Chapter Five


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    Mrs. Escarcega was a very nice woman. She came out to greet us as we drove up behind Julio. Julio was telling her how we were clearing the land around the cabin for a fire break and she was listening to every word he said. She had an idea and wanted to talk to us so we all went inside her kitchen. “Ya boyz been warkin ard as ya? I knows whut boyz needs.”
    Julio sat a large pitcher of milk on the table and set a stack of plates down before handing each of us a fork. Gram wanted us to call her gram so we do. She took the largest cobbler out of the oven that I have seen anywhere except at my granny’s house.
    She had baked the apricot cobbler earlier and left it sitting in the oven to cool where the flies couldn’t get to it. That thing was a full three inches thick and it had more fruit in it than I had ever seen in a pie. The cinnamon and spices were perfect, but I poured some milk over my bowl full.
    “Ah ad yas figgered fer a cuntri boy. Ya knows ow ta et pie.” She grinned at me with a mouth full of yellowed teeth. Somehow I felt as if I had always known her and I knew that I could trust her.
    She kept staring at Jesse. “De boy sez ya clarin thet piece over the hill there. That be the Erickson place?”
    “Yes mam.” Jesse said.
    “Ya be ah Erickson?”
    “Mmmph,” Jesse had his mouth full.
    “Hiram Erickson yer pappy?”
    “My grandfather,” he said as he wiped his mouth on his forearm.
    “Ya coulda been Hiram’s grandson, boy. He were sweet on me when we wuz in skool tgetter.” She looked at Julio and seemed to be lost in a memory.
    “Hiram were a goot boy whut dun whut is pappy sayd. Is pappy din’t old much to me und mine none, sayd we was low life. I married Julio’s grandpappy that were a Mex boy und we ad us nine younguns. Julio’s pap’s the runt, but therz two gurls after im. He was so soft and so sweet. His brothers liked to sleep wid im, my Ern did too, but I teld im that twarnt rite is fuckin is own kid, ‘let the boyz take it up wid each udder’ ah teld im.”
    “Gram, is that why dad made me come up here, because he used to like to do it with other boys.”
    “Yer pa nefer liked it, boy. Dey did im, he wuz small und soft und dey dun im till he runned away. I dunt see im fer nigh on twelve yars when ya comes to hep me with the revenoorers whut wanted to jail me fer feeding them bears.”
    Jesse jerked up and smiled, “That was you. I thought that that was so cool. The bears were hungry after the forest fire so you put bowls of food out for them.” He looked at her to confirm his story.
    “Twarnt dere fault none thet dere food wuz gone. I jest heped em a bit. Dem revenoorers sayd I can’t do thet.
    “Ah hain’t got mech money bit ah’ll pay ya sum ta hep Julio clear the brush bac frum muh ouse a piece.”
    “We’ll help Julio for no money if you will let him help us.” Jesse and Julio explained how we could use the ATV to move the logs that we had cut. Gram agreed, but she had another offer. The ATV would be hard put to pull the trailer, she had a tractor that we could use.
    I only have my beginner’s permit and I had never driven anything but my dad’s car with the automatic transmission. Jesse and Julio called me a city boy so I had to drive the ATV, which has an automatic transmission on it. Julio drove the tractor and Jesse drove his pickup truck.
    It was late when we got back to the cabin so Julio had to jump on the ATV to get home before the daylight was gone. Jesse was pensive and wanted to stay out for a while. He gathered up some firewood and carried it over to a well used fire pit and lit a nice fire. He asked me to bring out some blankets while he got hot dogs and marshmallows for an old fashioned weeny roast. We had fun, but by nine thirty it was too cold outside so we made sure that the fire was out and moved to the water bed for a night of pure love, little sex, just close together.

    It was my turn to watch Jesse sleep. I only had a moment when his eyes flashed open and he jumped out of bed as if it were on fire. I never saw anybody go down a flight of stairs so quickly. By the time I got downstairs Jesse was coming back with the new cell phone in his hand. He passed me the instruction book and led me to the downstairs bathroom where we took care of some very pressing business.
    “So now I dial this number…” he was pointing at a sticker on the face of the phone. I was reading the booklet and I nodded. He was pushing numbers as I looked over the book once again. I read pretty fast and I had looked through the book when the box arrived Tuesday afternoon. I have never had a cell phone, but they can’t be all that hard to use; I see little kids use them.
    “We’re set. So what’s to eat?”
    “Where’s the cold cereal?”
    “My ass, you’re cooking.”
    “Uh…babe, I uh…I burn boiling water.” He cracked up and headed to the deep freeze. He tossed me a box of frozen waffles and a package of frozen sausage links.
    “Can you use a toaster oven, dufus?” He said as he put his ice cold hands on my butt and pulled me in for our first kiss of the day. I made a big deal out of reading the instructions on the waffle box as Jesse sat back and ignored me. I found a skillet and turned the sausage out into it then placed six waffles in the toaster. I didn’t turn the toaster on until the sausage was ready to turn. The first of the waffles were ready and I put six more in and served up the sausage.
    Jesse was still looking at the book for the phone, but he stopped long enough to butter his waffles and put some of his grandmother’s strawberry preserves on them. That looked good, but I opted for the honey. The toaster dinged and I served up the last six waffles to each of our plates and poured me a large glass of cold milk.

    Jesse had the phone on speaker and I heard my dad answer. Jesse looked kinda funny, “Uh, hello. Is, uh, Bud there.”
    “Sure hold on. Hey Bud, it’s the boys.” I laughed when I realized that Jesse thought that he had dialed the wrong number, he doesn’t know my dad’s voice that well. Then I got to thinking about why my dad would be at the Erickson house so early in the morning.
    “Hi, son. Sorry, I was brushing my teeth. We were just sitting here wondering what time you might call. I said that you would call as soon as you got up, the battery had to charge overnight, didn’t it?”
    After we left Sunday our dad’s got to thinking about there not being a phone at the cabin and they called to have one overnighted to us. Of course the company couldn’t ship one out on Sunday night so they sent it first thing Monday and we got it Tuesday. We charged the battery and now we could reach out and touch the world.
    “Uh son, something has come up and we can’t make it up this weekend,” dad told me. They were on the speaker phone like us and we could all talk and hear. Dad told me that he would tell me all about it when they came up the next weekend, but that it was all good.
    Mr. Erickson told Jesse that he had called the small grocery store at the hotel in Summer Haven and that we could go there to buy whatever groceries that we needed and just sign for them. Jesse wanted to go to another market down the road from the hotel and he and his dad sorta argued for a minute.
    “Jesse, I know why you want to go to that store, son. Listen to me, you have done so well this year, I am proud of you. You have never looked so good in all of your life, and I mean that as a compliment. You don’t need candy and sweets. I know, don’t argue with me. They make the best fudge that I ever ate, but son…you don’t need it. Your zits are gone, you have lost a lot of weight, you have more energy.”
    “Uh, dad, can we like talk in private for a minute?” Jesse took the phone and held it up to his ear and turned away from me. I heard him whine a few times then he sat back down and turned the speaker phone back on.
    “Okay boys, we are in agreement. I know that the grocery that Jesse wants to go to has a wider selection of food, but Keith, you have my permission to kick his butt if he buys too much of that fudge. I will put one hundred dollars in the bank so that you can use your ATM card, Jesse. Just show me that you are as responsible as you say.”

    Jesse leaned back in his chair and let his arms hang to his sides and just stared. I saw tears, but they didn’t fall. “So now you know.” I remained silent and watched him.
    “Russ and me was the fat kids. Everybody picked on us and teased us. When we got to be like teenagers and stuff we got these zits cause we ate tons of candy and drank sodas and shit all day. Russ made me sick. He had nasty looking pus filled zits all over his face and shit and I didn’t want to be like that so I did something about it. I quit eating candy and started working out. I started walking to school instead of riding my bike. After school me and Russ would want to go do sex so I would run along behind him as he rode his bike.
    “Keith we was fifteen and that fucker had an ass the size of two dudes. He wears a thirty eight inch size blue jeans. His mom buys him large size shirts. He was the only one that I knew that I could clobber if he didn’t keep his yap shut so I sucked his tiny dick. Yeah, the dude ain’t got but four skinny inches when it’s hard. He has more foreskin than cock. I’m a queer Jesse. Dad and me talked about it and he understands. We is still tight, but I know that I hurt him cause I’m like this.”
    He sat up in his chair, “I love you Keith. I don’t never want to stop loving you. You ain’t nothing like Russ, I like being with you and…”
    I wish that he hadn’t said anything. I hurt inside. Sometimes confession hurts another soul. Maybe Jesse felt better, but I felt like shit. I got up and cleaned up the breakfast dishes then put on my jeans and a pair of shoes to go to work.
    Jesse and I stacked the trailer full of the logs that we had cut. He taught me how drive the tractor and we moved the wood down to a large log splitter that his grandfather had made with a hydraulic jack and a car spring. Jesse showed me how to pump the jack to pull an axe head back. He placed a log in a trough made up of heavy steel, the end of the log rested against a piece of train rail.
    We wore safety goggles and stood back as Jesse pulled a lever that released the axe head. It traveled about ten inches then hit the end of a ten inch diameter log and it split into two pieces. Jesse let me put one piece at a time back in the trough and we kept splitting until we had pieces that were about three to four inches around. He told me that was the best size for a fireplace.
    We took turns splitting while the other of us carried the wood to a pile and stacked it to dry and season. The wood was too green to burn, but it would be ready in the winter time. There was already a cord and a half of wood stacked and seasoned. Jesse told me that his dad figured that with all of the wood we had to cut that we would have more than ten cords then we could sell the rest for some extra money.
    Julio got there about ten with an excuse of having over slept. He told us that he would suck us off to make up for it. I was not in the mood.
    We cut wood as we cleared the land’s edge for a fire break. It was hard work, but we had fun doing it. Julio knew of some streams that had a lot of water in them and we would go off and play in the cold water for a few hours each afternoon then lay on the bank and suck each other’s cocks. He limited our fucking to the time that we were at the cabin. None of us wanted to get caught taking it in the ass in the woods.
    We did a little work at Gram’s house, but we told her that we needed to get as much done around Jesse’s place as we could before our fathers came up to check on us. She told us that was alright with her, she was just happy to see Julio happy for a change.

    At last it came the weekend that our fathers arrived. The four of us sat together at the kitchen table as Jesse spoke up.
    “Keith, I have not been completely honest with you during these two weeks since we met. I have not told a lie, I just have failed to mention a few things.” He looked across the table at our dads. I looked their way too. His dad had the same stare in his eyes as Jesse did. My dad had a strange look, for him. It was almost as if he were in a dream state. His mind seemed to be far away as he sat seeing but not seeing toward the corner behind me.
    “Babe, first of all I want to state, for the record, I love you.” I jerked and looked at my dad. He and Bud had their arms entwined. My dad’s arm was under Bud’s arm and they held hands. Both fathers were staring at me. I scooted around in my seat. I love Jesse. There is no doubt about that, but what was my dad thinking? What was he going to do? What was Bud thinking? “The week before school was out I sat down with dad and mom and told them that I was gay. My mother’s reaction shocked me. She slapped the hell out of dad and yelled at him, “You just had to make him like you, didn’t you. Well, I told you what I would do if this happened. I hope you faggots will be quite happy together.” She got up and went to her room, slamming the door behind her.
    “Dad and I sat at the table and said nothing. We could hear her slamming things around. Drawers opened and shut, closet doors banging. She opened her bedroom door and shouted at no one, “Get me my suitcases from the basement.” Dad got up and headed for the basement door. I started to cry. I had caused this. My mother was leaving. I didn’t know that she hates fags or I would have kept my mouth shut.
    “Dad turned and came back to me. He pulled me upright and held me tight. He kissed my tears and whispered that it would be alright. He led me to the basement with him. We dug the suitcases out and cleaned the dust off of them. He grabbed a stack of folded up cardboard boxes and had me carry those as we went back upstairs. We sat everything down. He knocked on her door and led me away. As we headed for the living room mom screamed out, “I didn’t ask for these you queer son of a bitch. I fucking hate you.” She slammed her door again. A little later she opened her door and I could just see the flattened boxes in the hall as she dragged them into her room. Dad smiled and giggled.
    “Well son, I guess you want to know what the hell is going on here.”
    “Dad, I didn’t mean to cause you trouble. I am so sorry. I can understand if you hate me. I will leave and find someplace else to live…”
    “He put his finger to my mouth and pulled me really close as he warmed my body with his arm tight around me, and told me his story.”
    “Jesse, I am…what? Bi? Not really. I have lived a lie. Yeah, I loved that woman. No, I love that woman. She is the only woman that I love. I never really loved my mother. She treated me like shit. She never wanted a child and it was my fault that I was born. She never let me forget that. As soon as I found my dad I left her to her hatred and moved in with him. I was ten years old. My step mother was barely better than my mother but at least she kept me clean and fed. I didn’t know love until I was sixteen and I met the most wonderful person in the world.”
    I turned and looked at my dad. He and Bud leaned together and kissed each other. My dad was kissing Jesse’s dad, on the mouth, with tongue, their arms around each other. I looked at Jesse. He smiled as he pulled me to him and we kissed. I was confused, but in Jesse’s arms I know I am safe. I knew deep down that it would be alright. I turned to look at dad. He stared back at me. Bud nudged him. Jesse held out his hand. Dad patted it. He told me to go to the living room and sit on a sofa. All of us got up and moved to the other room. Jesse pushed me down then he went over and sat next to his dad on the facing sofa. My dad sat down beside me. He pulled me close, but turned me so that we could look at each other. He took both of my hands in his. I am not stupid and I was putting things together in my mind. I knew what was coming.
    “I only hope that you don’t hate me for what I am about to say. I was the person in Bud’s life. I lived in the house where we live now. Bud’s dad lived in the house that they are in next door to us. Bud and I became friends at ten years old. We became as brother’s. We got so close that no one could come between us. At twelve we began to have limited sex. We started looking at each other almost at once. We made it important to pee together so that we could see each other. Touching and feeling worked its way in there but by the late months of our twelfth year something changed in us forever. Bud had a hair on his groin. His cock was almost a half an inch longer than mine.
    “We had to get down and look, closely, everyday. One day he pushed as I moved forward. Both of us, together, decided that his cock belonged in my mouth. No sooner than it entered in, mine found its way into his mouth and that is where they ended up every day and sometimes several times a day. A few weeks later Bud turned thirteen and I gave him his first dry orgasm for a birthday present. He was so excited and he wanted me to know what he felt. He did the same for me.
    I had the first wet climax and I went bonkers as I thrashed around in my joy. It took almost a month before Bud nearly drowned me with his spunk. That was the day that I tried something a friend of ours had told us about. He said that he liked to stick his finger up his ass when he jacked off because it made him cum more. I shoved my dry finger up Bud’s ass and he flooded my mouth. For the next nine years there was not a day that went by that we did not suck each other off.
    “Son, are you okay? I hope you don’t hate me for this.” I looked at Jesse and his dad. Bud was looking into Jesse’s eyes with a pleading look of his own. Jesse and I looked at each other.
    “So, you two are fags and now your sons are fags. Do I have this straight? We have kept the rhythm in motion by carrying on in the old two family tradition. The guy in the house to the east seduces the guy in the house to the west. The two become fag lovers and fuck off into the sunset to live happily ever after.” I summed up.
    “Something like that. I suppose.”
    “So when did you first fuck each other? Who is top and who is yogurt? Do you still fuck. And where is mom in all of this?”
    “I met Bud again when I went to that convention last March. He told me that his son had come out to him and his wife as being gay and that she had divorced him. He and I took a hotel room together and discovered that we really do still love each other. We had drifted apart in college. I had gone to State University to finish in a course that was not offered here in town. We both met your mother’s and married. I knew Bud’s wife and she knew about Bud and me. She was sure that she had cured him and that he was straight. Jesse’s revelation blew her happy world apart.
    “In the meantime I met your mother. She knew nothing about Bud. We had a decent life but I really couldn’t satisfy her sexually. I just couldn’t get it up for her. Our marriage has been falling apart for years. We tried to hang on for your sake. I came home from the convention and I was happy. Your mother saw it and wanted to know why. You know what an inquisitor she is. She is relentless and refused to let up on me until she had the entire story. She seemed to be okay with things and I thought it was all going to blow over.
    “I told Bud that the house next door was on the market. He and Jesse were looking to start over. Without a word to Jesse he bought the house and moved in. We had no idea that you two would hit it off until a few days after they moved in and Bud came home to get some papers and heard you two in the shower. We both danced for joy.
    “Your mother caught on pretty quick that Bud was my old highschool lover and things fell apart rapidly between us. When she walked by the open bathroom door and saw you on your knees in front of Jesse…let’s just say that our life has changed. Keith, your mother is gone. She does not want to talk to either one of us for awhile. She needs her space. I hope that by the time the summer is over she will come around and you can talk to her again.” I was crying softly as my dad held me. Jesse slipped in next to me as dad moved away. Jesse held me as Bud and dad held each other. None of us moved until late in the afternoon.
    It was early summer and hot as all hell outside so Bud lit the fireplace. We took some cheese and fruit with crackers for our dinner and ate in front of the fire. Dad let me have two beers which made me fall asleep. I awoke in Jesse’s sweet arms with the fire barely glowing. I lay and looked on his sleeping face as the red glow washed across his features. He is the most beautiful person on this planet. Dad is beautiful inside and I know he loves me but what dad has with Bud, I want with Jesse. I wonder though about the wife and kid thing. I don’t think I could give Jesse up long enough for us to have kids.
    No one ever answered my question but I found out by watching my two dads that they have the identical beliefs that their faggot offspring have. There is no yogurt amongst us. We each one take the role of fruit on the bottom every day. I love the feeling of my man up in me and I truly enjoy giving him the pleasure that only men can know, one with another. I have not actually seen it, don’t think that we are that weird, but I can hear when my dad is top and the different sounds from each of them when they change about. There is something comforting about hearing two dads together. I used to get all funny feeling when I would wake up late at night and hear my parents. As I got old enough to know what was going on it sickened me. But I hear nothing but love between my dads and I just get a little closer to Jesse and love him so much more.

    Our summer was over so we had to pack it in and head home. I didn’t know what the future held for Jesse and me. I so want to sleep with him every night. Would he go back to his house? What would we do. Jesse pulled into the driveway. The garage door at my house was open and there was a car in the garage with a canvass cover over it. I wondered what dad had bought. I grabbed my duffle and headed up to my room. It was totally empty. Their were tarps everywhere and most of the old wallpaper had been torn away. Throughout the house rooms had been stripped and new paper put up or the walls had been painted. The front bedroom was the worst of all. The plaster had been torn off of the walls and the boards underneath could be seen. I could see through into the back of my closet. The closet door from the front room was gone along with the dividing wall between the two closets.
    Dad and daddy stood with their arms around each other. Jesse always liked calling his dad, daddy. We all liked the intimacy of titles instead of names so adopted this method of identification between generations. “Well, you figured this one out yet?” Dad was beginning to realize that I had powers of deduction. At least I think I do. I shook my head no. He smiled. “We thought that we would knock this wall out and make a larger bedroom for two young lovers. We are going to knock out the far wall and remodel the bath to include a larger shower and a hot tub and have it open off of your room. That way when you forget to close the door when you go down on Jesse no one can stand in the hall and watch you.” He grinned at me as I showed my chameleoantic ability to change colors, again.
    We went back to his bedroom and it had been redone. I would miss the warmth of our little den and fireplace with the glassed in back porch But he and daddy had a big room and a large bathroom of their own. The kitchen was totally new. All of the cabinets and the sink had been moved to the west wall. The wall where the sinks used to be was gone and the Arizona room was now the breakfast room. A new fireplace was at the far end and dad told us that they were going to install a pull down, ten foot, screen for the new projection TV system. He pointed out the speakers already hidden in the walls and ceiling.
    They hadn’t really decided what they should do with the old living and dinning room. They hoped that maybe Jesse and I could come up with an idea. I asked where we were going to sleep. Jesse and I were led over to daddy’s house. I looked at the covered car in the garage but nothing was said so I ignored it.
    Jesse and I were taken to his room. It had changed. There was one big queen sized bed in the room and my desk and stereo had been moved to one corner. I opened the closet to toss my bag in and all of my clothes had been moved to one side. Jesse’s clothes hung on the other side. I heard a quiet laugh and turned to see my dad and daddy standing in the door way. Dad had his hand over Jesse’s mouth to keep him quiet. The sneaks had planed this. Jesse had learned about it the night before and had kept it from me. He is so going to get his.
    Three weeks later Bud had a lease for his house to a family with small children. He would move in with dad Jesse had no where else to go so he begged me to take him in and give him comfort. I have grown a full seven and a half inch comfort stick that I intend to ram into him and beat him soundly with until he begs me to stop.

    Curiosity had me by the throat and I was anxious to get Jesse out of bed and down to my garage to see what dad had under the old tarp. Of course Jesse was up for play first and I had to take matters under my control or neither of us would be worth a damn all morning.
    We rushed outside and found the garage door locked. Dad's car was against the door with Bud's car sitting behind that. Jesse's pickup was backed into his garage with most of our gear from our summer still in the bed. I knew that we would have to get that unloaded, but I wanted to know what was in my garage.
    We charged into the kitchen to find dad and daddy working on a big breakfast for all of us. “Ah, the bottomless pits have smelled the bacon. You are just in time so sit down and let's eat.” I tried to question dad about the vehicle in the garage. I had only seen it as I passed by on my way into the house the afternoon before. When Jesse and I were led over to his house to spend the night the garage door was closed and I sorta forgot about it. It was as I lay in bed in the morning that I remembered and I had to know.
    After breakfast dad met my eager stare and sighed. “Keith next week is the first of September. Your birthday comes in November, the nineteenth to be exact. I found something that I know that you want, but I wanted it to be a surprise. You were not supposed to see the car in the garage until your birthday. I have made arrangements to rent a storage unit for the car, but now…I guess that the surprise is ruined.”
    I felt bad. My dad looked hurt and I was the cause of that hurt. I tried to smooth things over by telling him that I would wait. My dad knows me and Bud said what we all knew, “What fifteen year old boy is going to wait when he knows that his father has bought him a car? Keith, you will hound him to death until you know what is in that garage. Oh you say that you won't, but it will be on your mind.”
    I guess that daddy knows how my mind works. Am I really like most fifteen year old boys? I know that I am and I was faunching at the bit to know. I have to be honest with myself and admit that I can not wait two and a half months to see that car.
    Dad knows me so after he made me clean the kitchen and wash all of the dishes then dry them and put them away he smiled at me. He told me that the kitchen floor needed to be mopped again and I almost burst a gasket, but I took out the mop and went to work. Daddy was teasing dad and finally it was time to go to the garage.
    Both of my dads held me back as Jesse unlocked the garage door and raised it up. He took his good old sweet and easy time turning on the lights and he even stole a peek under the tarp to see what was there. He let out a low whistle and told us that it was just too much car for a little boy to have, maybe he should take it until I grow up. I was about to show him how grown up I was by throwing the biggest temper tantrum of my life when dad told Jesse to remove the tarp.
    I stood transfixed to the ground with my jaw serving as an anchor point against the ground to keep me from falling over. Dad had bought me a classic 1958 black Corvette. It was a joke between my parents and me that a bright red sports car was made to cruise for pickups. Black is a fancier color and one that won't get the stares from the cops. I loved it.
    My car was equipped with the 409 engine with a four barrel carburetor and four speed transmission. The only problem that I had was that I could not drive it. I have my beginner's permit, but a licensed driver has to sit in the seat next to me and with bucket seats that person would not be able to gain control of the car if I wimped out. At least that was the story that dad came up with. That did not prevent me from waxing and polishing my car for the next ten weeks.

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