Chapter Two


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Dad is down, big time this time. He has developed cellulitis in his left leg and is in severe pain. He is worried about you, his faithful readers so we are dusting off more of his old stories to post on-line, he wants to give you something to keep your spirits (hehehehe) up. Sipirits up, yeah, sure, hehehe. I know what you will keep up.
He filed this one away on August 31, 2006, but it is a good one. We hope that you enjoy these stories and Dad will be back shortly.
    After dinner dad came into my room. “Son, we need to talk.” Oh, shit. What does he know?
    “Keith, you are growing up. As one ages there are changes.” Oh please, not that talk. I already know all I want to know about sex. I have a boyfriend. Boyfriend, that sounds so nice. I wonder if Jesse would like to be my boyfriend. I’ll just refuse to suck his cock until he says yes.
    “So do you understand what I am saying, Keith. You look like you aren’t listening.”
    “I’m sorry dad, I guess I’m tired. I kind of spaced out for a minute.”
    “Well, I said that since you are growing up you will have more responsibilities. That means that you will need money. You are looking forward to turning sixteen and having a car of your own. A car, insurance, gasoline, tires, and upkeep will require lots of money so I was really glad when Mr. Erickson offered you this job. Do you want to take it?” Job what job. Fuck, what did I miss?
    “Son, your mother and I will miss you but I think you and Jesse could have a lot of fun at their cabin all summer. It’s not going to be all work all of the time. There are some nice fishing streams close to their place and there are some great swimming holes around there too.
    “Two hundred and fifty dollars a week for ten weeks is a good start on your car, don’t you think?”
    “Yeah.” Yes, hell yes. Now go over it again how do I get this money?
    “The only thing I worry about, and that is my pejorative as a father, is your using a chain saw with no adults around. I know you can use a chain saw because we cut down that old dead tree last summer. You did very well in cutting it up and helping me split the wood for the fireplace last winter. I want you to remember everything I taught you about power tools and work safety habits. I don’t want either of you boys hurt.
    “I know I can trust you. If you want this job I suggest that you get ten weeks worth of clothes packed. You will be leaving at seven tomorrow morning. Mr. Erickson and I will drive up on weekends and bring you food and stuff. The only thing I can’t bring is hot pizza.”
    “Oh dad, how will I survive. I can’t live on that seventy nine cent cardboard that you buy at the discount grocery.”
    “Well, I guess I could go over to the big new store. They have it for a dollar fifty six.”
    “Dad, it’s the same shit, oops, sorry. It’s the same brand and everything, they just charge more.”
    “Yeah but you won’t be getting a seventy nine cent piece of cardboard.”
    “My stomach won’t know the difference. It’s the same thing no matter how much you pay for it.” He laughed and tousled my hair as he left me to pack and ponder just what the fuck he said. What was I getting into?

    I had a fitful night. I kept dreaming about Jesse. Sometimes we made love then he got mad at me and chased me with a chain saw. I had a really good dream about him. He was calling me from a long way off. I could just hear his voice as I looked for him. He found me and was kissing me, all over, and then he took my cock into his mouth and I exploded a huge wad down his throat. I opened my eyes and my dad was sitting on my bed with my dripping cock in his jizz covered hand.
    “Uh…” Dad took his hand up and looked at it then looked at me. “I’m…sorr…I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t know what…I’m sorry.” He rose to leave. I grabbed him.
    “Sit.” He sat down. “Talk to me, dad.”
    “I haven’t done…I was your age…I’m sorry.”
    “Dad, forget it. There is no need to be sorry. It can’t be undone. Isn’t that what you always tell me? Sorry doesn’t fix things. So when you were my age you did this?”
    “Yeah, I had a boyfriend.”
    “That’s so cool dad. I found out that I have a boyfriend. I don’t want to be queer so maybe I will just play around for a year or two. Tell me about what you did.”
    “Like you say, we played around for a few years then we met girls and got married.”
    “Do you ever see him?”
    “Yeah, I…”
    “So? Is there still anything there?” My dad was getting a boner. It climbed straight up out of the leg hole of his nylon shorts. It was huge and I had to have it. I swung my feet to the opposite side of the bed and lay down with my head at dad’s lap. I moved to take it in my mouth and he pushed me away then stood up. He moved to the door and turned as I asked him, “Is that what you did with your boyfriend?”
    “I’m not going to go there with you, son. I made a mistake this morning and I will probably never hear the end of it. I have tried to apologize and that’s the end of it. Now get up and get dressed. It is almost time to go.” He got up and walked out of the room.
    Jesse came in as dad went out. “Hey, sleepy head let’s shake that thing. Time waits for no one.” He looked at my cock and the mess on the sheets. “Hehehe, had a little nighttime dream, huh. Did you dream about me?”
    I had to piss. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Jesse pushed me aside and sat down on the toilet seat. “Let me have all of you.” I protested but he would not move. He pulled me to him and took my stiffening cock into his mouth. I had to pee, so bad but he was getting me hard and he had me in his mouth. He shoved a finger up my ass and my bladder let loose. I flooded his mouth with a gallon of hot piss. He didn’t lose a drop.
    I moved back and stared at him. He stood up and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, “you taste so fucking good. I want all of you all of the time.”
    I dropped to my knees and pulled his cock into my mouth. My most frequent fantasy come true, I was on my knees in front of a guy sucking his cock. I often thought of this as I would jerk off. I never saw the guy’s face, just his flat belly, thick pubes, and long cock going in and out of my mouth. I pushed a finger up inside his butt. He jerked and shoved his cock further down my throat. I found his prostate and stroked across it as I began to finger fuck his sweet butt. He filled my hungry orifice with another of his spectacular loads of hot boi milk. I slurped it all down and licked my lips. I stood up and put my finger in my mouth and tasted his ass. He pulled me into a hug. I pushed away. “You better go now. I have to shit.”
    “I know he said,” holding up his finger. It had brown stuff all over the end of it. I almost got sick as he turned on the water and washed his hands, throughly with soap and lots of hot water. “Don’t sweat it babe. It goes with the territory. I don’t mind. It’s part of you.” He smiled so sweetly as he reached for the door. I let a loud fart and a turd plopped into the water of the toilet. He rushed out the door, shutting it behind him.
    “You don’t want to go in there,” I heard him say as I heard my dad laugh. Ohmygosh, how long had he been out there did he know? Did he hear? I mean after this morning…I was a bundle of nerves.
    I showered but skipped the tooth thing. I wanted to keep Jesse’s taste on my lips as long as I could. I threw on some shorts, without underwear, and my shoes and socks, not in that order. I grabbed my bag and ran back to the bathroom. I grabbed my deodorant, tooth brush, and a new tube of tooth paste.
    I went through the kitchen at mach twelve but was stopped at the back door by my dad coming in. My mother grabbed me and handed me two biscuits with sausage patties and cheese, my favorite breakfast. She gave me my super big gulp cup filled with cold milk and air kissed at me. Strange but I guess she knew that PDA embarrassed me. I could allow that, I was going to be gone for the whole summer, I think that’s what dad said last night.
    I got out to the driveway. Jesse had the old pickup truck running and the air conditioner was blowing good and cold. The old girl was in pretty good shape for a late eighties model. I figured anything that old would be a rust bucket. The truck had red cloth seats that really felt good on my bare legs. I tossed my bag in the back and settled in for a long ride to somewhere. Mr. Erickson and mom and dad were standing in the driveway waving at us as we backed out to the street then drove away.
    “Jesse, I have to ask you something. Please don’t get mad at me.” I was afraid to show what a nerd I was.
    Jesse looked over at me, “I will never get mad at you, dude. You’re my man. Unless you want to, like not do it anymore.”
    “Oh no, it’s nothing like that. I just want to know where we are going.” Jesse jerked the steering wheel sending us across our lane and into the next. He quickly corrected and then looked at me. “Well, dad came in last night and the way he started off I thought he was going to do the father son thing about, you know, sex. I just zoned out and was thinking of you. I missed you so much and I really just wanted to play with my dick and dream about you.”
    “You’re funny. I know. I was missing you soooo bad, last night. I didn’t jack off though, I saved it all for you, if you want it.”
    “Do I? Damn fucking straight I want it but not straight like in straight but in a gay way.” I was blushing again. Damn the guy makes me do that.
    “Well, babe, I can call you babe can’t I? We are going to my dad’s cabin in the mountains. We have a little forty acre spread up there that was spared the forest fires two years ago. Dad wants us to clear the under brush and build a fire break. We will cut wood and big stuff for the first few weeks then we will clean the grounds up of all the debris. Dad is going to bring up a tractor the last few weeks so we can cut a twelve foot fire break all the way around the edge of the property. He hopes that we can install a sprinkler system up close to the cabin so that if a fire does break out the cabin won’t burn down. Isn’t that what your dad told you?”
    “I don’t know, I wasn’t listening.”
    “You doof. He was telling you that you were going to make twenty five hundred dollars and get to spend ten weeks with me, alone in the woods, sleeping together every night. And you zoned it. You are a head case.” He was laughing at me. I was hurt but I deserved it. I finally loosened up and started laughing with him. I was kind of dumb to not listen to what my dad had to say, That had been really important.

    The cabin was much more than I expected. I mean yeah, it was a clapboard house in the woods, but it was nice. It sat high on the side of the mountain. There was a long porch extending from one side of the cabin to the other. There were like sheets of plywood over all of the windows. The door was a massive looking solid chunk of wood. Jesse stopped the truck and climbed out. Instead of heading to the house he went around back. There was a squat little, two foot tall, concrete block shed back there with some electric wires running into it and a water faucet sticking out of the side. The whole thing was covered by a flat roof made up of plywood, about six feet by six feet.
    Jesse turned the water faucet handle and brown, yucky water dribbled out of it. He then went to the power pole a few feet behind the small shed and unlocked a small padlocked box high up on the pole. He raised the lid of the box and flipped some circuit breakers. I nearly jumped out of my skin when a motor started to run inside the low shed beside me. “Better move babe. Water pressure will be up in a second or two.” I looked at the faucet and sort of moved away. All of a sudden the pipe farted and that brown water sprayed everywhere. Had I not moved I would have been covered in it.
    The pipe continued to gurgle and spit its shit across the ground when Jesse asked me to help him lift the wooden top off of the shed. The block shed went about two feet down into the ground and the floor was just dirt. Inside was a squat little tank about two feet wide and about two feet tall. It had pipes running up out of the ground and into a motor then into it. Jesse took a hammer that was next to the motor and banged on the control box on the end of it. The motor turned off. “Fucking thing. Bugs get up in it and short it out so when we turn the power on it kicks in.”
    “What’s it for?”
    “See all the pipes up high in the trees. Dad and I started putting those in last year. He thinks that if there is a forest fire that he can turn on that booster pump in the corner and water will spray out of those pipes to keep our trees wet so they won’t burn. That’s part of what we have to do up here is put more pipe up there.”
    “Up there? All the way up there? At the top of the trees?”
    “You’re not afraid of heights are you?” He stared at me as I studied the pattern that the fallen leaves had made on the ground. “Oh, babe. You are. Not to worry. I can do the climbing and you can feed me pipe.” I grabbed my crotch. “You horn dog. You can feed that to me now. Let’s get the windows open.”
    A truck pulled up and a man called out the window, “This the Erickson place? Got your propane.” Jesse ran over to him then helped the guy pull out a long hose. They hooked it up to this huge white tank that sat behind this dirt embankment all around it. The man fiddled with some valves on his truck then pulled out a clipboard and was writing on it as I walked up to stand beside Jesse.
    Jesse grabbed my hand and led me back over to the back of the cabin. He took out his keys and stuck one into a slot in the plywood that was over a window. He had picked up a pole that was inside the pump shed and used it push at the bottom of the sheet of plywood. It hinged upwards and locked into a spring lock under the eve of the house. “We have to do that all the way around the house.” he told me. He started to put his key into the next lock and I took them away from him. I did as he had done and had the shutter, that’s what he called it, snapped into place in a few seconds.
    The man with the propane called over so Jesse took off to finish up with him. I moved on to the next shutter. I had six windows done along the back and one side of the house. I was climbing up on the front porch as the truck pulled back onto the road and honked at us. I waved at the driver as I caught the movement of Jesse’s arm waving below my sight line at the end of the porch. Jesse came up to me and gave me a huge hug. I just stood there and melted. “Let me help you with this bad boy. We need to hurry. I have some pipe to lay.”
    We giggled as he unlocked three locks along a long piece of plywood. He started from the end by the front door and raised the first section up and locked it in place. I could see that they were well made and notched so that they overlapped each other. There was a thin rubber film like stuff where two pieces overlapped, forming a seal. I looked down the sides of the panels and across the bottom and saw that they had a foam kind of weather stripping on them. I knew what it was because I had helped dad weather strip our front door just last winter.
    The front room window had a three part shutter and the kitchen had a two part. Next we moved around to the west end of the building and Jesse had me get up on his shoulders so that I could reach the locks and push the panels up. There were four on that side of the house but we were done with the ground floor. We went around back and put the stick back into the shed.
    At the back door Jesse had two locks to unlock and then he slipped the sheet of plywood out of a grove at the bottom and along the right side of the door. He took this panel and slid it into a slot under the house that had been made for it. He opened the back door and led me into a big country kitchen. My mother’s mother has a kitchen like it at her old house out on the farm in Texas. “The room was big enough to hold a hoe down.” I could just hear my granny saying that. A huge hand made wooden table was in the middle of the room. There were ten chairs around it and a long bench against the wall. Jesse said that sometimes his dad had his fishing buddies and their kids up here and this table could seat all twenty two of them, kids and all. I used to hate having to sit at the kid’s table and not get to listen to the dirty jokes that my dad told.
    Jesse kept on dragging me through the house and showing me rooms until we got to this huge living room. It looked like all of the cabins in the movies with its high ceiling and huge fireplace. I just stopped and turned slowly as I took it all in. A wide, wooden staircase led up to a balcony that sat back over the wall from the kitchen. There were four doors up there, two in the middle and one off to the end that led into a wall of louvered shutters. At the other end of the balcony was a smaller door that sat next to a bridge, or something.
    There were four sofas in the great room, all kind of circled around the fireplace. Jesse went to the front door and lifted a solid steel bar that was about an inch around out of a bracket on each side of the door frame. Another steel rod or bar like thing was standing on each side of the door, about three inches in from the edge of the door. He lifted up on these and slipped them out of holes about six inches deep in the floor. He pulled the bars down and then stacked all three of them into a corner by the fireplace and wrapped a steel strap around them so that they wouldn’t fall down. He unlocked the double dead bolt with his key, and pulled the door open.
    The door was massive. It was made of rough sawn pecan wood, two full inches thick. Six inch wide planks had been glued and bolted together to make a forty inch wide door. I could see the heads of the one inch nuts in four holes down the side of the door with about a half an inch of threaded bolt sticking through them. Jesse told me that his granddad had built the door with wood from an old pecan tree in his back yard.
    Jesse had been about five when he watched the old man line everything up and drill the holes in the planks then glue it up with water proof marine glue. He said that the door would outlast our grand kid’s grand kids. I believed him. He told me the finish on it was the same as the outside of the house. It was a mix of varnish and water sealer that was put on with a high pressure spray nozzle. He told me that we would be spraying the entire outside down before the rains started. He told me that some of the shutters on the south side of the house were showing some weather damage that we would need to sand and treat before we sprayed. I had seen it too but really had no idea what I was looking at.
    Jesse told me that the spraying was one job that we did not want to do naked. He said we would cover up from head to toe with heavy painter’s clothes. Then he said that it might be fun though to try to get all of the varnish off of each other and winked at me. “So are we going to be doing other things naked?” I asked with a wink of my own.
    He grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. I was a little scared to cross over the little bridge that led to his loft. He had his own great, private area on the front of the house. The little catwalk led to an area over the smoker, as he called his dad’s favorite place with its six big over stuffed chairs and foot stools set around the room.
    Once across this catwalk Jesse grabbed a thick rope that was hanging from the ceiling. I thought that it was just decoration until I saw him raise the catwalk up toward us, like a drawbridge that left a six foot span of open air back to the balcony. Even if someone tried to jump across they couldn’t go anywhere because the catwalk formed it’s own secure blockage.
    I had a quick look at his private hideaway as he lowered another drawbridge over to a catwalk that led along the front wall and over the front door to a set of narrow double French doors in the middle of nowhere. He pulled a pin and pushed at the steel eye bolt that stuck through the wall. A plywood panel swung out and away from the door. Jesse unlocked the door and opened half of it inwards then stepped out onto a balcony to swing the door’s shutter back and lock it. He told me that we could do the other windows later. Right now he had to unlock my plumbing. I giggled as he led me over to this really neat water bed.
    We dove onto it and splashed up and down as if in a boat at sea. We were tearing at each other’s pants trying to get to what we were both desperate for. We had our cocks buried in each other’s mouths as we continued to drag each other’s clothes off our bodies. I could barely reach his feet to get his socks off as he struggled the same way with mine. I gave up and just swallowed his turgid pole. I needed my itch scratched so bad. I began rubbing his expanded glans back and forth over my itch as I moaned with pure joy.
    We were both so on edge that we flooded each other almost at once but neither of us was ready to quit as we continued to nurse each other until a new erection arose. Thirty minutes later and two loads of cum in our bellies we got up to unload the truck and find some food to give us the strength we would need to suck on. Suck on, suck on the food but as in to carry on. Oh well, you either get it or you don’t. No biggy, like Jesse’s biggy. I love that thick thang.
    Jesse had me slip on my shoes, without socks, and led me naked onto the balcony. We had to be careful as we made our way around on the steep roof and raised the shutters on the remaining windows. Still naked we unloaded the truck. Jesse ran out to the pump shed and shut off the water faucet which was running clear. “Two or three minutes we’ll have enough pressure to have water in the house. Be careful when you first turn it on. The lines are going to be full of air and will spit at you.” We put the perishables into the refrigerator and Jesse started putting the other food away. I stashed our duffle bags full of clothes in the loft then returned to the kitchen to see what was next. That was all that we had brought with us as everything else was always there.

    We did sandwiches as we had so much that Jesse wanted to show me. Jesse opened the faucet at the sink and water sputtered and the pipes knocked. When it ran evenly he shut it off and ran to the bathroom. He flushed the stool then turned on the tub and sink. He told me to go do the upstairs bath as he did the bath in his parents room. I had thought that the smaller door off of the balcony was a bathroom and I was right, it wasn’t very large though.
    All of that done he said one more job. He had me open the back door and the kitchen windows. He turned all four burners on the stove on. We waited a few minutes until we could hear the gas coming out and he shut them off. He raised the top of the stove and lit one burner with a match then lit each pilot light. He opened the oven and lit the pilot there two. “Mom wants one of the new stoves with electric pilots but the old man says this is fine for our use up here.” I thought so too.
    Next task was to light the water heater. Jesse lay down on the floor with his head in the heater closet. In a few minutes I heard the roar of the flame as he put the cover on the tank and crawled out. “Let’s go,” he grabbed my hand and led me naked out the back door. We climbed up the hill behind the house to a rock outcropping and stopped. He bent over and showed that sweet ass of his to me as he swept a bunch of leaves away. He uncovered a six inch pipe sticking up out of the ground about a foot. He pushed a bush aside and showed me a natural spring flowing out of solid rock. “This is our drinking water.” He reached under a rock and pulled out a tin cup and filled it up. He took a drink and handed it to me. I took a drink of the best water I had ever tasted.
    His dad had drilled down and tapped into the spring below ground and had run a pipe down to the well house and into his pressure tank. Hidden in the trees just below us was a huge tank totally covered with brush. He told me that was a twenty five thousand gallon tank of water for use in case of fire. He said that the pipes that we would put up would be hooked up to that. I couldn’t help myself. I have become a cum junky. I dropped to my knees and sucked his extra thick cock. I love that thing and would live the rest of my life with it in my mouth, if I could. I fucking love having sex in the woods. It feels so natural.
    That evening we had a nice steak dinner cooked over real wood. Then we went to bed for another kind of meaty dish which I love to eat. “Babe, I love you so much and I want to give myself to you. I want you to be my first, my only. Will you be my boyfriend?” I was confused. His first what? His boyfriend? For sure!!

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