Josh & Rob
Part 2: Summer Break

By: Goth
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This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives is a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!

School bathroom sex... always exciting!

Without Further redo here is chapter 4 the second chapter of Series 2. Sorry for such the long delay in the story, as my mother got sick had open heart surgery bla, bla, bla, and now that she is up and running again I have free time :-D so shall we get on with the story? I think so :-P

Note to Nifty:
Thanx for the reply on the delay that was very kind of you.

I'd like to state that my charectors probably will not use condoms unlike my charectors you could gain a STD as this story is fiction life is life so be smart use protection! (I mentioned this for a reason *Wink*wink* read and find out!)

Heh one last thing :-) I have no editor and my spell check isn't working so... there will be typos I'm sure and if you see anything weird like "br />" its just a lil html that I didnt make into a tag all the way - it happens :)


Chapter One: Summer Fun

The last day of school was a bore as usual the few occasional parties in some classes, and free time, eh so I guess it isn't too much of a bore, but I wouldn't be a regular teenager if I said school wasn't anything but a bore! Rob and I have experimented a lot more and found more fun ways of pleasure, needless to say we almost got busted a few times too. I think my mother is catching on a little bit about our secret. But I'm not saying anything she can bring it up and even then I still might deny it. We both joined a summer teen club, but you wouldn't find us there. It was an easy way to get personal time so as long as we make it back to the group meeting area 10 minutes early we should be fine. Parents can be so blind!

"Josh! Rob is on the phone."

"Ok, I'll get it in here Mom." I said. "Hello?"

"Hey! How are you?"

"Ok, and you... just a minute. Mom hang up the phone!" **Click** "That's better"

"Yikes! It's a good thing I didn't say what I was going to say."

"Ha why what were you going to say?"

"I was gonna say 'Hey how are you sexy?' it's a good thing I didn't"

"Yea... I agree!"

"So anyway... Wanna meet Bonnie and I at the Del Taco?"

"Yea sure, what time?"

"In about 10 minutes?"

"Mm... It'll take me 15 to walk, so I'll meet you guys there."

"OK, fine with me. Oh and bring extra money we plan on going to Metro (A Mall) afterwards."


I hung up then went to get on some decent clothes told my mom bye and started walking to Del Taco. When I finally got to Del Taco I found them inside.

"Hey there! Didn't think your were coming" Rob said.

"Very funny, nice to see you too." I said sitting down while rubbing his leg.

"Wow are you happy to see me?"


"Ok you two love birds are you guys ready to go order?" Bonnie said. "I want a number 3, Rob."

"Ok." Rob said. "What do you want Josh?"

"Whatever you get."


"So, Bonnie how have you been?" I said.

"Good my Mom has been getting on my nerves though."

"Don't all parents?"

"Ha I guess you have a point there!"

"K, I got a number 3 and 2 4's." Rob said sitting back down. "We going to the arcade or are you becoming a mall rat?"

"Both," said Bonnie

"Ok," I said bordly. *Malls are boring!*

When they called our number Rob went to grab them, after he brought the tray over we all munched our food then we left. We walked outside to the bus stop. Rob to out his sneak-a-toke(if you don't know then you don't need to know :-) we all took a couple of hits, as the bus drove up my lungs were stilled filled with smoke I quckly exhaled and took Robs cigarette to help cover the smell that loomed around. The bus doors opened to let people in and out.

"Would you like a bus transfer?"

"Yes, 3." I said as I paid the $1.80 (60 cents each).

Once in the bus we headed towards the back and hung out, making our plans for the day. After about 15 minutes a friend, Damon got on and came to the back.

"Hey Justin, what's up?"

"Not much you?"

"The same. On the way to metro, gonna catch a movie then go to the keg party at Evans house. Are you guys gonna go?"

"I wouldn't mind, how 'bout you Rob, Bonnie?"

"Yea" said Rob.

"I can't, I have to be home around 8 my cousin is coming tonight. He's gonna stay for a month then go back to Colorado."

"Oh cool I remember him he's cool." said Rob.

"Ha he got expelled from that boarding school he wouldn't tell me the reason though."

"Didn't you say he tried everything?"

"Yea he hit the headmaster, got caught smoking weed, cussed at teachers, I don't know how he finally got expelled maybe they got tired of his shit."

"Maybe." I said partially daydreaming.

"So Josh you gonna come over tomorrow?" Damon said.

"Uh huh." I said.

"Good, I already hate summer school."

"Mmk." I said not paying attention.

"He Josh your cock is hanging out your fly." Rob said smiling.

"Uh huh."

Rob reached over and poked me, "What?" I said.

"Quit ignoring us."

"Ha ok just a lil' stoned."

"Arg, Ok I'll ask now - Are you coming over tomorrow to help me with that math?"

"Oh yeah, that's fine I wont be busy, around 2?"

"Yeah that's fine, just show up this time? You never did mention why you didn't show up last time."

I blushed at that and met Rob's eyes and he blushed too. Remembering that day. It was a wild one the first time we'd gone all the way.


We were at his house listening to KoRn and reading some Nifty stuff at Nifty Archives :-P. Then he got this idea we should try something. I played along and before I knew it we were naked and harder than hell. We first tried mutual masturbation but got bored then moved to a 69 position. When we got close he pulled off and quit and stopped the soon to happen orgasm. He looked at me seriously and asked I said ok and he then got lube. He got some on his hand and went to work on me he played at first opening me he then inserted a finger I didn't know if I liked it or disliked it. It felt weird having something in their and my muscle locked on his finger. He then rubbed my back and tried again this time it worked and he tried to slide another in. The same process this time but rubbing my back wouldn't work. Instead he reached down to my balls and fondled them with a little success. After awhile I got used to the feeling, he replaced his fingers with the head of his cock, it slid in with some trouble. He waited a few more minutes and slid in a little more, it hurt just a tad a little like a quick stab pain then it subsided and he slid in the rest of the way. He moved slowly at first then a couple minutes in he sped up his pace, I got an idea and started pushing myself into him when he went in. That seemed to be good with him as he moaned even more.

As we worked in pace with each other it was 50 times better and all I knew was he could do it all day and I'd never get sick of it and the feelings pulsating through my body from where he connected with me. He moved his pace fast and harder I knew he was close and so was I, I moaned out yes and came a few seconds after I came, he came he shuddered on top of me as he let go we both collapsed. Spent. We lay there for a few minutes longer enjoying the high of it he wrapped his arms around me. Then we fell asleep but awoke to a knock at the door.

"Rob come get the groceries!"

"Ok, Mom." He said back.

We both scrambled and put our clothes on. Then went downstairs and carried in the groceries.

"Oh hi Josh, I didn't know you were here, will you be staying for dinner."

"Yes, thanks."

"Ok it will be an hour or so." I ended up staying the night and later that night we changed our positions in the tree fort.


"Josh?" Damon asked.

"Sorry daydreaming again."

"No problem, I had a feeling you weren't gonna tell."

Our stop was up next so I pushed on the yellow tape. When the bus cam eto a stop we all stood and left. We then walked past Castles N Coasters and up to the dry canal and ducked around the sement barrier where we finished smoking. We then headed to the metro parking lot. Once inside we headed to our favorite shops then to the small arcade, at around 6 we got hungry and went to the food court. After we ate dinner Bonnie left to take the bus home. We went and watched the newest movie playing in the theater then left to the keg party. When we got to the house we paid the 5 buck fee and went in.

"Josh want a beer?" said Damon.


When he came back he had a plastic cup of budlight (yuck! gimme some icehouse!) "They also have Some whiskey."

"Ok well I'm gonna go see what they have."

"I'll come with."

When I made it to the improvised bar I look at the small collection - Vodka, Tequila, and Jack Daniels - I looked not sure which one I wanted I went with the tequila and asked Damon if he wanted one, he said yes. A half hour later I found Rob in the backyard puking his guts out.

"You ok Rob?"

"Yea just had too much to drink. I probably should drink water but can't find the damn hose."

"I'll find it wait here."

"Thanks babe."

"Your welcome. Now sit in that chair and I'll find the hose, 'k?"

"Yes." He said then I went and found the hose on the side of the house.

"This way Rob."

He half walked and stumbled towards me and got a drink. He said he was cutting himself off but we could stay (Better to stay anyway - parents can be evil.) He then retired to the livingroom. After he reassured me he was fine I went in hunt for Damon. Which was ended when I felt a tap at my shoulder.

"Is Rob alright? I saw you outside with him."

"He said he is and that he's cutting himself off."

"Good idea, I can go awhile longer, wanna go in the garage and join in on the quarters game?"

"Yea sure." I said.

We entered and sat down with the other two guys. As we sat down we took our first drink. The quarter was passed to the second guy who got two shots on me and on the guy at the table previosuly. The quater was passed to me and I got 3 shots 1 on everybody. Damon Chanced and lost. Then it went back to the first guy. After a few rounds I got bored and went back to the living room and sat by Rob(Who was now asleep). Damon walked out of the garage a few minutes after I did and said he was gonna get away from the noise and go into the guest bedroom. I said ok then he asked if I wanted to come. I decided there would be no harm in it. Then got up and followed Damon, as we entered the bedroom Damon lit a cigarette and so did I. We started talking about his tutoring.

"So for sure you'll make it this time?"

"Yes I promise."

"Ok, just making sure."

He sat down on the bed and I sat in the chair by the bed. As I looked around the room I thought it was plain, no paintings and all white the only eye stimilating thing was the throw blanket which was nit from different colors of yarn with cool patturns. I was feeling the beer and whiskey seep in. Damon looked about the same state. Then out of nowhere he asked a question that shocked the hell out of me.

"Tell me the truth, are Rob and you boyfriends?"

"Why would you think that?"

"Maybe by the fact you guys always hang out, or that you or Rob usually keep a hand on the other. Or maybe it was the question on the bus that made you both blush? Or even the weird looks you gave each other the last few weeks of school."

"Is it that obvious?"


"Aren't you the one that hates gays?"

"I have a secret." He said as he bent closer to me he rested his lips on mine and kissed me. I didn't know what to do so, my urges spoke for me I kissed him back opened my lips for his tongue the next few seconds after that I was on top of him with him groping me and me groping him back. Then he was on top of me. I broke the kiss as I gasped for air. He looked in my eyes and finished, "I've had a crush on your for about a year."

"But Rob is my boyfriend ... I shouldn't of--"

"Please don't say that I know you enjoyed that as much as I did, I just want one night."

"I couldn't." I said hating myself as I wanted nothing more than to fulfill his request, Damon and I always had chemistry we had been best friends before Rob became my boyfriend. I now missed the closeness I had with Damon and longed for it at this moment.

"Then one more kiss?"

"I guess I can do that much." I said wanting to touch him again but then disagreeing with myself. I leaned into him and pressed my lips to his and let his tongue in then I used my tongue back. Before I knew it was pulling up his shirt and kissing a way to his left nipple which I twisted and flipped my tongue at. This made a low groan escape his throat, then I nibbled lightly and all along our groins were grinding into each other. I had to stop or I'd do something I'd regret. I pulled away.

"Sorry, like I said before I can't do this. I was wrong letting it get this far." I said crawling out from below him. I stood and walked to the door. "I'm really sorry." I walked to the living room and found Rob where he was. I Shook him awake which wasn't a very good success.

"We need to catch the buss before service shuts down."

"Ok," he mumbled.

We got up and walked out to the main street and waited at the bus stop. Around half an hour later a bus came. I got in after Rob and paid the fair. We went to our usual spot at the back of the bus. He soon fell asleep with his head on my shoulder I watched out the window trying to obsorb what happened. Looking beyond the Street lights and other misc. traffic. I snaped out of my trance when the bus driver announce our main street. I pushed the tape and woke Rob. We then walked to the south corner and took the next bus to our last stop I walked Rob home and walked the 3 blocks to my house. I went to my room and fell asleep.


I awoke around noon and had a nasty hangover I walked to the bathroom and grabbed the Tylenol then went to the kitchen and made some koolaid. I then got into the liqour stash my mother had and added 3 shots of cheap Vodka. After I made my small tonic I drank it then went back to my room, closed my blinds and turned on some celtic music. I then remembered I needed to go to Damons house for tutoring. I really felt bad when I thought of him which I decided I didn't like feeling. I got in the shower and relieved my sexual urge. Then got dressed asked my Mom for a ride, called Damon up (What a lovely awkward conversation) to make sure it was ok. He said it was and I arrived at his house around 1:30 (13:30:00). I went to the door and knocked a few moments later Damon opened the door and invited me in. We walked down to his basement, we went to the desk where his books we already at.

"Ok your ready?" I said.


As I asked simple math questions he answered all right. "You've been studying?"


"Ok last week you had trouble with 3 of those problems?"



"I have been studying but not math, I've been studying you."

I felt traped on the other side of the table. I didn't want to panice but panic is what filled me. Damon looked at me in the eyes smiling a little. I didn't know what I wanted most to be milking his dick or runing away. "Uhm..."

"Sorry, but its the truth."

"Don't be sorry. I just wish you can understand I am taken, nothing will change that at the moment."

"I know, but it doesn't hurt to wish."

"I've got to go... I'll seya around."

"Ok... I hope I didn't freak you out."

"Mm no..." I said not convincingly.

Later on that day I had Rob come over, I had to get the guilt off of me from last night I couldn't bear it any longer and hoped he had a solution to the Damon thing.

"So what are we going to do?" Rob asked.

"Need to talk, I need to tell you something..." I said and took in a deep breath. "Last night at the keg party I went with damon into the guest bedroom and ended up kissing him."

"Kissing him?! As in on the cheek?"

"No... on the lips tongue and all."



"Did he kiss back?"


"No way unbelieveable. The homophob is gay like us?"

"Yes." I said in disbelief. "Aren't you supposed to call me a slut or something besides act like your into this whole idea?!"

"What hes hot, is he not? And I've seen him in the showers at school hes uncut and a nice size!"

"I can't believe this..."

"I have a idea. I don't think you'll like it though."

"Try me..."

"Think he'd be interested in a three some?" Rob said with an evil smile.

"You couldn't be possibly considering that!?"

"Well, why not?"


"I'm sure you'd live."

"I'll have to think about this one."

"Ok keep and open mind." he said with an evil wink.

A Week Later


The three of them were in the forest cloaked by the trees all of them lay naked on the ground panting. Josh lay there looking at Damon 2 years older than him his brown hair was just long enough to rub his cheek bone, he had bright green eyes and he found out not too bad of a body either. He couldn't believe what just happened between the three of them he was instantly happy he said yes to Rob's idea. He had to admit he had a blast, literally. Rob lay next to him his softening cock touching his leg and Damon lay on his other side staring him in the face. Both their cocks still hard from touching each other. Josh slowly played with his pubic hair, twisting it around his finger.

"If you keep that up I may be sucking on your cock again!" Damon said with a smile.

"I could go again!" Rob said excitedly.

Josh lay there smiling at the thought. "And so could I!" He dared himself to say. "But this time I want to be in Damons position." I said blushing.

"And I'll be in yours" Rob said facing me. My jaw wanted to drop but the idea of Damon being behind me made other impulsives to rise. I'd also be pleasuring Rob that way as well. I could feel Rob's cock now pressing into the back of my leg still somewhat soft.

Damon got straight to business. "So what are we waiting for?" He then blushed but the smile that followed was heart watering.

Damon was waiting for Josh to come over, Josh got on his hands and knees over the blanket they brought Damon followed behind him When he got to Josh's butt he massaged the two bubbles neaded at them then spread them He bent in and flicked his tongue at the hole, Josh moaned. He circled the muscle then proded Josh squirmed but loved the feeling, as his tongue danced over his flesh he withered moans escaping his throat. Rob lay down his head between Josh's legs proped up by his elbows he let his tongue lick at his balls then teased the head. Josh got down lower and took in Robs cock, he felt as Damon put his cock head at his entrance. The head sunk in and the rest followed. They then found a rythm that suited all of them. Damon immediatly hit Josh's speacial spot and Rob licked at the soft sensitive part under his head. Josh mimiced the process on Rob, who let out a grunted his apporval, Rob swirled his tongue around Josh's penis which was enough to send him over, this new feeling of wetness in robs mouth attracted him and he shot his load down Josh's throat. Damon started pounding harder and fasdter into Josh with what sounded like a growl he came shooting his load deep inside Josh. Damon lay ontop of Josh for a minute and then laid on his back. Josh bent over him laying on his side and gave him a kiss.


To be continued :p.....