Josh & Damon
Part 3: New Beginnings

By: Goth
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Warning: This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives are a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!

Wait? You LIKED IT? Ugh ok.

Chapter One

They then entered the movie they were going to see. Once inside the theater, they saw Bonnie & Rob. They were sitting three rows behind them. Josh sat down and Damon sat next to him. Josh looked back then stayed sitting foward, until the movie started, then looked back once more. What he saw burned his soul. They were kissing again. Damon noticed Rob's attention was somewhere else, as they watched the movie. Near the climax of the movie Josh snuggled up against Damon. Once the movie was over they headed to Damons house.

When they reached Damon's house they hung out in the garage and played some music like they used to. Josh grabed the base guitar while Damon went to the drums. Josh was getting used to playing again when Damon asked if he wanted to try playing some music he wrote. Josh looked at it, he knew it was going to be hard.

"This looks awesome. It's gonna be hard though." Joshed played around a few minutes getting used to the song, after he got more comfortable with it he started playing. It was going good for about a minute until he messed up. "Like I said awesome but this is gonna be hard."

Damon laughed, then sat down by Josh. "I have interviewed 10 people for the band who couldn't even get as far as you did. You should join the band."

"Yea right. I don't even own a base anymore, remember my so-called father pawned it on my ass! I wouldn't be able to pratice the songs even."

"I have 3 bases. My brother and you may hate each other but he'd agree if he heard you play."

"Oh shit he's in the band? Who else?"

"A friend of his, you, a friend of mine. Your not going to like his friend, but niether do I. My friend is David."

"Ick but Jessi!"

"Haha I know you two are gonna hate it but hey you might actually end up liking each other."

"Your brother? Never!" he said but leaned in and kissed Damon. "For you I will. If everyone in the band agrees."

"They'd be insane not to." Damon said. "Plus I don't want the guy your taking place of. Don't worry it wasn't a final decision to keep him, it was just a desperation to stop searching."

"Um, ok."

"Wanna smoke a j?"

"Yea," Josh said.

"Got any papers?"

"Yes, always. Bluebarry flavor (yes its a true kind! hehe) or regular?"

"Blueberry... that will be interesting."

Josh tossed him the papers then turned on the radio. The cd player started playing Tumult(From: "Stoned Sour" - Gay guys don't have to like pop! =P) "Goddamn you!!!" Josh sang along. Then grabbed the base then turned on the amp. He made sure it was in tune then listened and played along for awhile. He did ok but went slower than the song. (Hey fingers can be slow! Plus a three year break = FUZZY!)

"Pretty good." Josh heard Damon's brother say.

"Thanks." I said, hating being nice - his anti-social shell turning on. His brother then walked off. "That was weird..."

"Your not in the twilight zone I promise," Damon said. "HEY JESSI!!"

"What?" Jessi yelled back.

"Wanna smoke a joint?"

"Yea I'll be right there!"

"Your evil!" Josh said.

"No, your anti-social, just admit it. So is he it's why you two should be friends. Plus your the same age and your my boyfriend, I think. Your going to be in the same band as him!"

"Wait? He doesn't need to know about us."

"He already does. I told him a year ago when I started falling for you. He knows that you and Rob broke up, he's gonna fit it together."

"Fine... but if he says anything at school I WILL kill him!"

"I bet you would!" Jessi said walking through the doorway. "This could be used for blackmail, but seeming my brother is involved and 18 and your under he could get in trouble and I don't want that. After all Damon is the vocals. So have you guys gotten sexually involved?"

"Matter of fact I have had sex with him and it was good! We had a 3 some even! Now you know so lets smoke."

"Ok mental damage done..." Jessi said.

Damon lit up the joint and took a hit and passed it to Josh. Once it reached Jessi Damon said. "Just think Josh's lips have touched my penis!" Jessi started coughing and gagging on smoke, Josh and Damon laughed at the horror on his face.

"Ok come on guys enough is enough."

"Ok." Damon said grinning. After the joint was smoke and all were good they started jamming. It was good until Damon's Mom got home. Damon grabed the base, and a few songs and handed them to Josh "Practice! I want the band to hear you at your best. I'll take you home before she gets weird."


"You know how my Mom is."

"Yea... I remember spending the night."

"Esactly." Damon said. Frank was home when Damon dropped off Josh. Josh set down the Base guitar, took off his shoes, then sat down on the couch.

"What do you want to talk about?" Josh said. "I know you do, you have that look."

"Your Mom wants me to talk to you."

"Um, ok, what's up?"

"Theres no way to ask about this without being blunt, have you gotten sexually active?"

"Sadly I've been asked this once already today. If I were it would be my business, and lets say just for a moment I was, am I breaking some house rule I don't know about?"

"I see you have been. Your Mom wants to make sure you know this, USE condoms, no matter what. Be careful, she also said no one above 18!"

"That's no fair! She's older than you! How can she say I can't date anyone 2 years older than me!?"

"I don't make the rules your Mom does."

"Fine then, I'm gonna go to my room."

"One more thing, where did you get the guitar?"

"A friend is letting me borrow it so I can practice, seeming my Dad pawned my old one." He said that as he walked off to his bedroom. Once inside he grabed his old amp from his closet plugged it into the wall then the base into it. He had it turned down low as he played the music on the sheets. At one point there was a knock at his door.

"Come in." Josh said.

"I wanna make you a deal. You work part time for me on Mon. Tues. and Friday 5-10, I'll buy you a new guitar and still pay you for working for me until school starts or longer."

"Don't I have to be 18 to sell tobacco?"

"Technically, yes. It's why I'd be paying you under the counter. It would be a lot easier on me to do paper work while you handled the cash register."

"How much?"

"Because I'm buying you what guitar you want, $4.50 an hour, but look at it like this, you get a new guitar for free and pocket money."

"Below minimum wage... Yuck! But I do like the sound of extra money, and ANY Base guitar I want." Josh said with a evil grin.

"Uh oh, something tells me I should have set a money limit."

"I'll go easy on you..." Josh said, not too convincingly. Below minimum wage! Jeez, yea I'll go easy on him on the base... Josh thought.

"That means you start tomorrow. I'll just get you broken in on the rules and how to work the cash register." He then left the room. Josh grabed his phone and called Damon.


"Hi. How are you?"

"Good and you?"

"Good, I need to cancel the plans for tomorrow though. Frank gave me a Job, I start working for him tommorrow! Can you believe he is ripping me off and not paying me minimum wage!"


"Ha well I forgot to mention he's gonna buy me a base guitar, anyone I want!"

"Cool. Still though minimum wage... Oh wait a minute, doesn't Frank own that cigarette shop a mile or so away?"


"Does the boyfriend of his son get a discount?"

"Ha, as long as he buys me one of those awesome glass pipes he sells! I'll give you the money you just need to buy it."


"I love you."

"Thanks." Damon sighed. "I love you too! It's great to hear you say that."

"Your welcome but we have a problem. My Mom can't know." Josh swore he felt Damons smile melt away.

"Why? You said she knew you were gay."

"She had Frank tell me no one above 18."

"That's bullshit."

"I know. Looks like I'll have to change her mind. I'll talk to her when she gets home, which should be soon, this is her short day."


"Come over friday night, it might be weird but your sleeping over!"

"Ok so you mean to tell me your gonna try and tell your Mom your involved with a guy that's 18 then hope she lets me stay the night?"

"Your different I have known you for a long time so hasn't she."

"If you say so."

"I think she's home, talk to you later."

"Bye." Damon said then Josh hung up the phone.

Josh walked out to the living room. He found his Mom sitting on the couch watching HGTV(Gods I HATE that tv station! lol) Another one of the Designer shows that bored him so much. "Can Damon spend the night on Friday?"

"Yes, can we have a talk?"


"Are you interested in Damon, as a boyfriend?"


"Have things gotten sexual?"

"That's none of your business."

"Your right it might not be, but your living under my roof, and I want to know what is going on."

"Yes, we have been in a couple of sexual situations."

"All I can say is use condoms, don't be stupid."

"Ok..." Josh said feeling stupified.

As the day progressed on Josh kept getting better and better at the songs. He was now comfortable with all three songs and was confident he could memorize the music. After awhile longer his fingers started getting tired so he stopped. He then took out his sketching pad and started drawing. He knew what he was drawing and was getting really deep into it. Twenty minutes or so after he began drawing there was a knock at his window. He set down his drawing and opened his blinds. Who he saw made his blood boil. His mind made a scene in his head where he grew foot long claws and shredded Bonnie to little bits of flesh in a pool of blood.


"What the fuck do you want?"

"Can we talk please? It's about Rob."

"Why would I care? He's happy with you! He probably never liked me! (A bit bitter?)"


"Fine, just a second." He said as he shut his blinds. He then went out to the front door where Bonnie was standing. "Come in." He said as he lead her to his room.

"Look I know you hate me, fine I get it but I need to talk to you about Rob."


"I tried acting like I couldn't see it but I do. He's with me to make you jealous. I don't want to stand in the way, if he really still loves you then he'd just be miserable with me."

"Well it's too late! I am with Damon. I'm not gonna hurt him just because Rob can't move on. He's the one who dumped me! He's the one that cut off all contact!! I didn't choose to be his enemy!"

"Fine. Bye!" She said as she walked out of his room. Then he watched as she left his house.

An hour later his Mother knocked and announced dinner was done. He didn't feel like eating so he laid down and fell asleep. His dreams were plagued with four people. Rob, the two men who chased him, and someone else, only Josh knew who he was (he hasn't playd a part yet - big twist...). He was in a corn field running from the people who were chasing him. He kept running their yelling on all sides of him. The endless rows of corn, the leaves hitting him (I don't know if you know this but running in a corn field hurts!!) in the face and arms. When they finally surrounded him he woke up. There was knocking at his door.

"Yea?" he said while yawning.

"You were yelling in your sleep. Who is Jonathan?" Frank said. This cause Josh to sit up quickly.

"He's no one!" Josh said.

"Ok, if you say so... are you sure? you were mumbling some weird stuff."

"I'm sure! I watched a horror movie is all." He said lying.

When he fell back to sleep he had another dream, this one was different and peaceful. When he awoke the second time it was around 4 AM. He tried falling back to sleep but couldn't. He then noticed his sketching pad. He picked up his pencil and started drawing again. When he was done he looked at it and was happy with it. He drew Damon He exagerated on his penis but couldn't help himself. He then closed the book put it under the edge of his bed and fell back to sleep.

To be continued.