Jessie's Best Bud
Part 2
By: Jim Carter

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As we settled in for the night Alex and I cuddled, kissed, and whispered sweet nothings to each other. We touched, licked, kissed and suckled ever inch of our mates body. We were not in a hurry, just the joy of pleasing seemed to be our goal. I couldn't get enough of the smell or taste of Alex. After awhile we were positioned in a sixty-nine fashion and our tongues started to pleasure our partner's genitals.

We finally reached an overload of stimulation and we both knew we were close to the point of no return. I tried my best to wait until Alex was shooting in my mouth before I exploded in his, but I just couldn't hold out any longer. As soon as my eruption started so did his. I guess he was at that point as well. We devoured the sweet boy juice and then kissed exchanging our cum. This was such a turn on. We had another long bout of kissing before our eyelids became heavy and sleep took over our bodies.

I awoke the next morning looking into the eyes of my smiling lover. His smile was warmer than I could imagine. It made me feel special and loved. I realized I was smiling too. "Good morning beautiful." Alex said finally.

"Good morning more beautiful." I countered.

"I love you so much Jesse. I never want to wake up without your smiling face next to me ever again."

"Me either."

We kissed long and hard until the alarm clock started its infernal noise. We both struck at the clock at the same time and it caused us to start laughing into each other's mouths. That caused even more laughter. Finally Alex said. "Come on Jess, let's get a shower and get some breakfast before we have to be in those halls of Hell."

We both laughed and we went into the bathroom. This was an awkward moment. I need to take a dump and I didn't want my Alex to have to smell that. "Hmmm Alex, I think I will go to the other bathroom and take care of business."

"You might as well do it here, we will sooner or later and I never want you to feel uncomfortable do something as natural as taking a crap around me. I felt the same way just now myself, but I realized that being intimate means being together when things are not rosy." He had an evil grin on his face and I knew he was about to tease me. "I am not saying your shit doesn't smell like roses, but if that fart last night was any indication, a rose factory your not."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Okay, you asked for it." I sat down on the pot and started doing my business. Alex was shaving while I was on the pot and when I was finished he started acting like he was gagging.

He kissed me and said. "Just kidding bud."

I started brushing my teeth and Alex got on the pot. "Damn Alex, at least you could wait until I finish brushing my teeth." My giggles gave away that I was not serious about my objections.

When Alex finished, he wrapped me in his arms. "Jess, now there is nothing we can't do together. Last one in the shower has to make the bed."

We fought to get into the shower first. We managed to get in at the same time. Our shower was enjoyable and I never want to shower alone again. It feels so good to wash someone and have them wash you. My scalp has never felt so wonderful before.

We dried each other and dressed for the day. Our school doesn't have uniforms, but Alex and I dressed as opposites. He had packed a white shirt and blue pants. So I wore a blue shirt and white jeans. We looked like we belonged together, but not exactly the same.

As we were eating our breakfast, the phone rang. It was Eric. He and Billy wanted to ride to school with us this morning. I guess Billy was prepared to wait for us after school, Eric and Alex have football practice and I have swimming.

"Jesse is your butt as sore as mine?" Billy asked.

"Nope, only had a finger in it. We will get there one of these days, but right now, we want to take it slow and enjoy the journey."

"I guess we were too horny, we wanted it all right now and we did our best to do it." Eric said.

"Whatever floats your boat is good. It is all good. I cannot imagine life without Jesse anymore."

On the way to school we talked about our activities last night but not in great detail. We found out from Eric that after we left school yesterday, the football team held a meeting and decided to make sure they watched our back and anyone that messed with us would be quickly dealt with and soon had the support of the rest of the sports teams. Also four other players came out to the team one being Eric.

Once we got to school, we soon learned that the football team had pretty much given notice to the whole school already that anyone doing or saying anything bad about us or any of the others would be punished severely.

I got my new schedule that morning, not that I needed it. I just went with Alex to all the classes. In all but two classes we were allowed to sit together. Our morning was uneventful and everyone seemed very friendly.

We had just gotten our food and sat down with Alex's friends when a very bruised and puffy Ross came over. "Jesse can I talk with you for a minute? In private."

"Not without me you can't." Alex challenged.

"He has already proven he can whip my ass, he doesn't need you to protect him, but I need to talk to you too. Can I talk to you both?"

"Okay, give us ten minutes and we will meet you in the quad."

"Cool, Thanks guys."

We both looked astonished. Had Ross said thanks? What is he up to? We finished our lunch and went to meet Ross. We didn't know they were coming, but when we got out there we saw several of the football players watching from a distance.

Ross smiled and then we could see his lip hurt, but he laughed. "It only hurts when I laugh. Well, maybe a little more often, but I deserved it."

"Wow, that is a change. Who are you and what did you do with the real Ross?"

"I know it sounds strange to me too, but I was awake all night last night thinking and trying to figure out who I really am. I am still not sure, but I am working on it and I don't like the old Ross much and would like to try to become someone I can like."

"That sounds like a nice thing to do, but why did you want to talk to Alex and I?"

"First of all I wanted to tell you I am sorry for how I acted yesterday. You have punished me for my deeds, but I have done worse to some others that can't punish me the same way. I want to try to ask them to forgive me as well, but I can't blame them if they don't. There is something else I want to talk to you guys about, but I am not sure I can."

"If you are serious about wanting to act differently, Jesse and I will listen to you. You can ask anything. We may not be able to or choose not to answer, but we won't ridicule you for asking."

"This is really hard for me to tell anyone, but I can't think of any way round it if I can change. I am attracted to a certain type of person and those are the ones I pick on. Yes, I know I acted like a person that hated anyone gay, but that was to cover up for me being gay. I figured if I made the boys I liked hate me, I could stop from being gay. I made them hate me, but I am still attracted to them and they hate me both."

"Wow, Ross, you are full of surprises this morning. You mean you tried to pick on me because you were attracted to me, not just because I am small and look defenseless?"

"Yes, that is why I tried to pick on you. I have always been attracted to Alex too, but he has always hated me for what I did to other kids, so I didn't have to make him hate me."

"Well, how do you plan to change all that?"

"When I found out you both were gay and everyone liked you both so much, I decided I shouldn't hate myself for being gay. I sort of got it in my head if I could like me; maybe some others might too. I know I don't really have the right to ask, but do you guys think you might be my friends?"

"Ross, it doesn't work that way. Friends are not just turned on and off. Friends have to be earned; no one can give you one. On the flip side no one can take them away from you either, you have to loose them yourself just like you have to earn them. I am willing to give you another chance. Jess, how about you? Are you willing to give Ross another chance at your friendship?"

"Sure, I believe one can never have too many friends."

"Thanks guys, that is really more than I expected. You guys are super."

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch, but we will be happy for you if you continue to make progress in becoming a good guy."

"There is one other thing."

"What is that?"

"There is one boy, I can't get out of my mind for anything, but I have picked on him so much he must hate me so bad, I will never be able to get him to forgive me."

"All you can do is try. You don't have to answer, but who is the boy?"

"Timmy Tucker."

"Little Timmy, I should have guessed. He is really cute; I can see why you are attracted to him. The only thing is how different your sizes are makes you seem like you define big and small."

"Do you guys have any ideas how I can make him like me?"

"Alex tried to tell you before you can't make anyone like you. All you can do is give them the chance to like you, or a reason to like you."

"Even if he is not gay and would just be my friend, I would be happy, but he really does turn me on."

"Have you apologized to him yet?"

"No, but I saw him this morning and instead of picking on him, I smiled at him. Guess what, he smiled back."

I didn't want to bust his bubble so I didn't tell him it might be because his face was pretty funny that caused the smile. "Well, that is a start. Haven't you taken his lunch money before?"

"Yes, I have."

"His lunch is starting now, why don't you tell him your sorry for all the times you took his money and picked on him and then buy his lunch. Tell him you will buy his lunch for a week. Maybe he will believe you that you really do want to change and give you a chance to become his friend."

"Great idea. I will buy his lunch from now on if he will be my friend, but I know I can't buy friends either. I am learning. Gotta go and find Timmy. I hope he doesn't run when he sees me. Thanks guys, see you later."

Ross didn't even here us tell him bye. He was off evidently on a mission. I looked at Alex we both smiled. "That explains a lot, but I didn't know people could be that self hating. We are so lucky to have so much support. I really hope he finds some peace and happiness. I think he can be a good guy if he sets his mind to it."

"Yes, he can, that is what was so strange about the guy he was a bully and easy to dislike, but on the football field, he protect us in the backfield like it was personal to him. I guess it was, I just didn't realize it until now."

"By the way, I think Timmy may be gay which would be great if they got together. I caught him staring at me in the showers more than once after swimming."

"We better let them work it out for themselves. We don't want to get in the middle. You know we are already late for class don't you?"

"Yes, I figured as much. I must be starting off on a bad foot, skipping class the first day I am a junior."

"Since we have already cut, let's get a coke and check on Ross and Tim."

"So much for not wanting to get in the middle." I teased Alex.

"Come on it won't hurt to look."

We got our cokes and sure enough there was Timmy and Ross eating at the same table. I followed Alex and we sat down with the two. Timmy looked like a cross between scared and confused."

"Ross, you eating again. You must be hungry today." Alex teased.

"I apologized to Timmy for being such a jerk and taking his lunch money last year. I know it doesn't make up for being a jerk for so long, but I want to buy his lunch for a week or two as a token reimbursement."

"He had me scared for a minute, I didn't know if it was a joke or something or not. I still wasn't sure until you guys sat down. Aren't you guys supposed to be in class too?"

"Yes, with all three of missing from Baumgartner's class it will almost look empty."

"Tim, I won't be able to eat with you everyday, but I will meet you and buy your lunch. I wish I could eat with you, but I don't think "The Bum" will let me take part of class to eat with a friend."

I noticed how Ross was subconsciously getting the friend part on the table.

"Ross, you don't have to buy my lunch. I accept your apology."

"Tim, I want to be honest with you, it is as much for me as it is for you. I want to learn to like myself and I need to do this for me to feel better about myself. Besides, I like talking to you a lot better than picking on you."

Timmy blushed. "Really you like talking to me?"

"Really, and you have a great smile. Same I didn't see that before."

"Ross, you have a nice smile too. Well, you did before your busted lip." He blushed and giggled.

"Thanks, it does look a little gross now. Huh? Sometimes it takes a little pain for some of us to see how stupid we can be. Thanks Jesse, for knocking some sense into my thick head."

"You have made some mistakes, but we all do. You can't be that thick headed and be in this school. My dad said the entrance exam was designed to be harder for eighth graders than the college entrance tests will be for twelfth graders. So don't give me thick headed as an excuse." I smiled to let him know it was a tease.

"As long as you guys, especially Timmy, forgive me. I won't try to blame my meanness on being thick headed."

"I forgive you."

"Me too."

"I forgive you but some thick heads are fun." Timmy said with a blush that you could see crawl up his face. Then his giggles were almost uncontrolled. None of us were brave enough to test the waters of what big heads he was referring to.

The bell rang and Timmy jumped up. "Shit I am going to be late, I got to stop at my locker. Thanks for lunch Ross. Are you really going to give me a ride home after swimming?"

"Yes, here let me take your tray and put it up. Get to your locker before you get in trouble."

Watching Ross being so nice was fun and the best part was he was enjoying it. Watching a kid see Ross and start looking for a way out from having to pass him and then to watch the kid's look of confusion when Ross would say hello and call him by name was almost priceless. The big guy had a smile the whole day and was speaking nicely to everyone.

During swimming, Timmy was a little chatterbox. He was constantly talking about Ross. Then in the shower he almost floored me when he said: "I used to fantasize about Ross when I beat off even when he picked on me. Now my dick will be so sore."

"So, you are gay and you like Ross?"

"Yes, I thought you knew I was gay. Yes, I have liked him ever since I moved here three years ago. I used to cry because the guy I loved hated me so much."

"Since you didn't get along, how do you know you loved him?"

"I don't know, perhaps it isn't love, but I can't get the guy out of my mind. I want to be around him all the time. Sounds weird, but being picked on was worth it to be close to him. When he would push me around, he would be close enough for me to smell him and I would get so hard. I had to wear a jock all the time so it didn't show."

"I see you get excited just thinking about him." Timmy had an erection that had to be hard as a rock.

"Yes, I am glad it is just the two of us left."

"Timmy, I will never call you "Little Timmy" again. Believe me there is nothing little about that thing. It is very nice, but I don't see how you carry it."

Timmy blushed again and turned on the cold water to help his condition.

We got dressed and went out to wait on the football players. Of course, Billy was already there waiting for Eric. "Hey Jess, how was swimming practice?"

"Not bad, Timmy here set a new personal best in the breast stroke."

"I bet you like stroking breasts." Billy giggled.

"Yep sure do it he is good looking."

Billy coughed. "What? You like boys too?"

"Yes, I thought you knew."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, there is a guy I like, but I don't even think he is gay."

I wanted to tell him, but then I considered it maybe too much too fast and decided to let it happen at its own pace.

"I didn't think my boyfriend was gay either, but believe me he is." Billy giggled.

"Actually mine too." I added.

"Maybe I have a chance yet. I don't want to start getting beaten up if he isn't and can't stand gays."

About then the footballers came out talking and laughing like old friends. Alex, Eric, and Ross all three seemed to be laughing and joking like best buddies.

Since the football team knew about us, Alex kissed me and Eric did the same to Billy. I could see the desire in both Ross and Timmy.

"Hey guys, we thought it would be fun to go to the mall grab a snack and play some video games. Ross said he would go if Timmy wanted, but didn't want to if he didn't."

"So asswipe was going to go even if I didn't want to go." Teased Billy.

"Yep, he said we could dump your butt at the bus stop if you didn't want to go."

Billy jumped on Eric and started to playfully beat him on the shoulders. "You know I didn't say that. What do you mean calling me asswipe? Eric countered.

"Well, Timmy what will it be? Want to come with us? Need to call and get permission?"

"Yeah, I will come, but I do need to call and leave a message on the answering machine in case my mom calls to check."

"Here call." Alex gave him his phone from his backpack. "You will have to turn it on, teachers would have a cat if they knew I had it even turned off, so keep it quiet."

"Okay, no problem." A minute later the answering machine came on. "Mom, I am going to the mall with some friends and they aren't even rubbing it in that I have to call and check in with my mommy." He couldn't help but giggle, which made Ross laugh. I can't wait until those two find out how much they like each other. This really is fun watching them, knowing both their secrets.

When we got in the arcade we all started playing all kinds of different games. Timmy and Ross didn't want to split up much, so the rest of us spent some of our time just watching those two. They were playing some games so close they couldn't hardly play.

When it came time to go Alex said. "Timmy, you live down the street from me, you want to ride with me. I have to go home and at least get some clothes?"

"No thanks Alex, Ross is going to give me a ride in the morning too and this way he will know where I live. You do still want to give me a ride, right?" He looked at Ross with hopeful eyes.

"You bet buddy. I have never had so much fun before today. I like having friends. Oops, maybe being a little presumptuous, but I like it whatever we call it."

"I think we are all becoming friends. I told you friends are earned, but I never said it had to be difficult to earn friends. Sometimes it takes work when differences get in the way, but you have earned the term friend as far as I am concerned."

"Me too." I added.

"Me too." Timmy added with a giant smile which brought a big one to Ross.

"You're getting there." Eric said.

"Yep, I had fun with you this afternoon. I think the new Ross is a pretty fun guy."

We went our separate ways. When we got to my house, mom said Alex could stay, but that his parents were expecting to stay there tonight. We said that was fine, I packed a few changes of clothes and we headed to Alex's house.

As we passed Timmy's house, we noticed Ross's car still there. We looked at each other and laughed. "Think we should stop and knock on the door?"

"Let's not embarrass them just in case they don't want us to know."

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