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So now that we're perfectly clear on this, I'll carry on.


Chapter Thirteen

Unquestionably, Thursday was an eventful day. Because that was the first day of the home movie project and it didn't end with the circle jerk. After that they ran around naked inside the barn for awhile, mostly climbing up the ladder or being hoisted up by the winch or... well, just running around, but it wasn't long until they were wrestling. And curiously enough, Kelly – Mr. “Wrestling naked is gay”- started it. He didn't ask if anyone wanted to, he just started wrestling on Lucas, but that soon led to a free-for-all. At first, Jedidiah was filming as much of it as he could, but it looked like fun, so after a very short while he guessed they had enough film for right then and joined the fray. He guessed he should because both Kelly and Katon seemed intent on grabbing Lucas in his personal places as often as was possible. Well, personal place, then. They were grabbing at his dick and before long, Lucas was grabbing them back!

When it first started, Lucas shot a slightly distressed look in Jedidiah's direction, sort of like: “This WAS your idea, you know. So now you see where this is headed?” Or at least something like that, but Jedidiah shrugged and mouthed, “Go for it!” I mean, they'd just engaged in a circle jerk with Lucas doing Katon and Katon doing Jedidiah (and so of course Jedidiah did Lucas), so after that, what harm was rassling naked? It looked like fun!

And it was for awhile, but rolling in the hay isn't as much fun as you might think. There wasn't much hay left in the loft, but there was at least some and it wasn't long until everybody was itching like crazy. Hot sweaty bodies and loose hay isn't a good combination.

It felt wonderful when they all jumped into the lake, though. Even if all they did was swim and splash because by that time they were pooped.

And they were also almost out of time because Uncle Leland was probably up and about by then and there was always the possibility of him showing up to see how things were going, so they quickly dressed and after putting everything away that needed being put away, Lucas ran everyone home with their bikes in the back of his Datsun.

Lucas was certainly interested in knowing what dares were still to be captured on film. Kelly and Katon were very photogenic, there was no denying it. But he was even MORE interested in doing the things that were to be only between him and Jedidiah. He was particularly interested in that “almost doing it” deal, for instance. But for that to happen – whatever that was... well, he had to be diplomatic about it, but he had to make sure that Kelly and Katon weren't going to be around. Just SOME of the time. Like the following day, for instance. Because he really was anxious to almost do it. It did sound interesting.

So he started, “If you guys want to, we'll shoot some more next week. But tomorrow's Friday and-”

Then Jedidiah finished, “And his uncle could be by any time to see how we're doing on the job, know what I mean?”

Yeah, I guess so” said Kelly, “You don't want us around tomorrow.”

Just long enough so we can get caught up good. Next week, no problem. ... And anyway, we'll practice tonight, just like always. For an hour or so. Okay?” Like I said, Lucas wanted to be diplomatic about it.

Only Katon asked, “Yeah, well, tonight? I mean after we practice, you want to camp out again? In the tent?”

No Lucas did NOT want to camp out with them, he had something completely different in mind for that night, but... oh man... He shrugged helplessly. “Well, I'm not sure about tonight because... well-”

I can't camp out in the tent tonight anyway,” cut in Jedidiah, “But we probably can next week, okay?”

So Kelly and Katon were a bit let down but they understood.

And Lucas... well actually, he was let down quite a bit at that point.

But only until after they dropped Kelly and Katon off, because then Jedidiah turned to him and said cheerfully, “Well, we really can't sleep in the tent tonight because we're going to be somewhere else!”

Well, where are... um... where are we going to-”

“In your trailer! ... I mean, you don't mind, do you? You keep telling me how good The Godfather is, so I was thinking we could watch it tonight if you want to. I'll just spend the night.”

But what about your aunt and uncle... I mean, is it really okay with them?”

In your trailer? They probably wouldn't think that's a good idea, but that's okay, they already said it was okay to camp out again, so I just won't mention where, that's all.”

Lucas was in love, all right. There was no doubt about it.


And so it was that Jedidiah saw his first R-rated movie that night. And he guessed it was just like Lucas said, it shouldn't have been rated R in the first place, but it had been, along with Godfather II and III (although Lucas said III was a major let down as far as he was concerned, so they wouldn't bother with that)... but at any rate, if the movies had been released about ten years later, they almost certainly would have been only PG-13s. And as far as the Church was concerned, PG-13s were okay. At least most of the time, they were, but R-rated movies were NOT. It didn't matter if you or a friend thought they should be rated lower or not, Mormons weren't supposed to watch them.

One of the five best movies of all time! That's what Lucas said. And Godfather II was on his top five list as well. He said it was almost like Shakespeare, like Hamlet or something.

So okay, he was no threat to replace Siskel and Ebert, but as far as Jedidiah was concerned, Lucas did manage to make a very important point. It was accidental, but soon as he mentioned Shakespeare, Jedidiah thought, “SHAKESPEARE? Why they have Shakespeare plays at BYU!” And indeed they did. He'd gone with his parents back in November to see Twelfth Night. Of course there wasn't any bad language – and Lucas did mention that in The Godfather, gangsters talked like gangsters usually talk, but still...”Kiss my codpiece, thou lewd horn-mad apple-john, thou incestuous-”

Right. I mean, it wasn't from the Twelfth Night... not exactly... but it sure COULD have been... and since Lucas swore The Godfather was one of the best movies of all time, that it was almost like SHAKESPEARE in it's scope, well, why not?

Almost from the start Lucas was prone to playing the Serpent. Tempting Jedidiah with forbidden fruit and all that. So one day they were talking about their favorite movies and Lucas mentioned The Godfather. Jedidiah wondered what it was rated. Lucas shrugged and said, “I'm not sure. R, PG-13... no wait. I guess it was R. Not sure why, but I think it was. Why?” So Jedidiah told him why. No Rs. And at that point, Lucas thought something like, “Aha!” Although he really did think Jedidiah should see it just because it was a great movie, but after awhile he let it go. He did right up until their playing around hit warp speed, then he started bringing it up again. On the surface, it might not make much sense, because after all, R-rated movies couldn't hold a candle to what else they'd been up to, not even before they got to the really good stuff, it couldn't, so why was it such a big deal?

Well, because it was a good movie. One of the best of all time. And Lucas was already looking into the future when hopefully the sex would still be out of this world, but maybe it wouldn't be quite as much so as it was right then. But if you're living together, then you do other things, right? You just like being around each other. Talking. Shopping for groceries. Watching movies. Stuff like that. That and not worrying about all those rules! He didn't put it that way – I mean, he could be sly too – but that was his reason. Jedidiah hadn't promised him always, but that's what he wanted. Always, without any conditions.


At any rate, Jedidiah had to agree that it really was a good movie. Even if he wished Lucas would quit telling him what was about to happen before it did. Like for instance when the movie director was showing Tom Hagen around his stable, he went, “You shouldn't get too attached to that horse, you know.” It was like that almost through the whole movie, even after he told Lucas to stop giving everything away. Close to the end when Michael says to Carlo, “Don't be afraid, Carlo. Come on, you think I'd make my sister a widow?” Lucas went, “Well, you just can't ever tell,” and right then, Jedidiah knew that Carlo could kiss it goodbye. But in spite of all that, he still enjoyed himself tremendously.

He even drank his first Coke that night. Only Lucas wasn't trying to tempt him in that case, he just didn't take into consideration the fact that microwave popcorn makes you thirsty. Awfully much so and unfortunately, all he had in his refrigerator was Coke. So Jedidiah drank two of them. Then he burped. But really, it was cool sitting side by side on the couch in their undies watching The Godfather and eating popcorn... and burping... it was a nice relaxed feeling. It was almost like they were living together, and for the first time Jedidiah thought about how great it would be if ever that was the way it really was.

It almost felt like they were a couple. Sex was going to happen, but there was no rush. Even after they went to bed there was no need to rush. A week before, it would have been hard to imagine that they could be in bed and not think of sex, not with Lucas naked and Jedidiah in just his tee shirt, but at first they were watching yet another movie. In this case, it was “His Girl Friday”.

And that's another good one. But they were also cuddling, so it wasn't long until they WERE thinking about sex.

Although Lucas had been thinking about it from the time Jedidiah got down to just his tee shirt and crawled in beside him.

So it wasn't much longer until they decided they'd finish watching the movie later. About the time Lucas said, “You really are sexy looking, you know that?”

Or maybe it was right after that when Jedidiah replied, “Oh, I bet you say that to just about all of the boys.” It was the first time Lucas had come into contact with Jedidiah's coquettish side. It might have been only because he drank too much Coke, but it was a turn-on, more so than Lucas ever would have imagined.

Jedidiah wasn't sure why he decided to act that way either. He wasn't even sure why he decided to leave his tee shirt on except... well, maybe it was because all at once it occurred to him that he really did look sexy that way. And then Lucas affirmed it for him.

Lucas snuggled up a little closer. He was gently rubbing between Jedidiah's thighs, moving his hand upwards ever so slowly as the one-liners kept flying back and forth on TV. Only now they weren't paying any attention to them.

Finally Jedidiah cleared his throat and said, “Hey Lucas? Can I tell you something? Something we might want to try sometime?”

Yeah, sure. ... Want me to stop the movie?”

Well, we're not watching it anyway, so yeah, we'll finish it later. ... But anyway... see, when I was in Utah... and... well, you know, I told you about how me and my friend messed around, you know? ... Well, sometimes we made like we were... oh shoot. Like we were... fucking, okay? And-”

Lucas was certainly interested by then, but he still couldn't resist it. “You just said a bad word, Jedidiah. ... Really bad! Why I-”

Oh shut up! It's not THAT bad... and besides, we could call it anything we want to and it's still the same thing, you know?”

So under normal circumstances, Lucas probably would have answered that that was what he'd been trying to tell him all along. But he never thought of it. Because this wasn't a normal circumstance. It was... oh my god. But still, he was who he was, so finally he made a face and replied, “Well, okay, it's not a bad word then. Or at least it's a GOOD bad word. It's my favorite bad word of all time. But...what do you mean by making like you were... fucking? What do you mean?”

Well, it's sort of like... well, it IS like... well, you just push your... um, your-” (giggle) - “your dick between my legs and make like you're humping on me, you know? ... So you want to?”

Lucas was awfully close to having a major giggle attack himself – he wasn't sure why, but he was – but finally he managed, “Well... um... yeah, but-”

And all he was going to add was that if Jedidiah wanted to, he could hump on him that way too – later on – but thinking he still wasn't completely sure, Jedidiah quickly cut in with “Or if you want to, we could do it another way.”

Oh my... Holy shit!” thought Lucas, but again... “Another way? How?” “I can't believe this. I really can not believe... I mean-

Sometimes we slid it up between our butt cheeks. You know, like we were humping. So you want to do it like that?”

... “Well... Well, okay, tell you what. I do it... well, tonight I'll do it between your legs and then you can... like you said, between my butt cheeks, okay? ... And then in the morning, you can go between MY legs and I'll do it the other way, okay? That all right?”

Yeah” said Jedidiah eagerly, “but maybe we ought to do it on the floor, `cause it'll get messy.”

And so the genie was out of the bottle. Completely. Lucas had never “sort-of” done it before. He and Tal had come close and he could say the same thing about Steve, but they'd never kept it up like that. So it certainly wasn't a bad experience. Only now Lucas wanted to REALLY do it.

He had been interested in doing it from day one, but he'd never thought that it was likely to happen. Not even when they started going down on each other did he think it was a possibility... well, okay, maybe off in the distant future... yeah, probably... or at least maybe, but...

Oh my god. This cannot be happening. It really can't... could be possible. It IS! It really really-

Although he had the feeling that it would be much easier to talk Jedidiah into being fucked than it would be to talk him into doing it to him. Only Lucas had limited experience when it came to being on top. He didn't think it was half bad, but he still liked taking it more.

Except maybe in Jedidiah's case. He really had a cute ass. And it was hard not to notice it while he was humping on it. Even if he was only “sort of” doing it.

So on their way to work the next morning, he asked, “You think maybe you can spend the night tonight too? ... We'll watch Godfather II. It's as good as the first one. ... And I promise to keep my mouth shut and not tell you what's coming up, okay? ... And then later on... if you want to... well, I don't know, but do you want to go a little beyond almost doing it?”

Almost shyly Jedidiah started, “I guess. If it's all right with my aunt and... um-”

And that's as far as he got, because then it hit him. He started laughing so hard he almost wet himself.

He was looking forward to it, though. Or at least, he thought he was. Really, he was fairly sure of it.


So to summarize, first, he watched The Godfather – R-rated or not – then he drank a Coke – and it wasn't a Diet Coke, it was the real thing – and then he drank ANOTHER – so maybe there should be some sort of stipulation against microwavable popcorn as well, because it sure can lead to temptation – and then the very next night, he was on his back with his legs back over his shoulders.

Although at least they hadn't gotten around to watching Godfather II at that point. Which I'm sure comes as a big surprise.

Come to think of it though, their getting any work done at all that day might come as a surprise. But they worked very hard and by early that afternoon they guessed they were ahead of the curve again. Or at least, they were pretty close to it, so they decided to talk about it some. If in a few short hours you're going to be on your back with your knees parallel with your ears, you might want to talk about it first. Or maybe NOT talk about it, because Jedidiah didn't know he could end up in that position, but Lucas really thought they should. Starting with...

Well, it started with another deep breath, but then: “So when we're talking about doing it... like we were this morning... you do know what I mean, right?”

Yeah, I guess so. ... There's only one place boys CAN do it to each other. I mean really do it. Back there. In my anus.”

Well, that sounded hopeful. “So you want to do it to me first?”

Um, no. Maybe some day, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. ... Maybe some day I will.”

Shit. That's probably his whole problem though. Oh well.But you want me to do it to you. Even if you haven't ever done it before. ... I mean, you haven't, right?”

Nope. ... I mean, I've never done it, but I'd like to try.”

It'll probably hurt at first. After awhile, it won't though. Not nearly as much. And it does feel good. I know. It's different. It's hard to explain, but it's just a whole `nother level of feeling good. But it's a different kind of feeling.”

So you're saying you've done it before?”

Well... yeah, I've done it. ... But I've only done it TO somebody just once. So that's why I was hoping... oh forget that part. I mean, you wouldn't have any more experience than I've got anyway. But-”

Well, I don't like carrots” interrupted Jedidiah enigmatically.

Really, that was a VERY enigmatic statement and at first Lucas just looked at Jedidiah blankly as in: “Huh?” but after a few seconds, it dawned on him. “Oh. ... So you... you found another use for them.”


... “So... is this...” (brief snigger attack) ... “still going on?”

No, I just told Aunt Nan I don't like carrots so she doesn't make me eat them. She said Uncle J doesn't like them all that much either, except maybe with a pot roast sometimes-”

And then they'd be too soft to do anything with.”

Yeah, right.”

But after they both snickered and sniggered for a minute or so, Jedidiah asked, “But you say it feels good? Really?”

Oh great. We're back at square one again. Lucas took another deep breath. “So these were not big carrots then. They were LITTLE ones.”

Yeah. My mom used them with salads.”

Oh god. ... Sorry. ... But... Well, okay. I'll tell you how it was with me, okay? The first time... Well, the FIRST time it hurt like hell. There ain't no other way I can put it, it felt like he was splitting me apart. But that was because I didn't know anything about it. I mean, I was raped. I'm not the first person to ever have that happen to and I'm not the last, but you know, sometimes things just happen. That's all I can say except it could have been worse. But it's over now. It's way in the past, but see, even that first time, WHEN it was over... well, I had an erection. I couldn't believe it, but I did. But... well, look. I guess I should tell you this. I'm not going through a phase, all right? I'm gay. I've known it for a few years. I'm scared to say it, but I have to, all right? Because I really don't want to hurt you, Jedidiah, and I don't want to use you, okay? Honest to God, I don't. But I don't think it would be right to pretend I'm somebody I'm not, that's all. So-”

So it's okay. I don't care. I don't care if you are or not!” - and by that time, Jedidiah was hugging him - it came almost out of nowhere – so for awhile everything else went on hold. They were rocking back and forth, holding each other tight and for awhile Lucas thought THAT was the best feeling he could ever have. And it really was in a way. No, forget that. It was. It was the best feeling he could remember in a long time. Like almost forever.

And Jedidiah couldn't recall ever feeling much better either.

But then neither one of them was planning on joining a monastery, so physical contact gradually became something else again. Because after all, they were well past shying away from it. So anyway, once they caught their breath again – after a very emotionally satisfying 69 session - `cause like I said, they WEREN'T going to join a monastery or a commune or anything like that – it wasn't long until talk got back to that OTHER subject and once again, it caught Lucas off guard. Put it this way: He never expected to say what he did until it started and then it was almost like a dam giving away, but once it was over, he guessed they were pretty much off the original subject. And it didn't matter that much to him, if Jedidiah still wanted to talk about it, still wanted to try it... well, it would come up when it came up, that's all.

Really. They'd just finished blowing each other and now he was thinking that was it for the day?

No, that was NOT it for the day. Not by a long shot. “But I don't understand something. You said it hurt. But you said it feels good too. So you're saying it's worth it?”

Yeah, well... see, the first time I was fighting it. Because I didn't know not to. You don't fight it, you do just the opposite. You do because... well, okay, no sob story this time. Because now I know everything there is to know about sex. EVERYTHING. ... And I'm kidding, okay? ... But anyway, let's just say I was in this relationship. It was a very one-sided relationship. I was getting used, it was that simple and it wasn't long until I knew it, but see, I found out something. And for awhile I thought I was the only person who knew about it, that the guy could think he was hurting me, but he WASN'T. What he didn't know was, it felt good! It was almost unreal sometimes. ... It's your prostate, only it was awhile before I knew about it, all I knew was, it just felt good. Sometimes they call it your magic button, and it can feel that way, but the funny thing is, I thought I was the only person in the world who could feel like that. So I guess in a way, I thought I really was magic. I mean, seriously, if-”

Oh, I think I know exactly what you're talking about now!” cut in Jedidiah excitedly. “Like I don't know if he had to do this or not... or if he really should've or whatever, but I was in for a check-up one time – about a year ago – so the doctor... he was filling in or something... but anyway, he told me to pull my shorts down and then to turn around and bend over, you know? So he sticks his finger up there and starts moving it around and all at once, it was like ZING... and boy, I got hard too! Just like THAT! ... So that's what it is huh? That's why it feels so good?”

So everything was back to normal and Lucas was finding it difficult to keep a straight face. And he definitely was not joining any damn monastery. “It went... ZI... ZING? ... Yeah... I think... I think that might... thatmight'vebeenit!” And then another dam broke loose. It felt good, but from then on, serious discussion – or even half-serious discussion - was impossible. Lucas would start trying to explain multiple zings – ZINGS – and... well, it just wasn't possible any longer. Although he did more or less manage to bring up the concepts of accumulative ZINGS, hoped for zing-zings, or maybe even zing-zing-ZINGS and how you could continue to zing even after you thought you were all zinged out. And often you would see STARS while this was going on.

So it certainly sounded like something Jedidiah would enjoy. He was really looking forward to it. Only as it turned out, it wasn't that easy. You'd think it would be. You just stick it and you start humping, right? Simple. But it sure wasn't a simple thing in Jedidiah's case.


They started out by taking a shower together. A nice hot shower would relax them both and besides, it was a good place for lots of foreplay. So Lucas soaped Jedidiah up real good and he washed and he washed. (And of course Jedidiah did the same to Lucas.) So that was nice and it got even nicer when Lucas got on his knees in front of Jedidiah and started sucking him off. Even if he didn't want to suck him off completely, he just wanted to get him fired up to the max. So okay, ALMOST to the max then. And when Lucas reached around and carefully pushed a soapy finger inside Jedidiah's well-soaped hole, well, it slipped in without much resistance. Hardly any at all, so at that point, it really was looking good. Lucas guessed it felt the same as when he'd finger fucked Kyle – as in hot, tight and squirmy – but because it was Jedidiah and not Kyle he was doing this to, it felt better. That was hardly unexpected. Lucas began to move his finger around a bit. Although of course he was trying to be gentle about it. But it was NICE!

And Jedidiah seemed to think so too. He was sort of humping back, trying to get that finger in a little deeper. Occasional soft, blissful moans were heard. Lucas wasn't really sucking any more, it was just in his mouth and he was about to pull away. Yeah, he was about to pull away when all at once, Jedidiah's dick... well, it felt like it swelled up and it twitched (Warning! Warning!)...

Shit. That wasn't very much of a warning.

But oh well, at least Lucas could tell that Jedidiah was enjoying it. So that was good and from experience Lucas knew that you could get fired up again. Definitely. And really, it was all very educational because that was the first time Lucas ever had his finger or any other part of him up inside someone else's hole when they lost it. He'd heard that you could feel the contractions, but he'd never had any hands-on experience... or finger-in-the-cookie-jar or whatever... so yeah, it was interesting. Powerful contractions! It almost felt like his finger was stuck in a vise!

Then Jedidiah sighed, relaxed and Lucas pulled his finger out. Which caused Jedidiah to cut a small soapy fart. “Sorry,” he giggled. But he sounded a bit worn out, and needless to say, it was way too early for that. Way WAY too early.

In a way, now Jedidiah seemed to be slightly embarrassed by all the attention he was getting. Or maybe it was that little fart that did it – (or maybe it's that he'd just orgasmed and needed to catch his second wind) – but whatever, when Lucas started trying to get two fingers inside, he couldn't. Jedidiah wasn't cooperating very much.

Lucas knew about recovery time and all, but still, he was thinking it would be good to loosen him some more.

But no, it seemed that as far as Jedidiah was concerned, the novelty had worn off. At least for awhile it had and Lucas guessed they'd probably run out of hot water before long, so after soaping him up with lime body wash one more time, they rinsed, dried off and crawled into bed for some blissful cuddling. Jedidiah assured him he was still interested... but in a little while.

And sure enough, about fifteen minutes later it seemed like everything was good to go. Except that Lucas had been feeling like he was right on the verge for several minutes. He would have to be very careful. And he still wasn't entirely sure about what he had planned next.

I mean, first time you try something that's a little on the kinky side... well, on one hand you get a charge out of it, but on the OTHER hand you keep thinking stuff like, “God! This is just WEIRD! I don't know if I can do this or not!”

Lucas had never rimmed anyone before. He'd had it done to him a few times, so he knew it felt good, but he'd never had the inclination to return the favor. Not even the SLIGHTEST inclination. I mean, JEEZ, you know? But this was Jedidiah King who was awfully nice and ungodly cute. And he was also on his back with his legs back over his shoulders. Lucas found this to be very erotic. Almost unbearably so. Because after all, he was really getting up close and personal, close enough that he could smell... well, mostly lime body wash mixed with just a hint of musk. It wasn't overpowering – and he wasn't worried about Jedidiah smelling like sex anyway. No, that scent he could deal with, but... “Well, he'd just better not.... “But maybe I ought to tell him what I'm going to try first.... “Oh my God, I'm going to do it!”

Well, if nothing else, that way he could find out if Jedidiah thought it was just TOO weird. Gross. Whatever.

Lucas cleared his throat. Gently pushed Jedidiah's legs open a little wider. His little pink pucker seemed to be winking at him. Just slightly. ... “Oh man! Boy oh boy oh boy.”

So Lucas cleared his throat again, and then offered, “Now I'm about to try something I've never done before, okay? .... But I've had it done to me, and it's not awful. ... Or at least it wasn't for me, but I ain't never done this before, okay?” (Right. He wanted to make that perfectly clear.)

And then quickly he finished, “So you better not fart.” - Because if you do, I might not ever do it again - and then without giving himself any more time to think, Lucas went right to it. Right to that little pink pucker. With his... tongue! (So okay, he did have to think about it one more time after all.)

But anyway, it wasn't awful. It mostly smelled of lime body wash with a touch of Jedidiah in heat, so no, it wasn't a bad thing at all. It was encouraging because Jedidiah was pulling his legs ever further apart and moaning softly, so yeah, this was looking pretty good.

Jedidiah was shocked though. He had never even THOUGHT of such a thing and he wasn't at all sure if he would ever be able to return the favor, but thinking that he probably would... well, it was just a strange feeling. Helpless, that's what he was. Completely at someone else's mercy. A poor little Scout who was about to get fucked. If Lucas was willing to put his mouth down there, then he was going to get his dick in no matter what! He was about to have his cherry popped! Oh, my word, whatever am I going to DO! I must be brave, I MUST be...

So in other words, so far, so good. Jedidiah was having the time of his life.

But unfortunately, Lucas wasn't able to give Jedidiah the first zing that night. Shit, he barely got it in an INCH! He'd licked, he'd gently probed, he'd smeared on globs of K-Y, he tried to get two fingers in... and the fact that he couldn't should have been a pretty good indication that he wasn't going to get anything else in... but he did try. Jedidiah was opened up as wide as he could possibly manage, so he was trying too, but some sphincter muscles are stronger than others and Jedidiah's seemed to be in the industrial strength category. WORLD-class.

Lucas tried to go slow. That didn't work. Jedidiah kept saying, “It hurts! It really HURTS, Lucas! I don't think I can!” And it did hurt. A lot! A lot more than he thought he could put up with.

Just push on it. Like you're trying to take a dump. Push!... Okay, I'm going to push hard, okay?”

And Jedidiah had formulated a brave funny, what he was going to say was, “What? Am I giving BIRTH or something?” but when Lucas DID push hard... “Oh goddamn muther fucking fricking son of a BITCH! It fucking hurts like fucking HELL! SHIT!!”

Damn. Lucas had no idea Jedidiah even KNEW that many cuss words. (Fucking FRICKING? What in the hell is fricking?)

And Jedidiah was surprised that he knew that many himself. But right at that moment, he did not care one iota. This was NOT going to work.


And so they just decided to watch Godfather II. And Lucas was tempted to pop in Goodfellas after that – I mean, there's “language” and then there's Goodfellas if you're REALLY up for some “language” - but actually, by that time, they were doing some other things.

So there were no hard feelings and they were still somewhere between almost in love and totally so. In fact, once they got over being mortified, they were back to discussing how they might eventually get past that stubborn sphincter of his. EVENTUALLY. But not then. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, Jedidiah was for awhile mortified because of his unexpected outburst and Lucas was because he'd hurt him so bad he'd HAVE an outburst like that. Although once everything was pretty much smoothed-over, Lucas allowed as how Jedidiah was probably just demon-possessed like in The Exorcist.) (But hopefully not like in Alien.)

But yes, they were going to keep trying. Lucas thought bigger carrots might help. There was no point in mentioning the dildo, so it remained a secret. In fact, Lucas was thinking about getting rid of it. (He still had hopes of being done by Jedidiah. Eventually. One of these days. It was only fair.)

And so to summarize once more, in two days Jedidiah had watched two R-rated movies, had drank two Cokes and an Orange Crush, (Lucas restocked Friday afternoon), had TRIED to get himself fucked and had let loose a string of expletives that would've shocked the goodfellas.

Or maybe not, but still, it was pretty spectacular.

Except for fricking, I guess.

But anyway, stay tuned. And thanks for reading.