" He ran across the room and wrapped his arms around the old man and kissed his cheek. "This dude has the biggest cock I ever sucked and he loves me."

"What are you doing here?" Grandpa wanted to know.

"Well, you said that you wanted a boy to love. I brought you two. They're brothers. Their mother left them and they need someone to live with." Jay answered.

"Well, I just rented an apartment right over there today. It's two bedrooms so I have room for you if you want." Grandpa Seth had rented the apartment that Luke's brother, Darrel, had lived in.

Ricky was jumping up and down. Raymond was dumbfounded. Ricky opened grandpa's pants and pulled out his dick and started sucking on it. "Don't be such a slut," Ray snapped at his little brother.

"I just want you to see it. This is the old man I told you about. I know he loves me and like I told you, he'll let us live with him." He held the massive man weapon in his tiny hand for Ray to see. Ray's eyes went wide as Ricky told him to suck it. Ray got to his knees and took the monster meat to his lips. He stretched his mouth and got the head of the huge cock inside. He worked and struggled and finally had over half of the living sausage in his mouth.

In the meantime Brad and Jay had stripped. They had stripped Ricky and were almost finished removing Ray's clothes. They were waiting to get his tee shirt over his head full of cock.

Ricky wanted to be fucked. Grandpa wanted him to be open and lubed so he told Ray to fuck his little brother. Ray moved between the lad's legs and lined his cock to the tiny pucker. He bent over and spit in the greatly enlarged hole. It was very plain to see that this was a place that many men had gone before. He pushed his cock in as Ricky sighed, letting all of the air out of his tiny body. Ray got into a rhythm and fucked the little boy with long power strokes. Ray had grown up to a nice looking boy with a ripped body and a seven inch power pole, which he knew how to use to please his tiny sibling.

Jay scooted in and took Ricky's four and a half inch meat into his mouth and sucked like a vacuum. In mere moments Ray and Ricky had their mutual orgasm and Jay had a mouth full of sweet young boi cum. Ricky was still nursing Jay's cock but the older boy pulled away to kiss his boyfriend and snowball the sweet treat he held in reserve.

Brad told Jay to fuck Ray like he had fucked him the night before. He lay down on the floor and pulled Ray into a sixty nine as he took the slime covered cock of the senior into his junior mouth. Jay took position behind Ray. His first duty was to moisten Ray's entry portal which he gladly did with his long tongue. Ray shoved his cock deep into Brad's throat as he experienced his first rimming. He loved the feel of the moist organ as it moved about and manipulated his nether region in heretofore unknown pleasure.

Satisfied with his actions Jay lined up his cock and shoved it all the way into Ray with nary a pause. Ray grunted as he felt the invasion but relaxed and settled in for a nice ride on a cock that obviously knew its way around a boy's butt. He relished in the feeling that he was getting. He knew that he had to get Dean to learn what was happening to him. He had never been fucked so well before. He knew for the first time why Dean was such and eager bottom. He was feeling things that he never thought possible. He thought that he might become more eager to bottom after this. He fired a load into Brad's monstrously sucking mouth that just seemed to cum out of nowhere.

Ricky had all of grandpa's cock up in him and he was getting the ride of young life. He had always wanted big dick, he was getting big dick, and loving every foot of it. Grandpa was in his element. He had a young boy in his arms and the boy wanted him. The old man felt as much love for his grandson for making this possible as he did for the boy beneath him.

Brad and Jay had made their friend, Ray a very happy boy but Ray had something else that he wanted from the two studs. He told Jay to keep his cock in his butt and to lay back, flat on the floor. Ray had to adjust around to make sure that the almost soft, spent cock stayed in his cum slickened hole as he lay back on top of the boy. He pulled his legs up putting all of his weight on Jay as he told Brad to enter him. He wanted to be double dicked as he and Dean had done to Ricky so many times. He told the boys that he wanted to be opened up so that he could receive grandpa.

Grandpa was overwhelmed that this super looking kid would want him. He was not usually into kids that old but these two brothers were a real turn on to him. He had rolled over and was holding Ricky on his belly, his cock still embedded in the tiny youngster's rear receptacle. He prepared himself mentally to take on another boy in such a rapid time frame.

When he was at full erection again, grandpa got to his knees. Ray separated from his two sex partners and took a position in front of the kneeling man. Grandpa joined with the eager lad with feeling and love. Ray could not believe how wonderful something this large could actually feel. His whole body rejoiced as the invasion of his most sensitive of body orifices was penetrated as it was never designed to be penetrated. He was only halfway impaled when he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life. He flooded his belly with more semen then he had ever produced in a single ejaculation.

The entire episode had encompassed a little less than forty minutes but it left behind five fully satisfied and very happy males ranging in age from thirteen to fifty seven. Three teenagers tried to take to the regular sized bathtub at one time to shower together. There was no room for any meaningful play but all of the body parts were groped and cleaned. The next pair was generations apart but they truly enjoyed their time under the hot water spray and came out with beaming smiles, lighting up the world around them.

The whole group loaded into Ray's car and went back to the park to retrieve Brad's truck. The police had the area around the hedge row taped off. The parks maintenance people were digging up and cutting down the hedges, opening the whole area up. No more secret sex spot. Ricky was saddened until he was reminded that he didn't need to hustle anymore. He had a big dicked daddy for keeps.

With two vehicles the group descended on Ray and Ricky's apartment. They had grabbed cardboard boxes at the supermarket's dumpster and were in the apartment loading all of the dishes, food and clothing. The apartment was furnished so all that they had to grab were the personal items. They loaded the tv and stereo along with their Playstation and Xbox. They had their room empty and the kitchen was barren. when the landlord walked in demanding to know what was going on. He was told that the boys were moving out. He told them that they had to give thirty day's notice and that there were four months left on the lease. Grandpa told him to take that up with their mother, if he could find her. He told the landlord that the woman didn't care about her own kids and had abandoned them. He told the man that the child welfare services would take charge of the kids and that he would not see a penny. He backed down.

Meanwhile the boys were going through everything in their mother's room. They found a stash of drugs which saw a damp exit via the toilet. They found a couple of hundred dollars hidden in an old pair of crew socks in the back of her dresser drawer. They found some jewelry that they didn't know if it was worth anything so they threw it into a pillow case and took it with them. Everything else they left behind. They unplugged their phone and left the apartment forever.

By dinner time they had all of their things stored in their new home. Ricky would be sleeping with grandpa who told him to call him Seth. Ray had called Dean to come over and spend the weekend with him. When Dean arrived the whole tribe went to The King's Table for food.

Jay was spending the night and the weekend with Brad as his mother worked an all night shift for three days. The two of them departed. Brad got a call on his cell phone to meet Renee and Lou at the local teen hang out. The place was packed with underclassmen and the election was the next day.

The place was rocking with rap music when the boys entered. They spotted the girls and made a big play of kissing and groping. Brad was surprised as Lou grabbed his package and really worked him over in front of the younger students. His cock was standing at attention for everyone to see as she led them over to a corner booth and pushed him in only crawl on top of him. Many of the kids made comments about his big erection. Three or four of the younger boys were going on about how big it must be. One boy told his friend that he bet it was bigger than his. The other boy blushed and giggled.

Friday morning the elections were held. Ballots were passed out in homeroom and placed in a ballot box on the teacher's desk as the students left for their next class. Results would be announced in a special assembly at the end of the school day. Brad was a nervous wreck.

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