Jordan and Ellis
Chapter one


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    Startled by the loud scream I spun around to see jock boy Jordan Medvescek kick at a flat tire on his car. He looked over at me and scowled. "Gee, that's tough." I said, although deep inside I thought that it couldn't happen to a more deserving ass hole.
    "This can't happen now. I have to get home in ten minutes or I'm toast."
    The panic in his voice touched me. I had to make the offer. "I can take you home then you can come back later to fix your tire." I almost bit my tongue off as the words passed my lips. Jordan is well known as a 'hit first then kick 'em while they're down' sort of kid.
    "Could you do that man? I would be so grateful."
    He seemed sincere and the look of relief that crossed his face seemed to make up my mind for me. "Sure, hop in." He rushed to my car as I touched the button to unlock the door for him. He opened the door and slipped down into the seat next to me with a wide smile on his cute face.
    Yeah, cute. Jordan has been the object of many hours of personal pleasure for me. He is a stuck up, conceited, son-of-bitch, he thinks that his shit doesn't stink. He is cruel to those that he holds in disdain, which is anybody and everybody at sometime or another, but mostly geeks and nerds. I guess that I fit the geek category because of my grades. I am an honor rolls student. I am the junior class president and am the current president of the Latin club and the math club. I am also gay, but nobody knows that except my hand and my fantasies. My hand is still not sure though.
    "Kewl wheels, dude." He was rubbing his hands over the plush leather seats of my new Mazda MIATA MX-5. My dad had spent an additional one thousand dollars to have the leather seats and trim installed for his little study hound. Dad loved it when I brought home a perfect report card and he had always rewarded me well. I wonder what he would do if he were to find out that I want to suck a cock and maybe take one up my tight little ass. Okay, so I am a narcissist, I look good and I know it. I just don't think that anyone sees past my brains. I am avoided by everyone, even the geeks and the nerds. I live in a world of books and dreams.
    I put the Miata through the moves as we wound up the mountain to Jayden's house. I love the way the car handles on the curves. The five speed shift, electronically controlled transmission gives me total control. I have never taken the car out on the highway to see what he can do so I don't know how the overdrive feature will work. He? Yeah, I call my car a he. I love him like the perfectly formed athlete that he is. He is sure no pussy assed girl when it comes to outright power and speed.
    I do have to be careful there though. One traffic ticket and the car is gone, dad is very clear on that point. That doesn't mean that I don't try this old boy out whenever the opportunity arises. I have never actually raced against anybody and I have never been able to get an accurate time, but I know that he is quick off the line and around the curves. I had driven the road that Jordan and I were on many times, usually late at night. I knew all of the curves and when to break and when to punch the accelerator. He handled as if he were glued to the road. Jayden's eyes were wide as he held onto anything within his reach, but he had a huge smile on his face as he did it.

    Jordan pointed me to the entry of a gated community. He had to let the guard look him over to be sure that we belonged there, but that was easy with the hardtop down on my tough boy Miatia. Jordan pointed to a road that wound its way further up the mountain, but being in a residential neighborhood I kept the speed at twenty five miles per hours.
    He pointed out a large house that sat back from the road and I pulled into the circular driveway then parked in a spot across from the huge front door. The door was ten feet tall and wide enough to drive through. We climbed the shallow steps made of large granite slabs and I turned to look back across the view behind us. I could see most of the city from his front porch. I live in a large home lower on the mountain, but it does not have the view that Jayden's house has. He led me straight through to the kitchen as he asked me what I wanted to eat or drink. I said a soda would be fine as he grabbed some oranges and veggie sticks.
    Jordan passed me a cold coke then placed a hand on my shoulder to push me in the direction of his upstairs bedroom. I had no place that I would rather be than in his bedroom, but at the time I felt that I might have more on my plate then I could handle. I am not a fighter and I didn't want to have the shit beat out of me. If I went to his bedroom then…I'm not sure what would happen. I was afraid that he might see the woody tent pole in my baggy Tommy Hilfiger jeans.
    He placed his snacks and drink on his dresser then removed all of his clothes as I stood there staring at his perfect athlete's body. He turned to face me as he slowly unbuttoned his jeans to reveal his nakedness under the thick denim garment. He parted the jeans then slowly lowered them as his cock was tantalizingly revealed to my hungry eyes. I realized that I was staring and quickly looked up into his moss green eyes, he was watching me and smiling. He turned around and placed a hand on his dresser as he bent over to untie his shoes and slip the jeans from his legs. His ass was as perfect looking as the rest of him and it was pointed directly into my face.
    I had a good idea that he knew that I wanted his body. I was frightened, but excited at the same time. When he lifted his left leg to remove his jeans I saw something that made me freeze in place. He had on an ankle bracelet, the type that the police lock on a person under house arrest. Jordan looked at me with a wicked gleam on his face.
    "I sorta screwed up and I have to wear this thing for an entire year or go to jail until I am eighteen."
    That bracelet was huge so the other kids at school had to have seen it. I wondered why I had not heard any gossip about it. The kids at my school love to gossip and put everybody down in order to build themselves up. There was no way that Jordan could hide his jewelry in the showers after ball practice.
    I let the image of his perfect body burn into my mind. I was mentally drooling over his tight abs with a perfect six pack prominently displayed on his luscious looking torso. His hips were sunken behind his lower abs that formed a deep V shape which was accented by a very thin stripe of white skin that had been covered from the rays of the sun by a skimpy garment, possibly a very tiny thong style swimming suit. Jordan turned around as if to display his body and the white stripe was more obvious as it encircled his body. A very thin line of white skin around his sides met together at the crack of his bubbly butt and ran down the crack out of sight as his tasty looking butt turned under his legs.
    I would like to have been that thong and take my mouth everywhere that it had fit his body. I wanted to run my tongue between the two globe halves of his butt and find all of his taste and smell that would collect there each day. He turned back to face me so that I could see his crowning glory, a thin patch of neatly trimmed light brown hair that surrounded a perfect erection of his uncut cock standing out at a sixty degree angle from his groin.
    Jordan flipped his cock at me and bounced onto his bed. "Come over here and give me a hand." He held his cock upright from his wide spread legs as he smiled at me with his white teeth inviting me to want to lick them clean for him. "Come on, we both know that you want it."
    I stood transfixed, my feet were frozen to the same spot that I had been in since he began to remove his clothes. He shook his cock at me and a drop of precum flipped from the tip to sail off across the room and into space. I was drawn like a magnet to a flame. I don't remember walking over to the bed, or even sitting down next to him. All I remember is the feel of his steely hard cock in my hand as my fingers wrapped around its perfect length.
    I pushed his foreskin back and studied the huge purple glans. I pushed the skin further down his long shaft and watched the glans distort as it bent over to follow its sheath. I squeezed his cock and watched the piss slit open wide and smile at me. Then to show that it appreciated what I was doing for it it allowed a drop of pearly clear liquid to escape to tantalize me even more.
    I slowly moved my hand up and down as I watched the skin close over the head then roll away again. His glans looked as if it were playing hide and seek with me. Jordan moaned as he stretched his body up and pushed his cock against my hand. "Ohhhh, that feels so good. I knew that you would be a natural at this. Keep it up, do me. Go faster. Go harder."
    I did. I wanted to make him have an orgasm more than anything that I could think of at the time. I sped up my action as he got more intense in his moans and movements. I was into high gear when he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me to him then planted his lips against mine. His tongue instantly pushed against my lips and I opened up to accept the first kiss of passion in my life.
    Jordan was humping into my hand while his own hands rubbed over the back of my head and my shoulders. He was pushing back at me as hard as I was stroking him then his body tensed. I did not slow down. I know that when my orgasm is upon me to stop at that point would be sheer hell. I squeezed his cock hard and increased my pace. I felt his cock enlarge in my hand then I felt his cum shoot out. I could actually feel his cum as it passed through his cock. I felt my hand slicken as his ejaculate coated my fingers, but I did not stop or let up on my pumping action.
    He pulled back away from my hand, but held his lips to mine as he breathed heavily into my mouth. At last he broke away and grabbed my hand. He looked at it then flicked out his tongue and licked his cum off of my thumb and the back of my hand. He pulled me in for another kiss and pushed his cum into my mouth.
    With a devilish look on his pixie like face he said, "Now, let's see what you have." He unbuckled my belt and unfastened the clasp at the waist. With experienced hands he slid my zipper down and reached inside to grasp my cock. My body was instantly alive to the sensation of somebody actually touching my most private parts. He stroked me as he smiled at me then he pushed me back, with my head toward the foot of his bed.
    "Fuck all of this. Let's get you naked so that I can do for you what you just did for me. That is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want you to experience every feeling that I just had." He was tugging at my jeans so I lifted my ass. He pulled them down my legs then reached down and pushed my tied shoes off of my feet so that my jeans and CK underwear could make the final move to leave me naked from the waist down. I still had my my socks on as well as my Abercrombie and Fitch button down shirt. He pushed the shirt up to my chest as he bent forward and placed my cock into his mouth.
    Holy fuck, he was sucking my cock with the same depth and speed that I had just jacked him off. It felt so good that I got dizzy and lay back to let it happen. I was almost comatose when I felt my orgasm rise and I couldn't open my mouth to warn him. He must have known that it was cuming. He tightened his lips around my cock and took all of it fully into his mouth. I felt the bell of my six and three quarter inch long cock enter into a new tight place. I deduced that I had gone into his throat. That was confirmed when I realized that he was having trouble breathing, but I was there and I popped my load.
    He placed his finger under my balls and pressed hard as his hand wrapped around my testicles and the base of my cock. He let his mouth slide up and he took a deep breath then went back down on my cock and began to pump it like mad with his mouth. Every drop of my ejaculate was shooting into his mouth. It felt so much better than shooting into a wad of tissue, or even into the open air as hot water cascaded over my body in the shower. Nothing that I had ever done compared to the experience of his hungry mouth devouring my ball batter and searching for more.
    It was my turn to push him away. I was so sensitive that my cock almost hurt. He turned to lay down beside me and stared into my face. That time it was my turn to pull him in for a kiss. He moved over the top of me as we ground our cocks together in passionate lust for each other.
    "I love you. I have always loved you. I remember the first time that I saw you in the seventh grade. I almost fell down the steps as I watched you pass by."
    "Actually the first time you saw me was when you placed your hands against my chest and shoved me to the ground the second day of sixth grade. You always called me titty baby."
    "Was that you? I remember that, the titty baby thing. I got into so much trouble when that teacher heard me and made me stay after school."
    "Yeah, Ms. Olsen."
    "That's the one. She was so tall and skinny. I used to picture her riding a broomstick and eating kids that she boiled in a pot in her fireplace."
    "I put my hands on my chest and imagined that I could feel your hands there. I wanted to be your friend, but I was the runty little geek with no friends."
    "You're no runt now."
    "But I'm still a geek."
    "You can be my geek. I wish that I had half of your brains. Everybody talks about you. They wish that school was a easy for them as it is for you. All of us want to get good grades to get our parents off of our back. I would trade all of my football skills for one solid A in one hard course for the entire year."
    "I can help you get all As if you want."
    "Would you do that? I mean, I will do whatever you want if you will help me. My dad is thinking about sending me away because I can't get anything better than an occasional B. I get lots of Cs though."
    We lay there talking and holding each other for an hour or so then he asked me to spend the night with him. He told me that he really did need a ride to school the next morning. I called my house and told my folks that I was studying with a friend and that we had a touchy subject that we were trying to work through. I told my dad that Jayden's car had a flat tire and that I had brought him home, but it was too late to call a service to change the tire. I said that I needed to take him to school the next day and that we needed to be there early.
    I hate lying to my parents. I seldom ever do it and it makes me feel like shit when I do it. This time I had a good reason to lie to them, I was going to spend the night with the hottest guy in the country and maybe we could have more sex together.

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