Jayson Outed
Chapter Eight


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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How's it hangin, dudes? I have really enjoyed all of your e-mails. I'm sorry, I am not so crass as to publish your names in my stories as I have seen other's do. I feel that our e-mails are personal. I really enjoy just hearing from you. You stroke my ego as much as I hope you stroke your...whatever, as you read.

On that note. of all the comments I have received from all of the stories I have posted, fourteen to date with many being episodal, I received one from this story telling me that there was too much sex. It was requested that I take myself in hand and work matters out before sitting down to the keyboard. I have not had that impression from the rest of you. I hope his is a single issue and that his issue be satisfying and forth cumming.

Another comment that I really appreciated. A continuous reader informed me that he really appreciated a well structured story with correct English and, as he said "For the most part", correct spelling. I do try. I read my stories over several times seeking typos. Sometimes one gets by me and it embarrasses me. I really have a problem reading many of the stories on this forum that are grammatically incorrect and full of spelling errors. I do apologize for errors that do occur. It is not professional to have any errors but then you get what you pay for. Happy stroking.

So here is another in the continuing saga of our youngsters as they delve into the summer of a lifetime. I really hope you enjoy this as much as they do. Hangin' hard, Carl

The only problem with dawn is that it happens too early in the day. The sun jumped over the tree tops and flooded the balcony with its sharp rays. Giving in to defeat four well fucked boys climbed from their slumber to start another day. Each pair took a bathroom to share a shower as they encouraged each other to come awake and stand upright.

When everything that had come up had been straightened out between them they made the trek downstairs to fill the bottomless pit sometimes referred to as a teenage boy's stomach. Frozen waffles filled the two toasters as microwavable bacon filled the air with its sweet aroma. Luke wanted coffee so Jerry did his magic with the dark ground beans. Jay set plates and filled glasses with fresh made frozen OJ. The coffee smelled so good that everyone had to have a cup, albeit that some cups had more milk than coffee in them and the sugar bowl didn't quite seem as full afterward.

Brad caught a look outside and told the others that they had been right in not getting dressed. The boys looked out the door. Outside waiting for them were forty naked boys, tools in hand. Yard tools, get your mind out of the gutter. The boys had been arranged in teams with an equal number of each age group on each team. This seemed like a plan as the heavy work could be accomplished by the older group and the younger ones would be putting the lite stuff in piles.

A frontal attack was formed on the brush and timber. Brad, Jay, Luke, and Jerry each joined a different team allowing the counselors to more or less lead the work. At once it was clear that this was going to be a most productive endeavor. Large limbs were assaulted by the chain saws. Crews moved in and moved the cut wood to a rear area where teams of boys with axes split the logs into firewood. The younger boys picked up the small brush and piled it in one place. When an area was cleared of the larger debris rakes and shovels came to bear. The area was clean and pristine before another section was moved into.

By ten o'clock the four crews had cleared an area forty feet deep and eighty feet wide. At this rate they should be able to clear ten thousand square feet or more a day. The cook staff had brought over cold drinks and lite snacks for the workers. A fifteen minute break was ordered. Boys fell to the ground where they were. Some were drinking gatoraide while some were nursing hard dicks.

Mr. Bradford sat down with the boys. "They're a horny lot. It's no wonder the state doesn't know what to do with them." He looked into four blank faces. "All of these boys are sexual deviants by state law. They have, for the most part come from dysfunctional homes. Some have been molested in their own homes, some by strangers, some of them are street boys who have survived by using their sex as a means of another meal or a place to sleep."

Our boys were visibly moved. They never knew such things happened in the world. Mr. Bradford went on, "I had a good connection with the governor and I proposed this camp for the boys for the summer. I know it is only temporary but I am hopeful. I have no idea what will happen to these kids when the summer ends. I have no permanent facilities so there is no question of them staying here. My heart breaks when I see them."

"I see your staff seems to be taking advantage of the situation."

"I know. That part bothers me, no end. I have tried to deal with it but when you have forty little perverts that will fuck any man in the area how do you get staff that won't take part? Oh, I thank you for your little speech last night. That helped a lot."

"Yeah, but look. That same counselor is letting that little kid fuck him right now."

"That little kid is fourteen. He has a nine inch cock. Everybody up here stands in line waiting for him to fuck them. All of these guys want a big cock up their ass. He has everybody else in camp beat by three inches or better."

"Yeah, but there's nobody to fuck me. I need a big cock too. I ain't got no good fuck since my old man got busted," the kid said.

"He's a runaway and was living with a forty six year old man. They were caught in bed. The man went to prison for fifty years."

"And they don't give no fuck about me. I need a big cock," the kid continued his banter.

"The best we can offer you is eight inches," Brad said.

The kid brightened up, "Sold, man what I would do for eight inches. I could get my butt reamed with that."

Brad pushed Luke. Luke stood up showing his mammoth fuck stick fully erect. The kid dropped to his knees and kissed the mighty meat and presented his butt, doggy style. Luke looked at the director who just nodded. Luke moved into the boy and pushed inside. "Oh lord, that feels so good. Man, fuck me all day. Oh, that is made for my ass. I need that so bad. All that I have is yours."

The whistle blew calling the boys back to work. "Finish me man. Don't leave me hangin." Mr. Bradford nodded as he walked away. Luke continued to give the boy all the pleasure he knew how to give. When he finished he had a new boyfriend. Jerry had news for the kid. Luke's cock belonged to him. He would loan it out at his discretion. The kid offered himself to Jerry. He liked the look of that thick cock. "Next break," Luke said. The boys went back to work.

Hot soup and sandwiches constituted their lunch. Fresh fruit cleaned the pallet and the boys took a thirty minute break. Some took a quick nap most of them took a quick meat stick. By the end of the day they had indeed cleared an area two hundred feet deep by eighty feet wide. Some sixteen thousand square feet. By quitting time the next day they would be near the back fence and able to come back down the middle. They would have the whole property cleared in about two weeks and be able to start on the property next door.

The weekend came and Ric and Carlos came up. The boys had not expected them but that was what the men had counted on. The men took a look around. They were impressed. The boys told of the help with the work from the group next door. The men smiled at each other. The men had a large trailer behind Ric's truck. Ric walked over and opened the tailgate and lowered it to the ground. He and Carlos went in the trailer. In a moment the boys heard motors start up. They got up and ran to the back of the trailer. Carlos backed out a new Honda ATV. Ric came out on another one. Inside the trailer were at least two more.

There were only four ATVs but there was also a trailer for each one. They were of different colors for easy identification. One red, one, yellow, one blue, and one black.These vehicles would be invaluable for the work at hand. Brad and Jay rode behind Luke and Jerry, the seniors were much bigger then the two younger guys. The boys led the way as the two men followed along behind. To the boys amazement the two men were naked. They weren't bad looking either. When Jay said something Brad hit him, "That's incest, faggot." The boys laughed. Ric must have heard it because he laughed, uproariously. He whispered to Carlos who laughed also.

The four vehicles pulled up to the dinning hall as the campers made their way to dinner. They boys encircled the ATVs with looks of wonder. Mr. Bradford came out and met the two men. He invited them to his table as the boys joined the kids at their tables. Dinner tonight was macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and spinach. The ever present kool-aid filled the glasses at the table and chocolate pudding was the desert du jour.

Mr. Bradford left along with the two men early in the dinner. The boys were invited to come to the tents that the campers slept in. It was more than a tour. Luke had to take care of his little buddy from the fields the day before. The boy had been to busy to get what he needed earlier so Luke filled him in, in front of an audience. Nine wide eyed boys had to get down to see that the mighty stick could in fact penetrate the smaller boys nether region.

Several of the boys wanted to try and take the monolith in their own little bums. Luke finally relented to lay down and let each one that wanted slide down his cock under their own power. He was not going to hurt any of the boys but he knew what a hunger could raise and he did not want to disappoint them either.

One after another the boys squatted over him and lowered their tight asses on to his extra thick cock. Luke had a wonderful view as he watched their cute cocks bounce about. Their balls hung low and their cocks stood proud. As his cock entered into them their cocks wilted. Some of the boys recovered quickly some not at all.

Most of the boys had an orgasm. Luke asked them to shoot in his mouth. He had received five nice loads of hot boy cum when the seventh boy took his position over the mighty tower of power. The boy was only thirteen. His young cock was about four inches long and super hard. He had a look of lust in his eyes that really turned Luke on. The boy really struggled to get the huge meat inside him. He was relentless. He had no intention of quitting until he had every inch of Luke's love stick inside his tiny, virgin chute. He told Luke that he had never had anyone enter him but he was going to take him up his ass, period.

Luke was so much in lust as he watched the boy work his hole on the thick head of his cock. The sensations of the boy's actions were stimulating Luke to a climax. Luke grabbed a boy nearby that had a super hard on and pulled the lads cock into his mouth. The boy fucked Luke long and hard. Luke suckled the young cock dry. When the boy withdrew from his mouth Luke could again see the tiny little waif still working his way down his pole. The head of Luke's cock had broken through the extra tight little ring and his cock was making its trip into the long dark passage.

Luke could not contain himself. He began to shoot his cum up the youngsters ass. This extra lubricant was what was needed. Luke's cock slid all the way in as the boy sank down to his pubes. The boy shot his watery jiss in an arc that landed in the middle of Luke's chest. The more the boy convulsed in his young orgasm the more Luke ejaculated into his young ass. Luke felt that he unloaded the biggest load in recent memory as his body settled down to a steady rhythm again.

Totally expended the boy had to be helped off Luke. Two boys lifted the youth and lay him on his bunk. Cum was leaking out of his well stretched ass. A boy moved in and began to lick the load up as it oozed out of the boy. Another boy had come in to suck Luke clean when the last boy in the tent finally got up the courage to take his turn down the mighty stick of dick. He got himself in position and dropped down. He enjoyed anal sex but had never been with anyone over fourteen. None of his lover's had more than a four or five inch dick. This was a stretch for him but he took it all in one move.

He began to bounce and fuck himself. Luke had not prepared himself for this but he did not complain. The boy's five inch cock was bouncing around and putting on a good show for Luke who was getting hotter and hotter by the minute. When the boy felt his cum imminent he pulled up and stuck his cock in Luke's mouth filling it with a surprisingly large and sweet load. He had been at the edge of another climax and as the boy moved away he sent a fountain of cum high in the air. The load was not wasted. Boy's mouths came from everywhere to catch or clean the shooting splooge.

Luke nearly crawled from the tent to make his way back to the ATV which would take him home. He held on to Brad as he let the youngster drive home and slowly made his way to his bed where he collapsed and was asleep in moments. The other's had to laugh. They could only imagine what had occurred as they had their own experiences in the tents they had visited.

Brad wanted to visit with his dad. He arose from his bed around midnight and went inside. As he entered the door he saw something that took his breath away. Stretched out on the couch in front of the fireplace below was his dad and his Tio--Spanish for uncle-- in hot embrace. Brad was sure that his uncle had his dick up his dad's ass. He stood still and waited. In a few minutes the two men separated. Tio Carlos had been fucking his dad. "You are still the best fuck I ever had." Tio Carlos said.

"Yeah, I bet you say that to all of the guys. I bet you would like a ride on your little nephew."

"Let's don't traumatize the kid. He is really in love with Jay. Since you couldn't give him a brother I am so glad that they found each other."

"I know man. It sucks that you couldn't have boys. I hope that son of a bitch rots in prison."

"Who?" Brad blew it. He couldn't keep his fucking mouth shut. Both men looked up to the balcony to see Brad standing there with Jay behind him.

"Come on down, son. I guess it is time that you learn the family secret." The two boys came in and sat on the other sofa, facing the two men. There were tears in the eyes of the men as they looked at each other and at the boys.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

Hangin' hard, dude.

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