Chapter One


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
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August 31, 2006

This is story actually happened to me in the summer of my fifteenth year. I suddenly had a whole new outlook on life. I put all of this in my journal but kept it super private so that no one could see it.
During the Christmas break of 2005 my partner and I went to see Brokeback Mountain. The movie showed the world that there are men that love each other and that love can be real and lasting. Not dirty and hidden. I thank the dude that wrote that, well I guess it was a woman, but it really changed my mind and many of my highschool friends as well.
We were seniors in highschool and talking about setting up our own house and what we had to face in the real world. The movie opened up a whole new realm of possibilities to us so we sat down with our dad's as I broke out my private journal. All three of my men liked what I had written and told me to go ahead. So sit back and learn how me and Jesse got it together.
Jesse and I came out to our whole school at the prom. We attended as a couple. I wore a baby blue tuxedo with a pale yellow shirt. Jesse wore all white, right down to his shoes. I had to laugh at the crazy nut but he is my nut and I will never let him go. No one had a problem with us all night. We got a lot of high fives and more than one grope. We were even asked if kisses for the bride were in order and since we really don't have a top or bottom preference we both got kissed. Some kisses were from hunks that I would have dropped before so many times in the years past. But I am keeping you from the story so let me tell that part then we can talk some more, if you wish.

    He was so fucking sexy that it was all I could do to keep my cock from ripping right through my shorts and saluting him. He had everything. He just turned sixteen so his dad took him down, that morning, to get his driver’s license. I just got my permit. I won’t turn sixteen for six more months. It’s fucked up, man.
    His name’s Jesse. He and his folks moved in last weekend. Jesse has been their slave all week, moving boxes, sitting up furniture, hauling out trash. The guy is being used like a work horse. I went over to help a few times and he welcomed the help. He had me helping sit up beds and moving the sofa and chairs around. We unpacked boxes but we left the fine china and glass shit for his mother. I hadn’t seen his mother yet but then I sleep late since I don’t have school for the summer.
    One day we were breaking boxes down and stacking them in the garage so they could be recycled. I love the old houses with the detached garage and all. We live in the older part of town where the houses are ancient. They are so old that I am surprised that so many are still standing. A few have been remolded or torn down to rebuild and really stick out in the midst of the old stately homes.
    There is something about the houses that I really like. I think they were built like in the forties or fifties. They still used hand saws and real hammers and shit back then. Dad and I looked at a new house and weren’t impressed. The workmanship was crap. Dad showed me where the corners weren’t square and the molding didn’t meet. The door frames were off square. The doors all hung funny. I thought that for what they wanted for the house, two hundred and thirty thousand dollars, that it should be built better.
    Dad told me that grandma and grandpa bought our house when it was brand new. He said it cost them almost six thousand dollars and took thirty years to pay off at nearly sixty dollars a month. It is well built. There are four bedrooms, but we use one for a den. Grandpa had put a fireplace in that room and put a sliding glass door in that opened to the backyard. A few years later grandma had him put in a sun porch, what they call an Arizona room. It was all enclosed with glass windows and doors. It made a real nice place to sit in the evening as we watched tv.
    So we got through breaking boxes down and headed up to Jesse’s room. It was only one o’clock but he sat down on his bed and pulled off his kicks. I was prepared to run if they reeked. I didn’t smell anything so I stood and watched, like a dummy. He pulled off his socks and put them to his nose. “Ah, sweet. I smell so good.” He giggled as he tossed the sock across the room. He stood up and pushed his shorts down. He didn’t have any underwear on, just like I had been thinking all morning as I had perved on him. There he stood with all of his junk just hanging as he tossed his shorts over on top of his socks. He scratched his balls making his cock flop up and down. I was mesmerized. He sniffed his fingers and grinned at me, “gotta take a shower, these boys are skanky.” He walked out of the room. I stood there motionless.
    “If you’ll wash my back I’ll wash yours,” he called from the bathroom.
    “That’s okay, I need to go home.” What a lie. My folks wouldn’t be home til like seven and he knew it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his discarded shorts. I walked over and picked them up and drew them to my nose. I sought out the crotch and smelled deeply, front and back. They smelled wonderful. I picked up a sock and smelled it. My cock went super hard. I put the sock in my mouth and began to chew on it. I could taste his foot sweat. Fuck man, that was so queer, but I couldn’t stop. I grabbed the other sock and chewed on it then I chewed on his shorts.
    My cock was so hard it hurt. Jesse said something, but I was so far out of it that I didn’t understand. I tossed the clothes back to the floor. I grabbed my five and three quarter inch long cock and stuck it up under the waist band of my bun huggers as I walked to the bathroom. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.”
    “I just asked if you were still here. You don’t have to go you know. I don’t bite, too hard.”
    “I know. I’ll wash your back for you if you want.” He pulled the shower curtain back and I moved forward.
    “Whoa man, take your clothes off. You’ll get all wet.” I blushed a little but stood hypnotized by his stare into my eyes. He was so sexy and it was killing me. I had to run. I balanced on one foot then the other as I pulled off my socks and dropped them to the floor. I pushed my shorts down and stood there like a jackass in my little white briefs. He stared me down. I pushed the last vestment of modesty off of my body as I blushed crimson red. I had to run. My feet betrayed me and I stood motionless.
    “Nice,” he said as he held out his hand to me. I stepped into the warm water. One thing about living in southern Arizona is that in the summer time the water is hot enough coming from the street that you don’t need hot water. He had just a little hot water on to make it extra warm. It felt good as it sprayed against my back. I knew that we could stay under the water as long as we wanted and not have it run cold on us.
    He took the soap and began to massage my shoulders and upper back. Goose bumps ran all up and down my whole body as my legs went weak and I wobbled a bit. “Whoa there, buddy. Don’t fall down on me.” He lathered my whole back and lightly scratched it with his finger nails making me relax like never before. He cupped my cheeks in his hands and kneaded them like bread dough. My cock was throbbing in front of me. I only prayed that he couldn’t see it.
    He washed my crack, slow and sensually. His hand made the long trip down the length my ass crack as a shudder passed through my body causing me to reach out and grab hold of the grab bar on the wall of the shower. He put his finger to my ass hole and pushed it in. It felt good. I was surprised.
    An old man had lived here until he died a year earlier. The whole house had grab bars and shit for a handicapped man. We were in a big shower that he could roll his wheel chair into. It had a shower head at each end and a hand held shower head on a long hose. I felt Jesse take the hand held and rinse the soap off of my back.
    He turned me around and his hard cock slapped mine. I looked down at it then back at him. He smiled at me. He took the soap and began to wash my shoulders and under my arms. He laid the soap down as he rubbed around on my chest and stomach. I picked up the soap and washed him the same way he was doing me. He got to my goods and started to wash them, very thoroughly.
    He massaged each ball with a grip, firm, but so gentle. He made extra care to scrub my perfect crown of pubic hair. I hadn’t had that hair all that long, maybe two years or so, and I didn’t want anything to happen to it. He took the soap from me and lathered my cock then handed the soap back to me. I followed his lead and soaped him up. He took the soap again and laid it on the tray in the wall as he continued to squeeze and manipulate my cock.
    “Let’s see who can make the other cum first.” He began to stroke me full out. I matched him stroke for stroke until it started to feel real good. I had never had any one touch me before let alone touched anyone else. It was just too much, I was in a sexual lust as I had never known before. All of my masturbatory fantasies were coming true, I had a big cock in my hand. He was the same size as me in length and thickness. The only difference was that he was cut, I was not. I loved the feel of his cut cock. Many times when I would jerk off I would hold the skin tight against my pubes with my left hand and stroke the head, dry. It would drive me insane with a passion that I could never get enough of but I couldn’t do it again for awhile because I would always rub a sore spot on my cock head and couldn’t even jack off for two or three days. Then I had to do it with the skin sliding back and forth over lots of baby oil.
    Jesse pushed my skin back and began to stroke my bare cock head. His hand was a blur as he stroked me, harder and harder. “Harder,” he cried, “squeeze me harder. I’m getting there.” I was too. I was so into it that I didn’t want it to ever end. I tried to hold my cum back. I was losing the battle. His cum jetted out of his cock and landed all over me. I fired back. We exchanged shots like two old battleships at sea, trading shot for shot. Drained, we relaxed. He let go of my cock and brought his hand to his face. He looked at my cum all over his hand. He licked his hand clean. He licked between the fingers and licked his palm. He licked the back of his hand as he smiled at me.
    I looked at my hand. It too was covered in cum. I took my hand to my face and put out my tongue. I got a little cum on my tongue and tasted it. It wasn’t bad. I licked up some more then went into a feeding frenzy as I licked my hand clean. He grabbed me and pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. “First time?”
    “Uh huh.”
    “Like it?”
    “Yeah.” He squeezed me then he really got sexy. He pulled back just enough for our faces to be together and he kissed me. I looked at him cross eyed then returned the kiss. His tongue rubbed my lips, trying to push through. I opened my mouth and his tongue charged in, licking everything in its path. I let my tongue enter his mouth and we began a tongue duel that left me weak in the knees.
    We just stood and hugged each other for the longest time then he reached over and turned the water off. I wasn’t ready to quit. He stepped out of the shower and handed me a hot towel. He had one of those towel warmer thingys in his bathroom like mom has in hers. He went to his bedroom, bare assed. I would follow that bare ass anywhere. I wanted to snuggle up to it and bury my face in it. I was fucking queering out right then. I couldn’t figure what was happening to me but I was loving it.
    Jesse sat down on the end of his bed with a clean pair of shorts in his hand. I stood there and stared at him. He was so beautiful. His brown hair was dark when wet. I liked it all slicked back on his head. I could see the shape of his head. He still had the little boy shape of an elongated skull. I have tried to see my head in the mirror and I think mine is like that, kind of long and narrow. They say that is the shape of most brilliant men. If they were long and thin when a teenager they would grow up to be excellent leaders and giants of industry. I was barely making Bs, that’s not brilliant.
    His cock had me mesmerized. I fell to my knees in worship as I grabbed the half soft shaft and gobbled it into my mouth. I was a man-boy possessed as I sucked and half chewed on his stiffening cock. I wanted to eat it. I wanted to suck it. I wanted it to be a part of me forever. “Whoa, watch the teeth there, dude.” I took the whole thing into my mouth. I felt it go down my throat. I stopped and held my nose flush in his beautiful pubic bush as tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks.
    Jesse took my head in his hands and pushed me away. I fought him as I tried to reach his disappearing cock. He was forceful as he stood me up. He hugged me for a brief moment then told me to lay down. He told me that he wanted to suck me too and he was not going to let me have all of the fun. He guided me to his bed then he lay down opposite me with his cock in my face and mine in his.
    I felt his precious lips encircle my cock and I moved to nurse on his. We pulled each other in and just lay there sucking as if trying to get the prime up for a thick milk shake. I slipped my right arm under his waist and wrapped my arms around him. he did the same to me as we pulled each other tight against us, shoving our cocks as far as they would go down the other’s throat. We slipped a finger in each other’s ass. I could feel his body shaking and I was sure I heard him crying as I started to cry again. I was so fucking happy.
    He pulled away and looked at me. Our faces were streaked with tears. “I fell in love with you the moment I saw you standing on your porch watching me guide my dad as he backed the truck in our driveway.”
    “I saw you standing there in those tiny, tight shorts you had on. I thought I saw the head of your cock crawling down your leg as you stared at me. I ran to my room and jacked off, twice. I looked out of the window and watched you unload the truck. I wanted to come and help but I was afraid I would stumble over my dick. Or make a complete ass of myself. I have tried for four days to think of a way to ask you if you would want to fool around. I couldn’t do it.”
    “Well, I’ll tell you now, there will be no fooling. I am going to go for you, all out. I want your bod, period, and I won’t let go until I have it all.”
    “Are you gay?”
    “Fuck no. I am just sucking your cock and sticking my finger up your ass because I am bored and have nothing else to do. You have any more dumb questions?” We both laughed.
    “I am virgin...”
    “No shit.”
    “Okay, what I am trying to say is I don’t know what to do. Do you have any experience? Can you teach me?”
    He pushed me down and got on top of me. He lowered his cock into my mouth as he took mine in his. “Tilt your head back and it will go all the way down without making you gag.” I did as he said and his cock went back into my throat. He began to fuck my mouth. His balls swung back and forth as they slapped my nose, I was getting the full scent of them as the sweat built up and began to moisten the loose hanging sack. I just let loose and let him do as he would as I applied all the suction I could to his meat while he worked it in and out of my hungry throat. He was still going at my cock full force and I could feel my cum climbing its way up through my whole body. It was going to be the best climax I had ever had, I knew it. Even my thirty minute stroking of my dry, bare cock head never gave me those sensations.
    I felt his cum in my mouth just a split second before my own burst forth from my aching balls. I cumed as I had never cum. I couldn’t stop. I was afraid I would drown Jesse as he kept a tight lip lock on me. I never let a drop of his precious seed escape my lips as I savored each and every drop of the best tasting substance to ever enter my mouth. He lay on top of me for several minutes then he arose and turned around to lay down beside me.
    “Lesson number one complete. Do you need a repeat?”
    “I may not have gotten all of it right. Could you teach me again?”
    We lay together and kissed as we held each other tight. Our cocks meshed together and we rubbed the softened flesh against the other’s body while our hands played up and down each other’s backs and butts. Somewhere along there we fell asleep. It was four when we woke up. His folks would be home around five thirty. We had lots of time.
    Jesse told me that he had a boyfriend in his old home town. On the last day Jesse had gone to say goodbye to his friend and leave him something to remember him by. The boy’s mother caught him down on his knees paying homage to his friend’s mighty cock. She opened the door just as Russ was shooting his load. The boy jerked back and shot his splooge all over Jesse’s face and hair. Jesse ran out of the house and jumped on his bike and rode home. He was only supposed to be gone a half an hour and he was a little over that by the time he wheeled his bike to a stop.
    His dad was just about to close the truck doors when Jesse rode up. “Ten more seconds and you would have had to let your bike stay behind mister. I said thirty minutes not thirty seven.” Jesse lifted his bike up into the truck and the doors were secured. He climbed up front with his dad and they headed off to their new home. Jesse kept checking the mirrors to see if Russ’s mother was driving up the street. When they got the truck on the freeway Jesse let out a sigh of relief and sat back for the two hour ride to their new house. He said his dad would look at him and giggle. It wasn’t until they stopped for gas that Jesse saw that he had dried cum on his face and his hair was plastered down on one side.
    I asked him what he and Russ did together. He told me, “everything they could think of.” I asked him if he had been fucked in the ass. He grabbed me and hugged me, “Babe, that is the best. You are so going to love doing me. I love it and I love you. I can’t wait. We have to get dressed now though. Dad will be here soon and I want to talk with him.”
    I got up and dressed then kissed Jesse good bye. I walked home on a cloud. I couldn’t imagine ever doing what we had done for the last four hours. I couldn’t wait until we could do it again.
    After dinner dad came into my room. “Son, we need to talk.” Oh, shit. What does he know?

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