Jayson Outed
Chapter Seven


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

This story is copyrighted, ©2005. It is therefore illegal to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission.

Well, well. Many of you are really concerned about the addition of Luke and Jerry. Some of you think that they will complicate matters, others think that Jay and Brad are headed for a break up. Gee, I wonder what you will say after you read this chapter. I love twists and unprojectable plots. "Keep em guessing," I always say. Anyway, I really thank you for your interest in the story and I hope the only getting off you are doing is of a most intimate nature and not getting off reading future chapters. I promise more twists than a mountain highway ahead.

The families had a large barbeque and pool party at Rene's house Memorial Day week end. It was an exceptionally warm day for the area and the kids had a ball in the pool. Since it was the end of the school year they had been allowed to invite one friend each.

Renee had decided that she liked her new role as social leader so she invited another social climber, Louise. Lou was a junior, with promise, and her friendship could do no harm for an ambitious Renee.

The boys invited Luke and Jerry. These two boys had become very comfortable with one another and had never been happier in their entire lives. Until......A dark cloud seemed to hang over them at this party. They were having fun and put on a good face but the boys could sense something wasn't right.

Brad's dad called everyone out of the pool and told them that they had to dress for dinner. Dress was just shorts and shirts but nobody wanted to eat with half naked urchins at the table. The boys ran to the pool house and shucked their wet suits. "All right, out with it." Jay demanded. Luke took a defensive stance while Jerry broke down in tears. Now the boys were sure.

Jay and Brad, still naked as jay birds, sat on each side of Jerry as he wailed out his terrible story. He and Luke had been caught having oral sex by his mother. She hit the upper stratosphere in record time. She was on the phone to Jerry's dad in California. He told her that he was surrounded by flaming fairies everywhere he went and there was no way he was going to have one in his own house.

He made it well known that if his mother had done a decent job of raising their son then he would not be a faggot. He wanted nothing to do with him. He was now eighteen and the child support checks would stop at once. She was told in no uncertain terms that Jerry was not to have his address and that his phone number would be changed that afternoon.

Jerry's mom told him that he was eighteen. By law she had to see him through until school was out then he was out. He had been sleeping at Luke's all weekend. Luke's brother found them in an unnatural act this morning and he told them to get out of his house. He wasn't going to have a fag for a brother. He told Luke that if he ever saw him again that he would beat the living queer right out of him.

The two young lovers didn't know where they were going to go. All four boys sat and cried for each other until Renee banged on the door and told them to get their asses to the table or go hungry. They dressed and washed their faces as they tried to look normal for the rest of the folks. As they left the pool house Renee's dad stepped out of the toilet stall. He washed his hands and sought out his brother.

Lunch was a blast. There were burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. Something for everyone. Piles of potato salad and baked beans were devoured with gallons of soda washing it all down. Brad's father stood up.

"Renee, honey we are really going to miss you this summer. You are a ray of sunshine in our lives but we know you will be enjoying yourself."

"How could I not. Three whole months living with grandma in her fifth avenue penthouse. Shopping, going to first run plays. Just see Manhattan. It is going to be so cool. I am the luckiest girl in town." Her dinner guest looked crest fallen as envy filled her body.

"Brad, Jay, we have a surprise for you. As you are aware, Brad. the family owns a rather large piece of land with a house up in the mountains on a private lake." He was saying this more for the benefit of the guests then for Brad. "The property has suffered some damage from the heavy snows this year. There are many trees that have been broken down. The roof of the house has some damage and the grounds need to be cleared to lessen the fire danger.

"Jay, we have talked this over with your mother and she is in agreement. We are offering you boys a summer time job. If you want to take it on you may go up to the mountain house and stay all summer. It is not going to be a vacation. You will have a lot of work to do. Of course there will be time for swimming and extra activities afterward. If you accept the offer Em, and Rosa--Renee's mom--will drive you up tomorrow morning.

"Luke, Jerry, I don't know what your plans are for the summer but there is plenty of work to be done up there. Would it be possible that you would want to accompany our daring duo?" A shout went up from four voices at the table that shook windows three blocks away. There was dancing on the green as the boys shunned their ages and acted like little boys in their joy. This was the best answer to their problems that could ever be.

All four boys gathered their clothes and whatever they thought they would need for three months in the wilderness. They spent the night in Brad's basement family room so that they would be ready to leave at eight o'clock the next morning. The evening was spent in boy friend swapping. They decided that they were close enough to their lovers that there was no danger there and they all had a strong affection for each other. Morning found them with wilted dicks, serious cum breath, and walking a little bow legged but happy.

The trip was long. Rosa had taken the large van. The boys paired off with Luke and Jerry in the far back seat, Brad and Jay in the other back seat and all of the gear piled on the seat behind the driver, maybe blocking views of happenings in the back. The two women were well aware of the kissing and other activities in the back but choose to ignore it.

At the cabin the ladies hurried the boys along so they could get back on the road. Em had the boys gather around. She had been chosen as spokes person, "Luke, Jerry, Carlos heard your story. He was in the pool house. We want you to know that everything is okay. You are welcome. You will be part of our combined families. By the end of summer something will be worked out but rest assured that you have a home and you may remain together.

"There is food enough for two weeks. A supply convoy will be here in two weeks with provisions for our stranded workers. Here is a cell phone, for emergencies only. We can contact you and you can call us, if the need arises. We love you but we gotta go." Hugs and kisses went around as four grateful boys looked forward to a summer of freedom.

The boys wanted to explore their domain so they set off. The first order of business was food. Brad led the way to the kitchen where the cabinet tops quickly became littered with sandwich fixings. A sandwich in each hand and a cold soda in front of them the boys filled their most basic needs.

Jay was looking around the room when he spotted an envelope. He retrieved it. It was addressed to Brad. "Hey, what's this?" he said as he handed the envelope over.

Brad looked at it then took his knife and opened it, getting mayonnaise all over it. The boys laughed at him. He turned the envelope up and a set of keys fell out. "Wow!!! Look at this. The keys to the boat and the boat house." A letter had fallen out also. Brad picked it up and read it aloud.

"My dear son,

Words cannot convey how much I love you. I am a very lucky man to have
a son such as you. I hope that this summer will prove me out that you are
a boy to be trusted. I feel in my heart that you will do me proud and not get
into any trouble.

Brad, you know the rules of the lake so I should not have to say anything...
but.....Well, Brad, I just reread the father's manual and my job description
dictates that I have to state the rules over and over. What kind of a dad
would I be if I didn't make myself obnoxious by overstating the obvious?

There is to be no alcohol on the boat. It is against the law to even have a beer
when operating a motor vehicle. Of course you are not yet sixteen so it is
against the law for you to have alcohol anyway. If you violate the law the boat
can be confiscated and you could go to jail, ending your perfect summer. All
preaching aside, I trust you to do what is right.

I only have one more thing to say, son, have fun. Oh, yeah, the boat. You know
that you have to have a spotter in the boat when skiing so you will have to find
at least a third person. Remember that this is a small lake and there are many
canoes and row boats on the lake, especially on weekends. They do have the
right of way so be careful. Before speeding around the lake I would suggest a
slow circuit of the entire lake so you can spot congested areas. You might want
to tell some of the smaller craft that you are going to be speeding around and
find out where they will be so that you can avoid problems.

Remember, most of these people are getting older. This is a tight little community
up here and everybody knows everybody. Don't hurt our family name.

I love you, and Jay, with all of my heart.
Please be careful,


Brad had a tear in his eye as he finished the letter. "He is quite a man," Jay intoned. Brad just nodded. "I guess he wrote that before he knew about Luke and Jerry." Everyone nodded.

Brad now led the tour through the house. There were three bedrooms downstairs. Two large master bedrooms with a private bath and a guest room that shared the common bath for the downstair area. There was a very large living room with a mammoth fireplace. The dinning room had a table large enough for twenty people. In the back corner was a tv area, mostly for the kids.

Upstairs were four bedrooms. Two on each side of the house with a bathroom in between. Over the kitchen, dinning room area was a large loft with a fireplace and spectacular views from the large windows. A balcony ran the width of the back of the house overlooking the forest. A four foot balcony ran down each side of the upstairs area lending access to the two bedrooms on each side. This balcony, walkway culminated in a large walkway over the front entrance hall. Three sets of French doors opened from this area out to a balcony over the front porch with a spectacular view of the lake. The boys decided that this is where they wanted to sleep It would be off the ground but outside. They made plans to move beds out here a little later. For now they wanted to see more.

More they saw. Brad took them down to the waterfront and walked them out on the pier. He told them that the water dropped off quickly to the east of the pier and the pier itself sat in twenty foot deep water. Along the water front to the west of the pier was a solid rock face that Brad told them was a sheer wall all the way down to the bottom. He had swam in these waters all of his life and knew them well.

The boat house had been cut into the rock face. It contained a twenty four foot tri-hull boat with twin one hundred and fifty horsepower Johnson outboard motors. He said it was old but it was fast.

The boy's excitement was growing as Brad continued the role of tour guide. He led them to the western most edge of the property. They could well see that they had a summer of hard work ahead of them. Tree branches twelve to fifteen inches around had been broken away by the high winds. Some very large trees had been uprooted and were now dead. The under growth was very thick from all of the rain and snow. They had a really bad winter but never thought about what it might have done in the country. Brad and Jay remembered their Christmas break, being snowed in for several days with nothing to do but suck each other's dicks and get there ass holes enlarged. Fond memories that they wanted to repeat all summer.

Brad didn't take them all the way back into the forest. The going was pretty tough with the damage. They climbed on top of a fallen tree as Brad pointed out the property line several hundred feet back. There was a lot of work. "Man, I'm glad that there are four of us. We would be wasted away if we tried to do all of this by ourselves," Jay thought aloud.

"Wasted away? I think not. More like two really buff dudes come fall if we really work at it." Now that got miles of smiles. The boys were not afraid of hard work and this looked like a challenge that they were more than willing to take on.

On the way back to the house Brad told them that his father and uncle had a full section of one hundred and forty acres, about a half mile wide and a half a mile deep. Their property also included a portion of the lake. Each property up here owned a section of the lake adjoining their property to the center of the lake. The lake was community property and everyone had full access to it. Access was granted all along the shoreline for walking, hiking, and fishing. No one would be disturbed for beaching their boat and fishing off someone else's land, within reason. Once back at the house Brad pointed out the eastern boundary far off in the woods.

First order of business seemed to be getting the sleeping arrangements moved into place. Two queen mattresses were moved to the front balcony. Thick plastic sheeting was wrapped around the mattresses to protect them in case of a sudden rain storm. The mattresses would be brought inside but if the boys were busy at the back of the property they might not make it back in time to keep the beds from getting wet. The beds were is serious need of testing. Two pair of horny teenage boys mounted their boyfriends in a sexual romp that left the four in a more relaxed state of mind.

Beds made and gear stowed the boys looked at Brad begging for a boat ride with their eyes. Brad had the same desire. Clothes were reduced to a minimum, shorts and deck shoes. Four young studs ran for the boat house. Brad checked the motors over. He checked the oil then removed the spark plugs. He poured a little oil into each sparkplug hole then he used the hand pull starter cord to slowly crank each motor to get the oil up in the bearings. Luke and Jerry manned one motor and duplicated Brad's leading. Satisfied that the motors were free Brad hooked up the fuel tanks then the batteries.

Brad hit the electric starters and both motors roared to life. Carefully the boys used their hands to push the boat free of its dock and into open water. Brad put the throttle forward as the boat shot across the mirror like surface of the smooth water. It was the day after a holiday, mid-week. No one was on the water. There was absolutely no wind. It was a perfect day.

Jay had never been on skis before so Luke agreed to teach him. Jerry took his seat as the spotter while Luke taught Jay how to pull up out of the water. A wave at Brad and the boat lurched forward. Jay came up out of the water on his first try. He was elated. Brad drug the duo all around the lake as Jay screamed and laughed with glee. Luke was having fun but he was having more fun watching Jay on his first excursion. Luke waved Brad to stop and the two boys sank into the water. A quick turn around and the now water logged youths were climbing into the boat. Jay was a total chatterbox as he went on and on about the fun he had just experienced.

Luke volunteered to spot so that Jerry and Jay could ski. Jay wanted Brad to ski but Brad was afraid that no one knew how to operate the boat. As it turned out, Luke was an avid boatman. His family had a place on another lake downstate and they had a boat there. Jay wanted to spot so that Brad and Jerry could ski.

Brad amazed everyone. He was doing twists and flips as they sped around the smooth water. He kicked off one ski and did a handstand on the other. He was a marvel on skis. He showed them how to ski barefoot. Jerry had done this before and he was able to match Brad in some pretty cool moves.

The sun dipped behind the tree tops so the boys headed ashore. They were all very excited and wanted to hurry though their chores the next morning so that they could get back on the water. Brad had the boat idled down as they slowly crossed the lake on one motor. There was a lot of activity ahead. It was near the eastern edge of Brad's property. Brad pointed the boat that way. What greeted their eyes was a beautiful sight.

Thirty or forty young teenage boys were diving and swimming, naked off a long wooded pier. Hard bodied naked boys had to be investigated. Brad shut off the motor and let the boat drift toward the opposite side of the pier. He called out asking for permission to come in. A tall older gentleman waved them in. The boys grabbed oars and pulled along side the pier. Brad introduced himself and his crew. The man introduced himself as Mr. Bradford. He told them that he had bought this property and it was a summer camp for troubled youth. He invited to boys to come ashore and share dinner with them.

The boys were told that this was a clothing optional camp. These kids had, for the most part been molested and this was an experiment at trying to help them heal. Our four lads, ever the ones to help the underdog, threw their shorts in the boat and swung freely along the pier to many admiring eyes.

Dinner was typical camp fare of little wienies with pork and beans, instant potatoes and a lettuce leaf with a glob of mayonnaise on an unripe tomato. Kool aid was of course the beverage. A couple of peaches on a pile of cottage cheese rounded off the evening fare. The dinning hall consisted of four tables, side by side and another table, perpendicular to the four at the head. Ten boys sat at the four tables, five to each side. At the staff table sat four counselors and Mr. Bradford that had met our guys on the pier. Each of our boys were seated at one of the four tables so that they could meet the guys there. They got some great stories to be shared at home later.

One of the counselors fondled Brad, quite openly. Jay informed him that he had three seconds to get his hands off of his boy friend or he was going to be one arm short. The guy jerked back as the kids in the room roared with laughter.

Brad spoke up loudly so that all could hear, "Nobody has the right to touch you without your permission. I don't care who it is, if you don't want them to touch and they do, it is rape." The counselor looked crest fallen as he left the dinning room.

Mr. Bradford asked our boys what they were doing up here. When they explained the clean up the man got excited. "I have been trying to come up with a project to get the boys here involved. Could you use some help?"

After some discussion it was decided that work teams would be assembled and everyone could pitch in. There was one major stipulation. State law prohibited anyone under sixteen using any kind of power tool except in their own yard, under the supervision of their parent or guardian. The campers would not be allowed to run the chainsaws. That was really no problem, there were only two chainsaws anyway. The camp director said that he was going to get four more because his land needed to be cleared also.

A schedule was roughed out so that could clear both properties, beginning at the waterfront and working backwards. If they started at the back they would have to drag everything over the uncleared areas. It was decided that none of the brush would be burned. The last thing anyone needed was a forest fire. All of the large wood would be cut and split for firewood. The smaller brush would be gathered and either shredded or used in the controlled area campfires.

It was dark but Brad knew the lake. He sat Luke in the bow of the boat as lookout as he slowly headed for home and bed. He was horny and he wanted some serious sack time with Jay. The boys had not re-donned their clothes but sat close to their lovers fondling the best external parts of each other.

The boat secure the guys disembarked. "You ever do it on a boat?" Jay was turning into one super horn dog. He wanted to do it everywhere. The other two went on as Brad fell down to take his lover's sweet meat to task. Neither were in a hurry. There was a whole summer ahead of them. The only thing on their minds was making their boyfriend happy. From the sounds of the moaning and slurping going on I think there were two very happy boys on the boat.

Luke didn't make it back to the house. He had spotted a gazebo at the water's edge and pulled Jerry after him. Luke had a serious prostrate itch and he needed Jerry's lengthy talents to scratch him. Jerry wished that he had the equipment that his lover had. He loved Luke's eight inch cock. He couldn't get enough of it in any hole in his body that it would fit. If he could he would take it up his nose. The only problem he had is that he had become a total cum pig and he resented his ass getting the juice he so coveted for his mouth.

The boys no longer needed much preparation or lube. A quick rim and a wad of spit and they were ready for each other. Luke was in serious lust and not willing for even this preliminary.

Jerry spit in the cute pucker before him and pushed his six and three quarter inches in. He was a little thicker than average. This gave Luke a real thrill as his favorite opening was well serviced. Jerry took time to love his boy and make this a meaningful union. Luke was returning every thrust as he flopped around on the redwood deck beneath his muscular body.

Jerry felt Luke tense. He bent his body forward and touched his lips to the very tip of Luke's cock as it sent forth his ever faithful load of pure creamy protein. He filled the cavity that he occupied as his mouth was rewarded with the elixir that he so cherished. Emptied, for now, the boys turned and took each other's cock in their mouths as they searched for any remnants of the gooey love juice. Jerry pulled Luke on top of him as he cleaned his own cum from the just fucked and still open doorway to his lover's being before him.

As they neared the house Brad heard the phone ringing. He ran to answer it. His dad was on the phone. "Well how'd the first day go?"

Brad gave his report. His dad hit him with a question that caught him off guard. "Well, did you get the help of our new neighbors or did you just perv on them all day?" As land owners Carlos and his brother, Ricardo, or Ric, had been notified of the intention to open the camp. The two brothers had made a trip up a week earlier to check this new addition to the lake out and thought that this would be the perfect place for Brad and Jay this summer. It was on that trip that they had stocked the cabin with food and supplies. They had made sure the boat batteries were charged and that there was gasoline for the boat. They had planned a perfect summer for the boys.

Brad felt so lucky to have parents that loved him this much. He thought about the horror stories that he had heard from the boys at the table this evening. He knew the guys had heard similar stories but none of them were yet ready to discuss them.

Brad took Jay's hand and led him to the shower and to bed. He wanted to lay with his young friend in peaceful repose.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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