Jessie's Best Bud
Part 1
By: Jim Carter

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© 2000 Jim Carter

I woke up and looked over at my clock.  Those green numbers said: 5:17, way too early for school.  My body must still be suffering a little from jet lag, we just got home day before yesterday from Europe where we spent our summer vacation.  Today is my first day in high school.  Although I should be a freshman, they bumped me a grade and I will be a sophomore at Dwight D. Eisenhower High School.  They wanted to bump me up two grades, but dad thought that would be a little too much.  I am a skinny little kid and he thought the size difference would be too much.

Maybe I should describe me.  I am Jessie Carter and an only child.  My folks are pretty well off and they give me almost anything I want.  They also give me their time and their love.  I have friends that their parents give them everything, but their time.  They are lonely and really do need affection.  I am a very lucky teen; I know it and I try to tell my parents when I think of it.  Anyway, I am fourteen will be fifteen next month.  I am blonde, blue and everyone says almost too cute to be a boy.  I don't like that. I like being a boy.  Anyway I have my hair shorter now, maybe that will stop some of that.  I am five foot two inches tall and weigh one hundred ten pounds.  I am very skinny, but I have muscle too.  Last year I was on the swim team, basketball team and the baseball team. I have been taking a martial arts class of some sort all my life it seems.  I have been masturbating since I was ten, but only since I was thirteen has my dick become my favorite toy.  My hand is the only sex I have ever had.

I have mixed emotions about starting school this year.  For one thing all my friends will be a grade behind me, assuming I still have friends.  I had almost forgot about that.  The last week of school last year, people were picking on a friend of mine about being gay.  I admitted that I was gay and the whole school was shocked.  Until that moment no one suspected me being gay at all.  For a skinny kid, I am somewhat a jock.  I swim, play basketball and baseball and am damn good if I do say so myself.

Before I announced I was gay in support of my friend, only four people knew I was gay.  My parents knew, I told them when I was twelve.  Billy Montgomery (my best friend) has known as soon as I figured it out, which is just before I told my parents.  Eric Skillman has known for almost two years.  I know I am gay, but I have never had a boyfriend. Billy wants to be my boyfriend, but as much as I love him as a friend, I don't want to be sexual with anyone but Alex.

I have not seen Alex since I was ten.  The night before he moved all the way across town, he showed Billy and I how to jack off.  I had known him all my life before he moved.  Even though he was three years older than me, we were inseparable best buds.  I have missed Alex so much and I know that I will never have him, but I still can't let go of my fantasy.  Eric is my link to Alex.  They are on the football team together.  Alex is a big man on campus and always has girls all over him.  Eric says he subscribes to the cheerleader of the month club, cause he only dates cheerleaders.

I know it is hopeless to hang on to my fantasy of being with Alex, but nobody makes me hard and horny like thinking of Alex does.  Speaking of hard and horny, my little five-inch buddy is hard as a rock and demanding attention, just thinking about Alex.  I usually use my right hand until I am about to cum.  Then I switch to my left and pretend it is Alex stroking me, I always cum quickly after I switch.

I had just finished my shower and was only wearing my silk boxers when Billy came in and whistled.  Wow, silk let me feel that and he felt for my dick.  I pushed his hand away and said, "Don't!  You know I don't want that.  You are just a slut sometimes and you know it."

"Yeah, I admit, I am a slut for you.  I bet if Alex was to feel your dick you wouldn't push his hand away."

"Perhaps, but we may never know."

"Why don't you let me show you how good I can make you feel.  We don't have to be boyfriends, just let me show you a good time."

"Billy, you know better than that.  You're my best friend, but I can't do that with you. Now help me get ready by making up my bed for me."

"Why should I?"

"Okay, no problem.  I just thought you might want something to do while I dressed.  We have plenty of time." I started making my bed.

"Get dressed, you know I make a bed much better than you do anyway."

When I was finished dressing, Billy said: "Damn, you look sharp Jess, I wonder who you are trying to impress.  Think Mr. BMOC will even notice?"

"Your guess is as good as mine, but I hope so. Man, I have not seen him in four years, we may not even recognize each other."

"You guys were always so tight.  You guys could look at each other and know what the other was thinking.  I was always jealous of how you two were so connected.  You will not go unnoticed.  I would bet on that.  Then I will be the odd man out again."

"Billy he lives on the other side of town.  We can't possibly be as close as we once were. Besides, there is a good chance he won't want to be buds with a lowly sophomore. His number is unlisted and he never called after they left.  It was like he just dropped me from his life."

"I know he didn't tell me either.  Don't worry about being a sophomore, think how a freshman feels."

"Dude, we have got to find you a boyfriend."

"When I am around you nobody looks at me, they always look at you."

"Not everyone, Eric can't take his eyes off you."

"Really, he is a hunk, but he isn't even gay."

"What makes you think that?  Just because he hasn't told anyone?  Who have you told?"

"Maybe, you really think I might have a chance?  He is two years older than me."

"You have a better chance than I do with Alex.  He gawks at you.  I have not seen Alex in four years and he is dating every cheerleader on campus.  Eric doesn't date much and we never hear him talk about girls.  He talks about girls about as much as we do."

"Damn, Jess, why didn't you say something sooner.  I would give my left nut to get in his pants."

"Don't rush him too fast.  Give him a chance.  Just make sure you let him know you are interested.  Be subtle; don't just grab his dick.  He is your next-door neighbor, you should have asked him for a ride to school.  He asked you last week, but you had your head up my butt or something and said you were going with me.  Why don't you call him now, we have plenty of time."

"Cool, I will call him.  Hmmm....  I think I will call from downstairs, Okay?"

"Okay."  I couldn't help but chuckle at Billy being shy about me hearing his conversation with Eric all of a sudden.

Billy shouted from downstairs.  "Hey Jess, you want a ride too?"

"No thanks, I need to take the city bus so that I can get used to the route.  I have swim team tryouts after school and I won't be coming right home."  That excuse even sounded lame to me, but I wanted them to have some time alone.  I know Eric has a crush on Billy. I am not sure it is more than that, but he definitely has a crush.  He didn't say he was gay, but he sure left me with that impression."

"Hey Jess, I will see you at school.  Eric told me I could come over and talk to him while he gets ready.  I hope he is wearing silk boxers.  I will try to feel his dick, maybe he will be more sociable."  Billy left giggling.

I shouted after him. "Subtle dude, subtle."

I caught the bus and saw a couple of guys from last year on the bus.  They were in back and so I sat on the row in front of them.  John said.  "Hey dude, we have not seen you since your big announcement last year.  Anybody give you a hard time?"

"No not yet.  Most people don't care."

"That's good, we have not even told our parents yet, but they have to know.  Big mouth here makes so much noise when he cums."  They both giggled.  "Do your parents know your gay?"

"Yes, my parents are cool with it.  They both said they wanted me to be happy and if I was sure then I should find the man of my dreams."  My parents already know who the man of my dreams is, but I couldn't tell these guys.

"Cool, I figured Billy was your boyfriend."

"No, we are just best friends.  I don't have a boyfriend, but I hope that changes soon."

"Anybody we know?"

"Not likely, besides I don't even know if they guy I want is gay."

"Bummer dude, it's not like a guy can just go up and ask another guy out.  We have figure all that crap out before we ask.  It's tough being queer."

"Yes, well I have always heard that everything worth having is worth working for.  I hope it applies to boyfriends too.  I have worked hard for this guy if saving myself for him can be considered work."  We were at the school and started getting off the bus. I had to go to the office to get my schedule and all.  Since I missed orientation, I would be shown around too.  I don't know why John and Doug came to school so early.

When I got to the office, I found about twenty other kids waiting just like me.  Damn, this was going to take forever.  I was hoping I might find Alex before first bell.  It didn't take as long as I expected.  We were given a schedule, map and lock for our locker when our names were called.  We were told that our lockers were not with the rest of our class and so we might have some difficulties with logistics for a few days.  I found my locker and put the lock on it.  At least it had an easy combination six-one-eight same as my street address.

I marked on the map where my classes were and decided I wouldn't have any trouble finding my classes.  Homeroom was second from the door, so I couldn't get lost there. I still had twenty minutes before first bell, so I went out side to explore.  Okay, I went out to look for Alex.

I saw a couple of kids I knew and we spoke briefly.  Then I ran into Ross Greene the school bully.  He tripped me and started shouting: "Get up queer, I am going to kick your fag ass."

Just then Alex came up, I was so stunned, I just sat there.  He turned to Ross and said: "You wait right there, for your ass kicking, I need to talk to Jess first.  Don't move you pussy bastard."

Ross started spouting something, but I had him tuned out.  I could only focus on Alex and what he was saying.

Alex leaned in and whispered into my ear. "I am going to kick his ass no matter, but I want to know if it is on general principles or if it is personal.  Are the rumors true that you're gay? And if they are, will you be my boyfriend?"

I whispered into his ear. "Yes and yes, but if you will be my boyfriend I will kick his ass."

"No, I don't want him to put a mark on your beautiful face."

"I am the sixth ranked black belt in the city, there is less chance he will mark me than mark my new boyfriend's beautiful face.  I just have to make it self-defense.  Help me up stud."  Alex helped me up.

"Okay Ross, I usually don't do the violence thing.  I usually just walk off and go on my way, but you have been a bully for too long.  You don't have any friends because no one wants to be around you.  So what I am going to do is give you two black eyes and a split lip and if you haven't had enough then I am going to knock the breath out of you and put you on your candy ass."

It worked, he was angry and he came at me fists flying.  I gave him a quick kick to both his cheeks and then hit him in the mouth with the palm of my hand.  "Have you had enough?"

He came again.  I kicked him in the chest and he went to the ground gulping for air.  Once he got his wind back, I helped him up.  "Man, sorry I had to hurt you, but you don't seem to get the picture any other way."

"Leave me alone."

"No problem there."

Alex grabbed me by the arm and led me out of the group of kids that had gathered to see the fight.  "You were right, you were the best man for the job.  Here let me brush the grass off those pants."  He leaned in close.  "You don't have grass on your butt, but I thought it a good way to get to feel your butt in public."  He had a smile a mile wide.

"Why didn't you contact me after you moved.  I have missed you Alex."

"No more than I missed you.  It is really not that easy to explain, how about I explain after school.  Can I take you home?"

"Well, that would be nice and I would love it, but I have swim team tryouts after school."

"I know; I have football practice too."  If you get finished before I do, meet me at the field, if I get through I will meet you at the pool.  We better change apart or I will have to try to put a hard cock in my cup and that is sooooo painful.  Is it a deal bud?"

"Deal.  Did you really mean it about us being boyfriends?"

"Yes, God yes, I can't ever remember not loving you Jess.  You have been my constant fantasy since I was eleven and learned to jack it."

"You have been mine too.  My parents thought I was silly when I first told them I was gay and was waiting for you, but they soon realized that I couldn't love anyone else. They said they were there for me, but they didn't want me crushed if you were not interested.  They said they had always loved you too you were like a second son to them and they would love to have you for a son-in-law."

"That is so cool.  My parents know I love you too."

"What about all those cheerleaders you date?"

"I don't really date them much, I take some to parties and have taken a few to the movies, but I have told everyone that I date that I am not looking for a relationship.  If they want to go to a movie or a party okay, but my heart belongs to someone else."

Alex said "Which lunch period did they give you?"


"Great, we have lunch together, most freshmen go second lunch."

"I am a sophomore, they bumped me."

"That explains it.  Great, see you at lunch.  Oh, I am not going to hide being gay anymore, do you mind if I tell who my boyfriend is?"

"Not if I can too."

"Jessie, I am so proud to be your boyfriend.  I hope we don't have to take any shit over this, but it will be worth it to be able to be close to you."

"Thanks, that goes for me too."  The bell rang and we had a quick kiss and went to class.  I saw a couple of girls point and I heard a 'what the fuck?' from some male, but no one said anything to us.

I didn't know anyone in my first three classes.  I thought I could sense people talking and pointing, but nothing definite.  Then in third period this cute blonde girl asked me. "Did you and Alex James kiss each other this morning?"

"Yes, we did.  Is that a problem?"

"No, but between the two of you, you are breaking every girl's heart on campus.  You two have to be the two best looking boys in school."

"I am sure there are plenty to take our places."

"Rumors are spreading like wildfire, nothing bad, everyone is in shock and jealous.  Girls and boys alike."

"Thanks, I do love him and I am so very fortunate I have him.  I have not seen him for four years until this morning."

"You have to be kidding.  I can see your not. Wow, that is all I can say, wow."

Soon the teacher settled the class and he bored us with what we could expect this year in American History.  When class was over, I immediately got worried.  Alex didn't tell me where to meet him.  Just then a winded Alex showed up running down the hall toward me.  "Hey Jess, let's go get lunch at Mickey D's and talk.  Okay?"

"Okay, let's do it."

"No, not that, at least not until after school."  He giggled and wrapped his strong arm around my shoulder.

"Why not, I have been waiting with nothing but my left hand?" I teased.

"All in good time, my sweet Jessie, all in good time."

We had a long wonderful kiss before we headed to the burger joint. I kept trying to bring up why he hadn't contact me after he moved and he still wanted to put off that discussion until after school.  We had another long kiss and many lovers' pecks before we had to go back to class.

"If this wasn't the first day of school we would blow this joint.  Oops, poor choice of words.  Skipped this afternoon."

"I will never complain about blowing the joint."  We laughed and split for our afternoon classes.

I saw a few kids that I had morning classes with in my afternoon classes and started making some new friends.  This was almost like moving to a new city and not knowing anyone, but being Alex James's boyfriend helped make me instantly popular.  People I didn't know were calling me by name and waving.

When it came to last period, Alex and I both had PE, he had football and I had swimming tryouts.  Alex came by and gave me a quick kiss.  "I couldn't wait until this crap was over, I had to have a kiss.  See you after practice."

"I needed it too."

I heard someone ask Alex why he wasn't changing with his boyfriend and he said "I always get hard around that boy.  Until they make a cup for a hard dick, I can't change with him."

They all gave him a hard time about being a horny bastard.  He just said no arguments there.

We were all given our practice suites and we changed and went to the pool.  Coach put us in the bleachers and started his speech.  "Boys, you are in sixth period PE at this time because you are expected to make the team.  We are not always correct and if you don't make the team after tryouts, your schedule will be adjusted.  We have some boys we don't know yet that are also trying out and they will be here in a few minutes. They are trying to make the team too.  They have been given excuse slips to give their teachers, but must check in with their last class.  Some of them may replace you guys on the team.  You guys were all on the team last year, except for Clark.  His middle school 100 free will beat any of yours last year, so we assumed he would make the team.  It would have been great to have him on the JV team, but he was bumped to tenth grade.  I expect someone to step up and give Clark a little competition. You boys that have just gotten dressed, come have a seat.  You haven't missed anything. Every position on this team is up for grabs.  It is up to you to win a position on this team.  We have been very fortunate to have a great team for the last few years and I hope that continues.  I can't make this a great team, but you boys can.  Now we are going to start the trials, as coach Adams calls your name give him your stroke."

"We have at least one in here that will stroke us all if we let him."  A big dark haired boy shouted.

 "Son, I don't know your name and I don't want to right now.  This school has a very strict anti-discrimination policy.  If you feel you are not safe in our locker room, I need to know why and I will fix it.  If you are just a stupid bigot, it might be best if you turn in your Speedo now.  We don't need that on this team.  Do YOU or anyone else want to discuss this further?"

"No sir, sorry, I was really just teasing."

"Teasing is one thing.  Watch your comments that single a person or group of people out.  That is not teasing and it will not be tolerated at this school. Period.  Anymore comments before we churn some water?"

"NO SIR!" Shouted everyone.

 They had me swimming every freestyle distance except the 1500.  They had my times from last year and didn't want to kill me they said.  I won every free distance they made me swim and came in second in the 100 fly. I also managed to win the 400 individual medley.

Before tryouts were over, I saw Alex slip into the bleachers freshly showered with his blonde curls wet and I was drooling.

Coach said: "Listen up you clowns.  We have got to give Clark some competition in the freestyle we can't compete without some better freestyle times from some others.  Hell, right now Clark could swim a 400 and beat the next best four of you guys in a relay.  I know Clark's time are exceptional, but we need some better times from the rest of you guys."

"Coach, I know I can't touch Jessie, so I didn't tryout for the free, but I will give it a shot if you want."  Joey Johnson said.

"Me too coach" a couple of other kids, said.

"Okay, the rest of you go get your shower, you guys that want a shot at freestyle distances stick around."  I noticed there were six in all that stuck around.

Alex grabbed my arm on the way to the showers.  "I am impressed, my boyfriend has everyone shaking in their boots.  Need some company to wash your back?"

"No, I am in a hurry to get you home so that we can kiss and cuddle.  If we shower together, we might be here all night."

"Okay, hurry.  You have me so horny.  I will pull up by the door." He swatted me on the butt.  "By the way, nice ass."

I just wiggled and giggled and headed for the showers.

When I came out (I was the first one out by the way) Alex was waiting in a white Jeep GC.  "Nice wheels dude."

"You didn't know?  I figured you picked it out.  My dad got it at the office and your dad told him he thought it would make a good sixteenth birthday present."

"No, I didn't know.  I basically have not heard anything about you since you moved."

"I will tell you all about that.  Let's wait until we get to your house."

"Okay, we are almost there."

As we pulled into the drive, I notice both cars gone.  "We have the house to ourselves."

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