Jayson Outed
Chapter Three


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

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Brad and Jay locked the door to their bedroom. They sat on the edge of the bed looking into each other's eyes as their fingers worked the buttons of the other's shirts. Bare chests emerged and fingers played on the soft skin as moans emitted from two mouths. The shirts slid back and off as hands caressed skin, nipples and pits. Brad was wearing wool trousers from his best suit and he wanted to get out of the hot, itchy material. He stood and started to remove them. His hands were slapped away as Jay dropped to his knees and slowly pulled the tab of the zipper down. He unfastened the metal clasp and let the trousers slowly descend to the floor. He bent over and untied Brad's old man style wing tip shoes and picked up each foot to extract the leather covering. The trousers came off at the same time. Jay pushed the boy back onto the bed as he picked up each foot and using mostly his teeth with assistance when needed by his hands, he removed the argyle socks, ever so slowly. He took his time to kiss and lick every square inch of each naked foot, being sure to suckle each toe and make it feel so good. Brad was ticklish and he was doing everything in his power to remain composed through all of this.

Jay removed the last vestige of clothing with just as much care and stared at the creature before him. Fifteen year old Brad stood five foot six. He weighed a solid one hundred and thrity seven pounds. His body was firm and cut. He was used to hard work outs. He loved football and he liked to run. His legs were power houses. His skin was dark due to his Latino heritage. His jet black hair was shinny and his pubes were just as black. He didn't have an overwhelming bush and no hair on his very plump balls. His pits had a good growth as did his lower legs. His uncut cock was standing up, waving a flag and asking for attention as massive amounts of pre-cum made the full six inch trip up the extra thick shaft to gather at the tiny little piss slit of the delicious looking plumb sized purple head.

Jay decided that he had missed cock for the last four months as he took the entire meaty pole before him deep into his throat. Brad had not had relief for some time and this afternoon's activities had him on a hair trigger. He fired off a load in moments, flooding the throat of the youngster kneeling before him. He jumped from the bed and knelt before Jay and pulled him to himself. He locked lips with the boy and they snowballed his load back and forth for several minutes. They each swallowed and Brad began to undress this beautiful specimen of youthful male.

Brad was in too much of a hurry to get Jay naked. He knew they had all night to make love, for now he just wanted to end his year long cum fast. He had not had sex with anyone since his run in with Ryan and he was one horned dude. He had Jay's cotton trousers down to the boy's knees. He pushed Jay back with his feet still under him and sucked the five and a half inch pole into his mouth. Like himself, Jay fired off a load in short order. It amazed Brad by its intensity and quantity. He had never experienced this much cum at one time in his life and he was hard put to catch all of it without its leaking out.

Drained of his essence, Jay pushed up to get back on his knees. Brad stood and helped the boy to the bed. He knelt back to the floor and finished undressing his little love god. Jay was just an inch shorter at five foot five. He was a thin one hundred and ten pounds. He had a nice vee shape to his young body and Brad knew that with a little work this boy would be a human work of art. Jay's sandy colored hair and pale blue eyes drew Brad's heart, or is that hard, in. Both boys were in pure lust. This evening was made just for them.

They pulled the heavy blankets to the floor and made them selves a pallet on the far side of the bed from the door. They already determined the bed to be noisy and Jay's mom and Renee were on the opposite wall. They boys kissed for a while and used their mouths to explore every inch of the other's body. They ended in a hot sixty nine when Brad, being on bottom, spread Jay's legs and rimmed his virgin pucker. Jay fought for position and was able to return the favor. He found something that he really enjoyed as the two boys rimmed each other at the same time.

Brad had only topped. Ryan was insatiable and demanded cock in his ass constantly. Brad had wanted to try it but was reticent to have Ryan be the first to take him. He wanted Jay to fuck him silly. He talked to Jay and the boy was reluctant as that was very queer. Brad let him think about what he said and Jay agreed. It was absolutely the highlight of the day for both boys. Jay was gentle and easy. Brad had never experienced such emotions in his life and he knew that he was in love with the boy in his arms.

Jay placed his cock at the entrance of his lover and slowly let it slide in. Brad gasped as the glans spread his sphincter. After a brief reprise Jay continued to lower his young manhood in to the darkened nether region of his Latino Angel. Once all the way in Jay lowered his body and stretched out his legs so that he could lay full out on Brad's taught flesh. The boys kissed and let their hands explore as they remained in union through a long, thick tube of flesh.

Jay pulled his knees up and took Brad's legs around his waist. He began to withdraw his cock, ever so slowly. He watched Brad's face as he expressed pleasure beyond anything he had ever known. Jay moved his knees up closer allowing Brad's butt cheeks to rest on his thighs. Brad put his ankles on Jay's shoulders. Jay began to fuck. He didn't know what he was doing, he just let nature lead the way. He was plowing into new ground and he was in ecstasy as his cock was caressed by the muscles of Brad's tight, virgin, rectum.

Jay knew they both were enjoying the coupling and did not want it to end. He paced himself and drew out his orgasm until the last possible moment. All in all he managed to pleasure both of them for over a half an hour. He finally had to end his marathon mating efforts as fatigue had started to overcome him. He was not used to this much activity at one time. He sped up his assault. He discovered that if he would wiggle his butt as he pumped in and out that his dick would go in at different angles and he found that one angle really seemed to get Brad's attention. He started a full frontal attack on that one spot and Brad was thrusting back and moaning. Brad was begging for Jay to fuck him harder and harder. Jay was frightened because Brad was getting rather loud. The last thing they needed was for his mother to knock on the door and ask what was going on in there.

Suddenly Brad fired a load of cum that shot clear over his head and landed on the floor. His anus contracted around Jay's cock sending a wave of pleasure through his lower body that brought him to the very edge. Brad fired another load, this one landing right in his mouth and another landing on his bottom lip. Each ejaculation brought with it more spasms of his colon, squeezing Jay's cock until the boy couldn't take it any more and he let loose his pent up orgasm deep in the bowels of his new lover. Brad continued to squirt his cum out over his body with each ejaculation spurring Jay to ejaculate more into Brad's tight little back door channel.

At last, and winded beyond description, Jay collapsed on top of Brad as both gasped for life giving oxygen. Jay rolled aside and lay on his back as he momentarily passed out. We was awakened by Brad sucking his soft dick, laving and cleaning it of all of their recent activities. Jay pulled Brad to him and they kissed.. Several minutes passed by and the boys rose, gathering the bedding and putting it back in place. They realized how cold the room was so they slipped under the covers and cuddled together awakening the next morning in the same position.

After a quick shower the boys slipped downstairs about nine thirty. Jay's mom and Renee were in the kitchen washing dishes. They looked at the two boys and giggled. Mrs. Adams took two pieces of ham and put it on the grill. She fried three eggs each for the two boys and served up some hashed browned potatoes that were simmering on the back of the grill.

Renee gave each of them a glass of orange juice and a large glass of milk. She looked at the two of them and giggled. Mrs. Adams set their plates before them, "Two big breakfasts to replenish the energy you two expended last night." She kissed both boys on the top of the head and took a cup of coffee into the other room with the rest of the adults.

Jay and Brad looked at Renee. "What?" She grinned at them, "well you were a little loud. Your mom just lay there in bed giggling each time she heard you moan. I mean it was kind of sweet. Kind of kinky, listening to two guys fucking their brains out on the other side of the wall." Both boys were blushing so hard that they hurt. "Don't worry about it, nene. She said that she was so glad that you had found someone to really love and she thinks you are very special," she looked at Brad. "I think you both are. I will always remember that I had you first but I didn't have what you need. And by the way, don't worry, your secret is safe with me. If you still want to make out and use me for cover I am all for it. You are still the best kisser, ever." She kissed Jay on the cheek and went back to cleaning the kitchen.

The boys ate in silence then joined the adults. Everybody was looking outside. The cars were completely buried in the snow and it was still coming down with a vengeance. "I'm really glad you asked us to stay. All we have for heat is a panel heater in the living room and the bedrooms get really cold at night. I think somebody was looking out for us this Christmas. And I am really glad because I think I have seen for myself what a loving family really means." Mrs. Adams put her arm around her son as several people said amen.

"Em, you and Jay are always welcome in our home. You are our family too." Mr. Garcia, Renee's dad, said.

The other Mr. Garcia said, "And since we are going to be in-laws I expect to see much more of you when we get settled in our new house across the street."

Brad and Jay yelled out, "Does everybody know?"

"Of course. And we love you." Was the response from everyone.

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