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Jeremy's Swim Lesson 


So, another guy talked me into telling his first time story. So, here is Jeremy's Tale.

First a huge thanks to Ray for writing this for me. I wrote it a few ways but it was never worth making someone read it. I sent it to him and he rewrote it and made it worth sharing with you so thank him. Yes this is a real story and the names are changed. This was so long ago I think the coach is probably long deceased. I know exactly where "Chet" is, and what he's up to, and that he's going to be reading this. Hi-ho "Chet"!

During summer vacation, I got a chance to take a swimming course offered by the church. There were no big creeks or rivers where I lived in Milan, Indiana - the whole town was a high school and a golf course, that's about it. The high school served several even smaller towns around Milan. I could have waited for school to start, but the church was offering the course starting in a week, and my folks asked me if I wanted to take it. They said it would be good for me to check out the school before I went there in the fall as a freshman. I would liked to have gone swimming at the old quarry outside town, but the older kids sort of owned it and any of us younger kids caught anywhere near it were hassled badly. Besides, it was so far outside town you needed to know someone with a car to get there. So, I didn't know how to swim. I could float, but that was about it.

So I said sure.

So a week later, Mom pulled up in front of the building I had seen a million times as we had driven past it on the way in and out of town. This time I was right in front of the building, nerves almost humming.

"Have fun. I'll be back at six."

I got out of the car and went inside. Like everyone there, I was in swim trunks and shoes, and had a towel over my shoulders. The church group was for kids ten to fourteen. If you went to high school, you were part of the older kids' group, and if you were under ten, you still went to the kids group. There were ten of us in my group, and I was one of the oldest. Jeff was also in my church group and going to the high school with me next year. We were nothing like friends. His family had more money than mine, and he acted like he was my better, even in church.

So Jeff was the only other guy my age, and there was Sally and Kathy, two girls our age, the rest were younger. Jeff was always making eyes and acting like a goofus around the girls. I knew why. I also knew why I didn't. To be honest, I would rather have kissed Jeff than the girls. To be totally honest, I would have loved to have kissed Jeff. Enemies or not. Jeff wasn't a very nice guy, but he was a very nice looking guy. Lots of light, sandy-blond hair, big blue eyes, nice, big, luscious, red lips, white teeth, and a firm jaw. And his body was to die for! He was my age, but taller and broader and stronger. He was a good athlete and going to be a high school stud. I wasn't. I was shorter, had plain sandy-brown hair, some freckles, smaller lips and jaw, and gray eyes with just a little blue hint. I was skinnier than Jeff, too.

So Jeff got all the girls' attentions, and I was ignored. It was like that since as far back as I could remember, and it was like that as we spent our first moments together inside the high school gym. The three of them led the way, giggling and laughing, and I followed, frowning and silent. Then the smaller kids came behind me.

The place was amazing! Huge! Our church leaders were two ladies who often were chaperones or substitute leaders or bible class teachers. Mrs. Acres and Mrs. Sanderson herded us inside and to the end of the pool where four men and two women waited. Two of the men were wearing tight swimming trunks. They were the kind of swim shorts that were just underwear!

Like the guy in the bottom left, they were even black like that. Jeff and I were both wearing ones like the guy with the straw hat and the guy with the towel on the bottom right, like most guys wore at the time, the early sixties. The two older guys were wearing ones like the guys in the top row, the checkered ones and the dotted ones, revealing, but nothing like the two other, younger guys. I mean, these guys were showing off everything they had! I mean, I could see! And that made something happen inside my trunks that I really didn't want happening right there and right then!

I had thought about someone yanking down my trunks, so I wore underwear, and I was so glad!

Our chaperones were both obviously rather upset. One said that it wasn't right that they should be dressed like that, especially not in front of the girls of the group.

"Ma'am, these are official swim trunks for the Olympic games. They are accepted all over the world," one of the older guys said.

"It's disgusting!" one of the old ladies complained.

"Boys, in the water, and stay in the water until the course is over," the older guy said.

The two guys shrugged and dove in.

"Will that be acceptable?" he asked our chaperones.

"So long as they remain out of view! I mean, really. You knew this was a wholesome church activity, why did you allow such near nudity?"

"Ma'am, I've grown so used to it, I didn't notice or consider it. I apologize."

The girls stopped giggling, and the teacher was allowed to continue. I had to glance and see, and none of the other four guys seemed to be having the trouble I was. I glanced down a few times, as if scratching at the back of my head or something, to make sure I wasn't showing. It didn't seem to be, which kept me from panicking .

"Well, I suppose we should get to it, huh?" the taller guy said. "I'm coach Baymont, I'm the swimming coach here at the high school. I'm also a gym teacher, and an assistant coach for the baseball team and wrestling team. This is coach Teller, who is my assistant coach, and assistant coach for the baseball and track teams. This is Miss Walker and Miss Russell. They are health teachers here and are certified life-guards. In the water are Chet Hawkins and Howard Skinner, they are going to be seniors here at the school, and are also certified life-guards"

Coach Baymont was in great shape. He had short brown hair, some hair on his legs, a nice patch of hair between his nipples that sort of wandered down to his stomach and almost ended, but met up with a slender stripe that went all the way down to his trunks. And his nipples were big and brown and he was very tan all over.

Coach Shinner was blond and had little hair anywhere. Small, pale nipples way apart. It looked like he shaved his entire body. He had brown eyes, thin eyebrows, lean cheeks, a long, narrow face, and a big smile. He was slimmer than the other teacher, but was also in great shape.

I kept my hands folded over myself, and acted as cool and nonchalant as I could manage. The coach split us up, the girls went with the ladies, and us guys were split into two groups. Jeff and I were in different groups, which was fine with me. Jeff went with the group of guys who said they could swim some.

Coach Baymont and Chet Hawkins took my group to the shallow end across from the girls. The coach was interesting, very handsome, and big and strong. And Chet was even more attractive. He had blond hair that was almost white, and big, deep, intense green eyes. And dashes of freckles on his tanned cheeks. And he was so strong, even stronger than the coach.

We stepped into the pool, all three of us holding onto the side of the pool, until we were all waist deep. We started with how to float on our backs, to prove that we wouldn't sink if we weren't standing on the bottom of the pool. Kevin Brown was the smallest, about six or seven. Coach lifted him up and held him so that he floated on his back, and talked to him. Coach was now wet, and standing where little Kevin could keep his feet on the bottom. His trunks were out of the water, wet now, but didn't expose anything. Kevin was scared, but I could tell he was doing okay, almost enjoying it. Chet did the same with Mike Walters, who was twelve, and had no problem. Chet didn't even have to hold him up much. They were a little deeper into the pool, and Chet's wet trunks were just below the surface so I couldn't see anything. I watched him floating just a few inches from the edge of the pool. Mike's trunks were typical kids' trunks, and even wet, there wasn't much of a hint of anything.

"Come on, Jeremy," Chet said.

I didn't want to do it. It was too embarrassing. I mean, I was hard, and it wasn't going to go down, and floating on the water in the wet trunks I was wearing wasn't going to hide anything, even though I had underwear on too.

"I can do that, I'll just wait until we get to something I don't know how to do."

"We can't do it that way. Coach and I have to know you'll be okay to float before we move on."

"I said I can."

"But we have to see you do it." He looked at Mike and let him float on his own. "Mike, will you be okay if I go help out Jeremy?"

Mike said, "Sure, I can float all day. No problem."

"Good, and all you have to do is stand up. Just hold on there and you won't drift away and all you have to do is stand up, we didn't go any deeper or anything," Chet said, and without making a ripple it seemed, slid through the water right up next to me. I got even more nervous.

"Just let your legs rise up and slide down the side of the pool into the water. I'll hold your chest and head up out of the water."

I felt his hand and arm go behind my legs and shoulder. I didn't budge.

"Come on, Jeremy. Don't worry. See Mike there? He's floating along. We all float naturally. You won't sink. And I'll be right here so that even if you are the one in a million that's made out of stone and sinks, I'll hold you up."

I saw that he was trying to be funny, but saying that I was made out of stone only reminded me even more that a certain part of me was at that moment quite literally so. And that if I laid out on my back, he would notice it without doubt. I started shaking a little. He lifted my legs without any seeming effort. I almost kicked away. I almost just plain panicked. Instead, I just hoped that he didn't look down there, and if he did, he didn't notice. I closed my eyes and prayed that nobody would see, and let him lift my legs and cradle my shoulders, and I let go of the side of the pool. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest in absolute shame.

"There you go. Just relax and let yourself float on the water. Natural as can be."

I opened my eyes, and he was looking right at mine. His were so amazingly green. And he had such an awesome smile! And his strong arms were holding my legs and shoulders. It felt entirely weird and amazing! Some cute guy was holding me! In a way, sort of. And then I felt my dick move! I covered it before I thought about how it would be so obvious that I did. That only made it worse! Now he had to know!

But he didn't look away from my face. I hoped no one else noticed. I let my hands and arms go to my sides as slow as I could so as not to draw any attention to them. I was shaking a little.

"See? You won't sink. I'm barely holding you up now."

I nodded, hoping to God that he just didn't look down. Then his arms were gone. I was floating, which was no big deal.

"See, you're on your own now."

Then he sort of looked at me, head to toe. I watched his face, hoping I didn't see him get grossed out or something. He didn't, so I guessed that he couldn't tell. He just kept smiling nicely, glanced over at Mike, then back at me, still smiling.

"Doing okay?"

I nodded.

"I'm going back to Mike, and I'll be right here. Put your hands on the side of the pool there so you don't drift away."

"I can do that without the sides. See?"

I waved my hands under the water and showed him how I could control where I drifted.

"Good! Then go ahead and stand up so you can see and hear the next lesson."

I was glad to hide my lap! I was so glad that the trunks hadn't given it away! Once I was standing again, my waist just under the water, I used my hands to feel myself. I guessed what I felt that seemed so obvious wasn't, not with the underwear. It sure felt obvious! I mean, it wasn't huge or anything, barely four inches now, and yes, I measure it a lot, but it felt like it was pointing more out away from me than usual, and was harder than usual, and had to be obvious, even with the underwear. But he hadn't gotten grossed out, or angry, or said anything.

Next we held our breaths and dunked under, and worked up to staying under as long as we could. I opened my eyes so I could see Chet's body. And I was well rewarded! It was blurry and such under the water, but it was obvious that Chet was, well, having the same problem as me. There was an obvious bulge, long and narrow, and it could only be one thing.

We lay on our backs and learned how to kick. At least doing that made it hard to see what was in my trunks. Then we learned how to windmill our arms. Then we put them together and learned the backstroke.

It was showing off my problem again. I kept my legs moving, so that it would be as impossible as possible to see my problem. I wished it would go down, but every time it would, then Chet would be touching me to help me with a new task, or he'd be showing us how to do one and I'd see his wet, bulging trunks.

Next was the breast stroke. Coach and Chet held Kevin and Mike while they went through the motions, then coach held one under each arm around their waists while Chet held me as I tried. He held me by my hips, which only made my problem even worse. I mean, I could feel his fingers pressing in front just inches away! And his thumbs were right there on the side of my ass! Wow! Or, as we said back then wowzers!

The last lesson was the butterfly. This time, coach worked with little Kevin, and Chet held Mike and me by our hips, one under each of his arms and against his hip. We both had to remember to fold up our hand on that side so that we didn't scratch Chet's legs or something. And the 'or something' was what intrigued me. I mean, it would have been so super easy to touch or hit or even grab his stuff! I was stroking and kicking, and thinking how close my thing was to his and how close my hand was getting to his on each stroke. My hip was against his hip. And his hand was around my waist, holding me tight to his side. I was so hard!

I felt his hand and arm slide down a little. I was wet, after all, and swimming, and he was holding me still in the water. So, naturally, I slipped forward a little and he had to adjust and grip me higher again.

One time, I actually got a few inches forward, and his hand slid all the way down to rub right over it! I almost stopped trying to swim, but I figured it was better to just act like nothing had happened. He might not have even noticed.

But he seemed to hold on looser, and I slipped forward again, and his hand was on it. I mean, on it! And he gripped it! He held on to it! Right the hell onto it!

I didn't know what to do! I kept stroking, and hoped to hell he didn't tell anyone what he was feeling! I mean, it would have been humiliating!

I kept kicking and stroking, and he kept his hand right there! He even adjusted when I slipped and ended up right there again!

It really felt cool! Nobody had ever touched it before. It tingled and tickled, and even up in belly! I mean, it was... weird. And, well, fun! Nobody in there could tell, I was sure.

I got really brave, and, well, when my hand came around under the water for a stroke, I sort of kept my arm straight instead of bending it, and, well, grabbed it. His, I mean. I put my hand right there, and well, felt it. He didn't drop me, or throw me, or even stop feeling mine.

I went back to stroking right, then, from time to time, I stopped with that arm and sort of felt him. No mistaking that it hard! It was so huge!

Then one of the coaches whistled and the lessons were over. He dropped Mike and me, and tousled our hair. He smiled at us and said we were good students and would probably make fine swimmers. He told me that I could probably get on the team if I ever wanted to. With a lot of practice, of course.

Some of them started getting out of the pool, but there was no way I was going to! I mean, it felt harder than ever, and I was just certain that it was going to be completely obvious and sticking out. I had to find a reason to stay in the pool.

"Can I practice some more? Until my mom picks me up?" I asked the coach.

"Sorry, son, but we have to clear out. The pool is getting scrubbed in a little while. It'll be closed."

"Just a few minutes? Please?"

I can't get out yet! Everyone will see my erection! I'll be humiliated! I'll die!

"Look, Jeremy, isn't it?"

I nodded.

"We need to get out of the pool. I have to get home, and I'm sure the others have things to do. And your mother is probably already here to pick you up. And if not, she will be momentarily. Now, up and out, and you can sign up for the more advanced swim lessons if you want. Ask your folks if you can. They start next weekend."

"Howie and me are gonna be assistants for those classes, Jer, if you wanna take 'em," Chet said.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool, looking calm and cool. Howard came and plopped down next to him and said, "Yup. Gonna probably be a lot of fun."

"Now, hop out and dry off, and wait for your mother outside, kiddo," coach said.

"Come over here, we'll show you how to hop out and take the side of the pool," Chet said, waving me toward him.

"Go ahead," the coach said, and then gave me a gentle shove toward the side of the pool and Chet's outstretched arms.

I arrived, and Chet slid into the water.

"You put both hands on the side of the pool, like this, then duck down, almost underwater, then kick, like you just learned, and pull up with both hands. Kick all the way until your out of the water, turn, and plop down. Like this." He demonstrated. It looked easy. He sat on the side of the pool and held out a hand and said, "I'll give you a hand up as you come out, so you don't scrape along the side of the pool. Now, duck, kick, and pull up."

I tried, and probably would have hurt myself on the side of the pool if not for him and Howie grabbing me and helping me turn and land on my ass. Still, I was sort of proud. And I had gotten out of the pool without anyone noticing my problem.

But now, I was side to side, touching, both of them. I was between two guys, wet guys, in tight, revealing trunks, bare legs touching mine. It got even harder!

Chet whispered something to Howie.

"Be right back," Howie said, and hopped to his feet.

He picked up my towel, the only one there, and came back with it.

"You tell him?" Howie asked.

I thought he had asked me, and I didn't know what he was talking about.

"No, not sure yet," Chet said.

I started drying my face and hair, then my shoulders.

"Oh," Howie said.

Then he put his hand on my leg, right up near where my leg came out of my trunks. I sort of looked up at him and didn't know what to say. Then his hand moved up and went, well, you know where! I jumped. I put the towel down and covered his hand before someone saw! I looked up at him and he was grinning down at me. His big brown eyes met mine and his big wide smile kept me from yelling.

I looked, and everyone was leaving, and already at the doors.

"Geeze, Howie!" Chet said.

I looked at Chet. His big green eyes met mine and they looked worried.

"I bet you don't mind, do you?" Howie asked.

I swallowed and looked back at Howie.

"Uh, uh, uh..."

I sort of wanted to tell him to get his hand off me, but I sorta wanted to say that I didn't mind at all. And I sorta wanted to ask if I could put my hand on his.

The coach looked back and called, "Coming?"

"Be a sec. If his mom's out there, tell her he'll be right out. He's asking about the intermediate lessons!" Howie called back.

The coach nodded and continued outside.

Howie's hand started moving around under the towel. I felt like my entire insides went as liquid as the contents of the pool.

"So?" Howie asked. "What's the verdict?"

"He liked it. He was hard, and during the last lesson, I got a handful of hard dick, and he grabbed mine a few times."

"He was hard the whole lesson?" Howie asked.

"Whole time," Chet verified.

"So?" I asked, almost mad.

"So," Howie said sort of official-like, "That means you liked what you saw, and felt, and Chet feeling you up."

"I did not!"

I just wanted out of there! I was caught and I knew it. I saw myself floating on the water, face down and dead, and the police believing Chet and Howie when they said I had gotten back in once they had left. Then I saw them holding me under the water, laughing as I drowned.

Chet's hand went to the back of my head, and he leaned down, all smiling and nice.

"Don't be scared, Jer. It's alright. I liked it. I'd like to feel it again. If you'd like to feel mine. I think the three of us could be good friends and have a lot of good times."

Then he got even closer. I stared in his big green eyes, and felt Howie's hand exploring my trunks and my erection, and then Chet was kissing me. And then I felt Chet's hand joining Howie's on my lap.

I'm kissing a boy! Two boys are playing with my dick! Those two sentences kept going off in my head. Over and over.

"Think he'd make a good student, Chet?"

Chet stopped kissing me, and stared at me, eye to eye.

"I think he'd make a great student for private lessons."

Howie pulled my chin so I was facing him, and said, "He's really cute."

I blinked in surprise. Then Howie leaned in closer, and I couldn't believe it, but at least I had time to think this time before Howie was kissing me.

"And he's definitely got a nice one," Chet said as Howie moved his lips on mine.

Then someone's hand went up the leg of my trunks, and was playing with it through my underwear. Wow, how that felt! I was tingling all over and all inside! It was amazing! Then that hand went all the way up, pulled down the top of my briefs, and then started actually stroking it!

They both hugged me tight between them, and traded kissing me, and traded hands on my dick. I guess the one that wasn't kissing me was keeping an eye out on the doors. I didn't care at the time, I'll tell you. I only cared that I had never felt anything like it! It was like having a heart attack or something. My chest was filled up with huge thrills, and my back was all wiggly, and my legs couldn't stay still.

I was kissing one, then the other, and one was masturbating me, then the other, and then it was just all a mix of them and me, and then, well, it built up and I came. It was far from my first orgasm, but it was by far the best one to date! It was like all the previous ones all together at the same time! My feet were splashing in the pool, my breath was fast, and most of my body was shaking.

I had never felt such a huge orgasm. I had no idea they could be so powerful! And they both kept playing with it even while and after! And I ended up giggling and wiggling and begging for them to stop.

They did, and I collapsed. I was lying on my back and I didn't remember laying down. My underwear and trunks were in place, and no hands were down there, but they were both touching me all over, everywhere else, and that tickled like mad and felt great!

"He's a keeper," Chet said.

"Hope so," Howie said.

"Huh?" I grunted.

"We'd like you to be our friend, Jer. Sign up for the intermediate classes. They're on Saturday evenings, and after, the pool is closed, but we can stay. There won't be anybody here but us. And we can pick you up at home, and take you back. What d'ya say?"

I looked into Chet's big green eyes and nodded. He leaned down and kissed me again. It was even better than the first ones. His hand was behind my head and his lips were so soft and warm. And their hands were all over me, except there.

Then Howie was next, and he kissed nice too.

I couldn't take it in. I was being kissed by boys. Two boys. Cute boys. And they'd just, well, made me have an orgasm! A great orgasm! The best one ever! And they wanted to be my friends. And to meet on Saturday nights for swimming lessons, then for more of what we had just done! Oh, yes!

A hand explored my trunks.

"He soft yet?"

"Yup, good to go."


"Don't want you showing a boner to your mom, do we?" Chet asked.

He stood up. He had a huge one! I looked at Howie as he stood up, and his was just as huge! In those tight trunks they were so obvious!

"Like the view?" Howie asked.

I probably turned beet red.

"You swam pretty well, know how to float, so I guess you aren't afraid of the water at all?" Chet asked.

"Heck no! I just never learned to swim proper."

"Good. Then let's clean him up," Chet said.


He grabbed my arms, Howie grabbed my feet, and they swung me like a hammock, counting.


"Oh crap!"




Then I was sailing through the air to splash down in the water. I surfaced to see them holding down their trunks, their big erections in plain view.

"Swim to the other side of the pool as fast as you can and climb out there," Chet said, then tugged his trunks up and then dove in.

"Or we'll get you and make it difficult for you!" Howie said with a leer, shaking his penis at me, and tugged his trunks up and dove in.

They were speeding toward me underwater. I turned and swam for it. I was just inches from the edge of the pool when I felt hands tugging my trunks down my legs. I turned and tried to hang on to them, but soon they were both taking them off and I couldn't stop them. Then their hands were all over me down there. It tickled and was exciting, but I was also a little afraid of drowning. I mean, the water was over my head, and they were all over me, making it hard to keep on the surface. But then they were pushing me against the side of the pool and sort of keeping me afloat, and all I had to do was just stop fighting.

They surfaced, grinning, playing with me under the water. Wow, how it tickled!

"Just making sure you're nice and clean," Chet said, then kissed me again.

"Don't want you smelling like freshman spunk in the car, do we?" Howie asked, then took his turn kissing me.

Chet slipped my underwear on over my legs underwater. Then tucked me away and surfaced. Then Howie went under and slid my trunks on me. He got a feel of my stuff before he surfaced.

"He's built real nice. I can't wait to see him grow up!" Howie said.

"Yup. Agreed. He's all cute as a bug," Chet said, then hugged me and kissed me again. "Wish we had more time today, but we don't. So, out before we get you all hard again, Jer."

He and Howie shoved me up, mostly by my butt.

"Go get your towel," Chet said as he and Howie climbed out.

I dove into the pool, got my towel, then swam back, while they got their towels and wrapped them around themselves.

"Let's go, before the janitor gets here," Howie said.

"So, Jer, you want to take those lessons? Stick around after and have some more fun, like we just did?" Chet asked.

"Duh..." Yes, I actually made that sound, and not as a snarky reply, but as the actual sound of an idiot in thought. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say.

"Up to you. You don't have to. I just hope you have the good taste not to tell anyone about what just happened," Chet said.

"Or we'll have to make your life here at high school absolutely miserable," Howie added.

"Tell? No way!" I blurted out.

"So, you want those lessons?" Chet asked, his arm over my shoulder.


"And the private lessons?" Howie asked, his hand slipping down my back to my butt.


I couldn't have stopped the smile if I had to. Or the thrills that filled my chest when I thought about doing something like that again with them.

"Can we meet your mom? Talk to her about the lessons?" Chet asked.


"Great. Let's go."

I felt insanely guilty, and as if mom could take one look and know they were both hard and had done something to her little boy. As we got outside into the heat, I saw her car, and walked that way, Chet and Howie on both sides of me.

They were polite and nice, and soon had mom agreeing to talk my dad into letting me take the swim lessons.

They said I was a natural, and in no time I would be as good as them. That they would teach me things I would remember for the rest of my life. That I would have the best time with them, and probably wouldn't want to leave.

That was all true!

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