Josh & Rob
Part 1: Realizations

By: Goth
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This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives is a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!


Right when things get good and they start experimenting Josh's mom had to come home :-S Sux I know!

Chapter Three: Sneaking Around


After almost getting off together Rob and I just kinda left it at that after my mom got home. The he left we decided to meet today in the bathroom at 2PM I can't wait! I got dressed quickly after my shower and told my mom I'd see her after school. Like usual Rob and I met up at the corner and we walk to school. All the way there we both hadn't talked, so I broke the silence, "So we agreed to meet at 2 right, and the bathroom by the gym?"


"Ok, how 'bout for lunch, Taco Bell or Burger King?"

"Hmm... Taco Bell is better."

"I agree."

"Oh shit! I forgot to finish my English paper, Mrs. Tingle is gonna fry me so hard." He said while grimacing.

"Are you gonna go to detention? If so I'll go with you as I'll be in the same boat, accept I have a dog to blame it on." I said trying to look innocent.

"Ha yea right! No thank you last time I was in detention with you I got detention for a week with the asst. principle."

"Aw it's not my fault Dr. Richman was in a bad mood all you would have done is flirt with him like I did you know that always gets him."

"Yea, I remember 'Dr. Richman I just couldn't help it, he kept poking me' isn't that how you got out of it?"

"Uhm, I'll get back to you on that one."

"Yea, sure you will."

"Hey! Josh, Rob, wait up!" Nathan said running up to us.

"Hi there Nathan." I said.

"Hey what's up?"

"Not much, you?"

"Same, how about you Rob?"


"Do either of you have a cigarette?"

"Yes, always, here." I said giving him one.

"How about a light?"

"Yea sure want me to smoke it while I'm at it?"

"No I think I can manage that."

"Ok, Rob you want one?"

"Yea sure."

When we got closer to school we put out the cigarettes and went our ways to our homerooms. I hate my homeroom, come on history first period, how evil is that? Rob has math I guess he has it worse. After the first long boring period of history Rob and I met up in front of Science. Today we had a substitute, the one everyone hates as he's a real dick. He's one of the guys who has to think he's perfect in every way, ha is he wrong! He may be all buff but he is not good looking and he looks like a total dork. Don't get me wrong though some dorks are cute in a dorkish way. As we sat down for our hour of hell we did our usual routine. I drew while Rob did his Spanish homework.

"Hey, do your remember what 'What's your name?'"

"Como te llamas?"

"Thanks." He said, "mi nombre es, Rob, y tu?"


"Josh, Rob how many times do I have to tell you not to talk in a class I'm teaching?"

"Sorry Mr. Fucker," I said. "I mean Fooker." That made Rob bust out laughing.

"Seeming you two think my last name is funny you can sit in the hallway until class is over!"

"Oh no please don't make me go in the hallway!" I said sarcastically.

"Josh would you like to visit Dr. Richman?"

"I think I'll pass today."

"Good choice, now leave my classroom."

We grabbed our stuff and headed to the hallway, I went to my locker around the corner and put my books away, grabbed my math book, then went back to the door.

"You think Mr. Fucker will give us detentions?"

"Do you even have to ask? I bet he'll send us to the office, damn and PE is the easy class." I said.

"And the only class you have to worry about a hard on."

"True, but personally I don't like anyone in PE accept you your the only hot one in the class."

"Not true, you're also a hot one."

"Ha ha, yea but you can't really get hard over yourself, plus I'm not that narcissistic!"

"Eh oh well huh? Wanna go get a soda from the vending machine?"

"Yea, it'll be better than standing here looking like jack asses."

"Uhm sorry to say this but you're the one who looked like a jack ass!"

"Oh really now? That's it no soda for you."

"Oh no pwease mommy don't do that!"

"Haha ok."

When we finally got back from the other side of campus the bell finally rang, we went inside and got ready to talk to Mr. Fooker. When he looked at us I knew it wasn't gonna be nice.

"Josh, Rob..." he said. "Why do you two always insist on getting in trouble when I fill in, or is this a reoccurring problem with you two?"

"Reoccurring." I said.

"Yea that's what I thought, so Rob Josh you both get detention with Mrs. Tingle for lunch, after visiting the office." Ouch!

"Grrr ok..." I said trying to hold it back but I failed. "Mr. Fucker!"

"Keep pressing, it can be suspension and believe me I'd like that as Mrs. Andrews will be out for the week that means a whole week without your mouth."

"Ok we get it, sorry Mr. Fooker." Rob said pushing me out the door. "Dumb ass! Are you trying to get me killed? Two detentions in a day my moms gonna be pissed!"

"I'll tell her both were my fault but we only get caught if Dr. Richman calls our houses which he usually doesn't and if he has his bad look you know the drill, flirt, and be touchy-like with me, you know it always works!"

"Ha isn't that so true, too bad he's a closet case." Rob said.

"Ew! Gross he's like 40."

"Yea so he has a nice body and hell not too bad of an ass either!"

"I agree, do you know how weird this is? Before I couldn't say anything remotely like this."

"Yea I hear that but I like it this way better, not having to worry so much."

"Yea well lets keep quieter as I don't wish to be the gay guy who the jocks want." I said with a shudder.

"Ha, I can see it now Bruce trying to get you to suck him off, ew twisted!"

When we finally made it to the office Maria said hi and pointed to our regular chairs. We took our seats and waited after about 20 minutes then saw Dr. Richman leading two people out of his office. They were maybe in their 30's a man and a woman they handed him some papers and then they left.

"Rob. Josh, why am I not surprised to see you guys here this early?"

"Because we're your favorite students?" I said putting my arm around Rob rubbing his shoulder and moving down a little on his chest.

"Ok come on in." When we entered his office we sat down and waited. While being touchy feely (God it was too easy!). I started playing with Rob's neck while he had his hand on my thigh, Dr. Richman walked by quickly glancing at us when he sat down he licked his lips and started talking.

"Ok boys, what is it this time?"

"I accidentally slipped and said Mr. F'er to Mr. Fooker. I just couldn't help it, and of coarse Rob giggled because I said that on accident of coarse."

"I see." He said. "But that doesn't excuse what you said."

"I know." I said acting ashamed. Then I followed his eyes and found their target, Rob was itching his stomach allowing a hint of his stomach which and his happy trail, I have to admit I was liking his little show as well. Before I could help it I started getting a bulge in my pants, Rob noticed it and soon Dr. Richman did too.

"Ok then, I know boys will be boys to tell the truth I probably would have said it at sometime while I was your age and in the same spot. You both get a detention if you haven't already."

"Ok, we have one today at lunch."

"Ok then that will be enough but next time it will be more than one!" he said, looking depressed he was dismissing us.

"Oh, Dr. Richman, can we get a note for PE class as to why we are tardy?"

"Yes, just a minute." He said while grabbing a hall pass and writing on the back. "Here you go boys."

"Thanks." Rob said.

On the way to PE we laughed about what happened, while Rob teased me about getting a boner in front of Dr. Richman. After PE we went our ways, we met during lunch I grabbed us sodas while Rob got the munchies. He came back with 2 snack bag chips things and two candy bars. When we made it to Mrs. Tingles class she was waiting with 3 other students. The regulars, Chris, Jane, and Damien.

"Hello Josh, Rob, you know the drill, no talking no drawing. Eat and sit quietly. Rob would you like to turn your homework in now?"

"I kinda left it at home, I swear thought I finished it I just forgot to put it in my folder last night before bed."

"Ok, you usually turn in your homework on time, so I'll let it slide this time, how about you Josh?"

"Yea just a sec."


"Sorry, second." I said, pulling out my paper. "Here you go."

"Thank you, see you next period."

After the slow long wait of detention the bell rang, Rob and I headed our ways to our next classes. I headed to Mrs. Whitmer's Math class, while Rob went to History. When I got there he had to be there. Mr. Fooker was talking to Mrs. Whitmer he quickly saw me and looked at me as if dumbfounded. I knew what he was thinking 'Why is he still here?' oh well I didn't care. I quickly pulled out my homework and took it to the front desk like normal then headed back and looked at the whiteboard for the assignment, I was happy to see it was only 25 problems and only fractions, this was too easy, oh no! That means a pop quiz! I mumbled to myself after Mrs. Whitmer called role and made sure everyone was finished she did it.

"Ok class, guess what?"

"What?" We all moaned out knowing what was coming next.

"I'm giving you all a free day, but there is a twist, instead of just sitting around and talking you'll be getting a partner. The two of you will work on 5 problems the first 5 groups to finish will get candy and will not be assigned homework. Then the first two groups after the first 5 will get candy also but still have homework. Ok hurry now and find your partner," after about a minute she started up again. "OK does everyone have their partner?" Taking a brief moment to make sure everyone had a partner she said, "Turn to page 341, in row F do problems 1, 3, 7, 10, & 23."

I was with Nathan and lucky for me he is a math whiz. Within about 5 minutes he was done, we took the paper over to Mrs. Whitmer and received our candy and were allowed to talk. But I had different plans, as it was 1:59.

"Mrs. Whitmer, I need to use the bathroom, here is my bathroom pass." I said handing her one of the 3 passes she gave us all at the beginning of the year."

"Ok then, you might as well take your backpack as the bell is going to ring in 6 minutes."

"Ok, seya tomorrow Mrs. Whitmer."

I quickly walked to the bathroom by the gym, I entered and went to the bathroom as I waited for Rob. Rob walked in the restroom and looked at me while I was washing my hands. My eyes met with his and it felt as if he was pulling me towards him by his eyes. When I got to him his mouth hungrily met with mine. I stopped for a moment to lock the door. When I turned around there he was again just as eager to kiss again, somehow he got me by the sink and my shirt off. I was just as avid as his lips left mine to torture me more, he flicked his tongue over my right then left nipple then did it all over again I moaned out and had a new idea as what I wanted. I got down on my knees and guided him to the sink I then unbuckled his belt and took out his already hard cock, I looked at it for a moment not exactly sure as to what I was exactly doing then out of nowhere I licked it. As he shuddered I got more excited, I took hold of it then guided it towards my mouth, as I got it in my mouth Rob shuddered again and ran his hands on my head. I then started to suck, what I couldn't fit in my mouth I grabbed with my hand. I started getting a little better at it and was learning how to get more in my mouth when he warned me he had to cum, I knew I had two options spit or swallow I chose swallow as spitting would be too messy. The first 2 shots his the back of my throat and I was surprised at the taste it wasn't gross but it wasn't good it tasted funky like salty melon. The last of it somewhat dribbled shot out into my mouth, right then there was a knock on the door. I quickly found my shirt and put it on then I lit a cigarette just long enough to get the smell in the bathroom. I then threw it in a toilet and flushed it, I unlocked the door to find Nathan.

"I knew it you guys are smoking! Let me have a few drags."

"Damn I though you were a teacher and threw it in the garbage but ok ill get one out for all of us to share." I said, Rob pointed at his chin then at me I turned towards the mirror as I started lighting a cig and saw it, I had cum on my chin I quickly wiped it off with the inside of my shirt, turned around and handed the cig to Nathan. He handed it back to me then I handed it to rob, the process continued until the cigarette was gone. I then went to Class with Rob, the whole time we kept looking at each other and giggled, pathetically. After the final bell we headed home and decided to do it again sometime when we had a chance.

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