Jordan and Ellis
Chapter five


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Chapter five
    After we ate one of the biggest breakfasts of my life Jory and I took off for school in my car. "Can you believe how much food was on that serving bar? I bet that they could feed our entire school."
    "Yeah, but it was all good food. I know that coach would have been proud of what I ate, if I was playing football this year. I ate two stacks of those oatmeal pancakes. Did you realize that the syrup had no sugar in it. One kid told me that it is made from real fruit and aged for two days to get it thick like that. I am going to love eating there."
    "So you still plan to go there, babe?" I asked him.
    "Like, of course. Er, uh, don't you?"
    "I want to. I want to go there so bad. But I have to talk to my dad."
    "Oh yeah. What do you think that he'll say?"
    "Hi dad. I'm gay and I want to go to a school full of fags. After he comes too he'll kill me then throw me out of the house forever."
    "At least you can go to the school."
    "This isn't funny, Jory. I love my family. I can't imagine ever being without them. Jory, I'm scared. I better go home alone after school today. I have to face them by myself." He wanted to go with me, but he understood the reasons why he couldn't. That would be too much of a shock to my parents, 'Hi dad, hi mom, this is my boyfriend.' I had to face them alone and take whatever they dealt out to me like a man.
    The day was full of angst. I could not concentrate on my work. Three teachers climbed my case for not paying attention. I excused myself from Physics to go sit in the restroom and cry. I was glad that Jory wasn't around to see the big baby. After school I wasted as much time as I could before getting in my car then driving home.
    I went to my room and removed the clothes that Jory had loaned me then stood in the shower until my skin started to prune. The weather has been brutal this year. The day we experienced the ninety second consecutive one hundred degree day, so the cold water coming into the house is plenty warm enough to shower under. In fact mixing it with hot water makes it almost uncomfortable.
    There was a knock on my door and my mom asked if I was okay. I told her that I was and that I would be right out. It was another twenty or thirty minutes before I turned the water off. I sat on the foot of my bed holding my socks as the tears ran down my face. How could I abandon Jory? I couldn't how could I face my parents? I didn't want to.

    Dinner was stressed. I held my head down and moved my food around my plate as I was scrutinized by four piercing eyes. Not a word was spoken. It is more or less understood in my family that we let the silence reign until the silent person speaks. I was afraid to speak. I rose from the table and cleared the dishes then rinsed them and loaded the dishwasher.
    Finally I had no excuses left so I entered the family room and sat in a chair looking straight at my parents. I believe the hardest part of it was having to face my dad and ask him to allow me to go to a school for gay boys. I don't know what I expected, but I have heard and read many stories about the estrangement that develops between families and their gay progeny.
    Dad sat still as he faced me. For the longest time he was silent and expressionless. I sat still and trembled inside. I wanted to have Jordy beside me for support, but we had decided that this was something that I needed to do on my own. I had to prove that I had the balls to stand up for what I wanted. I know that as a teenage child what I want is not always good for me. I suppose that it is correct that parents have to parent and help a child make the right decisions. The fact of this is that I have confessed to my parents that I am gay. That changes the entire playing field.
    "Ellis, I am not upset with you. Disappointed? Well, in a way, I suppose. Your mother and I are not blind. We have discussed the possibility of your being gay for three or four years. You have never given us cause to believe that you were sexually active; it was just some of your habits and actions.
    "You have never expressed any interest in any girl. There are some people that never discuss their romantic notions so that was not conclusive evidence. You never expressed anything that would lead us to believe that you had romantic notions toward a boy either. You don't have any close friends and until the last two nights you never spent any time with a classmate or a close friend.
    "I was pleased when you called and told me that you had some stiff studying to do. You mother and I talked about the possibility of your engaging in sex with your friend. I can tell by the way that you walked in here that you may have engaged in a little more sex than we were comfortable with. That is your decision to make. I only hope that you are careful and think about your long term health.
    "Anal sex is dangerous. Many men will use a boy as good looking as you and that is wrong on so many levels. At this time I believe that you have never had sex with any one but this boy, and that is a relief to us. I only hope that your realization of your sexuality doesn't make you want to venture out into the gay world. I believe that your desire to go to Bradford Academy is the wisest choice that you can make. Yes, I know about the school and I know the owner very well. He is a client of mine and he spends good money which has helped us to provide you with a good home and all of the amenities that you have enjoyed.
    "I will support your decision to go to this school I know that it is a fine school with an excellent academic record. I believe that you will get the finest education available in this area at that school. You may wonder why I have not suggested this school to you before now, feeling as I do. I couldn't suggest that you attend a gay school. I would have alienated you by suggesting that you are gay. We had our beliefs about you, but we couldn't voice them. That would have hurt you.
    "I want you to know that we love you very much. Our house will seem empty without your being in it daily. We know that you will come to see us as often as you can, but we are going to be suffering from an empty nest syndrome for a long time to come."
    "Dad, I don't know what to say. I love you and mom more than anything in the world. This decision was very hard for me to make because I didn't want to hurt you. I promise you that I will study hard and keep my grades up. I will go to this the school with my eyes wide open. I have many expectations of what I may experience there. On my tour of the school I was able to talk to several boys and learn what they experienced after moving away from their families.
    "There was one boy there that I knew from last year at school. He was always shy and stayed away from the other students. Now he has come into his own and is very open. He is the sort of guy that I would like to have as a friend. No, not for sex. I have someone that is all I need for that part of my life. I just feel that I can make friends at the school. I believe that everyone feels that they have more freedom there because they don't have to hide who they are. The atmosphere that I experienced during my visit made me feel more comfortable than I have ever felt around anybody outside my family."
    "I am very happy for you, Ellis. To find happiness at your age is a rarity. I only hope that this is a lasting happiness. To build ones hopes on an action then have them suddenly reversed can devastate a person. I have not met your friend yet, but I am content, at this time, that he is what you need. I don't like to think of the type of relationship the two of you may have. As I said, I can tell that you participated in anal sex. I only hope that it was not coerced or forced."
    "No dad, it wasn't. I suppose that I should be honest with you. This may be hard for you to hear…Dad, our night together started off quite innocently. The sex came about as…well, I suppose that it was innocent. I believe that both of us had secretly wanted to have sex with each other for several years. We were never friends and hardly ever talked to one another. But we both had a secret desire for each other.
    "I am confessing my soul here so please understand that I am not trying to shock you or give you a blow by blow pornographic history of my life. I have had fantasies about Jordan for several years. I thought that he was unobtainable and kept my thoughts and my feeling to myself. When he took me up to his bedroom he confessed to me that he had the same feelings and urges for me for almost as long as I had been thinking of him. Our secret desire was bared to each other and what occurred from that point on seems natural to us.
    "I am sorry for being so graphic. I don't suppose that many kids would be this open with their parents. I feared rejection from you, and now that you have heard my most secret thoughts I fear it again. I am sorry."
    "You have nothing for which to be sorry, son. Your revelation only proves to me how strong our family bonds really are. We have always been open and ready to discuss anything that anyone in the family has on their minds. You have always told your mother and me of your fears and most of your desires. This is just another of our family discussions. There is nothing that has been said that will separate us as a family.
    "I told you a little bit ago that I support you. Now I feel that your decision is based on a stronger foundation than I had suspected. I have not met your man, but I think that he must be a terrific person. I hope that you are comfortable enough to bring him home sometime soon. Your mother and I always liked the way that you brought home stray animals, now you can bring home a stray love." Mom smiled at me as she worried her hands in her lap.
    "Mom, dad, you guys are terrific. I could never have hoped for finer parents. I have never doubted your love for me. I have never suffered any deprivation because of an inability to have something that I wanted. There have been very few times that I wanted something that I didn't get. Just because it was bad for me you wouldn't let me have a motor for my bicycle when I was twelve. I hated you for a day or two there, but I got over it.
    "Uh, dad? About the Miata…"
    "That is your car. You have earned the right to have it. You have maintained your grades and you have shown responsibility as a young driver for the last three months. I do expect you to be careful. I think that just because you are going to be out of the house that you will not follow our guidelines. I feel that you will still keep the values that we have established in this household. You may not be living here, but you are still family.
    "Son, I only want you to be happy. I look forward to your manhood. I can no longer look forward to a grandchild. I guess that you are the end of my family line. I have no brothers or sisters so there is no one else to pass the family name. That is a shame."
    "Dad, I learned that there are a lot of gay boys that attend that school. Some of them are dating girls now that they are older. I have learned that there are a few boys that go both ways. I even met one boy that is married and has children, but he still lives with his boyfriend and he calls his boyfriend his husband."
    "I think that you are talking about Cory Dickson." I nodded my head. "Cory is a fine man. I have done business with him. In fact I sold him the house that he lives in with his wife and babies. Ellis, I am feeling better about your choice to attend that school every minute. I don't care about the gay thing, I am thinking of your education. I believe that you have thought this through, and knowing you…Well, I feel certain that you are not just going to school to exercise your hormones." He laughed at his joke and rose to meet me at the middle of the room for a tight hug.

    I have never felt so close to my parents as I did right then. My mother helped me pack my clothes. She cried as she folded each shirt and placed it in a box. I put my arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. She hugged me the same way that she used to when I was younger. I felt my heart tug in my chest and a lump rose in my throat. I rested my head on my mother's bosom and let her baby me.

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