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Jeremy's Tale

  Part Nine 

At least they didn't get dressed, and they didn't make me get dressed. Howie opened the sodas and Chet turned on the television, and then they sat on both sides of me with their arms over my shoulders. I grabbed each one by their penis and held on, though sometimes I let go long enough to play with their balls. I made sure they stayed hard, and I certainly stayed hard.

It was really exciting to sit there and play with them like that. Every time I stroked one of them, they'd tell me not to. They would only let me hold it and play with their balls. I was okay with that. It was so much fun. They watched the old monster movie, but I watched my hands and what I was playing with far more. I wished they would do it to me, but it was enough to have them to play with. It was enough to keep mine hard, and to make it bounce a lot, and for a lot of that clear fluid to come from it. Chet and Howie took turns wiping it up with a finger.

So the next time one of them leaked like that, I did the same thing. It was Howie's curved penis, and the fluid wasn't as musky or thick as his semen had been when I had licked it off Chet's chest. It was really embarrassing to do that, but I really wanted to. And I did it again when Chet's penis leaked it. His tasted very much the same; mostly just salty.

The television picked up all four of the Indianapolis stations, but when the old monster movie ended there wasn't anything else good on.  Suddenly Chet was picking me up by my legs and my back and put me on the bed. I grinned and giggled, hoping that it was time to have some fun again.

Howie lay next to me, grinning at me, Chet on the other side. Chet traced his finger up and down my body, from my thigh to my neck, over and over. That made me shiver like mad. Howie started doing that too, but concentrated around my nipple and my navel. Gawd!


"Yeah, Chet?"

"What if I said I wanted to fuck you?"


"It would hurt."

"No it wouldn't."

"Yes, it would."


"It would," he said. "What if I said I wanted you to do it to me?"


He laughed once. He looked up at my face, smiling nicely.

"Do you know if you want one way more than the other?"

I thought about it, and I didn't know. I didn't think so. I shrugged.

"Think about it. Think about me sticking my dick inside of your ass. And you sticking yours inside mine. Which way seems more... more like what you want to do? Or Howie? Fuck him? Or him fuck you?"

I thought about it, both of them, and it all seemed like it would be fun. I thought that I would like it all. I wanted to do it all. Right now.

"I don't care," I said with another shrug. "I don't know."

He nodded, kept tracing his finger over my skin along with Howie. They both smiled.

"Why?" I asked. "What's it matter?"

"I'm just wondering what you'd like the most. See, some guys like doing it, being the guy, so to speak. Some guys like being the girl, if you know what I mean. Some guys like both. Some guys don't like either. I'm just trying to see what you'd like."

"I think I'd like it all!"

I laughed. I felt weird talking about it like that. There I was, on a bed in a hotel, with two very handsome guys who were both homosexuals, and so was I. And we were all three naked, and all three hard, and we'd sort of done it already. Not really. I watched while they did it, and that had made me have an orgasm. And I'd licked their semen off of each other. And then we'd sat and watched television, naked, hard, and I'd played with their erections the whole time. And we'd all tasted each other when we leaked.

It was all so unbelievable!

And now they were asking me what I'd like to do. I wanted to do it all! All of it. Why were they even asking? Why not just do it?

"Well, Jer, there's some guys who don't like to be fucked. Some guys don't like to fuck guys. Howie here, he don't like fucking me, and I don't like being fucked. I like his finger in me, and what he does with it, even two fingers, but not really his dick."

"It's so thick," I said, reaching out to it and wrapping my fingers around it.

"Yeah, it is," Chet agreed with a short laugh. "I don't like it, but even if his was smaller, I still wouldn't. It's not what I like."

I nodded. I thought I could understand it. I wanted to try it though.

"We've done that, and he's sure he don't like to do it. He'd rather I fucked him. And I like doing that. Being inside him, kissing him, holding him, that's great."

"I love it. There's something about having him in me. Feeling him in me. Being fucked by him. While he's holding me, and kissing me, and... I just really like that," Howie said.

"We both love doing things with our mouths. Like we did earlier. I think that's about our favorite thing to do."

"It feels incredible!" I blurted out.

I felt foolish for saying it, but I meant it.

"It does. Really does. There's something that feels even better, though. When he keeps sucking it and swallows it when you have your orgasm. Oh, gawd, does that feel even better!"

"Show me?" I asked, almost demanded.

"Oh, we will!" Howie said. "Don't be in such a hurry."

"Yeah, we'll get around to it. I just want to know... what you like. What you'd like to try first."

"What we were doing!"

Chet laughed. He kissed me, then my neck, then started moving down. I really hoped he kept going. Howie kissed me, and kept kissing me, and I felt Chet moving further down. Then I felt his warm, wet lips on my penis, then them slipping down it, and then that incredible, wonderful, unbelievable sensation started again.

There was just nothing to compare it to, no words to describe it. The closest I can describe it would be if I had a heart in my penis, just at the base of it, that was beating so powerfully, so slowly, that it caused my entire penis to swell up almost too large, then shrink, the swell and shrink repeatedly, slowly. And a kind of tingle and tickle, well down inside of me there. And a kind of pressure between the base of my penis and my scrotum. It was... gawd! How good it was!

I groaned around Howie's kisses. I started twisting and writhing. My body couldn't hold still. Every muscle wanted to move. My stomach filled with tingles and electricity. I wrapped both arms around Howie and held on. Chet did different things, because it felt differently. I assumed he was using his tongue on it, licking it. But there was more, as if I were entering his throat. It was so warm and soft, and it tickled so immensely!

But he stopped. He lifted my legs, bringing my knees almost to my chin. Howie used an arm to hold them there, then Chet's tongue was on my anus. That felt like nothing else ever has! I would have groaned and moaned loudly, but Howie's kisses kept me from doing so. There was no way to hold still, and I was glad they didn't ask me to.

I would never have thought of someone licking me there. Or licking someone else there. It seemed like a dirty, disgusting thing to do, but it felt wonderful. I was sure that he was thrusting his tongue inside of me. Nothing else would explain what I was feeling. And I really liked it. He licked around it, on it, in it, up the backside of my scrotum. It was all really nice. I think he took one of my testes into his mouth. It felt like it, anyway. That almost feel as good as sucking on my penis had. Almost. Differently, too, but really nice. He changed from my testicle to my anus to the soft skin between, always moving after a brief time. I was simply going crazy!

He stopped and I felt him kissing his way back up my body. Then Howie stopped kissing me, and Chet was there. At first I almost pulled away, slightly disgusted that I was kissing the mouth that had been licking my ass, but it was Chet's mouth and lips, and he'd actually put them on my ass. I was only kissing him. Though I could smell and taste what had to be my own ass. I still didn't care.

And when Howie took over on my anus, I no longer thought at all. He did the same, as well, and it was as good. And Chet kissed as good. And Chet's hands felt as good as they moved on the backs of my thighs as they held them up to my chest.

"Go ahead, How," Chet said.

I didn't bother to ask what. And I knew what very soon. Howie pressed a finger against my hole and wiggled it inside. That was a strange and weird sensation! It was kind of nice, and kind of painful.

"Relax it, like you're on the toilet, but don't push, just relax," Howie said as Chet and I kissed.

I tried to do what he asked. I guess I did, as I felt his finger going deeper inside of me. It pinched and stung a bit, but it felt nice, too. Then I felt his hand against the crack of my ass and I knew that his finger was entirely in me. That was thrilling! But then his finger moved around inside of me, and it found a place much like on the outside behind my scrotum. It felt very similar at first, but then it felt so much stronger! He rubbed me in there and I felt my penis throb and thicken and push more of the clear fluid out. How that made me twist and squirm! Wow, did I like what he was doing! Then it pinched more, kind of hurt. I groaned into Chet's mouth.

 "Easy, Jer. Don't tighten up. Relax," Howie said really gently.

I tried. It pinched. Hurt. Not badly, but hurt. I grunted. Then I knew he was putting a second finger into me. I felt my hole stretching. It stung. It felt nice, in a way, but it hurt more.

"Stop, please, I don't like it," I said.

Howie slowly pulled his finger out of me, and I felt relieved. I let go of a huge sigh when they came out.

"Okay?" Chet asked.

I nodded, opening my eyes for the first time since Howie had started kissing me long minutes ago.

"Yeah. It was okay, but..."

"Hurt?" Howie asked, now next to me as well.

Chet let go of my legs and I lowered them to the bed with a sigh.

"Yeah. Not bad, but..."

"Not good."

"Yeah. It was okay. What you were doing inside was..."

"Liked that?" Chet asked.

"Hell yeah!"

"Okay. You're just too tight. Virgin."

I snickered.

"One finger and just to massage inside from now on. Never worry if our finger goes back there. Only one. Okay?"

I nodded.

"Now you see what I meant by it would hurt?"

I nodded again. It would, I knew. If two fingers hurt, then Chet's penis would hurt something awful. And Howie's would split it open.

"Took me a while before I could take Chet's," Howie offered.

"Took me a while to be able to take Howie's. His is pretty thick. And I'd never put a finger in before. So it was days and days of fingers and Coke bottles before I could take it. And it still hurt some. But now, well, now I can do it without much trying. He can almost just slip it in."

"Need a lubricant, thought," Howie said.

"Oh, yeah. Spit at least, though Vaseline works even better."

"How often you guys do that?"

"About every other time. We always do what we showed you. At least for a while. Sometimes we stop and, well, I do it to Howie."

"Would you show me that?"

They looked at each other, then back at me, then back at each other. It didn't look like they would.

"It's..." Howie said.

"It's more... private. We'd... rather not," Chet said.

"Oh," I said, sounding as let down as I felt. I'd really wanted to see that.

"But, I'll let you do me," Howie said.


"If you want. Sure. It won't be like with Chet. I'll let you. If Chet is okay if I do."

Chet looked at me, and I looked at Chet. I really hoped he let me.

"Just this once. So he sees what it's like," Chet said.

"Okay," Howie and I said together.

"I'll get you both nice and slippery. Howie, on your back next to Jer."

We lay next to each other. Chet pushed Howie's legs up to his chin and started licking between his legs. It was so cool and so strange to watch Chet do that to Howie. I could tell that Howie liked it. I knew how great it felt. Then Chet moved and put his mouth on my penis. I watched my length disappear past his lips. That sensation started and I groaned. My legs moved together no matter how much I tried to stop them from doing so. My feet turned inward no matter how hard I tried to fight them.

"Oh, gawd!" I groaned out, low and loud.

I hissed my breath inward.

"He does that really well, huh?" Howie asked.

"Oh, yes!" I managed between groans.

"Show him," Howie said.

Chet stopped to say, "If I do, he'll finish."

"Not if you just do it for a little," Howie said.

"Do what?"

Chet grinned at me, then put his mouth over my penis again. He slid all the way down to the very base, and it felt stronger and more intense than ever! Gawd, that was great! Then he bobbed up and down rapidly, and his hand moved up and down my shaft along with his mouth, right up to the very end and all the way to the very bottom. Fast and tight. My penis danced! Really danced in his mouth and his hand. It was the best thing I had ever felt! And I'd felt several things that were beyond what I thought my body could ever feel by then.

"Oh-my-gawd!" I almost screamed. "Awww... Gawd!"

My back convulsed, slamming my head into the mattress again and again. Every muscle was thrashing.

He stopped, and my entire body jerked and spasmed out of my control for several seconds.

"What the heck!" I didn't ask, more demanded, almost breathless.

"Incredible, huh?" Howie asked.

My penis was still dancing all on its own. That weird sensation lingered, and my body still trembled. I was even breathing a little quickly.


"He does that to me and I last maybe a minute," Howie said.

"Same thing for me. It's just..." Chet said, ending with a shrug and a big smile.

"Oh, wow," I sighed and finally began relaxing. "Wow."

I took several deep breaths. I still felt so... wow!

Chet went back to Howie's backside. Howie moaned a little and closed his eyes. After maybe a minute, during which my penis still danced and more of the clear fluid leaked out of it, Chet got up and sat down.

"Roll on your hands and knees," He said to Howie.

He did, shoving his butt up and out. It was a really exciting thing to see!

"Come on," Chet said, waving me to move behind Howie.

My heart began racing like mad. All those crazy tingles started up again. I grinned like an idiot as I was positioned behind Howie's butt by Chet. Howie's hole and his crack were different from Chet's. Where Chet's was pale and almost hairless, Howies' was darker and had quite a bit of hair, though there wasn't any around his hole. Chet's hole was almost pink, but Howie's was dark.

"You have to match height with him," Chet said from behind me, positioning me by moving my hips.

He moved my legs closer together and then Howie's further apart. He moved my hips closer to Howie, and wrapped his fingers around my penis. He pushed me forward from behind, until the tip of my penis was against Howie's anus. He checked closely, nodded, moved Howie's legs a little further apart, checked again, then nodded. He got directly behind me with his penis pushing up between my thighs, right up against my body. He moved forward until his penis was touching the back of my scrotum.

"Okay, now, take hold of your dick, that's it, now push your hips forward."

I did. I felt the warmth of Howie's hole on the tip of me. I was thrilled!

"Push, gently, right against it. "

I did. It felt neat. I watched my glans distort as it smashed up against his hole.

"Push," Chet told me.

He pushed from behind, his hips against my butt, his penis between my thighs. He put his arms around me. I liked how that felt, a lot. His chin was on my left shoulder. He spoke softly to me. One of his hands began tickling and playing with one of my nipples. Wow, was I feeling great! All over. Inside and out. Chet pushed against me, and my penis pushed against Howie's anus, and then I was squeezing into him. It was warm and tight and felt really nice. Howie groaned and pushed back against me.

It was so tight! And hot. And as the head of my penis went into him, his sphincter felt incredible on the edges of my head. Chet pushed from behind, Howie pushed backward, and I slowly slid inside of Howie. Deeper and deeper. It was magnificent! Finally, my hips met Howie's buttocks, and I was squeezed between them and Chet. Then Chet pulled his penis back, then pushed it forward.

"Follow my movements," he whispered in my ear.

I did. I tried to, anyway. His breath in my ear was so nice. His arms around me were even better. His penis between my thighs and up against the soft flesh behind my scrotum was even better, but best of all was the tight warmth surrounding my own penis. And the movement of my penis in and out of Howie. I was shivering and panting. I don't have a clue how long it lasted, but that pressure built up. The slow movements made it even more intense. I would try to go faster, but Chet would keep me from doing so. I whimpered, it felt so good!

Chet pulled me all the way back, pulling my penis out of Howie's anus. Then he whispered, "Aim it," and I did, and we pushed back inside. I groaned at how wonderful that felt. So did Howie.

Slow. So slow. I wanted to slam myself into Howie as fast as I could. I wanted to fuck him so hard! But Chet held me firmly in his arms, tickling my nipple or tracing lines across my tummy. The motion of his hips kept me moving slowly. At one point, he moved my hands to rest on Howie's hips. I liked how that felt. For a while we did that, then Chet moved one of my hands around Howie and I grabbed his long, curved penis and stroked it. Howie groaned. I felt how wet his penis was, slippery and sticky.

"Make a fist, and move it up and down in time with our movements," Chet whispered.

I did. Howie groaned louder. I groaned. I felt wetness between my thighs. I knew Chet was leaking. My own penis was dancing like mad inside of Howie and I knew that I had leaked a lot in there. That delicious pressure was still building up, so slowly, but so much higher because it was happening so slowly. I almost couldn't stand it!

"Oh, gawd, Chet, shove him all the way in!" Howie demanded.

Chet shoved from behind, and I was forced deeply into Howie, and then in a rush and before I could react, I exploded. Huge waves of semen were rushing up and through me. I was shooting the biggest orgasm of my life and it was inside of Howie, with Chet's arms around me and his penis stroking between my thighs and against the back of my scrotum.

"Make me finish, now!" Howie said.

I held onto his penis, wishing I could stroke it for him, but I couldn't. I was busy grunting and groaning, hoping that I could draw breath soon and not pass out like I was almost sure that I was going to. Chet grabbed my arm and moved it, making me stroke Howie's penis. Howie moaned, and I felt his anus tighten up around my penis repeatedly, feeling incredible. It seemed to add even more to my orgasm, stretching it out, making it even more intense. I was shuddering and unable to breathe. I was going to pass out, I just knew it.

Chet grunted, shoving himself through my thighs, and I felt his penis moving between there, like a snake trying to squirm through. Then I felt the warmth and wetness and the slickness and I knew that Chet was finishing too.

I was still pumping, it was almost painful. I still made short gasping noises. I wanted to take a deep breath, but I couldn't. Not with my own orgasm continuing on, Howie's penis swelling and squirting, coating my hand with his warm, wet semen, and Chet's penis squirming between my thighs and behind my scrotum, filling that area with his hot, sticky, slippery semen.

It went on and on. Chet's hot breath blew over my neck. Howie's hole clenched my penis. My own semen was warm and wet inside of him. Howie's semen lubricated my fingers as I stroked him with Chet's aid, and Chet's semen flowed across the sensitive skin behind my scrotum and began running down the inside of my thigh, tickling.

When my body finished, I fell over on my side, shivering. One of them rolled me onto my back, then I felt someone licking that soft area behind my scrotum. It was almost unbearable! I looked down and saw that Howie was holding up my legs and cleaning Chet's semen from me. I saw that Chet was cleaning Howie's penis with his mouth.

"Oh, gawd," I groaned softly.

They snickered, finished what they were doing, then lay down next to me.

"Did I do okay?"

They laughed.

"You did really well," Howie said, then kissed me.

Then Chet kissed me, and then said, "Really well."

I snickered and grinned. I felt relaxed, and happy, and sleepy. They sort of cuddled up to me, on both sides, snaking their arms under me and over me, their bodies against mine. They each threw a leg over my legs. They laid their heads on my chest, smiling at each other, then kissed each other for a long time. It was so comfortable!

I was so sleepy. 


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to be continued

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