All characters portrayed in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely unintentional.

Or at least it is mostly unintentional, but that's only because it's difficult for me to relate to a fictitious person who doesn't resemble a real person. At least a little.

But I really didn't have anybody SPECIFICALLY in mind. Except maybe for one or two.

Or possibly three. But that's the absolute max, okay?


Chapter Twelve

To be honest, Jedidiah never intended to fall in love with Lucas. He did like him. He liked him more than anyone he'd ever known, but that's not the same thing as being in love. Most of the time, that's what he told himself. For almost a month he kept trying to believe that it was still only a game. And if it had been left solely up to bad Jed, that's all it would have amounted to, a sex game. As far as bad Jed was concerned, having not one, but three boys interested in playing that game was as good as it could get. What more could he ask for? It was only a game, but eventually he'd repent and never do any of that stuff again. Because after all, deep down there wasn't all that much difference between good Jed and bad Jed.

Only that complicated matters, because good Jed wanted to be honest and, more and more, he couldn't see anything wrong with what they were doing. He'd been taught that it was, but if your best friend loves you, then aren't you supposed to be loyal? What was wrong with having a special friendship? At first, Lucas was supposed to be his project, the first person he'd ever borne his testimony to, and if he hadn't exactly gotten around to the testimony part, at least he'd tried. I mean, he had every intention to and even if up until then they'd always ended up some place else, well... he STILL intended to. It was important because they shared a common weakness. So they needed to work on that. And, eventually, they would.

Well, it was at least possible, and he wasn't a quitter.

Every time Jedidiah thought about what he should and shouldn't be doing, he only ended up going in circles like that and he always seemed to end up at almost the same place he'd started out from. Even when he tried to do what was supposed to be right, he kept getting in deeper. He tried fellowhipping and what happened? Lucas started looking up his shorts, that's what and one thing just led to another. He'd thought getting the Jeddry brothers involved in their group might get Lucas interested in the church. How was he supposed to know that the Jeddrys liked playing sex games too? But what was he supposed to do, stay away from them? If he did that, they might stop going to church. And so one thing led to another until Scout camp happened – like that was really his fault – but then he started feeling guilty about not doing it with Lucas because he really liked him more and besides, he was doing stuff with Lucas before he was with Kelly and Katon anyway. It was all mixed up. And then...

And then Lucas said he loved him. Well, actually, he said he THOUGHT he might be in love, but...

Well, what was he supposed to say? It made him feel... actually, it was hard to say what he felt. But if all at once he was feeling sort of light-headed and happy, then that was almost like love, wasn't it? And it felt good, too. Deep down inside, it did, so he answered, “Well, maybe I love you too. I just might, but I haven't ever been in love before, so I don't know for sure.”

Only then he kissed Lucas. It was easy enough, because he was on top of him pretty much face to face and Lucas had his arms wrapped around him. Squeezing him tight... so yeah, it was easy. Only that turned into Frenching. It just happened, even though neither of them had ever tried it before. But they'd heard some rumors. Word was that it would drive you right out of your mind.

Well, if being in your right mind means that there are limits, then tongue wrestling isn't a good idea. But if you're both naked and face to face on top of each other, then there probably weren't too many limits in the first place.

So Lucas moved his hands down to Jedidiah's butt and started squeezing and pulling his cheeks open. And they were like dick to dick there. They'd been in that position for several minutes and they were writhing and sort of humping, creating lots of hot and sweaty friction – and tingly also comes to mind – and... well, the sound effects were awfully good... but the thing was, they could not possibly keep doing what they were doing without losing it. And it wasn't the least bit premature either. Well, it was because they were both feeling better and better and... even better than THAT, so they hoping it could last awhile longer. They were certainly aware that there was a limit to the better and better part, but...

You can always hope. And really, it was surprising that they managed to hold out for as long as they did. But here's an interesting experiment that you might want to try sometime: you and your partner have to be like face to face, dick to dick, okay? And you're grinding away just feeling better and better – all in the interest of scientific inquiry – until the inevitable happens. Now here's the question: Which one of you lost it first? You might have some trouble figuring it out. Because as soon as you feel that spasm, no matter who had it first, it's going to trigger another and it's almost impossible to measure milliseconds. You're as conscious of your partner's dick as you are of your own right then, almost to the point of losing track of which is which. Or at least that's how it seemed to Lucas and Jedidiah. But really, it's a wonderful experiment.

Even if it's messy.

“Oh shit!” giggled Lucas, a bit breathlessly – well, as soon as he got some of his breath back, he did - “If we don't get washed up, we're gonna be glued together!”

“Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing,” replied Jedidiah, dreamily. Lucas wasn't the only one who was almost worn out.

So if Jedidiah was only “possibly” in love, Lucas definitely was in spite of having said that he just thought he might be. He sighed. “Nah, I don't guess it would be, but-”

“We'll freeze our butts off out there,” added Jedidiah.

“Yeah, I know, but we don't have to stay in for long.”

“Well, okay then. ... Race ya!”

“I don't FEEL like racing!”


Lucas definitely was in love. Hopelessly in love. Although he certainly hoped that it wasn't hopeless, he was so much in love, he was even willing to compromise. He would have preferred something a lot closer to, “I love you now and I always will” without that maybe attached, but still, he had to think that where they were right then wasn't a bad place to be at all.

Physically, it sure wasn't. He'd never kissed like that before. And of course he'd never been kissed that way, either. Never. It was giddy, it took his breath away. He and Steve had cuddled some – especially when they were kids – but with Jedidiah there was no need to pretend that they were doing it for any reason other than it just felt good. He'd sort of made out with Tal that one summer, but there was always the understanding – or pretense or whatever - that they weren't really making out. But him and Jedidiah? Not only were they were making out, almost always this making out was going to lead on to something else entirely. Even if they were only making out “a little”.

Like for example, Wednesday afternoon, only two days after the best night of his life. Except they camped out Tuesday night as well. So okay, Tuesday night was the best because that's when the Frenching first happened. And that was also the night they decided they'd be camping out as often as possible. But they couldn't camp out Wednesday because of Jedidiah's youth activity night and to make matters worse, they'd gotten behind schedule work-wise, so on that day, they kept at it until almost 5:30. They were going to work until six, but at around 5:30 Jedidiah said wistfully, “You know, we're almost caught up. .... And we can't camp out tonight, but... um... well, you want to make out a little? Nothing MAJOR, just... well, make out some. So you want to? Just a little?”

Yeah, Lucas was definitely in love all right. Because for starters, this non-major making out still involved feeling each other off a lot. If you're out of breath, it might not be major league, but it's at least in the high minors. AAA maybe?

At least. A slightly lower classification would be whenever Kelly and Katon were around. They still had their group and it was important. Apparently Kyle had lost interest, but the two younger Jeddrys were as much into it as ever and Jedidiah and Lucas were as well. But they'd just finished discussing Kelly and Katon. It started out with Lucas trying to make his confession – the bit about Kyle – only it turned out to be difficult to confess anything to Jedidiah because he kept interrupting with his own damn confessions. Although at first he just seemed to be worried about Kelly and Katon.

“They asked me if maybe I'd be interested in making some... well, they called them coming-of-age movies, but it... it involves taking our clothes off-” (slightly nervous giggle, and then he rushed on) - “so I told them not for some man I wasn't, I don't care what he pays me, but see, they'd done it before. A couple of times. But I think I've talked them out of doing it any more because I said... well, I asked them, I said, 'What if we get to be real good as a group?' So once we make it big, they'd always have to worry about somebody recognizing them, you know? So they said that they hadn't thought about that and they wouldn't do it for that doctor any more. But it was still fun in a way. Just pretending. Like dares and stuff, you know?”

“I'm not sure if I'm following you,” started Lucas a bit guiltily, “But I think I might... well, what I mean is, I think Kyle's into it a little, too. ... Or a lot. I mean... you're talking about Dr. Sandifer, right?”

“Yeah. You know him?”

“No, but Kyle told me about him. And he tried to talk me into making one of those movies with him. But I told him I couldn't do it, either. Only... well, you see, the thing is, I didn't-”

“He doesn't still think you ARE, does he?”

“Oh no. I made that much pretty clear. So I don't know if he's going to be around much now. I mean with our group and all. But see, the thing was-”

“You can't talk him out of it?”

“We're not really good friends. I mean, we're friends – or at least, we were, but that's all. But that's what... well, see, we went to Atlanta last week. Me and Kyle. I mean, he's into opera. So we went to see Don Giovanni – that's what the opera's called – and then we were going to take in a Braves game the next night, but we... well, we... we... um-”

“You got sidetracked.”

... “Yeah. That must've been it. Sidetracked. Or something. But if I'd known... well, I wouldn't-”

“You don't have to tell me if you don't want to,” Jedidiah interrupted again, “but it wouldn't bother me, because you already know that me and Kelly and Katon messed around at camp. I wish you'd been with us, but... well, it's not that big of a deal.”

So Lucas decided he'd try a different approach. “Oh, it was a big deal, all right.”

... “Oh. ... So... well, how far did you manage to go-”

“All but two inches. Or maybe I was two and a half short, shit, I don't know, but yeah, it-”

“You shouldn't cuss so much, Lucas. But anyway, what we did at Scout camp is we pretended we'd been snake-bit. ... down there. So we had to give each other first aid so we wouldn't die. That's sort of what I mean by us doing dares and stuff. ... If you want to, I mean. Because see, that way...” (he took a deep breath) ...”It's up to you. But I just want... well, some things to be between us and nobody else. I mean, we can't let on that maybe we're in love, okay? So some things we do are going to be just between us. The way we kissed, I've never done it that way, but I liked it. And you liked it too, right?”

“Well, yeah! But-”

“Well, let me finish, then you tell me what you think, okay?”

“Okay.” Lucas was starting to think that he needed to be taking some notes, though.

Jedidiah continued, “Us making out... and there's some stuff me and Joey did... it wasn't like we were... well, doing it, but we almost were, but if we do that, then it's just between us and nobody else, okay?”

Almost? Just what does... Ho-ly SHIT!”

“But the thing is,” Jedidiah continued, “We're in the same group. You know, Kelly and Katon and us, we hang out and practice. So we're friends, right?”

“Well, yeah, but-” (Lucas was hoping for some more input about “almost” doing it.)

Only Jedidiah was still on how Kelly and Katon were somehow to be included. “So what I was thinking was this: I was thinking – and Kelly and Katon like the idea too – what I was thinking was, we could just pretend. That we're making movies. Well, we will be, but with their camcorder. Katon said they could borrow their father's. `Cause we'll shoot some of us practicing our music so nobody's not going to be telling the truth, but then we'll shoot some more movies that we're going to be the only ones... well, nobody will see those movies but us. Doing dares and stuff. Because it would be fun, don't you think? So what do you think? You think that's a good idea?”

Needless to say, Lucas wasn't sure where to start. But okay, he guessed them making “coming-of-age” and “naturist” movies could be fun dares. (And possibly some “for-educational-purposes-only” type movies later on. That might be a fun dare as well.) As long as no one else saw those movies. But even if he got over being pissed, Lucas didn't think Kyle should ever be involved. And he was about to get into the why part when Jedidiah mentioned that it was already 5:30 and then wondered if he wanted to make out some, so that took care of that.

Lucas was wearing cut-offs that day. He'd only just designed them. By that, I mean he'd bought an old pair of jeans that were about two sizes too large and he'd cut them off short enough that he wasn't likely to ever wear them in public. Well, they weren't THAT short, but Jedidiah could still reach up inside if tempted to do so. And as was usually the case, they weren't bothering with underwear, so...

And so Jedidiah was tempted. Then Lucas reciprocated by pulling Jedidiah's shorts completely off. And so Jedidiah pulled HIS off. So there.

Then there was some breathless groping and then Lucas thought to himself that they probably had enough time to take things further. Sure, why not? It was his turn to go first anyway. So he scooted down a bit and he caught that familiar whiff once again. It certainly wasn't new, but that tangy, musty smell still amazed him. Of course he was only an inch or so away from Jedidiah's dick at the time, closely examining his velvety soft bulb, so that smell was inevitable, but even so, it almost always came as a surprise.

Lucas gently squeezed so that Jedidiah's slit opened. “Hmm” said Lucas, “It looks a bit red inside, you know that?”

“I... think... SUPPOSED... oh boy.”

Well, there was a time constraint to consider after all, so Lucas guessed if he wanted to drive Jedidiah out of his mind, he'd best get to it. First, he'd concentrate on the glans. He sucked down a little, just barely and he ran his tongue around, paying particular attention to that pee hole. And it really did seem to be having a magical effect on Jedidiah. Nice boys can smell like sex. They can squirm and buck. They can even squeal. Loudly. “Shit,” thought Lucas, “If I keep this up much longer, I might even get him to say goddamn mutherfucker or something.”

And if Lucas had stopped, Jedidiah's language probably would have gotten fairly colorful at that. It almost happened when Lucas decided to hit the pause button. He was just teasing though, then he'd continue on. Down a little further. ALL the way down. Five and a quarter inches, no problem. Then back up to his bulb. He'd almost let it slip out. Jedidiah would be thinking, “NOOO!!!” Then back down again, letting it rub against the roof of his mouth. Then he'd pause again and Jedidiah would feel like he was just hanging. That tantalizing warmth was still enveloping his whole being, but...

And then he'd start again and at least once Jedidiah thought to himself, “Thank you Jesus!”, so yeah, it probably wouldn't have been taken much more. Especially when Lucas swallowed his balls. Pretty much, he did, and his dick was still included, so at that point Jedidiah was thinking some deliriously happy thoughts and was close to adding some comments. Even if they weren't likely to make very much sense.

It was an entirely new world to both of them. It was to Lucas because for the first time, he had someone who was willing to reciprocate. In fact, not only was Jedidiah willing to return favors given, he was also more than willing to initiate things, and when he did, it was without any pretense. Or at least there wasn't any once he stopped pretending to be someone else. Lucas was still trying to figure that part out, but he had pretty much accepted it. There was a good Jedidiah and a bad Jedidiah, BUT if that good Jedidiah was as good as he let on, he'd never show up every morning without his underwear, now would he?

And as for Jedidiah, well, sure Joey had done him, but never with so much enthusiasm! Katon had the enthusiasm – possibly even more – but he was lacking when it came to experience. (And as for Kelly, well, it seemed like he still wanted to pretend a little. Like it wasn't a big deal. But he had also been the one who finally allowed as how taking movies of them doing some stuff would be kind of fun. Or at least, he guessed it would be. If Jedidiah and Lucas wanted to, of course.)

But anyway, with him and Joey going down on each other had always seemed a bit mechanical, like it was just something that had to be done. But with Lucas, well... boy oh BOY! I mean, if you're sucking somebody's dick you almost have to come into contact with the pee hole – you can't really avoid it – but the first time Lucas licked his tongue over his, Jedidiah thought it must have been an accident. He hoped he'd accidentally do it a few MORE times, but still...

And swallowing his balls... oh my GO—SH!! Jedidiah almost thought a cuss word the first time that happened. But it certainly wasn't an angry cuss word , it would have been a deliriously happy one, a not-really-in-his-right-mind kind of thing.

And that starting and stopping routine of his sure was something else, he didn't know if he could take it for much longer.

And in fact, he couldn't. Which was okay in a way, because after all, they were only making out a little. Next time they had all night long, though...


Lucas and Jedidiah started off the next morning painting on the north side of the barn and talking about religion.

No really, they were, even if Lucas was doing most of the talking. But if nothing else, Jedidiah guessed he could honestly tell his aunt and uncle that they had talked about it and... well, let's see: what else could he say? “Oh, I know! Lucas is questioning the religion he was brought up in. You know, Baptists. He'd not so sure they're right any more.” Only he wouldn't mention that Lucas wasn't sure that the Mormons were right, either. And he also wasn't sure about Catholicism, or Judaism, or Protestantism, or Hinduism, or any other religion if you got right down to it: in fact, about the only thing he seemed sure about was when it came to religion, nobody knew anything, anyway. But, even so, he brought up some interesting points. Like what he called his first theorem. Which went something like: “No matter what you believe, you can bet that there are a bunch of people out there who think you're going straight to Hell for believing what you do and not what they believe.” Then he added, “So how do you know for sure that one of those people ain't right?”

“Well, because I know they're not. Because I've been brought up knowing better.”

“Because that's what your parents told you was the truth.”

“Well, of course. But-”

“Well, what if your parents happened to be Catholic? Or Jehovah's Witnesses? Or they worship the Moon Goddess? You've got no choice in who your parents are. But you're supposed to obey them, right?”

“Well, yeah, but... well see, the way we believe is that if you don't get a chance in this life to know the truth... well, there's still a chance that you will eventually. And it's not like you're going to Hell, either. You won't make it to the Celestial Kingdom, but really, not many people end up in Hell. You have to try awfully hard to end up there.

Lucas wondered, “So if you're not going to Heaven and you're not going to Hell, then where DO you go?”

“Well, we believe that there are three different levels of Heaven. Celestial is the highest, but then there's Terrestial and Telestial. And um... well, right now I guess I might be headed for the Telestial. That's the lowest level. But it's still Heaven. You have to try awfully hard to end up in Hell. So see-”

“That don't sound too Biblical to me, Jedidiah. I mean... well, I'm not going into a lot of detail, because I don't take the Bible all that seriously anyway. Just starting with the creation story that seems have a lot in common with the Sumerian's account of it, or how many times the Bible contradicts itself or the fact that what's accepted as the Bible now was decided by a group of men four centuries after the death of Christ or-”

Jedidiah interrupted, “Well, when you DO decide to go into detail, I hope you at least warn me about it!”

“Why? So you can put on an asbestos suit?”

“That doesn't make any sense, Lucas.”

... “Yeah, I guess not. ... So... you don't want me to go into detail about what the Baptists believe? Even if I don't believe that way and you don't either, you still don't want me to say anything about it?”

“Well... Maybe sometime you can tell me what you really do believe and I'll tell you what I believe. How's that sound?”

“Sounds like you're trying to get sneaky, that's what it sounds like.”

“Who, me?” Jedidiah snickered in spite of himself. “Well, maybe-”

“But can I tell you what I'd like to do if it turns out the Baptists are right? I mean, what have I got to lose at that point, you know? So what I'd like to ask God is: if I always believed He was too good to send most of humanity to Hell for eternity, does that mean I'm going to Hell for that reason? That I thought He was better than that?”

“Well, God's ways aren't our ways.”

“Okay, fine. But we're still supposed to be created in his image, right? So tell me, you think it's right to torture somebody for eternity just because they happened to be born into the wrong religion? Because they honored their parents? That's not very nice.”

“So that's just what I'm trying to TELL you, that we don't believe that way.”

... “Okay, that's one good point, I guess. But if I have to spend my life... well, say, I'm in love with you. Only 'they' say I'm not supposed to be. But see, if I have that chance – to love someone and to be loved back - then I'm just going to have to do it and not worry about what some TV evangelist or anybody else thinks about it. Because I don't care WHAT they think. So if there happens to be a... Telestial Heaven? ... Yeah, that one. Well, I'd have more fun there anyway. So you know, what the heck?”

“Yeah, maybe you'll...” and then Jedidiah caught himself, took a deep breath and finished, “Well, maybe WE'LL have more... well, I don't guess it'll be awful anyway. ... But you know, I really ought to send some missionaries your way. `Cause they can explain it a little better.”


“No, not seriously. You'd get them all mixed up. I mean, you're hopeless!”

“Yeah well, I'm still looking.”

“Well, I guess that's okay then. ... And maybe I am too. Sometimes I'm not so sure, either.“

Lucas probably wouldn't have scored many points if he was on a debate team. He wasn't that disciplined. No, he was going to say whatever popped into his head, no matter what, but still, it did seem like he could mix up almost anybody. So really, Jedidiah was hoping that Kelly and Katon would hurry their lazy butts up, all of them being bound for the lower kingdom or not.

He hadn't mentioned this to Lucas, though. That Kelly and Katon were anxious to get started with their home movie project. He had no idea what they had in mind – if they ever showed up – but then not knowing just makes it that much more interesting.


They finally showed up at around 11:30. And sure enough, they had their camcorder with them - in fact, Katon was busily getting some footage of their two friends working. As for Kelly, well, he looked to be a little nervous, but fairly hopeful all the same. Although he didn't want to let on too much, just in case.

Katon, on the other hand looked a bit smug.

Well, I guess, because he'd moved directly underneath Lucas. And like I said, Lucas wasn't expecting company, he'd been thinking more in terms of maybe the next week. So he also hadn't been thinking about playing the first starring role in that home movie project. He was pretty sure that he had though, because he was wearing the same cut-offs he'd worn the day before.

But as though nothing was afoot – not a thing - Jedidiah said cheerfully, “So I see you two finally made it.”

Trying to sound innocent, Kelly allowed, “Well we didn't have anything else to do today. So... you want us to help any?”

“Yeah, you just name it and we'll do our best,” added Katon, hopefully. Then he added, “Well, I already got me some good footage. ... I wonder what it looks like underneath Jed?”

“Katon, get that camcorder out of here!” said Jedidiah. But he didn't sound very convincing.

“Damn!” exclaimed Kelly, “Ain't you guys afraid somebody might see you?”

Katon chortled, “Well I sure did!”

“Well, nobody else is likely to see anything out here, anyway,” said Jedidiah, “and besides, it helps out with chafing.”

“Oh,” said Katon as he was casually moving back underneath Lucas, “What's chafing?” Looking up at Jedidiah was interesting, but when you got underneath Lucas, well...

“Chafing is when your daddy's camera gets paint dripped all over it,” said Lucas.

“Bet it's not either,” replied Katon, but he did take the hint.

And so Kelly and Katon just sat on the ground a short distance away and watched. They both made occasional offers to help with the painting, but since neither of them had any experience, Lucas finally allowed as how they were almost finished for the day anyway. He thought to himself that if he needed to he could paint some more Sunday morning when there weren't likely to be as many distractions.

“Yeah, we'll probably be finished about thirty or forty-five minutes from now,” added Jedidiah. Which Lucas didn't find to be a very good estimate, he'd been thinking in terms of right then. But Jedidiah had always been a good worker.

But maybe not always, because then he added, “So if you guys want to, now would be a good time to catch some rays. ... Nobody can see you out here anyway.”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Katon, “Let's get down to our shorts and sun awhile!”

For a moment, Kelly was thinking that Jedidiah was implying that they should be getting an all-over tan and he wasn't ready to go that far – not yet, he wasn't - but getting down to their boxers sounded like a good idea and so they did. And while Jedidiah HAD been implying that they might want to go a step beyond that, he guessed it really would be less distracting if they didn't.

I mean, honestly, they needed to show a little responsibility!

And almost in a nutshell, that was Jedidiah. He knew exactly why Kelly and Katon were there, but at the same time he wanted set a good example.

But really, wasn't it a good thing to keep Kelly and Katon away from Dr. Sandifer? Well, of course it was! So if they had to play some sex games to do that, was that so bad? And it wasn't going to be anything MAJOR anyway.

Although it certainly would be interesting, because he didn't know what they had in mind. He had no control over that. You can say that he did too have control, but you'd be missing the point, because the idea was for him to be able to say that he WASN'T in control. No, whatever happened just happened, that's all.


Often Katon was like bad Jed without good Jed trying to keep things under control. When the opportunity presented itself, he didn't have very many inhibitions. Which might explain why he decided to take a movie of himself while they were waiting for Lucas and Jedidiah to finish up. Or maybe it was only his sense of fair play that prompted him to point his dad's camcorder up between his legs. He'd looked up Lucas and Jedidiah's shorts and captured it on video, so why not take a look up his as well? It took some tugging and pulling, but finally: “Look! My dick's poking out! Ohh, I got a boner! Well, ain't that something!” And of course this was distracting, but Katon didn't seem to be bothered at all. Not even when his brother started calling him a perv. Which was mostly because... well, because that's what older brothers often do, they call their little brothers names.

Only Katon wasn't too bothered because Kelly started popping one too. And he was more than happy to announce that to everyone else. “Yeah, right. Kelly's popped one too! Hey Lucas! Look!”

Kelly started turning red. “Well, you made me do it, you perv!”

Katon fired back, “I'm a perv? You look at my boner and get a hard-on and I'm a perv? You wish!”

And the back and forth was on. “I ain't looking at your damn boner!” (Kelly.)

“So how'd you know I had one, then?” (Katon.)

“Because you told me you had one, you perv!” (Kelly.)

“No, YOU'RE a perv! And you're a penis breath too!” (Guess.)

“And you're an ass wipe! And you LICK-”

Then Jedidiah yelled, “Shut up you two, before you make me fall off the ladder!”

Only Katon wasn't finished.“Yeah, well, he started it!”

And neither was Kelly.“I did not, YOU started it, you-”

“Hey! Hey!” (And that would be Lucas.) “Time out, okay? Time OUT!”

“Yeah, okay, what?” asked Katon.

“Why don't we... uh... well...” and he looked over at Jedidiah for some help, because after all, this was all his idea.

Jedidiah shrugged and said, “I don't know. What do you think?”

“What do I... Um... Well, okay. We can just put our stuff up later, but now... well, I don't know, what ARE we going to do?”

“Well, you're in charge here, but I got an idea. Let them put up everything and I'll use the camcorder. ... And they stay dressed like they are. How does that sound?”

Well, it didn't sound all that imaginative, but oh well, maybe somebody would think up something more interesting later on. You have to start somewhere and until somebody could get the nerve to suggest something really good, why not?

“So what do you want us to do first?” Kelly asked.

Lucas sighed. “Oh, I don't know, take the drop sheets inside the barn, I guess. Then you can get the paint and the brushes... either of you know how to clean a brush?”

“I can show them how,” cut in Jedidiah. He guessed he'd accidentally spray them down good and that would start a water fight and their boxers would start drooping, so they might get some good footage out of that. Probably not anything major, but then again... well, you never can tell.

But as far as video-taping them carrying in the drop clothes, now that seemed to be a complete waste of film. There wasn't anything interesting at all in that.

Or at least not until they got inside the barn, because that's when Kelly spotted the winch. Well, actually he spotted the cable hanging down from the loft first, but he asked Lucas, “Hey, is that still attached to that thing we were using when we tried to get the pole up?”

“Yeah,” answered Lucas, “It makes it easier when you want something moved up into the loft. Why?”

“Oh... nothing. ... much. ... Hey, Katon. I dare you to let Lucas give you a wedgie.” Then he asked Lucas, “You will, right? Give him a wedgie. With that winch. ... Okay?”

“Uh... yeah. I guess I can,” replied Lucas. He was trying to look clueless, but he was almost certain he knew how it was going to work out. He didn't know if they knew, but he did. He glanced over at Jedidiah. And he knew as well. If Katon took that dare, it was definitely going to be interesting.

“Well, okay, I will,” said Katon, without hesitating, “But only if you let him give you one, too. And we gotta say it's for a minute, okay? One whole minute. So you chicken?”

“Shit no,” shot back Kelly, “but you have to go first. Deal?”

Lucas thought to himself, “A minute? You'll be lucky if it lasts five seconds!” but of course he didn't say anything. He knew if he did, they'd know better, so he wasn't about to say a single word.

Actually, Jedidiah got some excellent footage once the hook was attached to the seat of Katon's Homer Simpson boxers, because they had a fairly wicked wedgie right then and there, but Katon didn't seem to mind. His shorts were bunched up in back, so most of his butt was exposed and they were pulled up tight in front, so it was a killer wedgie all right, but it didn't bother him at all. “On your marks! Get Set! D'Oh!” he yelled up at Lucas.

And so Lucas started cranking. Katon didn't weigh very much, so in no time at all he was off the ground. Then.. RIPPPP!!... thud... he was back down again. It was a very short ride and while he still had most of his front, the back was... well, it wasn't there anymore. Shredded, right from the crotch area, and so basically he all he had left was an apron. You could still read “marks get set D'Oh!” though. (“Hello operator! Give me the number for 911!”)

But it didn't seem to faze Katon in the least. “Oh wow!” he exclaimed in amazement, “That was the best wedgie EVER!” Then he did a nice pirouette just to demonstrate. And he still had an erection. It wasn't half-bad for a twelve-year-old, almost three and a half inches but decently big around..

Well, it didn't bother Jedidiah either - except that he was laughing so hard his sides hurt - and it didn't bother Lucas, even though he was trying not to laugh (without much success) – but Kelly blurted, “I changed my mind!”

“Like hell! We made a deal and you're next!” yelled Katon.

“Oh no I'm not! No way!”

“Jedidiah! Help me!”

And so Jedidiah helped Katon corner Kelly. It didn't take long, because instead of running outside Kelly took off in the opposite direction. Which would explain how he was cornered. And that might also raise some questions as to why he ran in that direction, but at any rate, once he was cornered, a struggle started and by the time it was over, all Jedidiah had on was his socks and shoes. It was a set-up!

Then after he helped his little brother strip Jedidiah, Kelly allowed himself to be captured and marched off to the dangling cable of death. And he still had a very noticeable tent-like formation at the front of his light blue boxer shorts.

Lucas found all that to be... well, it was interesting. For example, if you stripped Jedidiah naked, he was going to get a boner too, it just seemed to happen. Almost every time. “And he just let them!

But then Jedidiah looked up and gave him a wink and a bit of a secret smile, so Lucas felt all right again. Because after all, it was only a game.

It was educational, though. For example, you had physics. Or at least you had a good stress analysis test as in: Question: How far can light-weight cotton be stretched?

Not very far. But it was interesting to see what would happen. It was hard to predict, but in Kelly's case, all at once, all he had left was his elastic waist band. Nobody could figure out how it happened, but it did.

And another thing that was really unexpected was this: Just as Kelly's blue cotton shorts started separating from his body, he shot off. Why he got so turned on, nobody knew. Kelly wasn't expecting it and you can bet that no one else was, but it happened. But that was educational as well. The psychology of sex. That and how to recover from having it embarrass you almost to death.

And later on, Lucas guessed he'd see how well the frame-by-frame advance on his VCR worked. He was really looking forward to seeing how HE looked. And seeing Jedidiah prancing around would be awfully interesting as well, but seeing Kelly shoot off in slow motion, now that would be educational! (Only it wasn't. It just looked like a blurred streak. But he and Jedidiah agreed that it was interesting all the same.)

And the last bit of discovery on that first day was that Katon could now cum. It was only his second, so there wasn't a lot, but at least he was on his way.

They found that out because Kelly was embarrassed by his premature ejaculation. Well, it definitely doesn't make you look all that sophisticated. But at any rate, to make him feel a little better about it, Kelly got to be the film director for awhile.

He was thinking about saying everybody else was going to have to give each other first aid – you know, for having been snake bit down there – but he was afraid to mention it because if he did, he was sure it was going to come up again and he'd have to give first aid to somebody else. And even though he was interested, he still wasn't sure if he wanted it on video. So in the end he just said, “Well, okay, y'all do a circle jerk. And I'm going to film you doing it, okay?” So that wasn't so bad. Lucas and Jedidiah enjoyed it almost as much as Katon did. And Katon enjoyed the hell out of it. He thought it was about the best thing that had ever happened. Not that it hadn't happened before, but now he knew they were going to do this some more and it wouldn't be long until HE got to be the director and...

Well, let's put it this way: Kelly should have gone with his first idea. Because it was going to come up fairly soon, no matter what.

This month's excuse is... well, you probably wouldn't believe it anyway.

But really, I'm sorry for the delay between chapters. I didn't intend for it be nearly as long as it's been and I'll try to do better next time. I know you've probably heard that before, but honest, I'll try. Maybe next time, it'll only be a few weeks. At least that's my plan right now.