Josh & Damon
Part 3: New Beginnings

By: Goth
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Warning: This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives are a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!

Ok I know a few people are gonna be mad =P sorry! hehehe but some things don't last forever and if I did this right the new title should be Josh & Damon. If not oh well =P

Chapter One
A Month Later

From the last Chapter:

After the introduction and they talked for a few minutes Damon and Josh got in his truck. It was silent in the car and Damon decided he needed to know what happened. So he pulled over. Josh explained the break up and wandering off, and all the stuff that had happened. Damon wanted so badly to kiss Josh but he knew it probably would do more bad than good. Around ten minutes later the entered the hospital parking lot.

What happened you ask? Josh got 10 stitches in his arm from broken glass, he was grounded and we join him a week after being ungrounded.

"Hi Josh!" Damon said in the phone.

"Hey, can you talk or are you busy?"

"I'm never too busy to talk to you!"

"I saw Rob today... he kissed Bonnie right infront of me! I mean a long hard kiss. I miss him. I wish he'd just talk to me at least!"

"I know... who cares he chose her, so? Your the hottest guy I know besides Josh Hartnet but he's a celebrity."

"No I'm not, I'm ugly."

"Don't even go there or I'll come kick your ass now."

"Fine I'm cute, if you say so."

"Well I do and I know that's the best I'll get out of you."

"You still coming over?"

"Yes. I have to finish cleaning and then I'll be over, ok?"

"Yup so what movie are we gonna see?"

"I was thinking a horror movie."

"Good! Just as long as it isn't a romance movie."

"Ha I promise it won't be from what the critics have said."

"So you do have something picked out?"

"Yes and I'm not telling either. I'm gonna throw a load in the wash then I'll be over, see ya soon!"

"Ok, bye." Josh said hanging up. He then put on his shoes, grabbed his wallet, his new cell phone, then started reading from his book again. He was currently reading Midnight by Dean Koontz. He had read it before but just couldn't get enough of it. He quickly got lost within it's pages and heard a knocking at his window. He opened the blinds and saw Damon. "The door is unlocked just come in."

"Ok." Damon said back. Within a minute Damon was in his room sitting on his bed.

"When does the movie start?"

"We have a hour and a half wait, what do you wanna do?"

"I don't know. We could hang out here or maybe we could see if I'm still the champion at Tekken!"

"Your on! First to win five times wins."

"Three rounds or two?"


"Good!" Josh said changing the chanel to AV1. He then got on the bed next to Damon. They then Picked their characters. Josh like always chose Xiaoyu and Damon chose Jin. The fight began. Josh had been playing and learned new moves Damon noticed when Xiaoyu landed on Jins shoulders and punched him in the face.

"You've been practicing! That was an awesome move."

"Thanks." 'KO' The tv said.


This time Damon won with a grab. Over all Josh won, 4 to 5. Damon didn't plan it but his hand snaked it's way onto Josh's thigh. Josh suddenly noticed it, and tensed a little. Instead of pulling away Damon looked into his eyes. Josh tried to avoid his gaze and cast his eyes down. Damon grabed his face and made him face him.

"I want to be with you... and I have the feeling you want to be with me, so why aren't we together?"

"What if he changes his mind? What if he-"

"What if he does? From what you said he's already moved on."

"Yes, but what if he changes his mind and see he still likes me?"

"What if he doesn't?"

"Then he doesn't and I lose."

"You don't have to lose, you can have me, I want you! I've always wanted you."

"I'm sorry, I... I just can't!"

"Fine." He said looking hurt. "We should be getting on our way so we can get good seats and all."

"Ok." Josh said getting up. It wasn't a long ride to the movie theater and they were there in about 15 minutes. What was there on the other hand had Josh wanting to turn around and run. Bonnie and Rob were standing in line. Rob turned around and saw Josh. He nudged Bonnie and she saw as well. Damon saw Josh stop dead in his tracks then looked in the direction where Josh was looking. Josh about died when they started laughing.

"We can come back when the next viewing starts." Damon said.

"Sorry Damon, but I have to do this!" Josh said Walking towards him. He then grabbed Damon and pressed his lips to his. Damon didn't refuse, and put his arms around Josh. Josh had missed the feeling of arms around him, and felt like he was melting into Damon. What brought them out of their kiss was a couple of guys passing by saying 'Faggots'.

"Damn proud faggots too!" Damon said. While Josh was looking back at Rob, who was giving him an evil glare. They then proceeded walking into the line, right behind Rob and Bonnie. They looked at them.

"Hi Bonnie, Rob." Damon said smiling.

"Hi fags." Rob said.

"No more than you are babe! Remember I fucked you and you fucked me too!" Josh said.

"I've already been through hell the first week after being dumped, was hell. Two weeks dealing with itchy stitches was a hell all in it's own as well, but you wouldn't know about that because your WORTHLESS!! You can't even be a friend did you ever even care for me?"

"Yes..." He said bearly above a whisper.

"Sure you did. I didn't see you there trying to be a friend after I was almost hurt by two men! I didn't see a call from you after my Mom called and asked if I had been at your house! Fuck she called at 2 AM and you didn't even worry did you? You were probably fucking your little bitch!" by this time they were drawing a crowd.

"Why don't you shut up before you make a fool out of yourself?"

"Fine I will, but ever call me a fag again and I'll hand out pictures, you know the ones we made with my webcam? I still have them!!!" When Josh said that Rob's face went pale. "Oh yea, if I go down you go down as well! Doesn't love bite?" Rob and Bonnie were next inline and got their tickets. Damon over heard them, and knew they'd be watching the same movie. He then got the tickets.

To Be continued

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