Josh & Rob
Part 2: Summer Break

By: Goth
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Warning: This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives are a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!

Without Further redo here is chapter 5 the third chapter of Series 2.

There will be some interesting twist in this Chapter so get ready! I even surprised myself!

Chapter Three: Obsessions Or Possessions

After the second round they decided to head back to camp. Josh was amazed that his mother had let him go to Prescott without any real adult supervision, he knew Damon always had that weird way of dealing with parents but he didn't know he was that good. When they got to the camp they grabbed the cell phone they had brought then listened to the message.

Bonnie was waiting with her cousin in Prescott Valley. With all the excitement they had forgotten she and her cousin Jim were coming. Josh jumped into the front seat of Damon's truck, Rob got in back while Damon got into the driver seat.

"Did Bonnie say where they were gonna hang until we met up with them?" Damon asked Josh.

"Yes, she said in the food court."


They Then left, halfway there Josh couldn't take the silence any longer. It soon festered and he asked what was up, "Ok, is it just me or did someone die?"

"Just thinking about what happened, I still don't believe it really happened." Damon said.

"Same as Damon" Rob agreed.

"'K" Josh said. He then turned on music as he knew it would return to silence.

Rob was now a little jealous, he knew how Josh and Damon had been close. He knew he shouldn?t be as he joined in and even suggested this. But he couldn't shake the feeling. He saw how Josh had looked at Damon it was just that look, you could tell he wanted to be nowhere else and that?s what scared him most, losing Josh.

As they neared Prescott Valley Josh was happy he saw Bonnie. When the car stopped he got out and went over to her.

"Hey, how was the drive up here?"

"A very long two hours, this shit head fell asleep the first half an hour and i ended up talking to myself, pathetic huh?"

"Not very." Josh was relived to have someone who didn't seem like a zombie.

"What?s up with those two?" Bonnie asked, seeing the change in Rob?s attitude.

"Dunno," Josh said.

She pulled him to the side knowing there was more than he was telling her. "So what do you get in a fight with Rob or something?"

"No, why would you say that?"

"Every couple fights." She said simply. Josh was a little surprised that she had mentioned that fact. He knew that she knew but he didn't want Jim to know.

"Jim doesn't know does he?"

"You know your guys secret is safe with me."

"Hey you two we gonna get going?" Jim said.

"Yes." Rob replied. "Bonnie, can I ride with you two?"

"Umm, ok." She looked at me again, "You sure you two are ok?"

"Yes he?s been acting weird since..." Josh broke himself off.

"Since what?"

"You wouldn't want to know."

"Oh," she said.

Josh walked over to Damon's car and got in. He looked at Damon, "I wonder what?s up with Rob."

"Me too, I hope he doesn't regret what happened."

"I'll have to talk to him at the camp."

Damon pulled out of the parking lot and started driving back to the campsite. The drive seemed long and boring. Josh was worried about Rob, which led Damon to be worried about him.

"You ... you know don't regret what we did?"

"Of coarse not, I was paranoid at first, I mean look at you then me, compared I'm ugly!"

"Not at all." Damon said which made Josh blush.

Josh suddenly got an irresistible urge to kiss Damon, so he did right on the cheek. "Thanks."

"No thank you."


Back in the other car, Rob, Jim, and Bonnie all talked among themselves. Bonnie could see Rob kept looking at the other car Josh and Damon were in, and then she saw it, knowing Rob did too. Josh gave Damon a kiss. She couldn't believe it and neither could Rob. Who scowled at it like a thorn was stabbed into his side. Bonnie being closer to Rob was now mad at Josh for what he had just done.

"Rob we need to talk. Stay in the car when we get to the camp site."


"What was that about?" Jim asked.

"What was what about?" Bonnie replied.

"Nothing... never mind."


Once they reached the campsite Rob and Bonnie stayed in the car.

"Ok if Josh won't tell me what is going on you will." She stared at him.


"Well?" Bonnie said.

"We had a threesome..."

"You what?!"

"With Damon. Accept Josh, he looked at him 'that way'."

"What way?"

"You know, that lovey dovey way, like absorbing the view."

"So what? You think he has feelings for Damon?"

"I know he does. No one can say he doesn't, Josh told me before he used to have a crush on Damon."

"You don't know that for sure!"

"Don't play dumb you saw what I did!"

"I know I did, but who says he didn't kiss him like I sometimes kiss you?"

"Because I know better."

"Fine but you need to talk to him about this or I will."


"Fine." They got out of the car and joined the rest of them. Josh stood up from the log he was sitting on and walked into the forest, Rob followed. Once they had walked for about 15 minutes Josh waited up for Rob and grabbed his hand and they walked longer.

"Do you like Damon?" Rob said.

"Yes and no." Josh said, not sure himself. "It's confusing like I'm being torn between you two."


"I do know this though and I want you to know. I would never do anything with him, not without you and not without your permission."

"Then why did you kiss him?"

Josh looked confused and realized what he was saying. "Oh that was just a peck on the cheek I swear, he had asked me if I felt bad about what we did, I explained that I was nervous and that he looked better than me. Then said He didn't think so, so I just kissed him. It wasn't passionate or anything, just out of flattery."

"Gods' I feel so relieved!"

"No doubts ok, I love you, nothing and I mean nothing will change that."

"Thanks I needed to hear that." Rob said, squeezing Josh's hand. He then pulled him into him and kissed him long and deep. Soon he found himself backed into a tree, with Josh's hands exploring his stomach, sides, and then to his chest. Josh broke the kiss to kiss a trail along his jaw then to his neck. He licked at his neck and lightly nibbled, he knew it always drove Rob mad. He slipped his hands under his shirt and pulled it off. He then licked and kissed a trail to his left nipple and flicked his tongue at it. "Wait... no ... wait. Oh yes!" He said unable to make up his mind. Josh kept going he then burned a way down Robs' stomach then got lower to the trail of hair. He followed it and stuck his tongue under the pants waist band. Then with his teeth he took the zipper and pulled it down Rob just stared amazed, he had never seen Josh do this. What surprised him the most was when he stuck his tongue in the hole of his boxers and licked at the head. Slowly guiding it out with his tongue he then took it into his mouth. Rob gasped at the pleasure he was feeling. Josh forced the rest of his cock in his mouth, he had finally learned how to do it but still needed work at it, so he thought this to be the best time to practice. As Robs cock touched his gag spot Josh swallowed forcing the gag reflex to stop, also causing more pleasure for Rob. As he pulled back again it was triggered and he forced it to a stop again. They both were really getting into it, but all to soon Rob said he was about to cum and so he did. Rob had found that it was easier to swallow with all of robs cock in his mouth, but liked tasting it instead he pulled back to get at least one good shot in his mouth. Rob looked down at him and pulled him up to meet his mouth.

"Wow!" Rob exclaimed.

"Just wait till later!" Josh said grinning ear to ear.

"Wanna switch spots?"

"No, we need to head back we've been out here awhile, if Jim doesn't know our secret already he may be catching on."

"I guess your right." Rob agreed.


"They've been gone awhile." Damon said.

"I agree." Bonnie said. "You know how they are, they probably found a spot and are smoking some weed."

"Maybe..." Damon said, wishing he knew what was up.

"Well, the better share when they get back." Jim said.

"They will, no worries." Bonnie said, hoping to give them some more time. At that moment she heard a twig snap. "Speaking of the devils."

"Missed us Bonnie?" Rob said.

"Yea, as you guys have the pot."

"2 bucks a hit" Rob teased.

"You wish." Bonnie said walking over to rob and handing him the sack. Which she quickly took back, "Now who has the pot?" Bonnie said, Rob giving himself a mental note to thank her, then to his surprise she zipped up his pants. He blushed and she just smiled. she then whispered "What are friends for, just don't get used to this," she teased.

Josh pulled out the pipe and took the sack, he then started breaking it up and taking the steams and seeds out. He then packed it.

"Why thank you Joshua." Bonnie said.

"Your welcome Bonita." He said getting her back for using his full name. He then took his hit and handed the pipe to her. She then passed it to Rob who passed it to Jim who handed back to Josh. As it made its way back to josh the third time he reloaded it. It was getting dark and chilly, Jim and Rob went to get firewood while Josh and Damon went to Prescott Valley for some beer.

"So how exactly do you plan on buying this beer?"

"Well we have two options."

"They are?"

"If he doesn't take my id we could run."

"By Isis and Ishtar!" I said, not wanting to be a part of this one. "If it comes to that I think we'll be smoking lots of pot!"

"Ok." Damon said.

When we got to the store we went in, got Tequila and Icehouse. I was nervous when we got to the cash register, the woman looked at them, then shook her head. But instead of asking for a card she rang it up. "That'll be $37.89"

"Ok." Damon said a little unsure.

"Be safe, don't drink and drive." She said.

They just stared at her then walked away.

"That was weird! She had to know."

"I know. She must've been like us when she was younger."


Halfway to the campsite Damon pulled over. He looked at Josh frowned then asked, "Did Rob tell you what was bothering him?"

"Yes he did. He was just unsure of himself."


He paused, thinking, "Because he was afraid I would fall for you."

"Are you?"

"No ... well yes. No! I mean, I don't know what I mean."

"Ok, well do you love Rob?" Damon asked hoping for the answer that he knew he wouldn't get.

"Yes, a lot, more than a lot."

"What about me?"

"I..." Josh looked down, "Yes, but not exactly the same. I Love Rob Obsessively while I love more like a brother but I want something more than what a brother would and I have a stronger connection with you, because our past together."

Damon's heart was shattered then flicked alive again by some hope of what Josh had said. "I love you too, you know."

"I know..." Josh said unsure of what to do, he felt trapped again like in the bedroom. But what scared him most is he sort of liked the feeling. "We should get back to camp."

"Your right." Damon said somewhat disappointed. He loves me... but he loves Rob more. Damon thought bitterly. When they reached camp, Josh grabbed his backpack with the blanket and the lube. He then tapped on Rob?s shoulder and then whispered in his ear. "Remember how I said wait until tonight? Well I'm gonna show you."

Rob excused himself and followed Josh, who had taken the lantern they walked to a spot Josh had found earlier. A clearing that was well hidden by trees. He set the lantern down and lowered it and started picking away rocks and twigs. After he and Rob had cleared the area for the blanket they set it out, Josh then dimmed the lantern to a light glow which only illuminated their bodies.


Damon had excused himself from the fire about two minutes after Rob and Josh left. Saying he was gonna look for a stream to get some water for the bong he had brought. But his real plan was to follow Josh. He had been very careful in walking making sure not to make a noise. He then saw the light coming from behind some leaves, he snuck until he could hear them he saw them picking rocks away. He found a tree nearby that would be easy to climb and to see them. Soon the light dimmed and he watched their silhouettes. He could tell who they were, he watched Josh intently. Soon he found himself erect. He watched as they stripped and he saw Rob lay on the ground. Josh soon got on top of him and slowly went down on Rob. He watched as Josh raised and lowered again, and then they changed Josh on his knees and Rob behind him leaning on him, no doubt kissing him. Soon Damon became obsessed, which made him mad. He was jealous of Rob, he wanted to be the one doing it with Josh, he guided his member out and imagined himself in Robs' spot. Hating him for taking away his love.


Josh kept looking over his shoulder, he swore he felt eyes on him, he was getting spooked, when Rob would ask he said he was just a little tired. Rob offered to stop and just cuddle but Josh wouldn't have anything to do with that. He started pushing himself on Rob?s pole when he suggested it, Rob took the hint and met Josh's pace. Then again he swore this time he had heard something... someone was out there watching him. He couldn't shake the feeling. Rob was panting as was Josh, " no smoking... weed before."

Rob Suddenly stopped, "Why?"

"Just not again."

"Are you feeling spooked too?" Rob said hesitantly.

"Yes. I feel like someone is watching, it's just probably because all the horror movies we watch, something always happens bad in the forest, especially the two who are fucking. Why not the gay guys?"

"Your probably right."

"Plus I am so damn close to going over the edge, who cares if some poor sap is getting a free show!"

Rob was shocked by what Josh had said, modest Josh no more. They soon found their rhythm again. Too soon Josh was reaching his climax and growled out of ecstasy. Rob soon reached his peak and spilled his seed in his loves' insides. They laid down and wrapped each other up in the blanket naked and close. That's when Josh saw a figure sneaking away, he quickly hit Robs arm and pointed, he saw too.

"Oh my Gods'! Someone was really watching us!" Josh said sinking further under the covers now feeling violated.

"Josh, there is no one else around here accept our group or at least I think so. I haven't seen anyone here have you?"

"No... what if it was Jim? Or worse Bonnie."

"Jim, that could be bad, Bonnie, she wouldn't have watched. Damon though..."

His named thrilled Josh, but he also was worried he liked the thought too much. He and Rob lay there and fell asleep. When they awoke it was darker and cold. The lantern had died, the cold air chilled them both. It was a new moon so the only thing that gave them light was the stars but not much. Josh knew without his contacts or the lantern he wouldn't be able to walk back good. He was happy Rob was with him and could help guide him. Josh started to see the glow from the fire at the camp. Bonnie and Jim were drinking and talking to themselves, Damon wasn't around.

"Where?s Damon?" Josh asked, somewhat concerned.

"He left a little after you guys did, I though he ran into you guys and you had ditched us." Bonnie replied.

Josh fumbled in his back pack and took out his contact holders, He then placed them in spot and grabbed the kerosene and filled the lantern back up. "I'm gonna look around a little and see if I can find him.

"Josh lets just wait I'm sure he'll turn up soon."

"I know it's why you don't have to come, if he returns call for me, I won't stray too far away."

"I'll come with," Rob argued.

Josh leaned in and whispered, "He likes me, I need to talk to him and straighten this up by myself."

"Ok." Rob mumbled, knowing arguing wouldn't do any good, Josh was stubborn.

Josh walked out and looked around, he had an idea where he might be. He walked the path he had earlier, when they had their threesome. Sure enough Josh found him curled up by a rock sleeping. He took the blanket out of his backpack and wrapped it around himself and Damon, Just like old times. Josh thought to himself. Damon woke up when Josh had sat next to him. He looked at him, Wanting to touch him, feeling every part of his body, absorbing all he could, dying to be loved by him.

"We need to talk." Josh said.

"I agree."

"First off, was it you?"

Damon blushed, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself... I saw you and I was bound to where I stood, I wanted it to be you and I. It made me mad that I couldn't have you. I've wanted you since I was around 12."

Josh was hit by this information with shock he hadn't realized how much Damon had wanted him to love him. He was sad and sorry he had confused him. "I love you and you know that but Rob is my boyfriend. I won't lie lately I've been confused myself. I should have seen this but I didn't so I'm sorry."

"I know I shouldn't feel like this, obsessed. I love you so much though and I'm so lonely. I can't help it." Damon said. Josh was hesitant he wanted to comfort Damon, "Your the only person I feel comfortable touching me." He pulled Damon into him and cradled him.


"I... I don't want to talk about it."


"I'm sorry it's just that I hate myself. I hate people touching me accept you. I crave your touch."

"Ok." Josh said feeling somewhat awkward by this information. "Don't hate yourself though, you?re a beautiful person. You?re loving, kind, and helpful. Don't fall into the same trap I did." Josh said looking at the scars on his wrist.

"I should have been there for you. I knew you were pulling yourself away I just didn't know why..."

"It's not your fault. I was stupid, feeling sorry for myself and then losing all hope. It was a dark place I never plan on visiting again."

"You aren't stupid, I'd have probably done the same thing living in your shoes."

"Yea well your life isn't that great and you didn't go try and kill yourself, like I said I was stupid and selfish. I didn't think about anyone but myself, and in the end I didn't even think about myself only a way out of the misery. Life goes on I'm still here and your still my best friend."

"Thanks, that?s nice to know."

"Nothing will change that. You were one of the only people who came and visited me when I was you know where."

"Yea but your mom and her boyfriend did too."

"Let's not go there..." Josh said.

"You still wish they didn't find you?"

"Only sometimes. She says because her boyfriend was the one who dragged me out of the tub and held my wrist that I should feel at debt to him. I don't it's that simple, I'm happy he did but then again I hate it because it was him. From what I heard about the discovery is my mom nearly went insane. While he did all the work."

"His name is Brad and you should like him, he's always nice to you."


"Well, it's the truth. Let's put it this way—Abusive biological father Vs. Nice caring guy who would like to be your friend.—I'd choose him in a heartbeat."

"Yea true but still I won't let myself get close to him, he'll be like the rest she brings home. He'll get all mean and then leave breaking my mom's heart then she'll blame it on me. I can hear it now 'You should have been nicer to him' or 'You're so selfish you ruined this for me' sorry but doesn't sound appealing."

"But that's what you don't see. They are so caught up in each other, you can see it the way they look at each other or how they constantly touch each other. Not even my parents are that close. I don't think he'll be like the rest."

"I hate it when you have to be so smart, now I can't think of any reason to hate him."

"I know." Damon said smiling. "So what are you gonna do when we get back home?"

"I guess... I guess I?ll say thank you and sorry for being a dick all the time."


"Now will you tell me why you hate yourself? I don't see anything that you should hate about yourself."

"I really don't want to talk about it..."

"Yea and didn't I start saying that before I started isolating myself from all of my friends?"

"Yes, but I promise I'm not gonna do anything stupid."

"Good, but we haven't really talked about the situation here."

"Yea I know. I was hoping you forgot. I feel stupid."

"Don't feel stupid for loving people. I should feel like the stupid one I should have seen this I should have known better than to let you be confused."

"You didn't know how I feel about you but I did, and I should have known this would have made it worse for me to accept Rob as your boyfriend." before Josh knew what was happening Damon was kissing him. Josh didn't resist and didn't push him away. His mind was screaming stop, but he couldn't. He kissed back instead, Damon somehow found a way on top of Josh and was kissing him deeply. Josh moaned, his head was spinning and he liked every moment of it. Josh suddenly stopped realising it wasn't right.

"I'm sorry, I can't do this."

"No I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." they sat there for awhile before heading back to camp. When they got back everyone was sitting around drinking beer and smoking. They joined in. A few hours later everyone had passed out. Damon was still awake.

He was watching Josh, he loved him but he knew he couldn't interfer with his realationship with Rob. He got up kissed him on the forhead and fell asleep in his truck.

To be continued...