Jayson Outed
Chapter Six


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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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"The dude that just left here was Jerry," Jay and Brad sat on the sofa in Jay's living room. "He and the kid you were talking to in the hallway at school are close friends. He wants to tell Luke that he is gay and wants to do him. I have been trying to give him the courage. I don't know if I am getting through. What were you doing?"

"That is Luke's home up there. I have been fucking him," Brad said matter of fact.

"Outta sight." Jay bumped fists with his boy friend. The two boys sat on the couch hashing out a plan. Tomorrow was Friday and Jay's mother would have to work late. It was decided.

The next morning Brad hooked up with Luke. "Hey, dude. How's it going?"

Luke looked at him strangely. "What do you want?"

Brad got defensive. "I wanted to talk to someone that I consider a friend." He turned and walked away.

Luke ran up behind him and spun him around. "I? am your friend? After yesterday?"

"I was with a friend yesterday. I had a wonderful time. I think he is a great guy and would like to spend time with him doing other things. We had fun together but there is more to friendship than that."

"You mean it?" Luke was near tears as he looked at Brad's nodding head. "I so much want to be your friend. We can do other stuff if you want but I really liked the stuff you taught me yesterday and I would like to learn more. I wish we were in a better place where I could kiss you."

"Consider yourself well fucking kissed, buddy," Brad smiled at him."We are going to have a little get together after school today. Would you like to come? Maybe cum too." He almost whispered as he grinned at the tall senior.

"Oh hell yes. Where?"

"My boyfriend Jay lives right across from you. We can meat there.

"Boyfriend? You mean.....?" Brad nodded. Luke lit up like a Christmas tree then sobered up quickly, "about us though...."

"So ever heard of a three way?" Brad wiggled his eyebrows as Luke smiled from ear to ear.

After school the two boy's headed straight to Jay's place. Brad opened Jay's door and walked in as if he owned the place. Luke looked across the room at his friend Jerry sitting on the sofa.

"Well, come in and sit down." Brad ushered Luke toward the sofa. He sat Luke down next to Jerry. Brad sat in the easy chair. Jay climbed up and sat in his lap with his knees bent so that his whole body snuggled up to his lover.

"Hey lover boy, how was your day?" Jay asked as he planted a kiss on Brad's lips. The other two boys looked on with interest.

"Hey don't let us stop you. You told me he was the best kisser ever, so kiss him." Brad told Luke. Luke blushed but pulled Jerry close to him. It took a few minutes to adjust to being intimate in front of someone else but Jerry made the first move and kissed Luke. Passion took over and the two boys were in a heated embrace with Jerry flat on his back, as Luke mauled his best friend's mouth.

Moving to the next step Brad removed Jay's shoes and socks then his shirt. This action did not go unnoticed by the pair on the sofa. They tied their tongues together so that they would not separate as they had their eyes on the action across the room.

Brad's shirt came off next as Jay began to suckle the quickly hardening nubs on the cut chest of his lover and confidant. Brad moaned as he rubbed the hair of his best friend. His hands found the buttons of Jay's Levi's. The button snapped open with one easy pull and Jay's stiffened boy pride stood in the breach. Brad worked the jeans away from the object of his desire and let the turgid fuck stick stand free in all of its glory.

Lip action forgotten four eyes were now focused on the happenings in the chair less than four feet from them. As the action in the chair heated up Jerry and Luke rose to a sitting position at the edge of the sofa. Brad whispered in Jay's ear as Jay continued his titty suck. Jay looked at the two boys as coyly as possible and began to get more into his sexual assault on Brad. Jay raised his butt as Brad pushed the boy's blue jeans down, exposing his cute bubble butt to the young voyeurs. Jay was now fumbling with Brad's blue jeans.

"Get those fuckers off. I need your cock, now." Jay virtually screamed. Brad stood up and pushed his pants off. Jay lay down on the floor and pulled his legs to his shoulders. Brad dropped down and shoved his dick home in one quick move. The boys were quickly fucking like two dogs on the playground as Luke and Jerry moved around looking on with wide eyed amazement. Brad shot his load but pulled out and shot stream after stream across Jay's tight body. Jay moved down so that he could get the spasming dick in his mouth and caught the last few shots as well as the dribbles. Brad moved back and licked his cum from Jay's abs then took Jay's cock into his mouth then began to bob his head as fast as he could.

Suddenly Brad stopped. He and Jay quickly sat up, side by side. "See that's how you fuck your boyfriend."

There was a eerie silence in the room. Several pregnant minutes passed by as Brad and Jay sat as statues, staring at the other two wide eyed, open mouthed boys. The silence broke, "That was a set up. You staged that for us didn't you?" Luke was the first to speak.

"Yeppers." Jay said. "I greased my ass as soon as I got home today.

"And I took my underwear off and put it in my pocket when I told you I had to take a leak before we left the school." Luke looked at him as a smile formed on his face.

Luke pulled Jerry to him and kissed his cheek. "Come on guys, you both want to fuck each other. I know, you told us that in confidence but we thought that you need to get together so we outed you to each other. You are both carrying a torch and it is going to burn you if you don't rekindle the love that you are both afraid to share." Jay was very eloquent with his words. "Jerry, you want Luke to fuck you so bad that you are almost mindless with passion."

"And Luke, you can't sleep at night for dreaming of being with this sexy dude. So here's the game plan boys. Get naked. You are going to fuck each other right here and now. You don't have an audience you have a pair of seasoned instructors that want to walk you through the process so that you get the maximum pleasure and no pain. This is a rare gift we offer you. Not many queers get instruction on how to fuck their boy friend." That got a nervous laugh from the other two.

In no time at all the four boys were naked and exploring each other. Luke and Jerry took turns kissing their hosts in the most appropriate ways. Luke and Jay sucked each other for a few minutes as Brad and Jerry tickled each other's tonsils.

Then came the main event as everyone remembered this was not an orgy but the consummation of a relationship. Jerry was on top of Luke as they locked their lips in deep embrace. The boys were hot and ready to go in an instant. Luke was instructed how to prepare Jerry for his first entry. Jerry wanted to look on his lover's face. Luke took position between Jerry's long legs. He pushed them back to his lover's chest as he bent forward for his first trip to the back door lunch wagon. Jerry nearly swooned as the new sensations moved rapidly through his body.

Luke began his digital probe. Jerry had never expected anything near this magnitude of stimulation. His body was on the verge of stimuli overload as Luke probed and pushed and stroked him. When Luke took his harder than hard cock in his mouth he had no more control. Luke raked his fingers over his anal pleasure center causing him to send volumes of pent up love juice deep into the mouth of the greatest person in all of his world. He had never experienced sensations or emotions such as he now felt. Tears flowed from his eyes. He had never been happier.

Suddenly his world was empty. Luke had withdrawn from him. He opened his eyes and watched as the sun of his universe lowered himself toward his prone body. He felt the hard soft head of Luke's mammoth cock press against his nether hole. He was filled with excitement as Luke slowly pressed onward. When the head of Luke's cock broke through his ring he screamed in pain. Jay had his face pressed against his ear. He spoke comforting words to his new friend and helped him to relax.

Breathing heavily, Jerry listened to the boy that he had just watched go through this same type of assault. He knew if anyone as small as Jay could take it without preparation then surely he could take it as well. He let out his breath and let his whole body relax. Instantly Luke moved more of his cock into Jerry. Again, Jerry heaved the breath from his body. This time it was a little different. The pain passed quickly and a new sensation was moving through his body. He relaxed again. Luke moved slowly but steady onward as the remainder of his manhood claimed its domain for a lifetime.

Fully inserted Luke lay on his lover and kissed with more passion than he had ever known before. Jerry returned the kiss with a new found love that he had only just discovered. Luke slowly withdrew sending waves of energy through Jerry's lithe body. As the cock withdrew, foot by foot, Jerry took on a more respondent attitude. Luke pushed himself back in as Jerry returned his lover's thrusts. The two boys fell into a natural fuck that was soul satisfying. Thus it was that in short order they attained a mutual climax that lifted both of their young bodies to new levels of awareness. Love became a physical as well as mental tangible.

Seeking the normalcy of a world of individuals the two boys separated once again. They enjoyed their union but could not maintain it forever, though they would truly have liked to. "Oh wow." Jerry said. "You are fucking amazing."

"You are the amazing one, my love. I would never imagine anything so wonderful. I have to have you in my body as soon as you can get it up. You have to feel what I felt. I didn't know that physical love would feel this good."

Brad and Jay sat cuddled together beside the boys as they smiled at each other. "Mission accomplished."

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