Chapter Four


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
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    It has never failed me, thirty minutes after a good cum, tops, and I am in dire need to drain the weenie. I was unsteady on my feet as I headed for the drawbridge, but I found a strong shoulder to lean against. Jesse took me straight into the shower and peed on me, I stood up and fired back then he turned the warm water on to lather us up and remove the wonderful smell that had accumulated on our bodies.
    At any other time that smell would have been revolting, but I was still in afterglow and it was his smell. Jesse bent over and filled this little pitcher that had a hose running out of the bottom of it. He grinned at me and showed me the nozzle. It was black plastic and it had tiny holes all around it. He pushed that nozzle up my butt and squeezed a bulb in the middle of the hose. He told me that he was douching me.
    I had seen my mother’s hot water bottle with the same tip on the end of the hose. One time when I was about eight or nine I got real sick and could not go to the bathroom and she used that hose, only she called it an enema. Jesse giggled as he told me that it was almost the same then explained what douche meant. So, I don’t know all that stuff, but I was learning.

    Don’t ask and for goodness sakes don’t tell. I woke up before seven, without my mom yelling at me. It could be the fresh air of the mountain, or it could be the love of Jesse. Whatever it was I was awake and ready to start a new day and happier than I had ever been in all of my life.
    I shifted a little bit so that I could see Jesse. He had his head on my shoulder and I had not felt him move all night. “Do you know how beautiful you are when you sleep?” He was staring at me with his amazing steely grays. “You really do look like an angel. I have been lying here watching you for almost a half an hour. Do you know that when you wake up your heart speeds up. Then your breath gets deeper and more rapid. Your muscles twitch and the heat of your body, oh fuck dude, you are so perfect.”
    “You lay there and watched all of that? You are one strange boy. I wish that it had been me watching you. I have never slept so well in all of my life, at least the part that I can remember. I don’t think that I moved all night long. I knew that you were beside me and I felt complete. No, that is not it. I feel complete. I never knew that part of me was missing until I met you, but yesterday, Jess, yesterday I learned what they talk about when they say soul mate.”
    I sat up with my upper body against the headboard. “Look, I am only fifteen and a half years old. I don’t get to be sixteen until November nineteenth. But I know what I feel. I am in love for the first time. I never cared about anybody else before Jess. I just went along. I never had sex, or never kissed, or never even hugged anybody but my grandma or mom.
    “I used to hug my dad, but we kinda stopped doing that when I became a man at ten. I don’t even kiss him anymore, I just shake his hand and he rubs my hair. I guess that what I am trying to say…”
    “Is exactly what I feel. I never loved nobody neither. My mom is just too weird and when she…Look, let’s go piss and then go eat some food before my stomach jumps out and yells at me.” As if on cue my stomach growled then his gurgled and we both cracked up. We did a repeat of the shower thing with what he called a golden shower. He didn’t stick that hose up my ass, we just peed all over each other’s lower bodies. If it didn’t stink so bad I might not wash down afterwards but we both smelled like piss. That was a joke and you have my permission to laugh. That’s long enough, laugh time is over.

    “What are the plans for today, boss?” Jesse waved his ass at me. That is a good plan, butt I don’t think that his father would pay me to do what I wanted to do to his son. He would probably have me locked in some deep dark hole for perverts. That made me shudder inside as I thought about what our families and friends would say if they knew that we were…well there wasn’t really anything that we weren’t doing. I guess that I am about totally naïve, but I didn’t know anything about what gay people do.
    Sure, I heard the kids at school go like, “That’s so gay…” But what is gay? I know that gay guys like kiss each other. I kissed Jesse and I liked it, he tastes as good as he looks. I know that gay guys like have sex with each other. I mean I heard that jacking off where another guy could see you is gay. I heard guys in the locker room call some guy gay cause he got a semi in the shower. I see guys pat each other on the butt out on the field and some of them even squeeze a handful, but nobody calls that gay. I just don’t fucking get it.
    I sat and watched as Jesse rolled out and cut the largest biscuits in the world. He was so cute with flour on the end of his nose as he used two knives to cut shortening into the flour. He said that he had to make little flour balls and I asked him if they would cum and he got flour on the end of my nose. He stirred up his mix and put in salt and baking powder and had these great looking biscuits that he stuck into the oven.
    Next he took a little ball of sausage and crumbled it up in a skillet and got it cooking before he added a larger ball of hamburger that he crumbled up. He put in way too much black pepper and something called sage then added garlic powder and onion powder and let it cook till it was all brown and stuff. He stirred in a can of flour and scrapped the pan to get all of the grease and meat all mixed together then he began to add milk.
    I thought he was crazy when he added about a half a small can of evaporated milk, but he told me that it would taste great. I watched him add the cold milk from a gallon bottle and I started thinking of his beautiful cock and how his milk would taste in the gravy.
    He pulled the pan of biscuits out of the oven and they were perfect. Each one was three inches across and two inches thick. They separated in layers and smelled great. Jesse cut one open and put a huge glob of real butter in it. We don’t eat butter at our house, we eat margarine, but Jesse told me how bad that stuff is. He said that people worry about fat, but real butter has a natural fat that is good for you, if you don’t eat too much.
    He told me that the fat in margarine is an adulteress that has all of this transfat that is no good for the body. He said that those kinds of fats stick inside the body and you can’t get rid of them so you get a fat butt. I like his butt and it doesn’t have any fat on it so I will eat butter. Maybe I will have hot buttered buns for later??
    His biscuit melted in my mouth. My granny could fix great biscuits, but I bet that Jesse’s were better. Maybe I could get them into cook off sometimes. I don’t like coffee, but Jesse poured me some and told me that I was about to eat a meal that carried hungry soldiers through the toughest days of their lives, without hunger. I reached for the milk and the sugar and he slapped my hand.
    He set a large plate with two biscuits opened in half before me. They were covered with the thickest and meatiest gravy that I had ever seen. I could see the black pepper in there and I knew that it was going to be too spicy for me, but Jesse made it and I was going to eat it without comment.
    I took a bite and almost screamed. That was the very best stuff that I ever ate. The pepper was just perfect and all of the stuff that he had put in there just blended together for the best flavor that I ever had. Then he pushed the coffee toward me. He told me that all of it mixed together for a taste like I had never had before.
    My dad loves good biscuits and gravy. Some mornings he wakes me up early so that we can drive all the way across town to this place called Pat’s Sage and Sand. Pat is this old woman that goes to work every morning at four o’clock and cooks up huge biscuits and the meatiest sausage gravy in town, dad and I both love it. From now on I am going to have Jesse cook biscuits and sausage gravy for dad and me. I know that dad is going to love it.
    Jesse was right, the coffee was the perfect addition. I didn’t need sugar or milk, the flavor made my breakfast perfect. Well Jesse staring into my eyes helped a little bit. I had to eat another biscuit with butter on it then I thought about jelly. Jesse shook his head and got a large Kerr jar of jam out of the cabinet. He had to heat the lid to get it to pry off as he told me that his grandmother cans all of her own jams and preserves from fruit on her farm.
    I looked at the shelf and there were rows of jars filled with vegetables and fruits, I knew that we wouldn’t be hungry while we were at the cabin. Jesse set the jar full of strawberry preserves in front of me and I put a little on my biscuit. It was perfect, but I looked at Jesse. “I think that this breakfast is perfect the way it is. The jelly is good, but maybe we can eat it another time.” That got me a kiss. I will have to think of more things to make him do that, his kisses were not filling, but they tasted better than the breakfast.

    Something was bothering Jesse. He seemed himself, but somehow I just saw a look in his eyes that bothered me. “Okay, stallion, out with it.”
    “Jesse, we have been closer friends these last three days than I have ever been with anybody. I mean, you know, like I never sucked anybody’s cock.” I stopped and took a deep breath. Jesse’s look went deeper as a shadow crossed his face. Had I blown it with my mention of everything? I loved him and I had to get him back to me, no matter what the cost.
    “Look, we have known each other since what, Wednesday of last week? I mean we said hi when you moved in Sunday, but we didn’t really talk till I came over to you and asked if I could help and everything. I had so much fun the rest of the week then it all got better when you took a shower Saturday afternoon.
    “Jesse, I had thought about what it would be like to suck a dick. When you went to the bathroom I perved on your shorts and socks.” He was giggling at me. “I mean like really perved, I sucked on the crotch and on the socks and tasted your sweat, man.
    “When you made me get in the shower…okay, so now I know for sure that I am queer. What all of this means, and I am rambling because I don’t want to loose you. Something is different this morning. I won’t pretend that I know all about you in only seven days, but I like to think that we could…” That did it, I broke down. I was sure that I had lost him and my heart broke.
    I started to get up as my tears welled up in my eyes. My heart was a lump in my throat and I wanted to run away and hide, forever. I was half way out of my seat when Jesse grabbed me and pulled me to his lap. He began to kiss my face and rub his hands over my body then I realized that he was crying too.
    “I lied to you. Hate me Keith, I deserve it. I have wanted to tell you the truth, but… It is hard to tell somebody that you lied ‘cause they won’t never believe nothing you say no more and I can’t stand you and me not…” We were about to cause a flash flood down the mountain as our tears ran together and down my chest.
    Jesse is my big strong hero. He rose from his chair with me in his arms and didn’t even falter in his step. He carried me to a large reclining chair in his dad’s smoker and fell back in the seat with me still in his arms. I turned to him and stared into his steely grays and asked, “So what is this big lie? You gonna tell me that you aren’t really a boy?”
    “No, it’s worse than that. I told you that I had been fucked before. Babe, I never…I love you so much and when I saw your big cock I just wanted it up in me so bad. I heard about doing that from some guys at school and me and Russ talked about it, but he said that was too queer. I lied to you when I told you that me and Russ did everything together. I am the queer. Russ is a wuss. He was the only one that I thought that I could suck without him telling everybody. He was afraid of me, ever since I beat him up when we were in the sixth grade.”
    “You…you beat him up? Why?”
    “He’s a fucking ass hole. He’s a thief and I caught him stealing money out of my mom’s purse and I clocked him. I didn’t just hit him, I pounded him. My mom heard us in her room and I was whaling on the dude, man. He was screaming and crying and I just kept on pounding till my mom pulled me off and stood in front of me.
    “She wanted to know what I was thinking and I pointed at her purse. Her billfold was on the floor, empty, and there was a bunch of money under Russ on the floor. My mother got so mad that she grabbed him up and pushed him into the kitchen. She made him call his mother while she wet a cloth to wipe the blood up from his face.
    “Mom told Russ’s mom that he had stolen money from her purse and that I had beat him up so she better come and get him. I broke his nose. I ain’t proud of that, but he was a thief. Russ’s dad brought him back after he went to the doctor and stuff and he made Russ apologize to me and to my mom. And from then on I made Russ do whatever I said.”
    “So you, like, sucked his dick. Didn’t you make him suck you?”
    “A few times. Russ tried to steal this girl’s purse last year and I got fed up with him. I walked up to him and cold cocked him and he dropped the purse. The girl saw it and she screamed for her brother. He is a big football dude and he came over to whale on Russ and I got me an idea.
    “I grabbed the kid and whispered to him that Russ was a cocksucker so we took Russ to this one place and made him suck both of us off and swallow. That was the first time that I ever shot my load in his mouth. We sucked each other a little and I would suck him while I jacked off then we would put our stuff away and go on. I never saw him cum or nothing till after that older kid beat him up.
    “I asked him how my cum tasted and he got all pissy and started to call me names so I knocked him out. When he fell to the ground I pulled my cock out and sat on his chest and told him to suck me or I was going to tell everybody at school that he was a take it up the ass queer.
    “He started sucking me and I turned around to open up his pants and we did our first sixty nine and I tasted my first cum. So like they say, the rest is history.”
    “So when did you fuck?”
    “Yesterday, with you.”
    “Me? I was your first? Yesterday? So you my bitch and I’s you bitch and ain’t nobody never been up either of us?”
    “Yeah, I lied about that part.”
    “I’m glad. Jesse, that means so much to me. That makes what we did yesterday very special, something that I will always remember. You still like to suck Russ?”
    “We…well that was only two weeks ago. I liked sucking his cum, but I wanted him to pay for being a shit. I know this one kid that is always saying that he wanted head so bad that he would let a boy do him so I fixed him up. We made Russ go with us to that dude’s house and we all got naked and made Russ suck both of us. While he was sucking me that kid fucked him.
    “He was not nice, he fucked the shit out of Russ and he was loving it. He wouldn’t quit sucking me and he wanted the kid to fuck him again so we stayed there until almost ten when his rents got home then me and Russ ran home. Russ told me that he loved it, but he never got off so we stopped and I did him under some bushes by the road.
    “I didn’t see him for a few days and he called me so I went over there. We were moving and I never said nothing to him. He told me that he was going to tell everybody that we raped him unless I got down on my knees and sucked his dick. That was when his mom came home early.”
    “So you’ll never see Russ again.”
    “I hope not, I don’t really like him. When I was riding home I saw that one kid that fucked him and I told him that Russ loved him and wanted to fuck again. The kid was all, ‘aiight’ and he was going to Russ’s house as I went home and loaded up my bike to move next door to my boyfriend.”
    “So now that you have gotten that off of your chest you think that you would still like to be my boyfriend?”
    “Forever. Can you love a liar?”
    “I don’t know. Do you want the top or the bottom?” We had a lot of work to do, but it could wait.

    We washed the dishes as he finally told me what we were going to start with that morning. It was a quarter of eight when we walked out to the rock garden. He told me that it wasn’t supposed to be a garden. When his dad was a boy he and his father had cleared the land to build the cabin and the yard around it. The cabin is on a mountain that is made out of rocks, like duhhh.
    All of the rocks that were cleared away were piled by the road then the foundation for the cabin was scrapped level for stones to be set in concrete for the foundation. What was left had laid there for thirty years and the weeds had grown up between them. Jesse had some weed killer that he told me to be careful with because we didn’t want to kill anything but the weeds in the rocks.
    Some of the weeds were dense and very tall and I said that we should burn them. Another kiss, I was on a roll. Jesse sprinted off and in a few minutes he was back with a propane torch and a bucket of water. The rock pile is in between the road and the circle driveway and there is nothing around it that can catch fire, but we had to be careful.
    He checked to see which way the wind was blowing then touched the flame from the torch to a clump of weeds. They flashed in fire and quickly burned out. We only did one clump at a time as we stood by with the bucket of water. It was slow, but we were very careful. Two hours later we had all of the visible weeds burned down. Next we used the poison and it soaked in between all of the rock really well.
<     As we gathered our tools up we heard a motorcycle coming up the road. A kid was sitting on a Yamaha quad runner, naked. “You dudes is naked.” He stated the obvious.
    “You look as if you know our tailor,” I told him. He giggled.
    “Whatcha doin’?”
    “Clearing the weeds away.” He got off of his quad and walked around. The only thing that he had on was a pair of old kicks that had seen better days. For some reason I was checking him out. I looked at Jesse and he was chubbing. He grinned at me as we both looked at a kid that was about fourteen and cute as could be. He had dark brown hair and clear blue green eyes. He was strong looking with nice muscles, but that muscle…The boy had a good four and a half inches hanging with a perfect hose rose at the end.
    “Looks good. I could help, if you want. I ain’t got nothing to do at gram’s today so I’m just floating.” He nodded at his quad.
    “We need a break. Want to sit on the porch and have some tea?” Jesse had put out two gallon jars with tea bags and the sweet water from the spring, then we placed the jars in the refrigerator to get cold. Jesse brought out some glasses and a jar of the sun tea and poured each of us some. “There ain’t no sugar in it.”
    “I don’t need sugar if this is sun tea.” We all took a long drink as we sat down in the chairs on the wide front porch. He sat on the front edge of his chair and I watched him checking us out. The way he was sitting I couldn’t see his cock. “Can I suck your cocks? I love to suck cocks and there ain’t nobody up here but old men and I need…”
    I had never heard anybody ask that before, especially of me, or my boyfriend. I didn’t know what to say. Jesse did. “Sure kid. Watch the teeth.” Jesse scooted his ass forward then laid his shoulders against the back of his wooden chair. His cock was standing straight up.
    I thought that I would be jealous or something, but watching that little kid get down on his knees and take all of Jesse’s cock into his mouth was hot. Something else was hot and I got embarrassed because I was thinking about it. The kid had a nice looking ass sticking up in the air as he bobbed his head up and down on my cock. I thought that it would be fun to fuck him while he sucked Jesse. I wondered about Jesse fucking him while he sucked me.
    Jesse let out a howl that woke the bears up in the woods and the kid sat back and smiled. He looked at me so I moved around in my chair like Jesse had done and my cock disappeared into his hot mouth. I guess that my cock didn’t know that it belonged to Jesse because it was feeling good in the kid’s mouth. He didn’t grab my balls or play with my ass or anything, he just tightened his mouth around my shaft and took my head down his throat. I tried to pay attention so that I could work Jesse the way the kid was working me. I know that I don’t suck cock the way he was doing.
    I fired my load and I could feel him moan as he sucked up every drop. He leaned back, but he had a strange look on his face. Kind of like he was defeated. “So you want to beat the queer up now?” That hit me hard. I jumped from my chair and knelt beside him. I threw my arms around him as he began to cry. He tried to pull away, but I just held him tighter.
    Jesse was on the other side and he was hugging us too. “Dude, ain’t nobody gonna hurt you. Why you afraid?”
    “I’m queer and my dad ran me off. I like to suck big dicks and I was doing these guys at the park all of the time, but some of them beat me up after I do their shit for ‘em. My dad got all mad when my mom told him that I come home all beat up again and he wanted to know why then one day he found out.
    “This one kid that always wanted me to do it to him came up to me at my new school. I just started in ninth grade and he was like in the eleventh. He beat me up twice in the park, but I thought that he wouldn’t do that at school, I was wrong. We went to this boy’s room and I sat on this toilet and sucked his cock just like I do at the park and when he nutted he hit me in the head and knocked me out.
    “This teacher came in and saw the kid kick me and called security. The nurse saw his cum in my mouth and on my face and they wanted to know if the kid raped me and I told them the truth. He got kicked out of school for bullying me and then he went to jail for assault. My dad went into orbit and whaled on me. He said he didn’t want no queer in his house and he called grammy and asked her if there was any boys up here on the mountain. So here I am. I been here since last September. They didn’t even let me go home for Christmas and I ain’t seen my little sister or nobody.”
    “So, are there any boys up here?” Jesse wanted to know.
    “None. I sucked off one kid that came up to ski last winter then he was gone and you are the first cocks that I had since then. I know that nobody likes no queers, but I can’t help it. I love to suck.”
    “Do you have a boyfriend?” I was getting interested in the kid.
    “Nope. When I ever asked somebody to let me suck him they never talked to me no more. Some of them would let me suck them, but they called me queer and faggot and told the other kids that I was a cock sucker.”
    “Did any of them ever fuck you, you know, in the ass?” Jesse watched my face as he asked the kid.
    “Yeah, this one kid did. His brother was in my class in the eighth grade and he told his big brother that he knew a cock sucker and the brother came and took me to their house and he let me suck his huge dick. It was over seven inches, almost as big as his.” He pointed at me, I don’t have a seven inch dick, do I? I never measured it.
    “The brother made my friend stay naked and watch cause he was gonna learn him something so when he gave me more cum than I ever got he made me get down on my knees. He made my friend lay down on the bed with his legs off of the edge so that I could suck his cock then the brother got behind me and shoved his cock in my ass and fucked me.”
    “Did you like that?”
    “Well it really hurt at first but he slapped me on the back of the head and told me that queers like to get fucked and he kept on. It began to feel pretty good and when my friend started to cum I did too. I never even got my dick out when I sucked some dude and there I was all naked and getting cock at both ends and I just started cuming all over the floor.
    “The brother made my friend fuck me and that began something that lasted the rest of the school year then they moved out of town during the summer. They were the only ones that ever fucked me though. I guess that you could do it.”
    “Have you ever been sucked?” I asked him.
    “No, ‘cept for those two brothers I never got my dick out. I sometimes sucked eight guys then went home and jacked off…You guys think I’m weird don’t cha?”
    “What’s your name?”
    “Julio Escarcega.”
    “I, uh…well, I just learned this week that I like to suck cocks.” I looked at Jesse, he smiled at me.
    “And I know how great it is. Me and Keith sucked each other so much this week that we don’t want to never stop. We might kinda like to, you know, like mess around with you and shit, but we is boyfriends and we just want to try some new shit and all.” Julio was fine with that.
    We were sitting there talking when an Airborne Express truck drove up. The driver came up with a small box in his hand, “Is this the Erickson place? I’m looking for Keith Jacobs.” Jesse jumped up and the man stared at his goods then he looked at me and Julio. Jesse signed for the box and came back sit down. It was from Verizon Wireless.
    Jesse tore the box open and there was cell phone inside with instructions on how to set it up. We had to charge the battery for several hours and we nearly went crazy as we couldn’t wait to activate it. We decided to go back to work and do the phone later.
    We talked for a moment and asked Julio if he wanted to fuck. He looked at both of us then said, “Sure.”
    Jesse looked at me as we went in the house and I leaned over to him, “So, we’ll find out if any butt is good.”
    “You’re wicked. I have an idea, if you are up to it.” Jesse has never had an idea yet that I didn’t like and the one he had for Julio was perfect.
    Jesse ran to the kitchen then returned with three wooden matches. He was waving one around that he had just struck and was letting it get cool. “Okay, we’re kinda like boyfriends and all, but we kinda like want to kinda do it with you to see if we just love each other or if we really like being like all queer shits and everything. Here’s the plan. Julio, you and me is gonna get down on the floor and like suck each other and Keith is gonna like do you.
    “You is gonna do me then Keith is gonna do you. That way we all get fucked and we all get to watch someone get fucked so all’s fair. These here matches is to see who fucks first. Whoever draws the burnt match gets to fuck first, then we’ll go on in the order that I said.” I had to admit that it was a pretty good idea. I don’t know that I liked Julio doing Jesse, but Jesse was going to do me and that was okay. Julio is sorta cute and all, but I love Jesse.
    Jesse got the black match so Julio got down flat on the floor and I turned around over him and started to suck him. He was so hot that he shot off in my mouth before Jesse was all the way in me. I didn’t want to quit so I put my arms around Julio’s ass and let his cock slide all of the way into my mouth. I guess that he wanted that too ‘cause he sucked on me like a starving calf.
    I couldn’t help myself, Jesse was pounding away at my ass and I started fucking like a mad man into Julio’s mouth. Julio’s cock got hard again and he started to cum. That was the prime that I needed to fill his mouth and squeeze Jesse’s cock to fill my ass.
    I just fell to lay atop Julio as Jesse pulled his cock out of my ass then Julio did something that surprised both Jesse and me. He spread my legs and began to eat the cum out of my ass. I have to admit that getting a good rimming after a solid fucking feels so fine. The little kid was taking all of the sore out my ass and filling it up with good feelings.
    Julio wanted to see what my ass tasted like deep inside so he raised up and sucked all of me off of Jesse’s cock. Jesse and I decided that we might get with that kid again, as often as we could.
    When our breathing leveled out Jesse wanted to go. He climbed on top of me and stuck his ass up in the air. I can not describe to you the sight that I saw as Jesse’s ass lips just kissed at the head of Julio’s cock then swallowed it in.
    Jesse was slapping his balls on my nose as Julio slapped his balls against Jesse’s and I was crying tears of happiness as Jesse’s cock stabbed so deep into my throat that I could not get my breath. I wouldn’t have stopped for anything in the world, I loved watching my man get his ass plowed. Julio’s cock isn’t even as big as Jesse’s, but that dude used it like it was the size of a bull’s dick.
    I just had too. Julio’s used cum mixed with Jesse butt juice was gooodddd. Jesse’s butt slime on Julio’s cock was a taste treat to remember, often. Then it was my turn. Getting sucked, while sucking, while getting fucked is pretty good stuff. I didn’t mind fucking Jesse as he experienced what Julio and I had, but if I can choose I will kneel and suck while I stick my ass up to my man.

    We all turned to wood in the shower and Julio asked me how big my dick was. Like I told you, I never checked. Jesse took off and in a few minutes he was back with a little sewing kit that he had in his room to sew on buttons and stuff. He sews too? He cooks, he cleans house, he fucks…I’m getting married to him.
    Julio was a month shy of turning fifteen, but he was very small. His cock was nice though at five and a half inches long and five inches around. Jesse was sixteen and he had a sweet six inch cock that was five and a half inches around. I was in the middle at fifteen and a half years old, but I moved to the front of the line with a solid seven inch uncut cock that was five and three quarters of an inch around. I told them that I had enough skin for my cock to grow but they had been cut which held them back. Julio looked at me like I was a retard and pulled his foreskin out an inch over the head of his cock. Well, I can’t keep my skin back without holding on to it. When he rode up on his ATV I saw his flower. It’s true what they say, sex depletes the brain.

    We washed each other down then showed Julio around the grounds so that he could see what we were doing. The little guy has a head on his shoulders. Jesse and I had been cutting the trees up into big logs and stacking them up until his dad brought up the tractor. There was a trailer under house that we could load the wood into and take it up to a big hydraulic splitter.
    Julio said that his ATV could pull the trailer and that he wanted to help us. He told us that he needed to ask his gram first. Jesse and I thought that we would go meet her and maybe she would agree easier. We put on some pants and shoes and carried our shirts to put on when we got to Julio’s place. As we drove over Jesse said what I was thinking, about Julio’s dad sending him to the mountain to get away from boys. We just had to wait and see.

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