Jayson Outed
Chapter Sixteen


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

Seth, Ray, and Ricky were included in the Thanksgiving trip to the mountain cabin by the lake. It had been a grueling autumn and everyone was ready for a break. The family arrived in four vehicles late Wednesday afternoon. There was something for everyone to do so there was no time to go see the school. By the time the cars were unloaded and beds made, a lite supper served and pies put together to be baked for the following day's feast no one had energy for anything except crawling between clean sheet and thick blankets. It was cold at the lake, a good night to snuggle close to someone you loved.

Renee was the only one without a bed buddy but she could handle it. She did get a little lonesome sometimes and had began to wish that she really did have a boyfriend. Emily had tuned in to that and she had planned to talk to the boys about it during the weekend.

The boys were awake with the sun as they donned their heavy clothing for a walk over to the school. Ray and Ricky wanted to go so Brad asked about using the ATVs. Ric had no problem with that so the four boys took off, destroying the serenity of the pristine woods with the cacophony of caterwauling produced by the four vehicles through the still morning air.

The school had changed since their summer's vacation just barely three months before. Most obvious were the three two story barracks that dominated the site. A new building was under construction which the boys would learn was to house the cafeteria and a gymnasium. The old mess hall was still being used for a temporary meeting and eating place.

As the boys parked their ATVs Brad pointed to a large plywood sign hanging over the entry way. It was cut and painted to represent a male scrotum complete with plump testicles. The bold lettering proclaimed, BAG with the word boys in smaller lettering below it. Brad and Jay had a good laugh as they explained the meaning to their guests.

The door of the mess hall burst open as Luke ran out to grab and hug his old friends. Jerry was running across the field followed by a herd of galloping boys. When the two groups met hair and limbs flew in every direction. The carnage was horrible as hugs and kisses were exchanged and no body parts were left untouched.

The students were directed back to their barracks as the two staffers led their four guests into the warmth of the mess hall and procured large cups of hot chocolate all around. Mr. Bradford came in and greeted the boys with the warmest affection. He invited them to join the school for the Thanksgiving feast. The boys could hardly refuse but they explained that they would be expected to make a respectable dent in the family feast back at the house around two. The four of them shuddered as they thought about the amount of food that they would soon be consuming.

Luke had so much news to impart. He was beside himself as he waited his turn to be able to speak. Brad and Jay picked up on his vibes and settled down to pay attention to him.

First he had to tell his friends that he and Jerry were moving back to the city the following week. They were going to go into business together running his parents neighborhood grocery. The grocery was a neighborhood institution founded by his great grandfather. It has been moved to its current location from the lot next door by his grandfather during the sixties. The old store had been torn down to build the large family house that he and his parents had lived in.

His parents life insurance had paid off all of the debts on the store and the city had made a very large settlement for wrongful death in the shooting of his mother.

His brother, Darrell was not his brother after all but his cousin. He was the child of his mother's younger sister. His parents had agreed to raise the boy but did not adopt him. His name was not Darrel Wilson Bingham but simply Darrel Wilson. The school had added the Bingham in error and since he lived with the Bingham family it had never been corrected. No one knew who his father had been. His mother was only thirteen when he was born and she had been a run away. Darrel was devastated to learn that his mother was the one the boys had known as their aunt, a total loser and drug abuser. She had never been anything but a drain on the family and was asked not to come around the store.

There had been a will and Darrel was not named in it at all. Everything, the store, the house, the lake property, boat, cars, and catering truck belonged to Luke. Plus well into the seven figures in cash from the city settlement and the life insurance plus his dad's savings and investments.

Luke was considering a cash endowment to Darrel but he was still raw from the treatment he had received from him and his girlfriend. His lawyers advised against giving the man any money but his accountant said it would help off set the year's tax liability but that he should wait until after the first of the new year as he would have no taxes for this year.

Luke said that he and Jerry could play up the loss of each of their family members to enlarge their business. Everyone knew about Jerry's little sister.

The city had made a large settlement for the little girl's death but had sent half of it to Jerry's dad in California. Jerry's mother had gone crazy with the money and had lost it all. He didn't have the details and neither boy was too concerned with finding out what had happened.

Luke and Jerry took their four guests on a tour of the school. They were impressed with the new dorm rooms and classrooms. Each classroom was set up with computer work stations so that the boys had no books to carry. Everything was accessible from the classroom and from the computers in their dorm rooms. There was little paper actually used except for tests when the computers were turned off.

Luke was encouraged by a program he was trying to start up. These boys were sex driven animals with no controls. They would not be able to function in the real world. He was trying to encourage relationships within the group. So far they had twelve couples out of the forty original boys. They had only taken in two additional boys since school began, but only because of construction. The spring semester promised fifty new boys.

If Luke could get them to pair off and quit the general orgy that was more the norm he thought that the school could turn out some really great leaders to the world. He had already been working with his replacement, a recent college graduate in education and a homosexual himself. He was twenty two and quite good looking. He throughly believed that he could not allow himself to have any sexual contact with the students and still be able to lead them. He was trying to get a fellow classmate of his interested in joining the staff. The two of them had been together many times. He was seeking a co-worker/lover.

The classrooms were large and well lit with large southern facing windows. The environment would lend to an easy and laid back classroom setting making learning fun. The new building was well under way. The gymnasium was large enough to host visiting teams and guests. There were plans for a football field and track and in another year an indoor pool could be added if the enrollment was large enough.

It was time for lunch so the six boys followed the crowds to the mess hall for a rousing meal. Because of the cold weather all of the students were dressed. This was a mixed bag for Brad and Jay. They would have liked to have seen some boy flesh but then again they had no time today for any frivolity.

They enjoyed a very good traditional holiday meal. They ate enough to be courteous but not enough that they wouldn't be able to sit down with the family. They promised to come back for the evening meal and enjoy desert with the boys.

All four of the boys received hugs, kisses, and gropes from the students as they moved out to their transportation and headed back over to the house for some family time. True to form the three mother's had prepared a feast for thousands. There was enough food to feed the entire school's student body but the small family dug in to do their best at devouring the mountainous amounts off food presented before them.

Jay loved the time that he spent amongst this group of people. He really felt as if he belonged with them. He could tell that his mother was truly happy as well but what really moved him was the way that everyone treated his grandpa Seth. The old man was revered by the Garcia family and made to feel as though he were the patriarch of the entire clan. Raymond and little Ricky felt nothing but love from the strangers around them and no one judged them for their life style. Of course it didn't hurt that the two boys were multi-millionaires from the misfortunes of their parents. Jay offered up a special Thanksgiving prayer as he thanked the Lord for this past year as part of a family of love and sharing and acceptance. All eyes were being wiped with napkins. Then Seth was asked to carve. Jay's tears were very visible as Brad pulled him into a tight hug.

With the turkey carcass a shambles and the potato bowls licked clean nary a drop of gravy could be found for the minute remains of the dressing. Salads and vegetables had taken a major hit as everyone at the table complained of being, "So full." The desert table loomed as an ominous obstacle to be conquered at a later time, better, later day.

A long nap was the order of the afternoon. Seth and Ricky had some straightening out that they wanted to take care of. Brad felt sorry for Raymond so invited him to join him and Jay for some lay activities of their own.

Ray was reticent to join the two boys in any sex play. He knew how they felt about each other and their love was growing stronger and more apparent day by day. Brad asked their friend if he thought that the love he shared for Jay was noticed by any other students at school Ray told him that one or two homophobes had made comments about how cozy it was to have a foursome of two known butt fuckers and a known lesbian being together constantly. It had been voiced that they were hiding behind each other.

Brad was upset by this news. Jay let it slide but Brad feared for his little buddies safety. As far as he was concerned he could handle anything that could be dished out but he dreaded the thought of Jay being beaten, or worse.

The wort news came when Ray told them that his long time sex buddy was leaving at the Christmas break. His dad was a bird Colonel with the U.S. Air Force and was being transferred to England. Dean wanted to stay and graduate here in the U.S. He was soon to be eighteen but his father was a staunch disciplinarian and told the boy that he would accompany his family overseas. Dean planned to return home on his birthday the next April.

The boys had stripped to their underwear and were laying on the queen sized bed as they talked. Jay had casually reached over and begun to fondle Ray's soft mound as they relaxed. Ray came to life at the pleasant manipulations of his manhood and his cock stretched its head above the waist band of his small boxers.

Brad scooped the precum from the head of Ray's cock up and placed his fingers at Jay's lips. Jay took the offering and suckled the proffered finger clean. Brad twisted his body on the bed as he removed his final garment. He pulled Jay's underwear off and took the boy's cock deep into his throat pushing his own hardened member into Ray's eager face. Jay had Ray's boxers flying across the room as he swallowed the sweet meat now exposed before him.

There was no feeding frenzy, just three friends taking care of the needs of each other as they each nursed large loads of pent up nectar from their partner. A nap seemed in order as the three lads, in complete peace with one another drifted off to sleep still nursing the softened meat in their mouths.

The sun was behind the trees giving about an hour of daylight left on a perfect Thanksgiving day. The boys dressed and debated asking Seth and Ricky to join them at the school for desert. They were planning to spend the night and none of them were comfortable having Seth let loose on so many sex craved maniacs.

They lost their battle and asked the old man to go with them but Seth surprised them with more wisdom then they gave him credit for. He told them that because of his shortcomings that it would no be good for him to be around children, especially those prone to the same desires that he had. He told the boys that he valued his freedom too much and at his age he didn't want to have to fight to live in prison.

Of course Ricky wanted to go but the three older boys laid down the law to him and told him that he was to stay with one of them at all times regardless of his wants or desires. He relented knowing that he would be left behind otherwise. The boys were planning to spend the night so they made Ricky shower. He wanted to shower with Jay so the two boys grabbed a quick wash and rinse with no horseplay, followed by Brad and Ray with a quick in and out.

Brad and Jay spent the night with their old friends Luke and Jerry. The four boys had a lot of catching up to do and got very little sleep. Ray and Ricky were treated as royal visitors. Ricky was invited to spend the evening with the youngster cursed with a nine inch dick that had been such a source of fun and pleasure to so many the summer before. Ray met a boy that he seemed to have a lot in common with and the two stayed locked away until breakfast time the following morning.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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