By Someday Wishing

Disclaimer: This is story is fiction, fantasy, and above all the horny convictions of someone who once had a dream much like this. All characters are based upon actual characters with extreme differences. If you are offended by homosexual activities in any way, please leave now. Then again, since you have come this far in the web site, why in God's name would suddenly be turned away now?

His muscles rippled as he benched 290 pounds for the ump-teen'th time. He was incredible. Only about 5'11, he stood up and looked like a god. His abs were rippled down his shirtless front with his pectorals overhanging slightly yet still keeping up the appearance that he had been made from slate rock. He was big and cut all over. It was amazing to see him then stop benching and go over to pick up 75 pound barbells and curl them over and over again. Having weights with this senior was like being in heaven. "Hello, earth calling David." Blast it; my friend Mark had shot me out of my dream world. He never knew why I phased out in weights class so much, but I always did.

My name is David Richards. I am about 5"9, 150 pounds, with a swimmers build. I have brownish blond hair and I got a pair of strange hazel eyes. I live in southern Ohio in a little town with a bad school, and an even worse sports reputation. Our soccer team was all right, but our basketball team was worse. All except for the Joseph. Joseph Garring was the boy of my dreams. His deep blue eyes, defining chin, Go-T, bleached hair, and savvy eye brows would be enough to swoon any woman, or man for that matter. Yet, his body was the true prize of his, which I had seen so far. He looked like Rodan or somebody had carved him and brought him to life. This beautiful level of cut ness is easy to come by, but not at this much muscle mass. My lord. He had biceps, which were 38 inches round when he flexed. That was before a workout. He had perfect abs, chest, and from the showers I'd noticed a butt to die for, everything was amazing. Though I hadn't seen his cock's full size yet I was sure it was substantial.

I only had weights with him, but it was the last hour of the day, so anyone hanging around wouldn't really be noticed too much. I normally did so I could catch a glimpse of Joe putting on his jockstrap before basketball practice during the winter or shower with him. He was always unaware that I was drooling over him. So I thought at least.

Mark was my good friend and would sometimes suggest something to do something that night, like come over to his house and order a pizza. I would agree but I would always ask him to go on ahead since I liked to shower right after weights. He didn't know, but only a few people did anyway. I wasn't open about myself even though I had known for many years. It's just not something you talk about in a small town as I am sure some of you know. Yet, we all have our days of glory some time or another. Mine was closer than I thought.

It was a Friday and school had let out and as usual, I headed toward the showers like always. I wasn't very muscular, but still I was well cut and decently sized for a junior. As I got in the shower the water came on behind and I noticed Joe's rippled shoulders and bubble butt begin to get wet. Though he had some leg hair, there was basically none on his butt and nothing on his back. He had a little blackish blondish hair on his chest but it was always lying flat and smooth from what I saw. Just enough to make him look sexier. I turned around quickly as he turned wetting down his hair.

"Hey David, wha's up man?" I turned my head slightly and not really noticing his body, but just looking at him in the face as best I could.

"Not much man. You get a good workout in there today?". He smiled slightly as he leaned his head back, which stretched out his eight-pack abs tightly. I caught a quick glimpse of the small trail of black hairs from his crotch area up a little above his belly button. Jesus, his abs looked like bricks laid on top of one another. I turned my head back around.

"Oh yeah, but it wasn't much of an engaging workout. Just benching and leg press today.". Yeah I bet. Nothing a few years of training wouldn't get me up to. It somewhat made me sick of how beautiful his body was but he never really seemed to know. (Joseph isn't the brightest bulb out there) "So, what are you doing tonight David?"

"Nothing really," really thinking nothing of it, "Though I wish I had something to do."

"Want to come with me then?" Now this surprised me. Joseph Garring and I came from totally different groups. Jocks vs. Geek, though I was never picked upon. I never imagined getting to go somewhere with any of his friends, let alone the Joe-meister himself. "We could hang out and stuff. You know, shoot the breeze."

"That sounds great man. What time?" You ever notice how it's harder to talk with someone when your heart is beating at a million miles a second?

"Now sounds good to me." That is when his hand touched my butt. I turned around and there was Joseph Garring smiling at me. He took me in his great huge arms and pulled me into a passionate kiss, which sent my cock into orbit. I was embedded in his chest and arms as his hand caressed my back and his other hand massaged my ass. He rubbed his hand up and down my crack while he leaned me back against the steaming wall of the shower room. I kissed deeper and deeper into him. I wanted him inside and out. I clutched his soapy balls and massaged them while I humped his soapy thick hairy thigh and fingered his hole slightly. He moaned in ecstasy from the surge of energy.

"Suck me David. You know you want to." I looked down to see Joseph cock now a fully erect eight and a half inches. My own seven inches acted like they needed attention, but I ignored it for now. I went down on him almost instantly. I went down as far as I could and rubbed his balls and crack while I sucked him. I began going up and down slowly, taking my time to completely adapt to his size. Up and down, up and down, I began to increase my pace. I finally grabbed hold the two inches I couldn't get and began stroking with my hand. He started to moan softly. He grabbed the back of my head to insure that I wouldn't stop. I continued up and down his beautiful cock faster and harder than before. He began to moan in pure delight of my actions. He rubbed my shoulders with soap and pressed my head to his body. I stopped rubbing his ass and began feeling up his chest with my hand delicately.

"Oh God," he said in a sigh, "you're fantastic. I want you now!" He brought both of his arms under mine and picked me up. He grabbed a towel hanging nearby quickly and then laid it out on the floor. He then lay upon his back, lifted his legs, and spread them. "Take me now David. I want you to cum inside of me. Please, give it to me."

I grabbed the soap and quickly rubbed it over my aching cock. "Are you sure Joseph that you want to do this?" I looked deep into his eyes as he smiled at me.

"Yes. I really want to do this. Don't wait any longer please. I want you now." With that I got down on my knees, leaned forward on the towel, and felt for his ass hole. I began kissing him from his mouth down to his cock. Slowly and delicately giving him pleasure. Then, I inserted myself into Joseph. He was really tight and his hot ass was making me want to cum right then and there. Joseph flinched and flexed out his pain. His muscles pulsating forth, they glistened from the water of the shower and the soap. I finally managed to get all seven inches in deep enough to where my pubes were touching his thighs. I leaned forward and wiggled a little to loosen him up. "Ohhhhh baby yeah. Now fuck me. Slow, and then fast. Give it to me." I started going in and out slowly. He lifted his ass up so I could really drive into him. At first, a couple of slow rhythmic pounds into him really got him moaning for me. I continued while stroking his cock slowly at the same time. He kept saying faster, deeper, and harder. I picked up my pace as I fucked this gorgeous man lying before me. He brought his legs up above my head and I them as a base. Now I was really driving into him. Harder and harder I went. The faster I got, the more intoxicated I became in Joe. "Yeah baby! You want it? Come and get it man! Come' on David!" Faster and faster I went. I was gripping him and holding tightly as I panted from the extreme level of the intercourse. Then I felt everything building up inside of me readying to come out. I could feel my cockhead begin to grow.

"Oh God Joseph. I'm going to cuuummm." As I began to say the words he dropped legs to my sides, pulled me close to him, kissed me, fingered my ass with one hand, and continued to hold me with the other. I lost it. My hips spasmed and bucked while my passionate kiss with Joe muffled my moans and screams of delight. I bucked and slammed steaming shots of my love spunk into him. Time and time again I shot load after load into Joseph. Finally, I collapsed drained of all my energy.

"Now, it's my turn." I rolled off of Joe and as he stood up, I noticed his cock, fully erect and ready for me. I turned over on my stomach and sprawled my legs open. He took me by the hips, adjusted slightly, and then entered me. I could feel his hot dick slowly and fearlessly enter my ass. He lifted my hips so as to go in deeper and have it more in a form of doggie style. His hot dick was pulsating inside of me. He desperately wanted to fuck me hard but he was taking care not to hurt me too much. As he probed deeper with his dick, his body came closer to mine and eventually he had completely pushed his dick inside of me. Lying directly on top of me on the floor with my legs straddled he began to hold my chest and my body all over. As my cock tried to recover from its previous encounter, Joseph began to excite me again with his erotic manipulation of me. He started fucking me, hard. Clutching my chest in his hands for more control, he directed me in whatever direction he wanted to veer fuck me in. By now I was out of doggie style and basically just trying to stake conscious. At first, I started blacking out from the pain, but then it felt so good I couldn't get enough of it. I started tightening my ass with each thrust to make his pleasure excel. Joseph began moaning loudly. "Oh my lord.... yeeea- aaaahh..."

He groped my dick as he began to fuck me faster. He clutched at my chest, dragging his warm hand across while he panted and licked my ear. His hips bucked harder and harder. I grabbed hold of his hands on me. He was getting ready to cum. As he clutched me tighter and tighter, his body began to spasm. "Aaauuggghhh!!" He gripped me hard and jammed his cock into to me as hard and as far as he could. His hips gyrated as he ejaculated into my ass. I could his hot spunk flow into me. Filling my insides with his man juice. He shot again and again. Load after load of his spunk poured into me. He held me tightly gasping for air after the extreme physical exhaustion. He slowly began kissing me ever so softly. Then, he lay his head down upon my back and said "Thank you."

We then got up, cleaned up, and went about out business.