As is usually the case, this story is intended for mature audiences only. And I would hope that it is legal for you to read this, even if only for educational purposes. In fact, this fictional story (and for the most part, it really is fictional) IS for educational purposes. Honest. I have no other motivation for writing this. None whatsoever.

Although I might be making that up too. But even so, you've been warned, all right?


Chapter Six

When Jedidiah woke up Tuesday morning, the first thing that came to mind was his dream. He wasn't sure what to make of it all. Did he really want it to happen?

After a short while, he decided, well, of course he didn't. Good Jed was usually in control of things when he first woke up and after all, morning boners were a part of growing up. And wet dreams were a part of that as well. It seemed that it would be better if those dreams weren't sexual, but it wasn't like he had any control over them, and he could hardly be expected to dream about doing it with a girl if he didn't even understand their plumbing. And not only that, he wasn't supposed to be interested in their plumbing in the first place. He wasn't supposed to be all that interested at sixteen, when he could first start dating, so since he was still two and half weeks shy of his fourteenth birthday he saw little reason to worry about the opposite sex at all.

He weighed the pros and cons of wearing his underwear that day while he was in the shower and finally decided that he would. If it turned out that Lucas was wearing his, then it would be the right decision on his part. But if he wasn't, then Wednesday he wouldn't either, because obviously Lucas would be less inclined to be embarrassed that way.

Lucas also was wondering if he should wear his underwear Tuesday morning, but finally decided that he wouldn't. Although he would wear his jeans over his gym shorts. Monday he'd been so into the idea of near or total nudity that he'd deliberately left his jeans at home, but he wasn't going to make that mistake again. Or, at least, he wouldn't as long as Jedidiah seemed intent on helping him.

And so, if nothing else, he was able to enjoy a good breakfast at Jack's. Two scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, toast and coffee.

But at any rate, that's how at first both bad Jed and Lucas were disappointed. Lucas was because he'd sneaked another quick peek. Oh well. And because Lucas decided to keep his jeans on, bad Jed could only assume that there wasn't going to be a good excuse.

So it might seem that things were going backwards. Well, yes, but only for awhile.

Even if for a while that morning Lucas was trying to figure out some way of getting rid of that kid. I mean, what was the point of all this? Why was he helping him out? There had to be a catch, and if it was what he thought it was, then thanks, but no thanks. Lots of reasons, but the biggest was he could get stuck on him, and he didn't want it to happen again.

And, not only that, it didn't seem likely he was ever going to see anything interesting, anyway. He didn't know if Mormon kids were by nature modest, but it seemed likely that they were. So really, what was the POINT?

Then, out of nowhere, Jedidiah interrupted his thoughts with, “Hey, Lucas, I'm just wondering if this afternoon after we finish... well, do ya want to practice some over at my place? Just sort of... well, just jam a little or something. Nothing WAY far out... I mean I don't think my aunt would go for heavy metal...” - Giggle - Right. Aunt Nan probably wouldn't react too well to Megadeth ... “or anything like that, but do you wanna? ... Maybe?”

Oh. So that was it. But how in the hell are you supposed to jam with just a violin and drums? Well, maybe I could take some tapes over, so we got something backing us up and if he turns out to be a half decent drummer, what can it hurt? Lucas shrugged. “Well, yeah, I guess.”

“All right!” Then Jedidiah started scraping furiously away, but he seemed to be ... really happy.

“Well, um, what kind of music did you have in mind, anyway?”

“Oh, this and that, I guess. I mean, today we can just jam a little, but sometime I'd like to hear you play `Come, Come You Saints'. `Cause I bet it would be good. And maybe that Cheap Trick thing.. `World's Greatest Lover.' ... Say it sounds like a hymn?”

“Pretty much. Tempo and all, it does. And if anybody happens to ask what the name of it is, well, just drop that r at the end, that's all. `World's Greatest LOVE'. So that's a good name for a hymn, right?”

“Yeah. I guess ... You know any classical?”

“Do I know any classical? Sheesh! All kinds. How about you?”

Well, yeah. Piano and organ, I do. You ever heard Moonlight Sonata”?

“Oh sure. I like it. So yeah, I'd like to hear it sometime. ... But what kind of rock are we talking about here? I mean, we are talking about that too, right?”

“You ever listen to sixties beach music?”

Sixties BEACH music? Shit. Lucas sighed. Or at least, in a way he did . “My mom listened to it, but I never got much out of it, myself. I mean... well, I don't know, I just wasn't into The Beach Boys too much.”

“Oh, well, me neither. But that's not what I'm talking about. ... Um, well, I put together a tape of stuff I do like. ... So okay, you might not like it either, but it's not Beach Boys, it's all instrumental.” (Deep breath. Lucas had his boom box along that day and right then had some weird kind of instrumental stuff going on it.) “So you care if I put it on? `Cause I brought a tape along, just in case.”

“You're doing drums on it?”

“No, but it's stuff I can do, okay?”

Well, let's hear it then.” It didn't seem like he was too impressed with his Tangerine Dream tape anyway. But then, he wasn't expecting to be too impressed with Jedidiah's tape either. Instrumental beach music. Yeah, right. Dueling ukuleles. Thrillsville!

But of course Jedidiah popped his tape in. And Lucas wasn't just surprised, no, he was flabbergasted! It wasn't the music itself, although he did think he might want to add that number to one of his tapes put together for no purpose other than to demonstrate how far-ranging his musical tastes were. He'd never heard that one, though... so, okay, he'd have to show his ignorance, but the one thing that immediately caught his ear was the drummer. If Jedidiah was anywhere near as good as the drummer was on... whatever that was he had on tape, well... holy shit.

“Okay, I give up” Lucas finally admitted, “what is that?”

“Bombora' It's a group called The Atlantics. You ever hear of them?”

“Um, no. Heard of lots of groups, but... no, I haven't. ... But ... you can play the drum part on that?”

“It took a little while, but yeah. Now I can.”

“So you're another Buddy Rich, then.”

Jedidiah laughed. “In my dreams, maybe. Nah, I'm not that good. ... But I can do some of his stuff.”

You're kidding.” Nick, your ass just got drummed right into the ground!

All Lucas was familiar with on that tape was “Wipe Out” and “Pipeline”. For the most part, he wasn't overly impressed with the music as it brought up images of stuff his mom probably listened to when she was his age. He could almost picture it being played on American Bandstand with shimmying go-go dancers, but then on the other hand... not everything his mom listened to was bad ,either. She was part of the Woodstock generation, after all. But one thing did impress him to no end: if Jedidiah was really that good of a drummer, then they needed to start looking for a place to do some mixing.

Or, at least, as long as he wanted to a little more than sixties beach music.

Well, as it turned out, Jedidiah did like The Pet Shop Boys quite a bit. He liked the Carter USM number he had. Although he was fairly sure Jedidiah had no idea what USM stood for. (He didn't.) He liked and was decently familiar with The Moody Blues, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. So that was promising. He even liked the Tangerine Dream number he had on another tape, but then that was “Cloudburst Flight.” It was hard not to like that one, although some had apparently managed the feat in the past. Oh, and he also liked “Wurm”. He thought Red Rider was way cool. “Heart's Gone Cold” by Blackfoot he liked. And also “Deadly Nightshade” by The Strawbs. It was sort of spooky sounding, but he thought that would be something neat to try on keyboards. Neat? Did he just say neat? But no matter, overall Jedidiah really liked tapes two and three. A lot!

So, as was usually the case, Lucas beamed inwardly with pride and thought that maybe, just maybe, his music could lead to something else. He wasn't expecting a lot, but still, if the kid liked his music, well... who knows? And if nothing else, he was at least decently cool.


Around noon they both decided they were famished again, so it was off to Jack's. McDonald's had a drive-through window, which had been an important consideration the day before, but Jack's served possibly the best hamburgers in Tennessee. At least that's what the Knoxville paper once said and a copy of that article was prominently displayed in front window. Certainly their burgers were a lot better than Big Macs and the like. But the very first order of business Lucas had in mind was he needed to pee in the worse kind of way. If he'd been working with himself, he would have just peed from the ladder, no problem, but as it was, every time the urge had hit that morning, he'd climbed down and walked around the corner. And Jedidiah had done likewise whenever the urge hit him. Both were sort of thinking that they didn't really need to be that modest, but at the same time, they were both waiting for the other to bring the point up.

At any rate, soon as they were inside, Lucas said, “I gotta go. I'll be right back.”

Only Jedidiah needed to go pretty bad himself, so he said, (quite naturally), “Yeah, me too. Big time,” and so they both hurried back towards the men's room. Lucas had a head start, so he got there first. “I'll be right out,” he said, and he went inside, hurriedly jerked down his jeans and gym shorts and Ah! Relief! (Gym shorts almost never come with a fly, so yes, he had to pull them down. But, anyway, he was peeing blissfully away when unexpectedly the door opened and Jedidiah walked right on in. “I can't wait any longer,” he said, hurriedly, “So move over.” It happened so quick, Lucas didn't even have time to start blushing. Although he was a bit discombobulated by this turn of events. Of course he was. There he was with his jeans and gym shorts shoved down below his butt and the kid just walks in on him. Shit! Couldn't he have waited a minute?

But there he was, peeing right beside him. In fact, they were shoulder to shoulder, because there was only one urinal. But from the sound of things, it seemed he like he really didn't have to go all that bad, because it wasn't coming out in a steady stream - no, it sounded like it was coming out in spurts.

Only in a hurried, somewhat giggly tone of voice Jedidiah explained, “I was about to wet my pants out there.”

“Um,” said Lucas. And of course he was fighting the urge to glance over. Except it felt like Jedidiah was looking down at him, he could almost sense it. One never knows quite what to say in a situation such as that – or at least he didn't – but finally he glanced down, not at Jedidiah, but instead at the plastic filter thingy at the bottom of the urinal. And there was a public service announcement. “Say No To Drugs.”

So Lucas asked, “Hey, you ever wonder if somebody isn't asking us to make an editorial statement here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like if you're advertising something... like say, `Eat at Jack's', you wouldn't want people peeing on your sign, right? So...”

“Oh, I get it. Does make you wonder, doesn't it?”

Yeah,” said Lucas. Then he glanced at Jedidiah's dick. Isn't that what one usually does after an attempt at a joke has been acknowledged? No? Well, Lucas did. He just couldn't resist a quick look. And he was surprised. Shock would only come later on after he'd had a chance to think about it; right at that very moment he was just surprised to see that Jedidiah had pulled his soccer shorts and undies all the way down as well. Nice. Cute little dark brown bush, and... Holy shit! He's getting a hard-on!

“I can't help it,” he giggled. Sort of.

It looked to be about the same size as his, which would have put it right at 5 ¼ inches, and not terribly skinny. It looked... nice, almost perfect, in fact. Well, it looked perfect because it belonged to a drop-dead cute Mormon boy who had just walked in on him. And it seemed to be getting harder. But in spite of that Jedidiah was almost guilelessly looking over at his. At his dick, I mean. Almost casually. Difficult as it might be to imagine someone with a growing hard-on looking either guileless or casual, that was the distinct impression Lucas got. Although he wasn't stiff. Yet. He didn't find being embarrassed to be conducive to getting aroused, but for some reason, Jedidiah was.

Jedidiah found himself suddenly aroused, because with almost no warning bad Jed had taken control. He saw a perfect opportunity to let Lucas look at him, that's all. He had to go in the worst kind of way, so fine, we're both boys aren't we? What? Am I supposed to wet my pants out here? Of course not!

It wouldn't have taken Lucas long to get aroused himself – he already felt a tickle – but while he could still be clueless, he was at least a little more experienced, so he quickly finished, jerked his pants back up and managed, “Oh, don't worry about it. It happens sometimes.” Then he started washing his hands. But at the same time, that crawling sensation had become more pronounced. If he had been dressed like he'd been the day before, well...

He would have been stuck in the bathroom, that's all. But he quickly excused himself. “I'll find us a booth,” he said, somewhat shakily.

Jedidiah would have had difficulty explaining exactly what was going on himself – he just had to pee in the worst kind of way, that's all – but once alone he quickly sat down on the commode. I mean, he really did need to go, and with a boner it was easier if he sat down.

About a minute later, with his mission accomplished and his boner almost forgotten – just as long as he didn't think about it – he sat down in the booth across from Lucas, like nothing had happened at all. “So what's good to eat here?” he wondered. “Is the barbecue sandwich any good?”

Of course Lucas was somewhat anxiously looking for any sign of embarrassment or guilt – or at least something on Jedidiah's part – but apparently there wasn't going to be any. It was as though nothing had ever happened. What planet is this kid from, anyway? But still, so far, so good. In fact, more than he'd ever expected. Apparently what we have here is a goddamn exhibitionist. Well, cool! Quickly regaining his composure, he made a face and answered, “Um, well, about the only thing I WOULDN'T suggest is the barbecue. If you want barbecue, we need to go out to Otis'. He knows how to make it. Carolina pit cooked, vinegar-based, only kind worth bothering with. They cover everything with some kind of sauce here, they don't know NOTHING about barbecue, but -”

“What you talking about, hon?” interrupted the waitress who'd just walked up to take their order. “You ain't saying bad things about our food here, are you?”

“You just don't know how to make barbecue, that's all. But I was about to mention how your hamburgers are the best in the state, and that's what I'll have. Ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion. But hold the slaw.”

“Hon, they're not just the best in the state, they're the best in the whole wide world!”

Lucas looked over at Jedidiah.I know they're the best I ever ate, anyway.

So Jedidiah guessed he'd go with a hamburger as well, and he almost inhaled it. As though nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened.


Since there was a strong possibility of afternoon thunderstorms for the remainder of the week, getting started with any painting was pretty much out of the question. And so, once back from lunch, armed with mineral spirits, work gloves, putty knives, needle nose pliers, a hammer, a pry bar, and a broom, they tackled the living room rug. And they got it all pulled loose! Even though it took them over three and a half hours to complete the task. Lucas was sure he was going to have a whole new set of sore muscles that night, but it really felt good. For a lot of reasons, it did. It was good because they actually finished it, for one thing; it was good working side by side with someone he was liking more and more – and Jedidiah worked every bit as hard as he did at it; and it was good because... well, let's run that side-by-side bit by again.

Cutting the edge of a section of carpet in order to make a two foot wide strip worked best. So the cuts would be made and then they would pull with all their might, walking backwards. The carpet would rip loose for a few feet, then two more cuts would be made, just to get things started again. But pulling together on a strip of carpet only two feet wide meant that they were almost always right against each other. Lucas really wished he could get down to his gym shorts, because he was sweating up a storm, but he didn't dare. The feel of Jedidiah's legs and arms often pressed up against him, and all this without one of them ever flinching away from the contact - because they were working - well, as far as Lucas was concerned, it was a wonderful thing and worth getting sore muscles over. Oh, and Jedidiah's left thigh was particularly warm and soft. And a couple of times, the sides of their faces even touched, but no one ever flinched away. Wow! Lucas' mind kept flashing back to the men's room at Jack's. On the surface at least, such a nice boy... and they were working together, side by side, pressed right up against each other and...

Sometimes accidents occurred. No, really, when Jedidiah stumbled, it caused Lucas to trip and he suddenly found himself sitting in Jedidiah's lap. It was an accident. But it was sure was nice for a couple of seconds.

But then he scrambled to his feet and said, “Hey, you all right? I tripped, but you okay?”

“Yeah,” laughed Jedidiah, “But really, I think I tripped you. ... Help me up, okay?”

There he was, laughing, sprawled out on the floor with his legs wide open, and... oh my God! His balls were hanging out! Well, one of them was, anyway. And it looked nice. Decently plump, pink, a bit wrinkly, hairless – almost like his looked, in fact – but... oh... shit.

Only Jedidiah never seemed to notice a thing. But bad Jed sure did. And he started plotting.

Lucas managed to look almost guileless, and quickly pulled Jedidiah to his feet. But he was beginning to plot as well.


Although part one of Lucas' plot was simply to make a good impression on Jedidiah's aunt and uncle. Hopefully without being invited to church. Maybe that wouldn't come up, but if it did, well, he was a Baptist. And he wouldn't mention the lapsed part of all that. But first, he needed to get home and take a shower. Seriously. And of course he'd change clothes and put on some underwear. Then he'd get his violin – just that – well, maybe he'd take his electric too... but he'd just stick to violin at first. And at first, mostly classical and maybe some hymns. He'd take his untitled tape along, because after all that shouldn't upset anybody, but still, he could at least try to make a good impression. Two days before, it wouldn't have mattered so much, but now...

Now he was on the hook again and reminding himself that he was probably a fucking idiot wasn't going to change anything at all.

So... once they finished for the afternoon, he mentioned that he needed to get cleaned up first. And then he almost panicked when Jedidiah said yeah, he did too. I mean, Lucas wasn't quite ready to move THAT fast, and what he thought Jedidiah was saying at first was that he was going to get into his shower WITH him.

Although that thought had gone through Jedidiah's mind, Lucas only had to suggest it and he would have said, “Sure, that makes sense, we'll save some time that way.” But it wasn't, in fact, Lucas suddenly looked a bit dubious, so okay... maybe some other time.

Yeah, well, what poor clueless Lucas had in mind was a quick jerk off while in the shower, and he just assumed that he couldn't do that with Jedidiah in there with him. Well, as it turned out he had his shower all to himself, so... he had his quickie. It didn't take any time at all, and he felt a lot better about things, not knowing how much better it could have been.

But then on the other hand, at that moment, it's most likely that he would have been overwhelmed by guilt – all based on what he would have thought was going through the other's mind right then – so, it was probably just as well that things weren't rushed. No matter what, he wasn't prepared for a simple solution.

Although he was all for some casual nudity. Which is why he decided to stroll out of his bathroom naked, casually drying his hair with the towel, like it wasn't a big deal at all. No pun really intended. And in fact, Jedidiah did look at him with some interest. Not an undue amount, but still... things were looking okay, Lucas thought to himself. There was hope.

Yeah, there definitely was, because actually Jedidiah thought to himself that Lucas looked very nice, almost like he'd looked in his dream. He didn't want to be playing sex games with some hairy sixteen-year-old, anyway: he wanted someone who looked pretty much like he did, so as far as he was concerned, Lucas fit the bill completely.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. There are times when no matter how cautious you are – so cautious that there should be no hope under normal circumstances – it's still going to happen. Lucas didn't know it, but the machine was already in motion.

Although Lucas WAS still busily plotting. Just like bad Jed wanted him to.


The next step was to make a good impression on Jedidiah's aunt and uncle, and Lucas was entirely capable of being very charming – in a shy, diffident sort of way – whenever he wanted to be. He would have made an awfully good con artist. And of course it also helped that the Elkins were very gracious, but then you would hardly expect otherwise. So in short, it went very well.

His musical talent wasn't the most important consideration, but it certainly didn't hurt anything. It didn't because the Elkins were intrigued by the possibility of Lucas and Jedidiah one day soon playing together in church. But J. Kelton Elkins could be crafty too, and he felt it best not to pressure the boy right away, as he was more or less expecting Jedidiah to do that for him, so the one thing Lucas was most dreading – an invitation to... um, learn more about the Mormon Church - never came up that night. Or at least not directly. It was all very subtle. They were just being good examples, all of them.

That night, bad Jed was nowhere to be seen, it was all good Jed, who really did hope to be a good example. But at the same time, if by chance Lucas had been invited to spend the night, sooner or later bad Jed would have reappeared, it was almost a certainty. There really was only one difference between the two, and it was all about sex. As far as bad Jed was concerned, sex was a game that was more fun than anything else he could imagine, but beyond that, he was almost identical to the good Jed. So of course this could be a bit confusing.

Lucas went home from the Elkins that night thinking that possibly he'd misread Jedidiah. It was nothing he could put his finger on, but he'd noticed that subtle change. So he wasn't nearly as optimistic as he'd been that afternoon.

Truthfully, though, he'd misread both Jeds.


The first surprise Lucas got Wednesday morning came when his uncle knocked on his door and wondered if he'd like go over to Jack's to eat breakfast with him. So of course he said sure. There was hardly anything else he could say. And he did dress decently, and that included his wearing his underwear. Not that he was expecting to be checked, but still, it just seemed that he should.

The second surprise was while they were driving over when his uncle, right out of nowhere, asked, “So I understand Dr. Elkins' nephew has been helping you out this week. Is he a good worker?”

“Well, yes sir, he is,” Lucas stammered, “But he just wanted to help some, that's all. It was just because I stopped to help them out some Saturday morning, I guess, but he's been pretty good company. I mean, you don't mind, do you?”

“Oh no, not at all.” (Whew!) “I know it must be difficult for a boy your age to work on a project like you've taken on without anyone to keep you company. So what do you think about my hiring him on to help out full time, Monday through Friday?” “Oh wow. That would be grea- hey, wait a second.”

“So, um... I guess we could be finished before the end of the summer, then. Which would be good, but... after that, well... what I mean is ... well, um -”

“If you get your butt back in school this fall ,Lucas, you can still stay in the trailer. Find a part-time job that doesn't interfere with your school work, that'll be fine, but if there's nothing to be had for awhile, don't worry about it. ... So you say this Jedidiah is a good worker?”

“Oh, yes, sir. He works his tail off.” Oh my... Damn! Holy shit- ... I mean just damn!

“Well, good, then. Soon as we get back, I'll give Dr. Elkins a call, because he was asking if it was a possibility. ... Now don't be pushing it too hard, I figure six hours a day should be enough. And if this rain doesn't let up, there might be some days you can't do much at all. Keep working like you have, you'll be fine. ... And, oh, by the way: I went by the place yesterday evening on my way to work. You did a really good job getting that carpet up.”

Ho-ly fuck-ing SHIT!”


So Lucas resolved to stop plotting ways to get Jedidiah out of his clothes. He had all summer, so there was no need to take a chance on messing things up. And anyway, since he didn't seem to be a terribly shy boy, he imagined he'd get more than a few looks. Before long, they might decide that the coolest thing to do would be to just wash up out in the lake. Nobody could see them anyway, so yeah, he'd probably mention that before long.

So okay, he hadn't really stopped plotting then, but it was hardly a major. But that was about all he was expecting and he had no intention of trying to push things much further.

Shit. By then, he should have known himself better. It didn't matter what he told himself, if the opportunity came up, he would go for it. Inside he might be scared – or maybe not, it depended on what exactly did come up, but he would go for it.

He wasn't expecting anything to come up that day though. So that was his third surprise. Overall, Wednesday, June 23rd was a very surprising day.


Exactly what was it that day that opened the door for bad Jed? Lucas and Jedidiah were chattering away all morning while spreading a coat of primer over the back side of the house. But talking about music didn't open the door.

But then singing along with some of the stuff Lucas had on his boom box that afternoon while they were inside might have first cracked it some. It was his usual eclectic mix. This one was mostly rock, but for some reason he also had The Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhäuser on it. Not really the perfect sing-along song, but still an interesting change of pace. Especially when that was followed by “Your Cheating Heart”. Which WAS a good sing-along. And then towards the end of the tape, immediately after “Another Brick in the Wall- part 2 – the “we don't need no education” song - which indeed was a good sing-along, came an even better one, David Allan Cole's “She Never Even Called Me By My Name”, especially the famous last verse. And yes, Jedidiah was familiar with it and he was singing along loudly. And, by the way, neither had any great talent when it came to singing, some things were beyond their reach. But Lucas was all ears wondering how he was going to handle one particular part of that last verse. The guy in the song was headed to the station to pick his maw up after she got out of prison, “but before I could get to the station in my pick-up truck, she got runned over by a damned old train”. But without the slightest pause, what came out of Jedidiah's mouth was, “she got runned over by a danged old train.”

“That's damned old train,” Lucas told him, “you're not even singing it right!”

“Oh hush. I am too. Danged is just the same as... um... it's just the same as... well, it is!”

“So if it's the same thing, why don't you just say 'damned', then?”

“Because... well, okay, fine. She got runned over by a da... by a DAMNED old train. You satisfied? So now can I just dang it next time?”

Which first started a giggle attack, but then, almost out of nowhere, Jedidiah wondered, “So you want to play cards for a while?”

“I don't know”, Lucas answered, “What?”

“Oh... well, how about poker?”

“For how much?”

“I don't really have a lot of money right now.”

Lucas made a face. “Well, playing for funsies gets boring pretty quick.”

Well, we could play for... Well, I don't know. Think of something.”

Lucas shrugged. And he thought about it, then very cautiously, “Well... How about strip poker?”

Oh definitely. Bad Jed would take any opportunity presented.

So I could stretch this out, and there was a lot of tension in that game. It was close. Neck and neck, right down to what Lucas thought was going to be the last hand, because they were both down to their tighty whities. That was it, nothing else. He didn't know about Jedidiah, but his breath was quickening quite a bit by then, because they both had pitched very obvious tents. Something that normally would have embarrassed him to no end, but at the moment there didn't seem to any point in that, because Jedidiah didn't seem to be too concerned.

Well, Lucas drew to a pair of tens, but Jedidiah went for an inside straight, and... he didn't get it. So he tossed his cards back, shrugged - “dang it” and pulled his undies off. Whoa!

“Nice one!” And it was that, because it was trying to reach for the ceiling. “Oh, yeah,” thought Lucas, “I got my jerk off memory for today, all right.” But he WAS thinking in terms of later on that day.

“So deal,” said Jedidiah.

“But you lost.”

“Well, we just keep playing.”

“For what?” Really, Lucas thought that was a very good question.

“Well, how about dares? If I lose again, then whatever you dare me to do, I have to do it. ... As long as you don't make me run out into the road or something. ... I mean, nobody else can see it, okay?”

Not too surprisingly, Lucas was hoping to lose the next two hands, because he did NOT want to make the first dare up. So he tried to lose on purpose. But still, he ended up with a pair of fours. Odds were though, it would still be a losing hand.

But it wasn't. “You have got to be the -” and Lucas started to finish with “luckiest”, but realized that actually, Jedidiah was uncommonly UN-lucky. It was hard to believe, in fact. That boy just didn't know how to play poker.

If he'd known that Jedidiah had thrown away a pair of tens, he might have thought otherwise. Especially since Jedidiah knew how to play perfectly well. But anyway, what to dare, what to -

“Well, dare me to do something.”

“Um, well... Okay... Run out in the back... no wait. Do ten push-ups.”

Lucas found it to be quite a sight, as Jedidiah's boner - which curved inward a bit - continued pointing towards his belly button throughout. And the push-ups were done briskly, which resulted in some bouncing and swaying. Stiff bouncing and swaying, but-

“Ten!” announced Jedidiah and with that, the show was over. Only it wasn't really, as he quickly shuffled the cards. “My deal” he said.

And he managed to lose another hand. “Shoot!” he exclaimed. ... “Okay, what's my dare this time?”

Oh... Well... He's losing on purpose! Um, run in place for... well, until I count to... fifty.”

“Do I have to be facing you while I'm doing it?”

“Well, of course. I gotta see.”

Jedidiah shrugged. “Okay.”

That produced some brisk bouncing and a noticeable wet spot at the front of Lucas' underpants.

“Okay, my deal” said Lucas quickly, and he shuffled and dealt. Jedidiah threw away a pair of sevens and ended up with a king high. Only he had to show his hand first.

“Well, it still beats my jack” Lucas lied and with that, he quickly replaced the cards, shuffled them for good measure, sighed and jerked his BVDs off. His dick was pointing in the general direction of the ceiling as well. Only his didn't curve, it was almost straight as an arrow.

At that point, Jedidiah did sort of want to make Lucas do a dare, although he wasn't sure what it would be. Lucas wasn't sure if he had the nerve to make the next dare he had mind or not, but he guessed he would if he ended up winning. So if he wants to lose on purpose, well, let him then! `Cause he just might be in for a surprise!

Jedidiah ended up with a pair of tens, but Lucas drew two pair!

Lucas took a deep breath. “Okay, I dare you to jerk off.” It seemed like a fairly safe dare, really.

Oh. ... Um, I haven't ever done that before. ... But... Him and Joey had done a bunch of things that had to be almost as bad as doing it with their hands, I mean, they really were interfering with them if you wanted to be honest about it, so...

Oh, why not? “Well, I will, but you have to show me how to do it, okay?”

.... “Show you ... how?”

“You do it, and I'll do just what you do.”

Lucas guessed it could have been better, but in comparison to what he was expecting prior to that afternoon, not really a whole lot. It was a trip, because he'd never done it in front of anyone else. He'd had it done to him plenty of times, but THIS... well, it was really something else. And he always had sort of wanted to peek at someone else doing it to himself.

And the sound effects were awfully nice as well. Joyful squeaking is a very good thing to remember.


But anyway, Jedidiah caught on quickly and they both had spectacular eruptions almost at the same time. But once it was over, Lucas – based on recent events – could have easily gone home thinking he'd surely ruined everything. Only he didn't. No matter how pessimistic he tended to be, it was almost impossible the feel that way. Not when the last thing Jedidiah said as he was getting out at his house was, “Thanks for showing me how. That was cool. So... I'll see you tomorrow, okay? You going to be here at eight? You better not be late, okay?”

Lucas finally managed, “I'll try not to be.”

“Okay, then. ... And thanks again, all right?”

“Oh, you're welcome,” said Lucas.

He was sure he was going to have a really nice session once he got into the shower. And it was. He felt like he was glowing all over.

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