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Chapter Five

When Lucas' alarm went off Monday morning (June 21th), he almost decided to go back to sleep. When the opportunity presents itself, Mondays are always good days to sleep in, and in fact it was pouring down rain outside. So obviously he couldn't work outside, because even though the weather guy on TV had said the rain would probably end by mid-morning, it would still be way too wet to do much of anything.

He really didn't have a bad deal. His Uncle Leland worked nights, Monday through Friday, 8 till 8. He was a warehouse foreman. But because he slept during the day, he thought it would be better if Lucas stayed in his small trailer, parked in the backyard. Well, it sure beat sleeping in his car, and when his uncle mentioned that he'd run a line from the satellite dish out there... well, shit! Lights, water, a small stove, microwave, small bath, a bed... what more could he ask for? Not a bad TV either. An old console model, but it had a good picture and his uncle said he'd even let him borrow his VCR from time to time. Just as long as he didn't start renting porno movies. He said that jokingly, because even if Lucas had been inclined to watch porno, no place in town rented them, and of course if there had been such a place, he still never would have gotten past the front door.

So he had a place to stay rent free, he was being paid $150 a week and all he had to do in return was work hard at fixing up his uncle's old home place.

After calling him first from Nashville, he showed up at his uncle's Friday evening, June 11th at around six. So after commiserating about his mom (she was Leland's youngest sister) talk got around to the question of where he could find a job. From the way his uncle talked, at first it didn't look too promising. There wasn't much work to be had around there for teenagers. McDonald's sure wasn't hiring. But... was he any good at yard work? Maybe he could get on at the golf course. “No wait, I heard they just hired Robert Walsh's boy. `Course, from what I know about that boy, he probably ain't going to last long, but I guess right now that's out, too.”

Then Lucas asked hopefully, “Well, do you think I could mow lawns or something like that? ... I'd have to borrow your lawnmower, I guess, so maybe that wouldn't work, but I've done a lot of that. Last summer... well, you met him. Harold. But he was a good handyman. I mean, if there was something that needed to be done around a house, he could do it. Just about anything. And I worked with him. We did a lot of painting, some re-roofing, I can do yard work, a little bit of plumbing – nothing major, but I can do some – um, I can drive nails and-”

Huh,” interrupted his uncle. “Well, maybe there IS something you can do, then. If you're interested, we can give it a try.”

Of course when his uncle first showed him “the old home place” Lucas looked a little doubtful, and that was only because he was trying not to betray his true feelings. Which were, “There is no way.”

“I know it looks like a lot, but just do the best you can, that's all I'm asking. Give me a good day's work and... I'll tell you what. How's room-and-board and oh... say $150 a week sound to you? It's not going to get done all at once. Just one day at a time. We'll see how things are looking at the end of the week and take it from there, okay?”

The first two days weren't too bad. His uncle wanted both the front and back mowed. It didn't make much sense really, since no one was likely to be living there until fall at least, but still, that much he could manage. Wednesday, he painted the utility shed. Not really a big job, just slap the primer on in the morning, then by the middle of the afternoon, the paint. A second coat was added the next morning. He managed to get most of the boathouse taken care of Thursday, and Friday he finished that, made some repairs on the dock and had just started working on the outside of the house, taking down the guttering and downspouts when his uncle showed up. He was impressed .

So Lucas did feel proud of himself. But then on the other hand, that old two story house... now that was going to be a job. The good news was that most of the paint had long since worn away, so at least there wasn't going much scraping, but damn!

But, oh well, one day at a time. And he could do it. Maybe. And then there was the barn. Um, yeah, it would probably take most of the summer, all right.

So see, he was fairly responsible. Monday and Tuesday evenings he was so tired, all he wanted to do was take a shower and crash. He also had some sore muscles, especially Monday night and most of the day Tuesday. He was really sore Tuesday night. (Pushing a lawn mower uphill half the time will do that to you, if you're not used to it.) But by Wednesday evening he decided it would be all right to catch a nice “I did a good job today” buzz. Just to relax a little. He was being careful. There was no way he was going to smoke in the trailer. He didn't know if his uncle knew the smell or not, but there was no sense in taking chances. He wasn't going to smoke in his car, because you never know when you might get pulled over. You can get pulled over for any reason at all. So no, he'd just smoke every once in awhile at the old house. Nobody around, and because his uncle had already introduced him to the local police chief (three officers made up the entire force), he didn't see any reason to worry about one of them checking up, because they already knew he was working out there. And, besides, he didn't need to smoke it all up at once. He didn't know anybody around there, so once it was gone... well, for at least awhile, that would be it. Because he wasn't one to take chances.

But then Monday morning, June 21st, all at once it occurred to him that right then was the perfect time to catch a KILLER buzz. Yes, that's just what he'd do.

He'd started getting high not long after he started living with his mom in the summer of `91. By then, Roger was out of the picture and she was living in St. Louis with some bum she met named Ron. But anyway, Lucas walked in on Ron one afternoon ... and he did know what the shit smelled like. So that's how Lucas first started. He pretty much blackmailed the dude. But it just seemed like something he wanted to try. Well, Ron was on his way soon enough and the last Lucas heard about him was when his mom was talking to him on the phone. She said he could just KEEP the damn money he'd ripped off from her if he stayed away.

In his opinion, being high made sex better. Or at least, it made solitary sex better. But then when other people were involved... maybe not always.

Okay, definitely not always.

But on Monday, June 21st, it seemed perfect, so he bounced out of bed – yes, in more ways than one – but he resisted the urge and quickly popped his breakfast in the toaster. Two Eggos. And he had to put some syrup in the microwave. Normally he would have gone to Jack's Cafe for a really good breakfast, but he figured that might not be a good idea. Not if all he was going to be wearing was a shirt, shoes, socks and a pair of loose soccer shorts. But see, he was going commando, all day long! He liked daring himself to do things. Fortunately, he didn't often dare himself to do really stupid things and he knew there was a good chance of him popping one if he were to go into Jack's like that, and it might not want to go back down right away.

But by the time he reached the house, he'd resolved that he would do some work that day after all. He'd pull up that old carpet in living room. After he caught a good one. And then, he'd work naked. That sounded interesting, why, he was hard just thinking about it. So whatever floats your boat, right? And it was his fantasy life – like he really had anything else right then - so why NOT? He had everything he needed stashed up in the attic over there. His dope, a bong, some Emotion Lotion – you needed someone to blow on it to get it hot, but even so, he imagined he could get it pretty warm just by rubbing – and a seven inch CyberSkin dildo. He'd found out about back there, all right. Although he'd stayed away from any further adventures with garden hoses.

But first, he was just going to get naked, catch a buzz and then he'd work on the carpet for awhile. Anticipation always makes things better.

So he worked for... well, maybe ten minutes. I mean, the damn thing was fossilized! Or maybe it was petrified. Or at least it had become as one with the flooring underneath and at the rate he was going, he'd probably still be at it NEXT summer. What have I managed so far, a square foot? Okay, let's give it a big yank here, one, two, three, PULL! ... OUCH! FUCK! You son of a mutherfucking BITCH!

Of course, his string of expletives made little sense – and he thought about that briefly while he was limping back into the kitchen – but he didn't care. Mutherfuck. He was limping because when the piece of rug suddenly tore loose, he'd gone flying and landed on his knees. Probably broke one of my knee caps. Shit. I need to take a break.

Well, he did. It was a little after ten. The rain had stopped, the sun was out and it was getting hotter by the minute. And as was usually the case after a rain in the summer, it was like a steam bath outside. Not to mention inside the house. Groaning, he pulled himself up onto the kitchen counter. “Probably going to end up having to pull out that sink too.” He sighed and fired his bong up again. “You're damn right I need some first aid here.” He glanced down at himself and giggled. “Killed my hard-on, too. Well, at least I didn't land on it. That might've smarted.”

Half an hour later he was back in the living room on his hands and knees. He was trying not to put too much weight on his right knee, which still smarted, even if it wasn't broken. But only one hand was on the floor, because he was using the other trying to position the dildo in exactly the right place. It was a bit complicated. I mean, he wanted a hands-free orgasm – a spectacular one, hopefully his best ever – or at least a memorable one – but the problem was, he still needed to stroke himself every once and awhile. He wanted to fantasize about one of the times he'd been spit-roasted, and being on all fours was helpful, because after all, when it was for real, that's the position he was in. But he couldn't get that damn dildo quite right.

Well, maybe he could put his head down on the floor, then he could use both hands, one to lightly stroke, the other to-

And then he heard somebody knocking on the front door. Fortunately, Lucas Mysinger didn't have a heart condition, because had that been the case, he surely would've suffered the big one. “Oh, fuck!” he whispered and he yanked the dildo loose and hurled it behind him into the kitchen. It sort of went pholp, but to him it sounded as loud as a cast iron pot dropped from the ceiling.

Hey, Lucas, you around? Need any help? I don't have anything else to do, so I thought I'd help you out a little if it's okay.”

Lucas rolled through the doorway into the kitchen. Because that kid was right on the other side of the front door! Which led right into the living room! The probability of Mormon kids not having X-ray vision didn't occur to him at that moment, as far as he was concerned, the door was transparent. “Oh shit!” he squeaked.


When Jedidiah woke up Monday morning, his first feeling was one of disappointment. He wasn't going to invite Lucas to Youth Activity Night – unless there was a good opening – and he wasn't going to ask if he'd like to know more about the Church. No, as he saw it – and his aunt and uncle both agreed that it was a good idea – he was only going to do a little friendshipping. Lucas had helped them out Saturday, so he'd help Lucas. Anything that he could help with. Lucas seemed like a nice guy. And he apparently he didn't go to church anywhere, so of course there would be plenty of opportunities to bring that up. But first you just offer a helping hand.

And maybe at some point during the day they might start talking about music some more. He hoped so, because Aunt Nan and Uncle J said they didn't mind if they practiced some in the basement. Not for hours on end, but at least for a little while, that would be okay. Man, that would be cool!

So that way Lucas would see that he was pretty cool too. Just a normal kid, Mormon or not. Who happened to be a good drummer. Oh yeah, his drum set had gone east to Mayville all right.

And Monday was a really good day for friendshipping, but... he woke up and it was pouring down rain. Darn it!

But then around 9:30 it stopped. The sun came out. Yes! So he hopped on his bike – that had gone east as well – and pedaled off joyfully. Even if he was a little nervous about it.

And he had to consider the possibility that Lucas might not even be out at the old Tucker place right then. Well, if he didn't see his Datsun... he'd wait for awhile. Right at the entrance of the gravel drive leading back there.

But he topped the hill and... there was Lucas' station wagon. Then he started getting a little more nervous. But he dropped his bike to ground and looked around. No Lucas. Well, he might be doing some work inside today. He's got to be around here somewhere. So he took a deep breath, walked up the steps and knocked on the front door.


One bad side effect of multiple bong hits is the possibility of a panic attack. Even if there's no reason, it can occur with little warning. Out of nowhere, comes a sudden premonition. You're doomed! That's not a good feeling. But if there really is a reason for concern, what you have then is a strong possibility of a panic attack that would embarrass a chicken.

For example: Once Lucas was driving in St. Louis. And everything seemed to be completely under control until Nick roused himself and said, “Hey man, we've been sitting at this stop sign for five minutes I bet. Mind telling me what we're waiting for?” (Nick was the drummer on Lucas' “untitled” tape.)

Lucas blinked and, “Oh shit! I was waiting for it to change! I swear to God I was!” And in fact, that's precisely what he was doing, he was patiently waiting for it to change. Like a stop light. Only it was a stop sign. And they don't change. Unless you run over it or something.

But at that point it was like something snapped: all at once he was sure he couldn't drive anymore. Which almost turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophesy. And not only that, he was only a few blocks from his house, but he was LOST! It got so bad, he just parked the car and walked home. He guessed it would be there once he was in shape to start it up again and he'd blow Nick later; right then, all he wanted to do is get his ass home! If he could just figure out where it was.

Now, compare that situation to Monday morning, June 21th. Well, he panicked all right. Only in this case, he simply went catatonic. He slithered a few more inches into the kitchen and then... he just stared at the ceiling and tried to take deep breaths. Very quietly. Just as quiet as he could manage. But one thing was for sure, he was not inviting that boy in. The place reeked. He could probably smell it outside! His bong was on the counter. And then there was the matter of that dildo. And... Okay, where ARE my clothes?

This is your mind. This is your mind on drugs.

Uh huh. Well, you ought to see your mind on drugs when a Mormon missionary boy shows up at the front door!


Fortunately, it all ended somewhat anti-climatically. Lucas fully expected Jedidiah to just walk right on in. So he'd look at him and say, “Hey. How's it going?”

He never did figure out what he really would have said. Not ever. But after what seemed to be an eternity, Jedidiah finally left.

Only he hadn't given up. He just decided that Lucas must be somewhere else. Like maybe in the barn doing something.

Lucas finally found his clothes. Quickly he hid his dildo and bong in the basement. Not that it really mattered, because there was no way he was inviting anyone inside anyway. But when he peered cautiously out the kitchen window, Jedidiah was leaning up against his car! Whistling. No wait, now he's drumming his hands on my hood! He ain't leaving. So take a deep breath, walk out and act normal. Think you can do that? ... Well, just TRY, damn it!

And believe it or not, he did act almost normal. He just didn't say much for awhile. He took a deep breath, opened the door and said, “Hi. What brings you here? I would've answered the door, but I was up in the attic, then by the time I got down, you were gone.” Almost as normal as could be. There was only a very slight tremor in his voice.

Oh. Well, that's okay. I hope I'm not bothering you, but I was wondering if I could help you out today any, that's all. You helped us Saturday, so... turn about's fair play, right? So whatcha doing right now?”

It's really too wet to do anything at the moment...” Lucas paused, then finished uncertainly, “Um, well, I don't know, right now.”

Were you working inside some? Maybe I could help. Or at least keep you company.”

Damn, that boy was persistent. Cheerfully so, but still... “Well, um, we can't go inside now because I just set off one those of bug bombs, you know? So I guess it's off limits till tomorrow or something.”

He had to say that, for obvious reasons. And since for the most part, it really was too wet to do much outside, it's entirely possible that he could have gotten rid of Jedidiah. Thanks for the offer, but I don't guess there's anything you could help with. Or at least not today.

That was what he almost said. But even if he had taken that extreme measure – for him, it would have been both extreme and out of character – you'll notice that even then there was going to be a qualifying statement attached. “Or at least not today.” He could never close the door completely. He couldn't explain it, but with some boys he felt almost an instant emotional and physical attraction, and when it happened, he wasn't going to take a chance on closing the door.

And so after a few moments, he finally offered, “Well, maybe... if you want to... you could help me out in the barn some. Because at least that's something we can do inside. There's a lot of hay up in the loft that's only good for compost now, but I need to fork it down, but...” But that's not a good idea, dumb ass. Because I ain't got my underwear on and he's going to be climbing up the ladder right behind me and that's not going to look so good, now is it? He'd just remembered. Damn, damn, damn.

Jedidiah? He was walking along beside him, looking... well, attentive. Eager to help. Anyway he could.

No wait, I got an idea. So Lucas continued. He was almost at ease. Jedidiah's attentiveness helped greatly. “But the thing is, I know where my uncle wants the stuff dumped, so if you want to, I'll let you shovel it down and I'll wheel it off, okay?”

Yeah, sure,” said Jedidiah.

And so it was that shortly afterwards Lucas gave in to temptation again. He wasn't going to. It seemed he was constantly at war with himself. But this time, he wasn't going to give in to that physical attraction, not even a little. He was going to be as honorable as a man of the cloth. Except that might be a bad analogy.

Well, in some cases ... but then again, maybe not. It was simple: Sometimes he wasn't tempted and sometimes he was. Well, this time he was. Just a little. Before Jedidiah started up the ladder, he started to say, “Hey, wait. First you need a pitchfork. I'll get it,” but then almost out of nowhere – honest – came this little spark of temptation... and he gave in to it. I mean, what could it hurt?

So instead of mentioning the much needed pitchfork when the thought occurred to him, he instead waited a few seconds until Jedidiah was almost to the top of the ladder and then he mentioned it. “Hey, wait a second. We forgot the pitchfork. ... Well, I forgot it, actually, but anyway, just wait and I'll hand it up to you.” And so Jedidiah waited while Lucas climbed up the ladder a little ways - directly beneath him - and while he really didn't get to see very much, mostly just his white undies, slightly loose due to the humidity, that was the spark that eventually would grow into something else entirely. It was just a teeny weeny, almost infinitesimal spark, but you see, while Jedidiah didn't have as much experience as Lucas, he did have a fairly well developed gaydar. He didn't even know he had it, but he did all the same. Almost an innate sense. And while he was trusting, he was also observant. And he sure knew when somebody had just sneaked a peek up his shorts.


Actually, there were two Jedidiahs. To simplify things, we'll call them good Jed and bad Jed. Good Jed was the part of himself Jedidiah was most aware of. No, wait. This could get confusing, but it was the part he wanted to play. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, clean and reverent. Very much like Steve, only without the qualifiers. But, eleven out of twelve isn't bad. And he might've even scored an eleven and a half, because he was thrifty MOST of the time.

Well, if he didn't have to be thrifty, he probably wasn't going to be, so just leave it at eleven, but still, that's a good score.

But then there was bad Jed. Jedidiah wasn't quite as aware of this part of himself, but that's partly because bad Jed stayed hid most of the time. Bad Jed was crafty and manipulative and very patient. He just waited for an opportunity. Although it could have been worse. At least bad Jed wasn't waiting to drop a cement block over the side of an overpass, nothing like that, but ... sex games were kind of fun, you know?

Good Jed wanted to be pure and modest and hoped one day to forget about what had gone on between him and Joey. But at least it would never happen again. There wasn't even a chance, because he didn't know anybody who wanted to play those games. And of course, that was good.

Only bad Jed thought that was boring.

Good Jed thought Lucas wasn't really trying to look up his shorts anyway. He was cool but nice. And he was going to fellowship with him. He was going to be just as helpful as he could. And try to talk to him about the Church someday.

Bad Jed said, “Of course. He's nice. And that's the only reason I'm trying to figure out how often I can help him out here, because I want to be helpful. And uh huh, pretty soon we'll be talking about the baseball pennant races or something, and all at once, there'll be an opening and I'll say, `Yeah, that's true, Lucas, but did you ever stop to think how that all ties in to Leviticus 11:12?”

Then bad Jed snickered quietly to himself. He was SNEAKY!

And he was also being a smart aleck, because Leviticus 11:12 actually had nothing to do with anything beyond oyster stew looking yucky. At ten, this was something both Jeds were in agreement on. And so,“Anything living in the water that does not have scales or fins is to be detestable to you.”

It was at least worth a try.


Lucas was also of two minds, but his motivations were different, because he didn't think sex was a moral issue. Not that he couldn't feel guilt over it, but that mostly involved his feelings for the other person. The guilt he felt in regard to Steve was simply that he'd taken it further than Steve really wanted to go. He didn't think there was a limit to how far HE would have gone, but when Steve started feeling bad about it, then he felt guilt over putting him in that position. A lot.

But okay, maybe he did feel guilt over putting himself in the position to be used by Nick, but even in that case, part of it was feeling that until he came on to him, they were just good friends. So whether he should have or not, he blamed himself for messing that friendship up. And even if it was directed at him, he blamed himself for bringing out the worse in Nick.

Lucas was very much an introvert. Usually when he was around someone he liked, he was going to let the other lead. But if given an opening, he'd take it. He might wonder if he was doing the right thing, but he'd take it as far as he could.

So this could get complicated. At least until somebody decides to take their foot off the brake, because once that happens, it's not complicated at all, it's as simple as saying, “Let's just do it!”

But still, based on previous experience, Lucas might be in some danger here. And as for good Jed, well...

Big danger. Really big.


They worked hard for the rest of the morning. Jedidiah cleared away all the moldy hay and Lucas wheelbarrowed it out to the compost pile. Then he found another ladder and they worked together on taking down the rest of the guttering. He resisted the urge to try looking up Jedidiah's shorts again, blissfully unaware of the fact that he'd already been caught.

Before long, they were talking up a storm, mostly about music. Usually Lucas would have been trying to think of something to say, so that was a good thing about being high, because it lowered his inhibitions.

At one point Lucas asked, “So, um, are you familiar with `Come, Come You Saints'?”

Which is roughly equivalent of asking a Brit if he's familiar with “God Save The Queen”, but Jedidiah resisted the urge to roll his eyes and simply replied, “Yeah, sure. ... Why?”

“You like it?”

“Oh yeah.” Could this be an opening? So soon? Jedidiah started getting butterflies in his stomach. Stage fright.

Well, me too. But the reason I asked is, when I lived with my dad, we went to a Baptist church and lots of times I played... well, they called them “special numbers” but I just called it a good chance to improvise, okay? But anyway, one time I played that in church. `Come, Come You Saints'. Because it sounds good. Lots of hymns do. But right after the service some lady was just raising mortal hell about it. She said it was a MORMON hymn. And I was like, `well, so what?' ... But anyway, the preacher said maybe I shouldn't play that again if it offended anybody ... the lady was a real kook anyway ... well, that was my opinion, but I was sort of pissed, so next week right before the Evening Service they wanted me to do another special number, so just for her, I did “World's Greatest Lover” and she got blessed! Like she was getting blessed over a Cheap Trick song, you know? Some of the kids knew what it was, but they thought it was funny as hell! ... It does sort of sound like a hymn though, the way it slowly builds ... but anyway, I thought it was pretty funny.”

No, this wasn't the opening he was getting butterflies over. Which in a way, was a relief.Um, well, I'd like to hear it sometime.”

No problem. I got all kinds of shit I've played at my trailer. Well, at my uncle's, anyway.”

Jedidiah was fairly sure there was a verse concerning vulgar language in the D&C, but he couldn't think of it offhand and, besides that, Lucas seemed to be happy. So he just wouldn't swear himself. He never had – except once – and he never would again. So maybe after awhile it would rub off on him.

Well, I almost got into trouble once over `Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming' because I jazzed it up” Jedidiah offered. “You ever hear of that?”

Um, no.”

Oh, it's a Christmas carol mostly.” Meanwhile he was thinking his contribution to their musical escapades probably sounded a bit lame, and winced a bit.

But Lucas laughed. So maybe it wasn't so bad after all. But then he offered, “Yeah, some people got upset over me playing `Hark The Herald Angels Sing' one time.”

Uh. I don't know if I want to hear that jazzed up. It just doesn't seem right.”

I haven't ever thought about it, but you're probably right. I don't think I'd want to hear it either. Jazzed up, I mean. But no, the reason people were upset was because I played it in June.”

Well, that's silly. I mean, we should celebrate Jesus' birth all the time, right?” Uh oh. He is going for it!

Well, actually he just thought he'd sneak in a quick hit and run, but Lucas could sense when he was in danger of being witnessed to and started taking evasive action.

Yeah, sure,” he said quickly, “but you want to go to McDonald's? I'm buying. I'm about famished. So you wanna? Let's book.”

Well, it was just a reconnaissance mission, anyway. And he got to hear that tape again. The untitled one. It was really good! They listened to it going and coming.

Once they got back Lucas said there really wasn't much else they could do that day. They might be able to scrape a little, but oh what the heck, they'd done enough for one day. Yes, he'd decided to stop cussing around Jedidiah. Without a word being said about it. So good Jed's winning, right?

Well, maybe. But just for awhile. They were sitting on the ground talking. More progress had been made, as Lucas seemed to be interested in practicing with him over at Uncle J.'s Lucas was being honorable and wasn't trying to sneak any more peeks. Truthfully, with Jedidiah sitting there facing him, it didn't seem to be the best time for it, anyway. His buzz had pretty much worn off, it was just a mellow glow by then. He was no longer acutely aware of his lack of underwear since, after all, he'd been without it all day. In fact, he'd forgotten all about it. Until he noticed Jedidiah glance down and then quickly look away. Oh shit, I forgot! He looked down... and then he quickly adjusted himself and started blushing. His dick had been right out in the open! Shit!

Um, sorry,” he managed, “I... ah... well, I wasn't expecting anybody and it cuts down on chaffing. It's just more comfortable that way.” He'd never had a chaffing problem until then, but it was the best he could come up with.

Not wanting Lucas to be embarrassed, good Jed quickly said, “Hey, it's all right. I mean, we're both boys anyway, and you're right, it probably is more comfortable. It just makes sense.”

So that was really nice of good Jed, wasn't it?

Well... it might have been, but it was all BAD Jed could do not to start rubbing his hands with glee. Figuratively speaking, of course, but you could almost hear him say, “He walked right into that one!”

Meanwhile, Lucas wasn't sure if he'd just agreed to continue going commando or not, but it sort of seemed like he might've. And he definitely wasn't sure if Jedidiah was implying... No, he couldn't be. He almost witnessed to me, so shit, he just didn't want to embarrass me, that's all. But-

So what time you want to start tomorrow?” asked Jedidiah.

Well you don't hafta-”

But I want to. I got nothing else to do. Not for awhile, anyway. So...”

Oh, I guess around 8:30 or so. ... And um... well, I need to go inside and check on that bug bomb. I got a mask I can wear, but you don't. ... So you're sure now? Because you've more than made up for Saturday, okay? But-”

See you tomorrow morning,” said Jedidiah, and with that he hopped on his bike and pedaled away.

Lucas would have offered to give him a ride home – they could have just tossed his bike in back – but he was in no position to do so. The fact was, he just hoped Jedidiah hadn't noticed that he'd started popping one. And with no undies, it's hard to miss. Apparently he hadn't noticed, though. But one thing was for sure, he was about to take care of it.

He wasn't sure what was going on, he had no idea where things were headed, but for a little while it didn't matter in the least, he was spraying from almost the first pull.

Jedidiah had noticed though. And he was a little stiff as well.


He was sitting in the porch swing. Naked. But he was gently swinging back and forth. Just barely. Lucas was kneeling in front of him, and he was naked too. He looked similar to him, just had some hair above his dick, but no where else that he could see, and his dick looked to be about the same size as his. Which was ... well, about the normal size. But it looked nice. And Lucas looked nice. He had an erection too. Just like he did.

Then all at once – he wasn't sure how it happened – Lucas was sucking him off! And he was good. Really good. Better than Joey, even. He could feel it building, he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, but... but...

“I wonder if this would be a good time to bear my testimony?” he thought.

Then, even before he'd finished ejaculating, he woke up. It was... it was a wet-mare! Really! It took over an hour to get back to sleep after that.

I don't suppose there will be quite as much angst from here on out. It still might rear its head up every now and then, but not nearly as often. Hopefully, this is okay.

Thanks for reading. All five of you. And until next time, be good.

Or at least be careful.