Jordan and Ellis
Chapter two


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Chapter two
    I was overjoyed, I had permission to spend the night, on a school night. I was smiling big time, Jordan just reached over and kissed me. My stomach rumbled and he grinned at me as he patted it.
    "Let's go see what the cook left." He grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the bed and ran toward the door naked. I held back. "Come on, there's nobody home but us. The housekeeper does her work and fixes my dinner then goes home at five thirty. We have the run of the entire house for the rest of the night."
    "What about your folks?" I asked as he led me through the house and into a kitchen large enough to prepare meals for our entire school.
    "Dad had to go to Atlanta on business so I'm home alone." I watched him watch me and his face took on a more serious appearance. "Mom's in prison for six years. She got drunk, again. Only this time she ran over two kids on bicycles and killed one of them."
    I guess that my mouth was hanging open. I did not know what to say. I thought how horrible it would be if my mom wasn't at home for me. Jordan stuck a celery stick into my mouth and giggled at me. "Don't worry about, dude. I love my mom, but she was always drunk. At least now she can't drink and maybe she can get well. I miss the mom that I used to have when I was a little kid. She was a lot of fun then.
    "Let's see what we have to eat. Hey, do you like tuna casserole? The cook makes the best tuna casserole that I ever ate, even better than what mom used to make. And we have hot bread and salad to go with it."
    I like tuna casserole, but I really liked that casserole. It wasn't much different than what I had ever eaten before, but Jordan fed me, one fork full at a time. Of course I fed him as well. We laughed and played around as we ate and talked. Jordan would bend over and kiss my cock and sometimes he would suck on it. Once he had a piece of ice in his mouth and I didn't know it until I felt it against my glans. That was sure different. I didn't get to return the favor, he kept a close eye on me. I will think of something to get even with him before the morning comes again.

    Jordy wanted to cuddle close and watch the sunset. The weather has been brutal all summer and even though it was mid-September it had been one hundred and two degrees in the afternoon. The ninety three degree evening air seemed almost cold in comparison.
    A large balcony-patio sits off of Jordy's room. It has a perfect view of the city to the south and the west. There is nothing around us taller than we were so our view was almost as good as the view of his naked body curled up against me on a wide chaise lounge chair. Curiosity got the best of me.
    "Why do you have to wear that bracelet? What did you do, kill somebody?" I giggled as I tried to make light of it.
    "No, worse than that. I went joy riding in a stolen car."
    That startled me. Jordy just did not seem like the type of kid that would steal a car.
    "I really showed how fucked up my family is with that one. My uncle, my mother's brother, got caught in a park restroom with a twelve year old boy. He was actually fucking the kid in the butt when these two bicycle cops walked in." Shit, that was heavy. I was staring right at him, but he didn't seem too sad or upset about it or anything.
    "It wasn't really that bad as it turned out, I got his car. I was going to get a nice car for my birthday, but dad told me that I would have to work to re-earn his respect for me that I had lost by getting into a stolen car.
    "I had been driving that piece of shit Toyota for a few weeks when I was cruising down the road and saw Shorty driving a hot yellow Porsche. He pulled up alongside of me and honked his horn, I couldn't believe that he had such hot wheels. He pointed to a drugstore parking lot so I pulled in and he pulled in behind me. I was looking over the car when he told me that I could go for a ride with him. I was too stupid to ask where he got the car, I just wanted to ride in it. I got in and he spun his tires out of the parking lot, right in front of a unmarked police car.
    "We went less than a block when the siren caused me to turn around and look and there were two cops behind us with their lights flashing. Shorty wanted to take off and give them a chase, but I told him to stop or I would beat the shit out of him. He pulled up and a cop came up to each side of the car. A dude in a black suit with a major's leaf on the shoulder told me to get out of the car. He made me lay down on my face on the street as he patted me down then put the handcuffs on me and I went to jail like a common car thief.
    "Ellis, I was so embarrassed. I didn't do anything but get into that car and I was busted just like Shorty. Mom was off to prison and dad was out of town so I had to sit it out for two nights. When dad picked me up he just looked at me with a tear in his eye, but he didn't say anything. When we got home we went to the kitchen and he fixed dinner for us as I sat on a stool and kept quiet. I know that when my dad is mad that I need to keep my mouth shut.
    "When he asked me what happened I told him the truth. He put his arm around me and held me tight, I could tell that he was crying because he shaking. I didn't know what to say or do, I just figured that I had done enough. I don't ever see my dad cry. He sat and stared at mom the night that we learned that she had killed that kid and I saw the tears, but he told both of us that her drinking had finally ended with the loss of a young life then he left the room. When I saw him again his eyes were all red and he looked so sad that I went back to my room and cried.
    "He came to my room and lay down beside me and I crawled over to let him hold me in his arms like he did when I was little and we slept together until morning. When mom went to court for her trial she showed up drunk and dad didn't shed a tear. He kept his arm around me and let me see the real strength of my parents. I could see that strength in his face as he sat there looking at me. He told me that he would stand by me and get me a good lawyer, but he assured me that I had better be telling him the truth. I promised him that I was.
    "When I went before a judge that Major dude was there with his uniform on and his badge and his gun and everything and I saw that his shoulder patch said that he was FI Security, he wasn't a real cop. He was following Shorty because his company had a security contract with the owner. He told the judge that I had just gotten in the car and that I did not steal it. He said that he could understand the excitement that I must have felt at being able to ride in such a car, but that I had made a mistake by getting into it.
    "The judge listened to the cop tell almost the same story. He had rolled up on the drugstore in response to a call from that security cop guy and they were both waiting for a marked cop car with a uniformed officer to arrive to make the arrest. When I got in the car and Shorty took off he had no choice but to pull us over before we could get into more trouble.
    "The judge asked me to tell my side of the story and I told them how hot the car looked and how much I wanted to sit in it and ride around and let all of my friends see me. I told him that I was stupid. He told me that stupid people can't learn. He asked me if I had learned anything. I told him that I learned a lot more than I needed too. I told him that I knew better, but I let my impulses get the better of me. He told me that he was going to give me a little time to listen to my impulses and see if I couldn't get them under control.
    "I was sentenced to jail until I turn eighteen, but the judge suspended the sentence if I would wear this GPS bracelet for one year and stay out of trouble. Believe me, I am going to stay out of trouble."
    "I know that you will, babe, and I will be right here to help you, if you'll let me."
    "Let you? Hell, I will kill you if you don't stand by me. It will kill me for sure if I don't have you with me. I have never known this kind of deep feelings for anyone in my life and I can't imagine ever being without you again."
    "I'm kind of thinking that I don't want to hide my love for you. We will have too, of course, but I think that it will be hard not to hold your hand and talk to you all day at school. We would get killed if we did that. I don't much care about myself, but I don't want you to get hurt. Your buddies would have your balls on a stick if they thought that you have gone gay."
    Jordy smiled at me then he got sad. I thought that he was going to tell me that he didn't want to continue on except in private. I could live with that, if I had too. What he said made me sit up with excitement in my heart.
    "My dad said that I need the structure of a boarding school so I have been looking around and there is a school where I could go that is right here in town. The one thing that had me worried about the school may be the thing that makes it the best choice for me.
    "Well, I suppose that there was more than one thing that had me worried." He smiled at me and pulled close to me then looked into my eyes and kissed me. "I did not want to leave you. I hoped everyday that I could break the ice with you and get to know you. That stupid piece of shit Toyota did what I had tried to do for two years so that is out of the way. But now that I have you as my boyfriend I don't want to leave you."
    "So what was the one thing that had you worried about this school here in town?"
    "It is a school for gay boys. I knew that I wanted to do things, but only with you. I didn't want anybody to know that I am gay until I could find out how you would feel. If you didn't like me being gay I was ready to hide my feelings forever, as long as we could be friends."
    "So to find out how I felt you just stripped naked and told me to jack you off. Cool move, dude."
    "I thought that if I acted like the jerk that you figured that I was then you would just blow it off. But when you actually rushed over to me and grabbed my cock I was sure that I had died and gone to heaven. You had such a death grip on my cock and it felt so wonderful. I was about to cry so I kissed you and you kissed me back. I thought that my heart was going to bust out of my chest because it was pounding so hard.
    "I had to make you feel what I felt, but more than that I had to have your cock in my mouth. I can't believe how much better you taste."
    "Better? Better than what?"
    He blushed as he looked at me. I pulled him tight and told him that it was okay, he didn't have to tell me all of his secrets. "I want to tell you all of my secrets. I don't want there to be anything about me that you don't know. I believe that if we are going to be boyfriends then you need to know all about my life because if you find out about something later then it might hurt you.
    "You are not my first. My uncle taught me all about sex since I was twelve. He likes boys and he likes me, or at least he likes my cock and ass." My eyes must have widened because he looked down again and said, "Yeah, he fucks me and I like it."
    I squirmed in me seat as I thought how it would hurt to have him stick his dick up my ass. In my dreams I thought of him fucking me, but after having seen and held his massive meat I had second thoughts. Jordy played his finger around my mouth and stared into my eyes, "It's not that bad really. It hurts at first and almost every time that we did it it hurt, but after it goes in then it feels great. I want you to do it to me tonight.
    I had to think about that. I love Jordy with all of my heart. I have had a crush on him for years, but I never thought of doing anything to his ass. I like looking at his ass and I have wanted to bury my face in his crack, but I had no idea what I would do next.
    "Did your folks know about you and your uncle?"
    "I learned when I was very young never to lie to my dad. He has this way of knowing if I'm lying and he lets me know that he doesn't like lies. When they arrested my uncle he came to me and asked me if he had ever done anything to me. I didn't want to tell him, but you don't know how he can stare through stone to get to the truth.
    "Ephim is three years older than I am. He lived with us after his mother died and we were pretty close. Mom was always drunk and she thought that I would like a little playmate. Ephim had something that both of us liked to play with. He taught me how to suck his cock the first day that he moved in. I didn't mind it so much, it was fun to be with someone older. When he sucked me I went bananas. I had just learned about being able to cum and he made me cum in his mouth.
    "It was after school started that I told him about you and that I loved you. He saw you and thought that you were cute, he wanted to know what I wanted to do to you. I told him that I didn't know. I said that I wanted to kiss you and that maybe I could suck your cock. He told me that real lovers fuck. I asked him how boys could fuck so he showed me.
    "I fucked him first. It was great. My cock was almost four inches long and not much bigger than my finger is now, but it felt so great sliding in out of his butt hole. I popped a load up inside of him and he held me tight and told me that I was a great lover. He said that I needed to be ready for you to fuck me too. He said that it wouldn't be right for me to fuck you and not let you fuck me.
    "We spent a long time with him getting my ass open. He was fifteen and I was twelve. His dick was huge and my ass was small. He stuck his finger up inside of me and wiggled it around and I felt so good that I cumed all over myself. He licked it up and kept his finger up in me.
    "He put some greasy stuff on his fingers and then put two of them inside my butt. That really hurt and I was about to tell him to stop when he touched my prostate. We didn't know what it was then, but it made my butt feel good. He kept on fucking his fingers in and out and I was loving it. I asked him to put his cock inside of my ass. I thought that I had been split wide open when his cock head popped inside of me.
    "Ephim bent forward and kissed me, our first kiss. That made me hot for him. As we kissed he slowly pushed his cock deep inside of me and it began to feel good. He started to fuck me and I am not kidding, I saw stars in my head. I could not believe how good it felt to get my ass fucked by his big dick.
    "That became our favorite thing to do. He liked to fuck me, but I liked to have him suck me. We would start off each time by sucking each other at the same time and he would make me cum in his mouth then he would put it in my butt and fuck me until the stars came out.
    "He could fuck me for an hour or more. He would fuck me and fill my ass with his slick cum which only made him slide in and out easier. I would cum like a fountain as he kept on going. His fucks make me feel good all over and afterwards I just drift along as if I am on a cloud. Sometimes it takes me all night to come back down, that is the fucks that I like.
    "Dad told me that the police wanted to talk to me. He told me that I would have to tell the truth to any questions that I was asked. I looked at him and asked him if he could fix it so that I didn't have to tell them about it. Dad told me that I would have to talk with them or they could take me down to the police station and question me without him being there to protect me.
    "I ended up telling them everything so Ephim was charged as a repetitive sex offender. Since I was under fifteen when we started having sex then he received the harshest sentence possible. The kid in the park was a teenage prostitute and it was his twelfth birthday, Ephim was giving the kid what he wanted most.
    "With Ephim in prison for the rest of his life I have no one to fuck me. I hope that you will do me. I can see that you are uncomfortable with the idea and I am sorry that I told you about it."
    "No, don't be sorry. It is who you are. I love you and I will try to do anything to make you happy. I just never thought about doing anything with a dirty ass hole so you will have to let me have time to adjust." I lied to him. I felt really bad as my conscience nagged at me. "That's not true." I confessed. "I have dreamed about maybe letting you do me…"
    "That just makes me love you more. I hope that we can always be honest with each other. I will give you time to think about this, but now I have something that I want to show you." He stood up and his dick was so hard that it was throbbing. He held out his hand to help me up.
    As I stood up I saw lights close by that I had never seen before. They are the sort of lights that shine down on a ball park, but I knew that there was no park anywhere near where those lights were. I pointed to them and asked Jordy if he knew what they were. He told me that they were at the school that he wanted to go to. I looked at him and asked him if that school was that close to his house.
    He walked over to a pedestal attached to the railing around his balcony. He lifted a heavy canvass cover off to reveal a huge telescope. He turned it and focused it then told me to look. The telescope was aimed at a large swimming pool where hundreds of naked boys were diving and swimming in the largest swimming pool that I had ever seen.
    I turned the scope and checked out a large campus. I had to work back and forth until I had the school located in my mind. I have driven past it many times, but never knew what sort of a school it was. "That is the school?"
    He nodded and smiled at me. "It's just down the hill. I think that dad will like it because I can go live there, but be close enough to home to see him whenever he is in town. I think that it is perfect, just like you."

    I was worried about whatever it was that he wanted to show me. I was really afraid of anything to do with my ass. I was pleasantly awakened to a part of my body that I had never given a second thought to. In my fantasies I had thought about Jordy fucking me, but I never thought that it would really happen. Jordy wanted to suck my dick. He had me flat on my back as he hovered over me staring into my eyes, his hard cock was rubbing against mine. I was trembling inside like a leaf in a hurricane. I was afraid that he was about to shove his dick into my ass and I didn't know if I could handle that.
    What happened was pure magic. He began to kiss my face then moved to my neck. He nibbled on each ear and stuck his tongue in there. I giggled and asked him if my ear wax tasted good, he just mumbled, "Um hmm." He used his teeth as he nibbled around my neck; I was afraid that he was going to give me a hickey, but he kept moving.
    He licked the sweat from my chest and told me that I was a salty dog then he smacked his lips. He nursed on my nipples and I told him that I didn't have any milk up there, but my other udder was full for him. He moved down my body and let his chin dig around as he went. Jordy is sprouting fine chin hair. It is hard to see, but I could feel fine stubble on my belly; it felt good.
    What really felt good was when he took his teeth and grabbed at my golden crown. Every hair on my body is a very light blond, but my crown is a reddish blond of short and curlies. Jordy was pulling my hair with his teeth. Not hard, just enough to tantalize me. I had never thought about mild pain being exciting, but I was getting so turned on that I was ready to throw him to the bed and fuck every part of him. He was not ready for that, yet.
    He held onto my seven inch cock as he ran his tongue under my foreskin. That drove me wild with passion. He used his teeth and tongue to push my skin down the length of my cock and sucked like a vacuum as he lowered his mouth to my pubic hairs. I was humping into his face so he slowed down. He was not ready for me to cum and I was ready to kill him and fuck his corpse. That is until he took my balls into his hot mouth and began to hum the Star Spangled Banner. My cock was waving a flag as it stood at attention and saluted through the entire anthem.
    Jordy moved on down and began to lick and chew at my perineum. I grabbed a hand full of his hair as I shoved my body into his face. He placed a hand on the bottom of each thigh and pushed upwards. I found myself laying there exposed with my ass wide open to him. I was anxious about his next step, but I was feeling so good that I gritted my teeth and told myself to let it happen.
    He wasn't ready for that to happen and I wasn't ready for what did happen. His tongue touched my rectum. I sat up, he pushed me back and pushed my knees against my chest. He charged into my ass crack and began to lick and chew from the perineum to the small of my back. He stopped at each pass to probe around my sphincter with his tongue. After a few passes like that he placed a finger at my sphincter and probed around. It felt erotic and I was getting even more sexually excited.
    I steeled myself as I felt him put pressure on his finger then I felt it slowly push inside of me. It was not unpleasant, in fact it felt pretty good. I relaxed and let him probe me for a few seconds then he pulled his finger out and stuck his tongue in deep. I swallowed my shock as I decided that I loved the boy and that I would let him do anything to my body that he wanted to do.
    He placed two fingers up my ass and hit the prostate. I hit the ceiling with the most powerful load of my life. He quickly gobbled my cock into his mouth and caught every drop of my load, at the same time he kept raking his finger across that butt gland and pumping more cum out of me than I knew that I had in me. His fingers withdrew and left me feeling empty. He continued to nurse my cock until I began to wiggle around then he licked it and pushed it around with his tongue as he gleaned every drop of my emission from body.
    He moved up beside me and cuddled into my body as we settled back to earth once again. "I thought that you were going to fuck me."
    "Oh no, babe. I want you to fuck me. I just wanted you to get a taste of what I am going to feel when you run that big boy of yours in and out of my crack."
    "Is it a big boy?" I asked him.
    "You are bigger than Ephim, and he is three years older than you are. I can tell that you are at least seven inches long, he was just barely six inches long. He was cut. I love your foreskin. I always dreamed that you had a long foreskin that I could get my tongue under and run it around and round the head of your cock. You are so very much more than I ever dreamed that you would be."
    "Is that a good thing?"
    "Fuck yeah!!! In my wildest fantasies about you, I could never picture this perfect body. I knew that you were hot, I just didn't know how hot." He kissed my cock which was on the grow once again.

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