Jordan and Ellis
Chapter three


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Chapter three
    "Are you ready?" Jordy's eyes were filled with lust and his breath was coming in short puffs. I could see his heart beating the blood through his neck. I bent over and held him and felt his body trembling.
    "Are you frightened?"
    "No, I just want you so bad that I am going crazy."
    I worked my knees between his legs as he spread them wide for me. I raised myself into a kneeling position and looked down on him. 'Fuck, I love this dude,' I thought. I felt a lump come into my throat and felt my own heart beating hard in my chest. I wanted him as much as he was wanting me. I just didn't know what to do.
    I reached out to take a grip on his balls and I lifted them up. They were heavy. I roiled them around in my hand and felt of the spongy firmness. I think that I squeezed a little too hard because he jumped, but smiled at me. I had to learn how to hold the balls of another person, it is easy to know when I am holding my own balls too hard. My finger dropped all on its own and stroked his perineum. Jordy moaned and moved against my finger.
    Everything was in an experimental stage, I had to try different things as I learned what made him feel good. Just about everything that I did got a moan and a smile from him so I kept on learning. I was reluctant to learn the next step though. I had been wanting to bury my face in the crack of his ass all day long, but now I was going to have to lick that crack with my tongue. I knew that he was clean, we had showered together two hours earlier and I had washed his crack myself.
    I scooted my knees back so that I could lean forward and take his ball sack into my mouth. That got the loudest moan yet. I loved the taste of his scrotum, it had a light hint of sweat on it that tantalized my taste buds to the point that my cock lurched and a drop of precum fell onto my thighs. I knew that it was time to go for the gold.
    I copied what he had done and placed my hands under his thighs then lifted up. He was ready as he raised his legs leaving me to just hold his perfect hamstrings and feel them stretch and tense under the skin. He pulled his knees back until they touched his shoulders and wrapped his arms through the crook of his legs then locked his hands together.
    I looked down on the most beautiful sight in the whole world, his ass hole. I could not believe that I thought that it was beautiful. My cock was throbbing and my heart was pounding as my mouth watered. I had to put my face down there and stick my tongue into the nastiest place on earth. My mind shut down as my lust took over. I made the plunge to discover that it was not nasty. I could not get enough of him. I was slurping so loudly that he began to chuckle. That was when I heard the sounds that I was making.
    I raised up and looked at him and he cracked up. He told me that from my nose to my chin was soaked with my slobbers. He said that I was a messy eater, but that I should carry on, he would clean me up later. I went back to dinner.
    He was moaning and moving about on the bed when he told me to fuck him. I didn't want to leave my meal, but my cock was begging for a taste of what my mouth was into. I didn't think about using my finger to open him up, I just placed my cock at his hole and pushed inside. My cock head was met with the most fantastic feeling ever as my ears were met with a piercing squeal.
    "Fuck, dude, go slow. I am not that open back there. It has been almost four months since anything has gone that way. Don't stop, just wait a second, you'll know when to push more in." His body slowly relaxed as I felt bad about having hurt him. He was smiling at me, but I wanted to cry.
    He removed his hands from around his legs and spread them wide. He put his hands between his legs and reached for me. I leaned forward so that he could raise himself up and kiss me. That was the most amazing thing yet. I felt his body relax and his hole seemed to open wider. My cock slid all of the way until I found my groin mashed hard against his flattened ass cheeks.
    "Oh fuck, baby, that feels so fucking good. You are big, you fill me like I have never been filled. Fuck me now. Don't worry about me, I can take it. Just plow my ass and hope for oil. Don't worry about getting me pregnant either, I can't have babies. I know that for a fact." He giggled at me and pulled up for another mind blowing kiss.
    My cock took on a life of its own. I didn't know that I had it in me. I was sure that I would have to learn how to fuck. I just let my body do what it wanted to do and let my mind go along for the ride of its life. My cock was being gripped and massaged from the glans to the root by thousands of tiny little finger. His ass was so smooth and silky that I was able to slide in and out faster than I thought I should.
    Jordy was telling me to go faster and to push harder. I tried to do as he said. He knew what would feel good and my body seemed to separate from the world as my lust drove me on to a new and a better plain of existence. The sensations that passed through me moved every part of my being from my body to my mind. Somewhere I have heard it said that sex is ninety percent in the mind. My mind was filled with emotions that encompassed every cell of my brain.
    I was aware that I was not breathing. I was pounding my cock into Jordy with every bit of strength that I had and every other part of my body had shut down. My cock exploded with the most intense orgasm of my life. I felt my ass hole turn inside out as everything in my body pushed my cum through my cock into the wonderful butt of my boyfriend. I felt more love for Jordan than I had ever felt for anyone or anything in my life.
    I awakened to Jordy's face kissing me as he rubbed his hands over my heaving chest. "You had one good cum there, baby. You actually passed out on me. I have had those kinds of cums before and they are intense. You are one good fucker. I can't wait until you recover so that you can do me again."
    "Sure, baby. I want you to fuck that big bad boy of yours into my ass all night long."
    "I thought that you wanted to do me." I said as I held his head against mine, cheek to cheek.
    "I would like for you to know what it is like, but that will come only when you are ready We have all of the time in the world."
    My stomach growled. He patted it and grinned at me. "Let's get cleaned up and go down to the kitchen. I saw that the cook made one of her tart cherry pies and we have some French Vanilla ice cream to put on it." That sounded almost as good as eating his ass.

    I had wondered what a tart cherry pie would taste like. I could get fat living around Jordy. The pie was unlike any cherry pie that I had ever eaten. It was not filled with thick filling that tasted like tons of sugar and glue. The filling was large whole cherries in a light syrup that almost ran out on the plate. The pie was almost two inched thick. It was reminiscent of the cherry cobblers that my grandmother bakes for holidays. The addition of the ice cream made the pie perfect.
    Jordy told me that fresh warm cream was better. He said that whipped cream left something lacking. He only had fresh cream when he visited his grandparents on their farm At home his dad showed him that the French Vanilla was the best. It was much better than even the richest vanilla ice creams that they had tried. I had to take his word for it as I asked for another slice. We ate the entire pie and licked each other's teeth for a little bit more of the taste.
    I don't care what is on Jordy's teeth. I like running my tongue around inside his mouth as his tongue duels with mine. We hold each other's cocks and let our thumbs play around the head to smear all of the dripping lube over the surface. We try to be careful not to let the other one get off, but if that happens then the guilty party has to bend over and catch what ever cums out so that it doesn't squirt onto any surface that would be hard to explain to others. We both have learned that we prefer to hold back and shoot each other in the mouth at the same time. That is when I am not up Jordy's ass. I am ready to find out what it is like to receive. My ass seems to be begging for it.
    Jordy rinsed the dishes and placed them into the dishwasher as I stood glued against him with my arm around his waist. "What's on your mind, baby? You're thinking pretty hard there. I can feel your mind vibes."
    Mind vibes? He is cute. "I am thinking how lonesome it will be at school without you there. How much does that school that you want to attend cost?"
    "Let me show you what I know about it." We ran back up to his bedroom where he booted up his computer and pulled up a web page.
    Bradford Academy, was on the screen in big letters. There was a crest of dark blue with gold trim and letters. A school boy was looking up at a man wearing a cap and gown and holding a sword out as he seemed to lead the boy. "What's those little words there at the bottom of the crest?" I asked. Jordy enlarged the picture; I could not believe what I saw.
    "For Gay Boys? Bradford Academy for Gay Boys? Is that the name of the school? Everybody would know that you are a fag if you go to that school."
    "If I have your love I don't care who knows." That touched me deeply. I had to sit down. Jordy would actually wear a school patch stating that he is gay because he loves me. I had to think for a minute. I will loose the best thing that I have ever found if Jordy goes to that school. If he is willing to wear a patch that says that he is gay then how could I not support him in every way.
    My life will be hell at school when everyone finds out that he is gay and that we are close friends. I made up my mind that I would just have to live with it. I just wondered if my dad would let me live. He does not talk about gays. He doesn't even make comments about them when we see them on the TV news shows. He never said one way or the other when the state voted against gay marriage so I don't know how he thinks.
    "Look at this…What's wrong? You look as if you are a million miles away."
    "I was just thinking what my life is going be like without you beside me every minute of every day."
    "We don't have that now, baby. And we can't have that anyway that I know of. I have to come home after school. You have to go home after school. There are many hours that we just can't be together in this life. But if you were to go to this school with me then we could get a room together and go to class together and we could be together all of the time."
    "I couldn't go there. What does it take to get in? Do we have to prove that we are gay somehow? How much does it cost. My dad will never pay for me to go to a gay school. I asked about going to a private school two years ago when I was being bullied and he told me that he was not going to buy me an education. He told me that I had the brains to get the grades and that I should be able to think of a way to stop the bullies from hitting on me."
    "That's cold, dude. How do you stop the bullies? Do you hit them back? That could get you into so much trouble."
    "How do the kids that you bully around stop you?" That was the wrong thing to say. Jordy looked at me as if I had hit him.
    "Am I that big of an ass? I never thought that I was bullying kids. I guess that I am, aren't I?"
    "Yeah, you are. There are so many kids that pee in their pants when they see you and your crowd getting close to them. I have seen you get up in the face of little kids and try to be all superior and everything.
    "I love you, Jordy. I hope that you won't bully anybody again. I can't control what has been done in the past, but I hope that our love will change the both of us and we will stop doing whatever we are doing that the other one doesn't like."
    "There is only one thing that you do that I don't like." He looked at me as I began to shake. "I don't like it when you fear fear. Baby, I think that we can both go to this school and that we can make something of our love and of ourselves." He held both of my hands in his as he looked me in the eye.
    "I will have to see what the school is and what it has to offer. I am not going to a school just so I can be gay. I go to school to learn. I want to go to college and be a…I don't know for sure what I want to do with my life, but I am not going to blow a chance to get the best grades that I can earn as I learn everything that I need to learn to give me a good start on my life."
    Jordy pulled me over to his lap as he turned the computer monitor so that I could see it. He had the local school on the screen. It was called Bradford Academy West. Jordy was excited about the school's football team. They do have impressive records. They had great records in swimming, basketball, and track.
    Suddenly my attention was grabbed I saw some of the scholastic achievements. "Look at that. That's the school that won the Mathlete championship the last two years. I competed against them, they are good. Their debate team is great too. I didn't debate them directly, but I watched their team slaughter Phoenix Central. Look at their grade averages. Ninety seven percent of their students have a four point 0 grade average. That's a perfect score and ninety seven percent of the students are at that level. I want to check that out. I find that hard to believe."
    "We can check it out. All I have to do is to give them a little information and they will send somebody to talk to me. I am going to do it. I want to know all about them." I agreed. All we had to do was to give them a name and a phone number with an address and we would be contacted. There was a box to check if we wanted our first contact to be private. Jordy checked that box.

    Jordy turned the computer off and placed his arms about me to draw me tight against himself. He was kissing the back of my neck and running his fingers across my chest and belly. I was pure putty in his hands. "I am ready," I said quietly.
    "Are you sure? We don't have to do it, you know."
    "I want to. I want to give all of myself to you. My love runs so deep that it hurts. I don't believe that there is anything that I won't do for you." I stood up and pulled Jordy to his feet then led him over to his bed. I spread out on my back in the middle of the bed and raised my legs to my chest, the same way that he had done for me.
    He walked around the bed staring at my body as he went. He stopped at the head of the bed for the longest time before going back around the bed the other way once again. He stood to the side of the bed and reached forth to run his finger around my virgin anus. It felt so wonderful to be touched there by him that I moaned loudly. He giggled at me and ran his finger in a circle around his main interest area. I moaned on cue for him. He continued to digitize me as he moved back to the foot of the bed. Without ceasing his actions he mounted the bed and moved between my upturned butt cheeks.
    With an evil grin he leaned forward and violently attacked me with his tongue. I will gladly accept that sort of licking from this bad bully that had teased me so mercilessly during the sixth grade. I only hope that he doesn't lick any of the others that he has bullied in the same way. I realized that my thoughts were tainted with jealousy. I was jealous of the thought of Jordy being with anyone else. He is mine and mine alone.
    Very slowly he was working upward from my ass hole, but he was using his teeth. I had never thought that being bitten would be pleasurable. He was not biting, just using his teeth to gently massage my perineum while at the same time using his tongue to keep the deepest stimulation that I had ever felt to that soft mound of flesh often referred to in pornographic stories as the taint. Actually the taint is a girl thing, 'taint cunt, taint ass'. I am not a girl, I have a male perineum. However I was about to make a comment that would negate the last sentence.
    Jordy had a death grip on my cock as he continued to pleasure me in ways that far surpassed my wildest fantasies. He had three fingers in my ass, his mouth around my balls, and his hand around my cock. He was driving me wild with passion. "Fuck my pussy, babe. Fuck hard and now."
    Jordy jerked back and glared at me. I knew that I had done something wrong and I was frightened. His face twisted into a snarl and his lips pulled back. He snarled at me through his gritted teeth, "Don't you ever degrade yourself like that again. You do not have a pussy. Every part of you is male. I love every part of you. To say that you have a pussy is the most degrading thing that you could ever do. I don't even like love tunnel, or love shoot, if the truth be known.
    "Baby, I love the man that you are. I could never think of you as anything but man. I love you so much, but that word hit me hard. Please forgive my outburst."
    I had to forgive him. I had just demeaned myself in his eyes, and actually in my own as well. I never thought of myself as having any female parts, it was just the moment of passion that caused my statement. I felt foolish for having made it. But I felt worse for having caused Jordy's outburst. Actually I felt empty because I had caused him to pull back from giving me so much pleasure.
    "I am sorry, babe. I was so overcome with the pleasure that you were giving me that I just blurted out what I thought that you might like to hear."
    "I was happy to hear you ask me to fuck you. It was your statement about a pussy that set me off. I am sorry for getting so upset."
    "Don't be. It is wise that we get everything started on the same level or our romance will suffer in the future."
    "Romance, do we have a romance? I want a romance with you," he said dreamily.
    "I want a romance with you. I can never be romantic with anyone else now that I have known you as a lover. Now I want to know you as a total lover of my body and soul so just fuck the shit out of me." He giggled as he laid over the top of me. We started the kisses again, which got me hotter than ever. He knew that he was getting me hot. His hard cock was stabbing at the base of my balls until he scooted up on my body so that we could get a better position to kiss one another. That action caused his cock to rub against the bottom of mine. The friction that was created by the rubbing of flesh pole against flesh pole was almost more than I could handle.
    "I am going to cum all over the two of us if you keep grinding into me like that." He ground harder and I shot a load that soaked both of our bellies. Jordy quickly raised up to move between my legs. He scooped up my cum and wiped his cock with it. He wiped more from his own belly with one hand and stuck his cum slick fingers in my ass. With his other hand he guided his cock against my hole and pressed firmly. I thought that I was going to be ripped apart as the pain hit me.
    I knew that I had been ripped apart when his cock popped through my virgin back door. Jordy was so sweet, he placed his hands on my face and kissed my nose as the tears poured down my cheeks. "It will be okay, baby. The pain will pass in a moment. Just push out as if you were doing a big download and let your body relax." I had heard about pushing out in the stories that I had read on line. I tried it and it worked. His cock suddenly moved inside of me with very little pain at all.
    He held still for the longest time as he kissed me and moaned into my mouth. I wrapped my hands around him in my desire to absorb his body into mine. I decided that if I was going to have him inside of me then we should start where we were joined so I moved my hands to his magnificent globes and pulled him tight against me. I felt his cock slide in deeper then I felt his hairy crotch mash against my upturned butt cheeks. He was all of the way inside of me and I felt good about it.
    Yeah, it is like the stories say; I felt like I had the largest turd of my life in my ass. I knew it was no turd and I was not about to push it out. I was almost disappointed when he pulled it out on his own. He didn't go all of the way out. He reversed his movement and pushed himself back in to me. A rush went through my body that made my ass rise off of the bed to meet his thrust. He smiled at me and began the ritualistic movements involved in copulation. The difference being that I was not a natural subject for copulation, but I was happy to be where I was.
    Pleasurable sensations were flooding my being as new emotions overloaded my brain with sensory input to be stored into my pleasure center. From that point on everything that I would ever do would be measured against the data being stored. I did not believe that I would ever have better sensations as I rated the incoming data with the highest priority and enjoyed the feeding of more input.
    I would not have accepted the idea that I could cum again so quickly after the fantastic orgasm that I had just enjoyed from our friction rub together. That notion was driven away as I felt the granddaddy of all orgasms building up somewhere near my toes. My heart slowed down. My breathing stopped. An army of ants moved from my toes up my legs and into my groin. More ants moved from my finger tips, up my arms, through my body to join with the army from my legs. When the two forces met my cock exploded in the hardest orgasm that I had ever experienced.
    My ejaculate shot from my cock with so much force that it sailed over my head and hit against the headboard of the bed two feet away with an audible splat. That was only the first volley. The second volley was as violent on its discharge, but it did not have the range. That or the fact that I had raised my head to watch it shoot out. Whatever the reason I caught the next round directly in my open mouth. It wasn't bad at all. I had never tasted my cum directly, or while it was still hot from the spout. I held my mouth open as the next volley fired forth. It barely made it to my face, landing on my chin and bottom lip.
    I quickly licked it up, but volley four fell short and landed on my chest. I was out of wind and out of my mind in an orgasmic wonderland of stars and galaxies. My head reeled as I fell back to the bed and let my body convulse in more pleasure than I had ever known.
    I awakened to pressure in my lungs. Jordy had his mouth locked to mine as he blew air into my lungs. Tears were streaming down his face when I coughed and pushed him away. He had a look of sheer terror on his face. "I thought that I had lost you. You quit breathing and you were turning blue."
    I giggled at him, "You just fucked me to death. I saw the universe, babe. It is beautiful, almost as beautiful as you. You just made me the happiest boy on earth and I know that I am and will forever more be queer for you."
    We rolled together and slept more soundly than I had slept in recent memory. We awakened to find his dad standing beside the bed looking at us. I started as Jordy put his arm across my chest and simply said, "Hi, dad." His dad looked stern as he told us to take a shower and get dressed. He told us to meet him in the kitchen for breakfast. I was petrified with fear.

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