Jessie's Best Bud
Part 2
By: Jim Carter

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As we pulled into the drive, I notice both cars gone.  "We have the house to ourselves."

"I figured we would.  My mom and your mom talked on the phone last night.  My mom told me I should bring a change of clothes with me today in case I wanted to stay over.  It seems our mothers were both worried that we would get our hearts broken today.  My mom didn't know that you announced to the school you were gay last year.  I didn't find out until you guys had already left for Europe.  My mom kept cautioning me that you might not be gay and that if you were; you might not want someone as old as me.  She said was so worried that I was building my hopes so high that if you rejected me I might do something drastic.  I told her not to worry, even if you were taken or were straight that we were buds and would always be buds and I could live with that.  Then of course, when I heard you were gay I cried like a baby.  I was so happy, I knew we meant too much to each other.  I could win your heart from anyone, or at least, I thought I could."

"You have always had my heart.  At first, I didn't know it was love, I just knew a part of me was missing."  We made it to my bedroom and started kissing.

"My biggest fear was that you and Billy were lovers and I would have to hurt him.  I was determined to get you back, no matter whom."

"Oh, Alex, speaking of Billy.  I sent him on a mission to try for Eric this morning, I need to call him to see how it went."

"Cool, do it now.  I want to know how it turned out.  I am pretty sure Eric is gay or bi.  He ogles too many boys to be totally straight."

We dialed Billy.  "Hey dude, how's it hanging?"

"Hard and straight, you idiot.  I have my boyfriend here.  Oh, congratulations, I hear you and Alex put on a show today."

"That is why I was calling I wanted to see if you and Eric managed to find something in common."

"Dude, he did have on silk boxers this morning and I grabbed.  We sucked each other before we left for school.  We were late for our homeroom; man this guy is hot.  Here Eric wants to talk to you."

"Hey Eric."

"Hey Jessie.  Thanks man, I owe you one.  This is one hot little dude.  Oh congratulations to you and Alex both.  I have never seen him so happy.  I haven't seen you, but I know how much you wanted this, so I know you have a grin plastered all over your face too."

"I do and we both thank you for the congratulations.  Go take care of that boy; we have some things to get straight between us ourselves.  Bye dudes"


Alex was listening too.  "He is right you know.  I have been so happy today; people have asked me if I was okay.  I just told them never better."

We were cuddled up on the bed kissing.  "Okay, tell me why you left without contacting me.  You avoided it all day."

"Jessie you have to promise me you will let me say this all the way through.  Okay?"

"Okay, I promise."

"Some things don't add up right now.  I don't know what has been going through our parent's minds.  Some of the things they have said and done are contradictory and I don't understand, but sooner or later we will figure it out.  What I am about to tell you is exactly what I know or have been told and like I said some of it doesn't make sense to me with what I know now.  Perhaps together we can make sense from it."

"Just tell me what you know.  I am desperate to know why you didn't call me or something."

"Jessie, I knew I was gay and in love with you way back when I was twelve.  I told my parents and they said I was too young to make such decisions and that you were too young to even be told.  Since my dad works for yours and they are really good friends, my dad talked to your dad.  Our parents talked then your parents talked to me. You were sending the night at Billy's. I guess they wanted to make sure I would never hurt you or anything.  You parents are so cool man.  I guess mine are too really, but your dad is something else. He and I sat in the floor with the others in the chairs listening.  He made sure I was comfortable and he told me he loved me like a son and would be happy for his boy to have me as a boyfriend.  He said if we were gay, that wouldn't change as we grow up.  He said he was convinced that I loved you and he knew you loved me, but what he was not sure of was if we were old enough yet.  He told me he experimented with a few boys when he was a kid and thought he loved a couple of them.  He said he was sure we stayed together neither of us would have a chance to decide.  He said he didn't know what to do, but if he had a daughter instead of a son, he wouldn't hesitate; he wouldn't let us date or see each other just yet.  He made sense to me.  He told me again how much he loved me and it wasn't me at all but our age.  He said he knew we would be miserable if we couldn't see each other and he was sure he would cave much too quickly.  I understood that and nodded to him that I understood.  He said he couldn't tell you he was forbidding you from seeing me, cause he said I can't do that to you boys and it wouldn't work anyway.  He said he thought both of us in high school would give us the maturity to make the decision on our own if we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  He said if I would agree to move across town and wait, he would move heaven and earth to see that we were never separated again if we still wanted each other.  It was totally up to me.  He told me we would work on something else if this was not acceptable and they would listen to any suggestions.  The hardest part to agree to was no direct contact with you.  His logic and it made sense was if we were not given a chance to grow apart we couldn't.  I was scared to death.  Not being on the spot, but having to make the decision to be apart from you.  I thought it over for a couple of days.  It took everything I had to keep from telling you, but I knew just like they did, that to a nine year old the future is tomorrow not the rest of our lives.  So we moved the day after I said okay.  I felt like I had to do something special as our last day together and we couldn't get rid of Billy so I showed you both how to masturbate.  It was all I could do to not make love to you right there, but I did manage.  What you didn't see was me crying all the way home.  I cried myself to sleep every night for months, but I know deep down that being together for the rest of our lives was worth the wait, I just hopped you would wait.  Of course, our parents still talked and they knew I was still in love with you and when you came out to your parents and told them you were waiting on me no matter what.  Your dad almost caved and let us get back, but my dad convinced him to go ahead and wait this out, to really give you a chance to be sure and to become comfortable with yourself.  They didn't tell me that you were gay until I heard it from Eric saying it was all over the middle school.  They never did tell me you loved me until I called to tell them that I was going to your house after school and that you loved me.  Then mom said; I know that is why I suggested you take a change of clothes.  We just thought it would make both your days to find each other and express yourselves with the mystery involved.  Mom said all four parents were happy to have two sons now.  She also told me that the house that was just built next door is my parent's new house given to them by your dad.  It is finished except for our rooms; they figured we would want to decorate it like we wanted.  We can have two bedrooms and a bath or one bedroom, a living area and a bath.  I wanted to tell you at lunch, but decided that you needed to know the whole story, or at least that part I know, first. What I don't understand most is even this morning mom was cautioning me about you might not still love me and for me to be prepared for the worst.  They have been talking; she has to have known you were waiting for me. It just doesn't make sense."

"I got really mad at first, but then I realized you are right.  I was not old enough; at that time my idea of the future was next Christmas or my next birthday.  What I don't understand, how did you get so wise and understand it was the right thing to do?"

"That still amazes me too.  One thing is your dad putting so much trust and faith in me, helped me weigh the possibilities.  I have total faith that he will make sure we will never be separated unless we decide that.  Our parents' building US an area in the new house is awesome."  I didn't know anything about this house until today when I called mom.  I want to see it, but not tonight.  Tonight we make up for four years apart."

"You are horny, I am too.  This is all mine and I want to love it as much as I love you."  I was squeezing his erection as I said this.  Alex lovingly squeezed mine.

"Every time I masturbated, you were in my thoughts.  Now that we are together, I want it so bad, but holding you is so special our pleasure sexually seems to be secondary."

"Yes, but not for long.  I have to taste you and soon."  Just then there was a knock on the door.

We had one more quick kiss and said, "Come in."

It was both sets of parents.  My mom said. "I am a little disappointed.  I was excited about seeing two cute naked boys."

Alex got up and said. "We can strip for you, we were just talking about getting naked."  He was pulling his shirt off.  I did the same.

"No boys, that is okay, I was just kidding.  You have plenty of time for that when we leave in just a few minutes.  We are staying over at the James' tonight.  We thought you boys might like to have the house to yourselves for you first night together.  Be responsible and get enough sleep to function in school tomorrow.  Jim promised Alex if he would wait you boys would never have to be separated again and we are all prepared to abide by that as long as you are responsible and take responsibility for you actions.  We have talked and the only other rule that we are asking and I stress ASKING is that you limit your passion to the bedroom when we are around.  Kissing, hugging and cuddling are okay unless we have guests.  Just use good judgment, we have every confidence in you boys and we are all extremely proud of you."

"Jessie what is this I hear about you fighting today?"

"Mr. James, it wasn't much of a fight.  A bully tripped me and started calling me names.  I just convinced him that gay boys were not pushovers.  I didn't really hurt him."

"I understand and please call me Paul, Mr. James is way too formal.  I like having two sons; I know Jim does too.  Jim wanted to take Alex to Europe this summer, but I wasn't sure I was ready.  Jim was convinced you boys were ready and so we started building the house.  Your moms' would be planning a wedding if that were possible.  I want to say I love you both and am so proud of you both."

"Boys we want you to know we are here for you.  You waited until you both were in high school like we asked and now as we promised you won't be separated."

"Jess, I was wrong to let them move you up a grade.  I called the school today and had you reassigned; you are now a junior and in every class with Alex. I hope this is not too much too quick for you, but the school assured me you could do the work.  This way if you boys want to go to the same university you can.  We will make sure you get an apartment close, but off campus.  We are all so proud of you boys.  Now we are leaving so you can get naked.  The drapes are already pulled all over the house and dinner is staying warm in the oven.  Don't forget to eat, and get plenty of sleep.  You have the rest of your lives so don't feel you have to stay up all night.  There are lube and condoms in the bedside table."

"Dad, I have never had sex with anyone except my hand and Alex hasn't either, I don't think.  We don't plan on having sex with anyone else, why do we need the condoms?"

"I don't guess you do, I was just trying to be responsible and make sure you had everything my boys needed.  There are some massage oils there too, but I imagine you will be too excited to try those yet."  The old folks laughed and started to leave.  "Have fun boys and be good to each other."

"We will, but we don't understand some things.  Why were you guys so negative and saying be careful don't get your heart broken and stuff like that when you knew we were both still in love with each other."

"I don't think we can honestly answer your questions, we just decided to let the cards fall as they might today and I guess we were not as sure as you boys and we might have been over protective or cautious.  I don't know what else to say.  We did everything we thought was right so that you could work it your yourselves.  We told Jessie he would need to take the city bus because of his swim team tryouts so that he wouldn't have a ride home and you could bring him home."

"I was wondering about that.  I didn't mind the bus, but I have only ridden it when Billy and I have slipped off to town.   Oops, maybe I said too much."  We all laughed.

"How did you get Jessie in all my classes?"

"When your president and vice president of the school board, when your dad and I make a suggestion, it usually happens.  This is the only time I have interfered with the running of a school and I ask principle Morgan if it would be possible.  All he said was done.  I hope I have not totally overstepped my authority, but I have served on the school board since before Jessie was born.  Your dad has served for over ten years.  Maybe one favor isn't too much to ask."

"Cool.  I am glad we have all our classes together and I hope it is not too distracting for us."

"If it is and either of your grades start slipping, we can have you without any classes together, but as responsible as you boys are, I am confident it won't be a problem.  Since you now have to be responsible totally as a couple, you will find it much more difficult than when decisions were made for you and your limits set for you.  Just remember that we are here for you and will listen and help advise you any way we can.  Since you boys are a couple and are making your own decisions, we can't just jump in when we think you need our council.  We are typical parents and we would be much to free with our advice.  You will have to ask us for advice, but never ever hesitate to ask us.  We are here for you always."

"Thanks guys!"

"Yeah, thanks!"

"We are gone now boys be careful and remember to get some sleep."

"We will."  We gently kissed as our parents left us to our first night alone together.

"You know Jess, we are so lucky.  Our parents are not only okay with us being gay and a couple, they are helping us to make sure we are happy.  I have seen a couple of my friends go through Hell when their parents found out.  I haven't seen anyone get thrown out of his house, but it happens all the time.  We are being treated as a couple and loved as a couple.  We have the best parents in the world."

"You're right, but they did keep us separated for four years."

"Yes, but you know they wouldn't let a daughter become a couple with a boy even this soon.  The other thing it was done above board with the oldest of us helping make the decisions.  They didn't have a clue how to deal with this and tried to do what they thought best.  I can't say it wasn't the best way to handle it.  I can say I am the happiest man on the planet today."

"I might argue with you about that.  I think it is safe to say we are the happiest two men on the planet right now.  I love you so much Alex James.  I always have and always will."

"I think we have proven our love for each other more so that any couple I have ever heard of.  We had to trust the strength of our love without ever expressing it before our separation.  I have no doubt about your love for me or my love for you.  Jessie, you light up my life.  I promise not to break out in song, but you do."

"Okay I love you, you love me.  No purple dinosaur here, now let's get naked.  I want you and I want you now."

I started kissing Alex's chin and moved to his neck.  I love the taste of the man I lusted and saved myself for.  He tasted of Coast soap.  We even used the same kind of soap. I kissed and licked his chest and took his nipple into my mouth and started to suck it slow and easy.  I kissed across his chest to the other nipple and repeated the process.  Both his little nubbins were stone hard.  I kissed my way down his chest to his belly.  My tongue started working his belly button and Alex was bucking the air.  I must remember how sensitive his belly button is.  I started licking his pubic mound, then kissing, sucking and nibbling at his nut sack.  I was careful not to suck his nuts just yet.  I licked the area below his balls and he brought his knees up to his chest.  His little pink hole was exposed to me.  I couldn't help myself, I kissed and licked his hole then I tried to get my tongue into him.  He was groaning and moaning so loudly, it is a good thing our parents are not here.  When I could stand it no more, I had to have his beautiful cock.  I licked back up to his hard cock and licked around the base savoring his wonderful boy smell.  Then I licked up his shaft and started licking around the ridge of his circumcised six-inch cock.  His precum was flowing like crazy and I loved the taste.  I soon took his cock in my mouth and started working up and down on his smooth shaft.

"Oh Jess, I am so close.  Man, I am going to cum." I started sucking harder letting Alex know I was hungry for his cum.  As the first volley hit the back of my mouth and I gave a loud moan.  I could feel each volley of his sweet cum.  It was so hot and shot with such force; I could feel each shot.  His taste was marvelous; I couldn't get enough of his hot cum.  I slowly licked and kissed his beautiful dick until his breathing returned to normal. He lifted me up for a long passionate kiss.  "Jessie, Jessie, Jessie, that was so fantastic.  I have never come close to such a feeling.  I want you now."

Alex mirrored the path I had taken. I was out of control.  My body was so excited each cell of my skin seemed to be electrified.  While he was licking my hole, I was sure I would cum without him ever touching my dick.  I managed to hold it.  When he took my little nuts in his mouth I almost blew again, but again, he let me settle.  When he touched my dick with his tongue, I heard a loud gasp.  I think it was him, but it could have been me.  I have been moaning the whole time.  Then he started licking the rim of my hard little cock and I was history.  He could sense I was close and swallowed me to my pubes.  In three up and down strokes, I was firing the largest strongest cum of my life.  "Oh Alex, it's fantastic.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  I can't believe how good this feels.  Man, oh man!" I managed to gasp out between breaths.

When Alex came up to kiss me he had some of my cum that we shared.  We both had grins that wouldn't quit.  "Jessie bud I never dreamed it would be this good.  It is a good thing I didn't, I might not have been able to stay away from you all this time."

"I know, man you're good.  You're not disappointed that my dick is so small?"

"Jess, dude, there is nothing small at all about your dick compared to your beautiful body.  Your dick is beautiful, perfect man.  You are still growing, but if you never grow another tiny bit, it will still be fantastic.  It fits in my mouth so well, I think it belongs there."

My smile had to be monstrous I could feel it, but couldn't help it.  My Alex loved my dick.  His is perfect.  "Alex I love every inch of you, and your cock is perfect.  I want to make love with you forever."

"Me too, forever and then some.  Let's go see what they have for us to eat."

There was a sign on the oven.  I hope you boys didn't wait until everything is ruined.  Check the fridge first.  In the fridge were a dozen oysters another sign.  We know you boys don't need these, but we wanted to show our support for our boys' first night.

I sat in Alex's lap and we fed each other the oysters and we both quickly had boners. "Damn things must work fast."  We both giggled.

"I think in this case we are just horny."

In the fridge were also two plates with salad already on the plate.  In the oven we found pasta and manicotti. We ate a wonderful meal.  We were both stuffed and we started caressing, our cocks getting even harder if that was possible.

Alex put me in his arms and started carrying me up the stairs.  I was showering his face with kisses the whole way.


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