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Online Celebrity

Chapter Eighteen:
"Eight And A Half Minutes"

I think my body temperature dropped to sub zero levels in a matter of seconds.

A turbulent tremor rushed through me like never before, and I got the biggest lump in my throat as I began to struggle for a decent supply of oxygen. Were my lungs shrinking down to the size of a Lima bean? Or was it just my heart slamming against my chest so hard that it didn't leave them enough room to tend to their normal biological function?

Either way, at that moment, I think I was at 10% thrill and excitement...and 90% absolute TERROR!

As soon as Jesse's mom ducked back around that corner, the whole bedroom fell silent.

You could have have heard a single human hair fall to the carpet. I saw Jesse blush, but in an entirely different way than I had ever seen him blush before. Not with that bashful giggle of his and a flick of his blond hair. This was a bit more serious, I think. As though he was using all of his brain power to swiftly come up with some kind of a master plan. Not knowing what that plan was...made me extremely nervous.

He bit his bottom lip and began looking around the room. He patted his hands on his thighs for a moment, his thoughts racing. Then he peeked over at me, and I was completely frozen. My brain had practically shut itself down the moment Jesse's mom came knocking.

We heard some stuff moving around in the kitchen, and then we heard the jingle of car keys. Jesse's eyes widened a bit, and he breathlessly said, "Artie...dude, you've gotta go."

"WHAT?!?!" He said. "Awwww, no way! C'mon, Jess!"

"I know! I don't wanna be a dick, dude...but....but...." Jesse looked at me and I heard a little whimper in the back of his throat. "...Come ON, Artie! Please?"

Jesse stood up, but Artie was quick to roll back in his desk chair. "No WAIT! WAIT! Can't I stay? I'll be quiet! I wanna watch!"

"Hehehe,'re NOT!" Jesse grinned, politely 'helping' Artie up to his feet.

"Ok ok ok....what if...I turn around, and promise not to peek? I can just listen to you guys doing it with my eyes closed!" Artie pleaded.

Doing it? Is that what was going to happen? Me and Jesse? Doing it? Right here? Right NOW? Oh God....oh God, do I even know what to DO??? I'm not sure I know how to actually 'do it'! I don't know how to do anything!

Jesse and Artie playfully tussled around for a moment, and Jesse said, "You...OUT! Come back in a little bit!"

"Ok, how about this...?" Artie grinned. "I can stand out here in the hallway, and just listen to you two through the door! That way you guys won't get distracted when I start jacking off!"

"GO, already!"

"Wait! My shoes!" Artie said, his tiny little voice squeaking as he pointed back over towards Jesse's desk. Jesse sighed, but kept his smile as he walked back over to get them. That's when Artie hurried in and hugged me around the neck! "See you in a couple of minutes! GAWD, you smell good!" And Jesse tickled his side until he let me go, and gently pushed Artie out of the room.

I could faintly hear Jesse's mom getting ready to leave from down the hall. She said, "Are you leaving, Artie?"

"YEP! For exactly TEN minutes!" He giggled to himself.

"What Artie MEANS is that he's gonna run home and get something so we can start filming today." Jesse must have given Artie quite a nudge to get him to stay so quiet.

"Well...alright. I'll be back shortly. Don't you boys get too frisky around here and break anything. Ok?" She said, and with that...I heard the front door close.

That whole time I was shaking. I don't know what it was, but...I thought about rushing into another situation with a boy just because he was cute and I was hot for him. Just because I was alone and I wanted somebody to love me. A very small part of this felt like Jason Fixx all over again. I know that I had no reason to put Jesse into that category, but after being emotionally damaged by my one and only 'boyfriend' experience, optimism hasn't necessarily been one of my strong suits.

Just relax, Tristan. It'll be fine.

I hear Jesse's sock feet rushing back to his bedroom, and for some odd reason, I immediately stood up before he got to the doorway.

Why did I stand up? Hell, *I* don't know! I just...I thought I should stand up! know, I was standing up when he walked into the...whatever. Who cares? So I was standing up like a dork! So what of it?

Once I saw that pretty face again, those eyes gazing into mine...I kept trembling, but my heart felt so at ease.

He smiled at me. He seemed almost out of breath. And he stopped for a moment before taking a few steps forward. "Hi..." He said softly.

"Hehehe....hey..." I said back to him. "So...."

"Wait! Hold on a second!" Jesse said, and he rushed over to close the window and pull the blinds shut, Just as I saw a tiny little head up from standing on a mini ladde in the backyard.

"Awww, come on, Jesse! No fair!"

"G'bye, Artie!!!" He grinned, and came over to stand back in front of me again. "Sorry. you a lot."

"Really? He hides it well." I smiled.

"Yeah." Jesse looked down at his feet for a moment, then bit the corner of his bottom lip again as he repeated, "Hi..."

"Hehehe, you said that already..." I'm glad that he was feeling at least a little bit awkward in all this. I could barely keep from squirming in my own skin, myself. I didn't know how to start things like this. I mean, I know how it starts in marathon views of cheesy gay internet porn, but...they get a LOT more done in ten minutes than I ever could. Emotions kind of take the fun out of the whole 'find em and fuck em' scenario. Had I been asshole Jason Fixx I'd be on my third orgasm by now.

Jesse gently reached for my hand. Then gave me a bashful smirk. His delicate fingers wrapped around mine with a such a tender squeeze, his thumb sliding back and forth against my skin. I was sure how to respond with anything other than an involuntary blush. "I'm so glad that you came over today." He said.

"Me too." I paused, feeling my throat still congested with worry. "It's so cool being able to see your room, and stuff..."

"Oh right, you've never seen it before. I guess it looks pretty weird from this angle, huh? And not just on YouTube."

"Uh huh..." Jesse was definitely giving me a look that told me the sky was the limit concerning what happens next. I just...I wish I had a smooth way of JUMPING on him and tearing his clothes off! I guess that's the advanced class. "So, Jesse...ummm..."

"Tristan?" He asked.


"I hope this doesn't come off as me being rude or going too fast...but you and I have the house all to ourselves right now, and if I don't start kissing you soon, I'm totally gonna regret it forever!" Thank God he said it! I might have wasted even more time.

With a little sigh, I said, "Ummm...hehehe, ok."

"Ok? I mean, if you don't want to, I won't pressure you or anything.."

"Oh no! I want to! I really REALLY want to!"

"Good! Because I was SO gonna pressure you if you didn't!" He said. "So....can I? Can we? You know..."

I smiled, and said, "Ten minutes, huh?"

"Eight and a half!" He replied. And as soon as I nodded, he stepped forward, and I felt his lips being hungrily mashed up against mine.

My heart, despite all of my guarding and built up defenses...gave itself over to him the second he touched me. You'll never feel so helpless in this life than you will when the boy of your dreams holds you in his arms and shows you that he shares your thirst for his very presence in your life. That your feelings are not only appreciated, but essential when it comes to him being truly happy.

When you can find someone who thrills you like that at first've discovered life's meaning. It's purpose. And it's ultimate motivation to continue.

All that conveyed in a single kiss.

We began to make out heavily in a standing position, but it wasn't long before Jesse's body began to lightly push against mine, taking small steps towards his bed. Forward steps for him. Backward steps for me. And soon, my balance was thrown a little off as he guided me backwards. We tried to keep kissing, but our lips parted a few times as we attempted to get situated. Jesse was on top of me, and my legs spread naturally...knees bent, feet on the mattress, providing a nest for his hardness to grind hard against mine. My arms wrapped around Jesse's neck while he propped himself up on his elbows...his arms bent so his hands could lovingly caress my hair on both sides. Our breathing had gotten so heavy. Even heavier when our tongues mingled sensually between our sucking lips...and our passion was heightened exponentially by the subtle flavor of him.

It wasn't until I heard the crinkle of paper that I realized the slight agony digging into my back was one of Jesse's notebooks. I put up with it for a moment or two before thinking that I might be messing up his notes for the day. Had it just been my own misery, I would have bared it without question. But considering I was already extremely HOT over this situation and almost ready to make a mess of myself, I decided to break our liplock and say something.

"I uhhh....I think I'm on your notebook."

"Notebook? What notebook?"

"You're uhhh..." I sort of pointed my thumb over my shoulder.

"OH! Dude, I'm sorry! Um here...ugh, wait...lift up. No, roll that way." He slipped it out from under me, and tossed it over the side of the bed to the floor. "There. Better?"

Looking up at those bright blue eyes...a sensation of love went blasting off like a hyper set of fireworks in my chest! "Yeah. Better..." I said, just above a whisper.

"You don't feel like I'm rushing you, do you?" I just shook my head with a smile. Then I noticed how his gaze had softened, and Jesse let out a sigh of his own. "You're so damned beautiful..." He said, and before I knew it, we were all lips and tongues and heavy breathing again.

I swear, I couldn't get close enough to that boy if I tried. I found myself clinging to him until both my arms and my legs ached with fatigue. And yet, I refused to let go. I wanted more. SO much more! We both began to moan, almost in unison, but not quite. The frequency was off just enough where our cries of passion overlapped, almost sounding like one constantly changing note of an angel's song...composed for us, and us alone. Once Jesse got his hips moving on top of me, driving into me with one pressured thrust after another...I could almost feel my eyes rolling back in my head. Especially when Jesse broke the kiss and tilted his head to suck at the side of my neck. Ohhhhhhh God...I didn't know that I had an actual G-spot until I felt his lips and tongue touch that specific nerve in me. I could feel this electric shock spark up in the very middle of me...and then buzz with this gentle hum the entire time he was sucking at the tender flesh he found there.

My already labored breaths turned into gasps and whimpers. And that grinding. His pelvis being pushed into mine...again, and again, and again. I could feel his shoulder muscles tighten as he humped himself into me. Every time his hardness mashed itself against mine, I felt a fully body wiggle that forced a hot shot of adrenaline to pulse through every inch of my aroused body. It was almost too much to handle...being this 'alive'.

Feeling Jesse's tongue on my neck, his strong arms cradling the upper half of my body, and the steady pumping of his me an emotional 'jolt' every time that gorgeous ass of his flexed for another thrill...I found myself in another world. Being with Jason was NOTHING like this! Jesse was actually making sure that *I* was being satisfied, instead of the other way around. And soon, whereas my feet were firmly planted on the mattress before, I found myself lifting them up now. Almost as if I trusted Jesse to have full control over gravity itself, and allowing him to keep me anchored to the rest of the world. My legs lifted, and by some strange instinct, I wrapped them around Jesse's body, crossing my ankles at the small of his back, and letting my heels rest on those bubbled cheeks as he detached himself from the side of my neck and went back to kissing me even more deeply than before. My hands began to roam all over him. I was so blown away by the two of us making out that I had completely forgotten that there activities at our exposal right now. Us being alone and all.

I wasn't sure how to express that I wanted to...well...honestly, I didn't know WHAT I wanted to do! I had been dreaming about this moment for so long that I was scared to cheapen it. Scared to hurry through it like some quick afternoon jerk off session. The two of us went from soft kissing to hard kissing then back to soft. That maddening urge rising within me every time he humped me down into the mattress, MY GOD his sexy little hips were good at that!

Then, without much warning, Jesse's lips disconnected from mine, and I felt him shifting a bit on top of me. I opened my eyes to see what was going on, and Jesse slid a bit further down the bed. I felt his finger slide under my shirt, raising little goosebumps as they glided gracefully over my stomach and up to my nipples...lifting my shirt as they went. Jesse's chest was still firmly pressed against my hardness...which was SO ready to blow, and yet held off. Probably it was just as curious to see where things would go from here as I was. Then, once Jesse started kissing and seductively licking around the rim of my belly button...I nearly had an out of body experience just escape the sensory overload.

This was as far as I've ever gone with a boy before. I just hope I'm doing this right. Because I'm CERTAIN that I'm going to want more after today!

"Is this ok?" Jesse asked, waking me up out of my constant brain babble.

"Uh huh..." I sighed.

"You sure...?" Oh wow...looking down at him, his lips just inches from my navel...I don't know how my heartbeat didn't shake the whole room. I just nodded my agreement. Vigorously, I might add. And I saw him playfully stick out his tongue again to give my belly button one last circle...before letting his tiny kitty licks travel down even further.

Me? I'm a skinny boy. Even with a belt, my pants have a bit of a gap in them at the top, with about an inch of my boxers' elastic showing at all times. Well, Jesse's exploring tongue actually found that little gap...and as I felt the top button being undone...the zipper being lowered...I realized that this was ACTUALLY going to happen now! I've never had anybody down there before in my life! Ever! Except for my own hand under the covers at night, nobody's touched me down there since the last time my Mom gave me a bath as a baby! And now it's being touched by the hottest internet celebrity in the WORLD as far as I'm concerned. Jesse-101, the one EVERY other gay boy wants to keep for his very own! My boyfriend. Jesus, I hope I'm doing this right!

Jesse gave my pants a tug. Then another tug. I think I was too lost in the moment to understand until he whispered, "Lift up a little bit..."


"Lift your hips a little bit. I this ok?"

"Oh! I...umm...sorry..."

"S'ok..." He smiled, and he was able to get my pants down a bit further. I got a sexual chill as I felt the fabric slide over my thighs and then down to my ankles. Every nerve ending they touched came alive with a static shock of its own. I was only able to get one of my feet free, but it was enough for me to spread my legs even wider and let him run his hands...palms down...over the tops of my thighs. His eyes met mine as those long fingers crept under the legs of my underwear...sliding back out, then in again a bit further. Then, Jesse took a deep breath, nervously moving forward, and he pushed his face right into my lap. Oh God...I could feel the moisture of his heated breath on me. I could feel his nose and lips as he gently chewed at me...long wisps of his golden hair lightly tickling my tummy as he leaned further into it.

And then...I felt him reach inside...and fish me out. My hardness being exposed to him for the very first time. To ANYBODY for the very first time. I never had a problem with size or anything, but there's always a certain insecure moment of shame when you're being naughty for the first time. It hits you and then it's gone. Weird. But I guess that happens to everybody.

I looked for Jesse's approval, and he gave it to me in the form of a low moan, eyes narrowed with a craving that forced me to embrace myself for what was coming.

The feel of his fingers as they wrapped around kept me shivering with anticipation.

I was leaking a lot of clear fluid from the tip, and I felt the honey sweet gel gradually sliding down the side of my rigid shaft, and then stopping to run over the back of his fingers.

Blushing, I smiled..."Hehehe, sorry..." I don't know why I said it. Maybe just didn't want to get his hands sticky. He was really cute about it though.

Jesse let me go, and I watched him lick his hand clean. Then was surprised when he found the little river of seed...stuck out his tongue...and licked it all up, from almost down where my balls were, and collecting every sticky trace of it until he got to the very tip. His tongue circled the sensitive slit for a moment, and then I held my breath as those warm and puffy lips of his engulfed the head...and began to wetly slide down as far as they could on me.

I had NOTHING to hold on to! I felt the whole world slipping away! You want to know what getting your very first virgin blowjob from a certified HOTTIE like Jesse Kyler is like? It's like being in a falling elevator! Seriously! There's no amusement park ride that could ever hope to match it! I was trying soooo hard to relax, but my body just wouldn't! I had to fight the urge to thrash around like a fish out of water! That warm, wet, sensation...the texture of his sopping wet tongue as it slid across the underside of my erection....the feel of his boyish breath coming out of his nostrils and landing in what little pubic hair I had to speak of...I don't know how I managed to stay as still as I was. Because on the inside, my soul was lost in the fury of an orgasmic tantrum! And it had only been a couple of seconds!

My hands reached for his pillow...but it did no good. I just wanted something to do with my hands. I didn't want to put them on the back of his head and make him gag or anything. But...Ahhhh, I didn't know! I sort of reached down and let my fingertips rest on Jesse's shoulders. Just the tips though. Did that help? I think it helped a little bit. Oh GOD!!! No wait! No it doesn't! Damn, that feels awesome! I never knew that a tongue moved so much until I had it lustfully coiled around my....OH GOD, he did it again! I whimpered out loud, nearly getting a cramp in my leg from the way my body was twisted.

My body had a total breakdown with personal control. I guess that's why it's so important to love and trust who you're doing it with. Otherwise, I'd be totally at his MERCY right now, and there wouldn't be a damn thing that I could do about it. I'd be so violated if I had ever let Jason Fixx touch me this way.

When Jesse pulled his lips off of me and then began to lick the warm sack underneath, my hips immediately raised themselves off of the mattress as a squeaky little yelp left my lips. And I think the tight cleft of my ass pinched the sheets and brought them up with me. I felt long, saliva soaked, swabs down there. Warm for a moment, then cool with the trail the slobbering tongue left behind. Sucking one small nugget into his mouth and bathing it thoroughly before going back to the other one. Then I heard Jesse groan lustfully as he went back to the top and swallowed me down again. This time, his lush lips tightened themselves around me and his rhythmic bobbing became more than I could stand.

I was now HEAVING for breath! And as his hands began to move all over my legs, then up to my stomach, then back down to caress my calves before working their way up again...all while sucking me as if he'd been waiting his whole life to do so...I felt my inexperienced body switch gears. My hands shot back down to grip Jesse's shoulders, the fabric of his shirt, wrinkling while clutched tightly in my desperate fists. And I felt my ass muscles clench together as the beginnings of a powerful climax began to build in my curling toes. My brain sent waves of 'happy time' feelings throughout my whole body, and my legs turned to jelly. Not that it stopped me from wrapping them around Jesse's face as the moment of truth came upon me like fire from the sky.

The powerful pulses began! My eyes shot open and I looked down as my body straightened out and my head leaned back until my neck was arched and my shoulders were off the mattress. Oh wow! Oh wow oh wow oh WOW!!! I couldn't move as splash after throbbing splash was forced through me and into Jesse's willing mouth. I had never known anything like it! NEVER! You think that once you're a teenager and you get the whole masturbation thing down, that sex can't be much more than masturbation with another person in the room, right? No! No, GOD no! I'll never disbelieve ever again! Sex is something completely different! And sex with someone you LOVE...and who loves you BACK...that, my friend, should be the only religion in practice!

I think I would have passed out if it weren't for the fact that Jesse was still nursing on me even after I finished. It began to tickle at first. Then the tickle began still felt good, but a little too good. If that makes sense. It's like, if you're really ticklish, and someone comes to tickle your foot, it's like "AHHHH!!!! DON'T!!!" Yeah, it's that kind of 'hurt'.

It was then that I sort of wiggled myself out of his sucking lips, and Jesse crawled back on top of me to start kissing me again. And it was really sexy this time! His tongue tasted a little different. Just different enough for me to notice. It was like...a 'naughty' taste. Was that me?

I wanted a turn! I really did! Oh man, I've been dreaming about this since the first time I saw Jesse-101's first video! And now, I'm going to be HIS first time too! I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing...but if he likes his turn even HALF as much as I liked mine, we are going to be boyfriends FOREVER!!!

And then...we heard the doorbell ring! In fact, it rang a bunch of times. You would have thought that somebody was outside being chased by hungry wolves or something. What the hell???

"Shit!" Jesse said, and suddenly he got off of me.

"What? What's the matter?"

"That's Artie's signal! He must see my mom coming back!" Jesse suddenly stood up, and I saw the most delicious looking boner in his pants...sticking out at an angle! But then he reached in with his hand and angled it upward to hide it a little better. I think I was staring when he said, "Dude! Get dressed! Hehehe!"

"Oh..." I said. Then I thought about it. "OH!!! Omigod!!!" My pants were all twisted up around one ankle, my penis still half hard and covered in spit, hanging out of the fly of my boxers, my shirt up to my nipples....yeah, this wasn't a good look for us right now!

I scrambled to get myself together, and I saw Jesse in the mirror sort of fixing his hair before checking his clothes again. Then, just as his mom's keys were being put in the lock, Jesse quickly jerked forward and kissed me on the lips. "I love you, Tristan..."

The words had completely swept me off of my feet. It was just...sudden. It took all the right emotional chords and yanked them, HARD, all at once! With a trembling voice, I whimpered, "I love you too..."

Jesse got to his bedroom doorway and beckoned for me to follow him. We peeked around the corner and saw his mom walk back into the house. "Jesse, I found Artie waiting outside. Didn't you hear him knocking?" She said.

We both saw Artie strut into the house with the BIGGEST mischievous grin on his adorable little face. Hehehe! He didn't rat us out, obviously. But it was clear that he wasn't going to just let us get away with booting him from the scene at the last minute either!

"We must have had the music up too loud, that's all." Jesse said.

"I told you about having that music too loud. Artie, if I were you, I'd give him hell every time he did that." She told him.

Jesse looked at me sideways and said, "Don't worry, Mom. I already got a mouthful..."

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