Josh & Rob
Part 2: Summer Break

By: Goth
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Warning: This story, like most in the Nifty Archives will have sex somewhere in it. (I'm not telling when! :)~) It will be between two male teenagers if this kind of material offends you then don't read any further because uhm boys will be boys! >:)~ Also if you are not of the proper age (which you won't hear me complaining I think nifty archives are a great place for teens) 18 or 21(in some states) then be smart, leave or don't get caught! :-) one last note, there will be some cussing because lets face it, teens do that!

I'm not sure... But I don't believe I've named Josh's Step-Father if I have I dunno what it is :P and I know rereading old chapters is not good I'll chop them to pieces. So how bout we go with Frank?

Without Further redo here is chapter 7 the 5th chapter of Series 2.

Chapter Five

The next morning Josh woke up. He looked at the clock as it read 7:15 he tried to fall back to sleep but couldn't. He then got out of bed instead and wondered into the kitchen to be greeted by Frank.

"Good morning!" He said too brightly for Josh.

"Maybe for you... I hate the mornings! (I really do...)"

"I did when I was your age too. But then again I wasn't a deathmod."

"Nor am I. I'm gothic, doesn't mean I worship death every minute of the day, yes the fact that some day I'll die and leave this messed up world does make me happy to an extent."

"Interesting." Frank said looking back at his newspaper.

"What were you in high school?"

"A nerd. I was more interested in books than people."

"Nerds are cool. Good friends they usually don't judge you."

"Well I got to get going, unlike you I don't get summer break anymore."

"Thats right, sucks for you!"

Josh then made himself a peice of toast and put some jelly on it, took a bite and wondered off to his room. When he got inside his lair he put on some Negative Format (gothic trance like music). Then grabbed his sketching pad, and started drawing what came to mind. After about an hour he looked at his finished product. A dragon on top of a castle. He then got online not too soon after Rob came online.

twiztedtemptations: hey babe your up early!

behest: yea it happens sadly.

twiztedtemptations: wanna do anything today?

twiztedtemptations: maybe have sex for hours on end?

behest: we could do that :-)

twiztedtemptations: Actually Bonnie suggested we go to the mall.

behest: oh... maybe not today. have fun tho.

twiztedtemptations: ugh why not? your not still mad at her are you?

behest: no im not mad at her.. Josh wrote wishing he could yell at her until his throat bled.

twiztedtemptations: ok then. we'll be leaving around 1, so if you change your mind call my cell, and if you do come why don't you ask Damon to come along?

behest: ok i'll think about it, ttyl *kiss*

Josh quickly got offline trying not to make a confrontation. He knew Rob knew why he wasn't coming. Then he decided to swallow his feelings and called him.

"Hey, changed your mind?" Rob said.


"You shouldn't be mad at her, she was just trying to protect me."

"Lets just forget about it. I'm not mad at her." Josh said I despise her! He thought to himself. "I'll ask Damon around 12, knowing he'll most likely be sleeping. If he agrees I'll walk to his house and get a ride with him."

"Why? Bonnies car has enough room for you."

"Ok, ok, ok! Maybe I am mad at her... but you would feel the same if it was me questioning Bonnie and your friendship."

"Fine I see I'm not going to win this one. Just be civil?"

"For you I will be."

"Thanks babe! I'll see you later then?"

"Yes..." Josh said "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower then try to get more sleep. So you hang up first!"

"No, I hung up first last time, you hang up!"

"No you hang up!" Josh said(Seriously, who hasn't done this? lol).

"Nope, I'd waste all my minutes before hanging up on you."

"Oh all right I'll hang up. Love you!" Josh said before putting the phone on the hook. He then made his way to the shower. He didn't expect to start on his old habits, of scrubbing too hard and noticed after he looked at his skin. It was times like these he wished he didn't feel so dirty. He then stepped out of the shower and looked at his reflection. (what about steam and fogged up mirror you say? A tip get a dry cloth, shaving cream, and wipe it on the mirror until its shiny it'll keep steam off it for a month!) As he stared at himself he couldn't help but to feel sick. Looking at what he once was, the secret below the skin. The vacant eyes staring back. Before getting too deeply in his thoughts the door bell rang. He wrapped the towel around himself and ran to the door.

When he opened the door he Mrs. Daniels, suddenly feeling very naked Josh blushed. "Uhm, uh... hi" He squeaked.

"Aren't you the modest one," She said in a casual tone which he did not expect from a old lady. "Oh honey don't look at me like that, I have had children your age before darling. I was actually wondering if I could get your help, my cat is stuck in the tree." (ok one question is there ever REALLY a cat stuck in a tree? I didn't think so either!)

"Uhm yea. Why don't you come in really quick, while I uhm get dressed." He said stumbling for words with his face turning a hint brighter red.

"Oh I won't impose I can see your shy." She said with a smile after she turned she turned back around, "So I'll see you in about 10 minutes darling?"

"Yes Mrs. Daniels. I'll hurry." I said smiling. She smiled back and headed back to her home. I quickly dressed and went out the back and followed the alley to her house and called "Mrs. Daniels?"

"The gate is unlocked honey." I reached over and went in making sure not to step on her flowers following a pathway to the back door, in the middle of the pathway there was another leading to a bench under a Weeping Willow tree on the other side of the bench was a birch tree with the cat in it meowing. Hi there spooky I said to the black cat. I then got on the stepping stool Mrs. Daniels already had out and got on the first branch. Once up in the tree I could easily grab Spooky. I then handed her down to Mrs. Daniels and then jumped down onto the green drass then carefully steped over The irises she had planed near the path.

"Why thank you so much honey! Would you like to come in for some cookies and tea?" she said. I knew not to decline or she'd get that sad lonely look in her eyes.

"Why yes that would be great!" I said with the best smile I could give.

It had been a couple of years since I was in her house, but not much had changed. She still had tons of pictures some were new. She noticed me looking at a man in probably about his mid thirties.

"That's my youngest, David, he sent it to me after he opened his new business in the keys."

"Oh really what does he own?"

"He owns a resort for men with the AIDS virus. He established it three years after he had caught the infection. These days though he doesn't look too well. I just wish he doesn't die before me, parents shouldn't have to burry their children."

"I am so sorry to hear that Mrs. Daniels." I said as sympathetically as I could.

"Don't you fret young one. What happened to him should not have happened to anyone. But things like that do happen."

"I don't mean to be nosey, but do you mind if I ask what happened to him?"

"No I don't mind, sadly seven years ago he went to one of those places, you know what do they call them? That's right, a club. I guess he met a young man there and when he left with the man he was lead around back where he was beaten by three men. Then they all forced themselves apon him. It's a shame, he is so smart and kind."

"Do you mind if I ask another question?"

"Go ahead honey." she said setting down a platter of cookies on the table.

"I'm just asuming he's gay as you used man, if so didn't or doesn't that bother you at all?"

"You may think it weird, but be as it may he is gay. Oh at first I was sad, I wondered if I babied him too much as he was my youngest, my last and I knew it. But then after awhile I knew he was the same, he wasn't different he just liked men instead. Then I was sad because I knew his lifestyle was going to haunt him. My generation wasn't nearly as kind to gays as it is now, but even know its not the greatest. So yes it bothered me at first but then I grew to understand it better and my love never changed for him."

"Wow!" I said. then thought a bit. "Did the men go to prison for what they did to him?"

"Sadly they didn't, all of them were wearing masks and the one who gave his name gave a fake name."

"Would you keep a secret from my Mom? It's a BIG secret!"

"Honey if your trying to tell me your gay, I know that! You and that boy, Robert? I could see it in your eyes, it's a beautiful thing to see, I saw the same in my own sons eyes when I met his 'partner'."

"Wow! Not much gets past you huh?"

"No, not when you have lived as long as I have anyway. I also had a reason for asking you in. I have noticed the past year or so you've been depressed a lot more than you should be. You haven't come by often as you used to either. Mind if I ask why hon?"

"I uhm..." I said almost near tears thinking about it. "I... I can't say why. I will say it's not very different than your sons situation, accept he didn't know my sexuality." I said with my eyes looking at her feet.

She then huged me. Inside I cringed, I couldn't help myself. Anybody's touch besides Rob's or Damon's made me sick feeling, dirty... But I forced myself to hug back I had known her too long and she was a person to precious to hurt.

"I want you to take this. I told my Son about you, I do hope you don't mind. He gave me this information, one is his e-mail and another is for what he called Yahoo IM." She said pronoucing IM as I'm, I didn't have the heart to correct her.

"Thanks, and I dont mind, I'll call him later, I am supposed to be going to the mall with my friends and Rob. Oh thats right do you have the time?"

"Yes, it's 11:31, do you need to be going?"

"No I can stay for awhile longer. Need any help planting some of your flowers?" Josh said knowing her answer.

"Only if it isn't a bother."

"No problem at all. It's nice watching them grow."

They then moved to her backyard where she had him planting seeds and already grown flowers. After and hour she reminded him of the time, then he ran home took a quick shower called Damon, and got him to agree to go to the mall. About ten Minutes later he called Rob and informed him he'd be getting a ride. Rob complained a little then moved on. Around 15 minutes after the call Damon honked his horn. Rob locked up the house and ran out to Damon's truck.

"Hey man what's up?" Damon said.

"Not much, not looking foward to the mall."

"Agreed I hate malls."

"You know I do too, Rob loves them though... my real reason for not wanting to go is BONNIE."

"I can't say I blame you."

"Mind if we stop by the bank? I'll give you some more gas money."

"What we agreed on is good enough, as the bank is on the way there."

"Ok then." Josh said as the truck turned the corner. After the ten minute ride they were at the mall and like always spent around another 10 minutes looking for a space. Once they found one, Damon parked and they got out. They soon found Bonnie, Jim, and Damon waiting in the food court area. "Hey!" Josh said when he saw Rob.

"Hey!" He said. "Late like always eh?" he said, more directed at Damon. I could feel the tension in the air and it bugged me. "We were just about to get some food, anyone else interested.

"I'm gonna go look around, have a nice lunch." Damon said, walking off.

"What the hell was that about Rob?!" I said pissed.

"You know what it was about."

"Whatever, I'm not hungry anymore I'm gonna go find Damon and try to apologise for you! That was so uncalled for."

"Do what you want!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I think you know."

"God dammit! I thought this was done and over with, I guess I was wrong, what did Bonnie start this up again!?"

Bonnie said she wasn't and I wished I was a girl. I wanted sooo badly just to hit her.

"Whatever, Rob when you can act more sensible call me on my cell!" I said walking off in the direction Damon went off in. After looking in all the places he though Damon might be in. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around to see Damon standing there.

"There you are" Josh said with a smile. "I've been looking everywhere for you, I'm sorry about Rob, I don't know what got into rob..."

"I do, you did. It bugs him that I like you, and on a level you like me back."

"Damon I do like you but Rob is my boyfriend."

"Will you just admit, if I would have made the first move I would be in his spot right now."

"That's not fair."

"True but no one ever said life is." he said stepping in closer. Josh stepped back a little further and found himself against a wall. Damon then stepped closer yet. Josh half way wanted it to lead where his mind said it was. But the other half was screaming run. He was stuck there not sure which voice to listen to. He ached to be with him on a level he couldn't deny that much, but he wanted Rob to. Damon leaned in to kiss him, Josh turned his head hating himself, but knew it was best. "Tell Rob he is lucky to have you, and that I give up." He said turning to leave. Josh grabbed him by the shoulder and surprised them both with kissing him. At that moment Jim made his way around the corner. He stopped and then tapped Josh.

"Fuck!!" Josh said.

"Busted dude!" Jim said with a smile.

"Please, Jim, I'm begging you, please don't tell Rob."

"I won't..." he said after looking at Damon. Josh then looked over and saw the look on Damons face and knew why. He wouldn't have said no either!

"Understand something right now, you didn't see any of this, if one word of this is leaked I'll hunt you down understand?" Damon said.

"Sure..." He said walking off fastly.

"We need to talk, lets go in your truck." Josh said. They then proceeded out the other door avoiding the food court. Once they got in his truck they both remained silent for a minute.

"I'm sorry Josh, I know better, I don't want to mess up what you have."

"No it's my fault I feel like I'm leading you on and I am truly not trying to. Do you mind if we leave I need to go home and think."

"No I don't mind I don't want to be here."

"Ok then, I'm gonna call Rob really quick and tell him I'm taking a bus home... I don't want him to know I'm with you. He'd be mad."

"Do what you need to, but you shouldn't have to lie, you know?"

"Shh." I said as the phone started calling his number. After five rings, he got the answering machine You know who you called, leave a message. "Hi babe, it's 12:33 I'm taking a bus home, I couldn't find Damon. If you see him you should really say sorry, talk to you later." Josh said. "Ok, ready?"

"Yes." It was a silent ride back. By the time they finally reached Josh's house he was gettin stir crazy.

"Thanks for the ride, sorry for the shitty start for your day. Here's the money I owe ya." I said handing him it.

"Really it's ok and keep your money."

He set it on the truck seat and said, "You know me better than that, talk to you later." He then closed the door and went to his front door. When he got inside he went to his room and turned on some music then laid on his bed. As he was getting comfortable his phone rang.


"Why did you leave and why did you lie?"

"I left because I don't like the company your with and you were a dick to my friend. I tried to be civil like you ASKED but you couldn't even be that towards my FRIEND!"

"It doesn't explain why you left with HIM!"

"I lied because I knew it would make you mad if you knew I left with him! What is your problem!?"

"Maybe the reason you don't look at me the same, I can see it in your eyes, I've lost you haven't I?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Please don't play innocent with me! I saw you kissing him again! Don't lie I was on the second story in Hot Topic!"


"You what!?"

"I don't know why I did that, I'm sorry."

"Yea well now I know I can't trust you, and I won't have a boyfriend I can't TRUST!"

"Wait what are you saying?" Josh said now pacing rapidly in his room, almost enough to burn a hole in his floor.

"I think you know what I am say. I'm saying its OVER josh OVER!"

"Wait, please. Rob! Rob!" Josh said yelling in the phone even though he knew it was hopeless, Rob hung up and wasn't going to listen. He then sat down on the floor. Tears running down his face. He then threw his phone across the room and watched it break against the wall. "FUCK!" he yelled. He then crawled under his bed and curled up in the corner, hoping he'd never see daylight again. Without even realising it he fell asleep.

Soon dreams started to plague his mind. As Rob's voice echoed in his mind. "OVER!" he was happy to be awoken by his Mom calling his name.

"Josh? Are you home?"

"Yes." he said crawling out from under his bed.

"My God! Joshua are you stoned?!"


"Your eyes are red and glazed looking! Do I need to take you to the hospital and get a drug test done on you!?"

"No Mom... I was ... crying."


"Because... I, I can't tell you."

"Baby you could tell me anything!"

"No I can't you'd hate me..."

"Nothing could ever and I mean EVER make me hate you!"

"Fine then, but I suggest you sit down."

"Ok then." She said sitting down on his bed.

"I was dumped today... by, by my b-boyfriend..." Josh said looking at the ground while wishing she'd yell already and tell him to leave. But what happened confused him. She hugged him.

"I've wondered for awhile baby. I wasn't going to say anything though. About your boyfriend, if he dumped you he doesn't know what he's missing! Your intelligent, caring, and cute!"

"Thanks Mom... Could I be alone though?"

"Sure but no more hiding under your bed then! I thought you quit doing that when you were 10!"

"Ok, Mom. I love you. Please don't tell Frank though..."

"He already knows. He's the one who pointed it out to me."

She then left his room. Josh layed on his bed. Then decided he had to ask Rob to forgive him, face-to-face. He left his room and saw his Mom in the livingroom. "I'm gonna go out for a bit..." he said.

"Ok, you know the rules though be back before 10:30!"

"OK, Mom." He then headed out the door. It was a long walk to Rob's house. It seemed it took hours. When he finally got to Rob's front door, he broke down and started crying again. He then left and walked around. Passin Rob's house a few times trying to will himself to ring the doorbell. Finally he managed to do it. Mrs. James answered.

"Hi Mrs. James." He said with his eyes cast down.

"Why what's wrong?"

"N-nothing. Is Rob home?"

"Yes, why don't you come in?"

"I think it would be best if I stayed out here..."

"Ok spill it! Rob has been in a bad mood since he got home, what happened?"

"Can I please talk to Rob?" He said almost in tears again.

"Ok... I think I know whats wrong now. Just a moment."

After waiting what seemed an eternity, Rob came to the door. His eyes casting daggers at Josh. Josh looked away from his gaze, trying to fight the feelings inside. "What do you want?"

"Can we please talk?" He said with more emotion than he wanted.

"No! I told you it's over why don't you just got fuck Damon like you want?!"

"Because I love you. Please listen just for a minute."

"No I am done with you! You are nothing to me anymore, just another face in the crowd, why don't you drop it and leave?"

A sob escaped his lips "Ok. Good bye Rob." He said feeling his insides turn to a cold black rotting inside. Walking away was like feeling a million knives cutting to the bone. After leaving Rob's house he walked for hours, when he finally looked at his watch it read 1:03AM. "Fuck..." he said to himself, but not really caring. He kept walking, after a few more hours he finally looked around. He didn't know esactly where he was, and didn't have any change for a pay phone. He then stumbled upon a park a block away. He went into the darkest area where he sat on a bench. he cried a river for what seemed an eternity. He didn't know when but at some point he laid down a fell asleep. He was awoke by noises. He sat up immediatly looking around not sure where he was. Then it came back.

He was alone, because he couldn't keep a grip on his emotions. He hated himself more than anyone could possibly think. Then he heard the noise again. He stood up and whirled around looking in every direction. Then out of nowhere someone grabbed him. He felt metal against his throat.

"Give me your wallet, move very slowly or i'll slit your throat."

"Go ahead you'd be doing me a favor, plus I don't have a wallet on me. Check if you don't believe me. But please do what you said! I don't deserve to live, I'm a piece of shit, a nothing!" He said tempted to make a wrong move.

"Your crazy!" The man said, running off into the dark, after feeling his pockets.

"No your a pussy! You don't have the guts to kill me." He said yelling at the darkness, feeling nothing but emptiness. He then looked at his watch and knew he might as well be dead because if he went home his mother would kill him as it was almost 4:30. That's if he could find his way back, all he needed was a street name. If he could find 35 Ave. he could find his way back without having to call for a ride. While he was walking he saw a sign 'You are now leaving Scottsdale'. SHIT! Scottsdale, I must be at least 7 miles away from home. he said to himself. He was thankful it was summer, or he'd be an icecube by now. He then came acrossed a Circle K. Outside were a couple of men talking.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you but do either of you have 50 cents I could have to call my parents?"

"How old are you?" The man with black hair said.


"And why aren't you home when it's almost 5 AM?"

"I've had a really bad night, do you have the change or not?"

"Yes, where do you live?"

"35 Ave and Beardsly."

"How 'bout I give you a ride?" He said too friendly...

"Nevermind I can see I'm wasting my time, I'll just walk back."

"You sure you don't know how dangerous it could be?"

"Yes I am sure." I said quickly turning around and walking off fast.

"You sure? I don't bite unless you want me too!" When he said that Josh started running. After about a mile of running he slowed to a walk. Soon he saw a familiar car, the one from the Circle K. He quickly told himself it was just a coincidence. But then the same car passed by him again. Feeling something was wrong he started running again, this time reaching faster speeds. When the car passed a third time he knew there was something up, the vibes coming from it were making his stomach knot. The fourth time however, the car pulled over to the side. The car slowed to his running speed and the window went down.

"Sure you don't need a ride?" It was the same two guys like he thought. He kept running trying to go faster but he was getting worn out. "Hey you should reply when someone ask you something!"

"Yes I am FUCKING sure I don't need a FUCKING ride! Please leave me alone." He was near tears from the panic he was feeling. Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali - Inanna, protect me please he kept saying to himself. Ra, Green God, Ashura guide me! His pleading to the Gods' didn't help, the car pulled over and the red headed man stepped out.

"We just wanna have fun!" He said as he got out of the car, making him cringe. He was getting tired so quickly he wouldn't last much longer, he had to find a way out. When he didn't quit running the guy with red hair ran after him, he was catching up rapidly. He then darted into the dead field and ran. He saw house lights. He ran with all his might, but it wasn't good enough the red headed man tackled him. He quickly turned around onto his back and kneed him as hard as he could in the nuts. The man fell to his side gasping. He quickly got up, but before he got anywhere the guy grabbed his foot. He fell again. He kicked at the mans head as hard as he could, but he refused to let go! He screamed at the top of his lungs! "LET GO OF ME!!!"

Josh dug his fingers into the dead shrubs and dirt feeling them get cut. He wasn't going to let it happen he COULDN'T! After he got his hands full of the stickers, twigs, and dirt he threw it at the guys eyes. The man instantly started wiping his eyes. Which freed him. He then got up and ran! He had caught his second wind. Once he got closer to the lights he found it to be a business building. He ran through it HOPEING someone, or anyone was there. After pounding on ten doors, to his amazment one opened. A Man in about his twenties opened the door.

"Please PLEASE help me!! Two guys are after me I think they want to force me to have sex with them. The guy looked at him, and quickly pulled him inside the office.

"My god, your bleeding everywhere! What happened?"

"I, I walked away from home, and didn't realise how far I had gotten. Then I went to a circle k and two guys were out front, I asked them if I could get change for the pay phone, but they offered me a ride instead. I said no and left then they came after me. One of them grabbed me when I was running through the field and I fell. I, I got away. Please, can I use the phone?" Josh said sobbing.

"Yes, but I think you should got to a hospital."

"NO! I promise I'm fine, it's just thorns! I swear."

"Your already lying." He said, quickly removing a piece of glass that was stuck in his shoulder.

"No I promise! My mother is a nurse, she can look at everything and treat it."

Instead of calling his mother he called Damons cell phone.

"Hello?" Damon picked up groggily.

"Mom, it's Josh."

"Josh? Where are you? Your Mom called me around two asking if u came over."

"Can you come get me? I am in Scottsdale at the Sirus Inc. Office buildings."

"Yes, I know where it is, I'll be there in about 20 minutes, ok?"

"Thanks Mom. Ok your gonna send Damon?"

"See you in a few." He said and hung up. When Josh looked up he saw the guy who had let him in. He was Italian, and cute. Though he dared not to say so.

"Thank you so much sir. I can't thank you enough for opening the door and letting me in."

"It's really no problem. I'd like to talk with your Mom when she gets here though."

"She's not coming, she's sending my older brother to come get me..." Josh hated lying to this guy but he couldn't go home yet.

"Please don't insult my intelligence. I know a Mother would always come in a situation like this unless she was a bad mother. You don't seem out of control just distraught. So who is really coming to get you?"

"My best friend Damon... I can't go home yet."

"Then at least call her, to tell her your alive and that you'll be going to the hospital."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes and I wish to speak with her." Dammit! Josh thought, knowing there wasn't a way out of this.

"Ok..." He relented then picked up the phone and called home. On the first ring she picked up the phone.

"Hello? Josh! Is that you please say yes!"

"Yes ... it's me Mom."

"Where are you!? Are you alright? A mother knows when something bad has happened, tell me Josh!"

"I went and talked to Rob... he wouldn't take me back *sniffle* so I just started walking. Then when I woke up from the bench I was laying on I started walking back. Then I ran into two guys... They followed me. One tried to grab me, and I got away. Then I ran to a Office area with office buildings and a guy was here and let me in. He says I have to go to the hospital, he wants to talk to you."

"Ok put him on."

Josh handed the phone over to him.

"Hello Ma'am. Yes, I'm not sure. Yes. No. Yes he is pretty scraped up, I think he might need some stitches. It's not a problem at all. It's already taken care of, a friend of his is coming to get him, I will tell him to take him to the hospital." He looked at me, then started talking again, "I think he is fine. My name? Yes its Stefano Geovanni. Here he is."

Stefano handed the phone back to Josh "Hello?"

"I want you to go to John C Lincoln. I'll be waiting for you two. I'd like to talk to Stefano again."

"All yours" Josh said handing the phone back to Stefano.

"Yes that's fine, it's 480 555 5952. Nice talking with you too." He said then hung up.

"I couldn't help but to over hear you say, 'Rob wouldn't take you back' I want to say first loves are always the hardest, but it's not the end of the world. I promise."

"But it hurts so bad and it's my fault. I've been attracted to Damon for so long and I couldn't stop myself from showing him emotions and love."

"It happens. It happened to me and I regretted it to, but I've been with my partner for 8 years. I find my first love was more of an exploration of myself. Don't be so hard on yourself, plus it sounds liek you tried to fix things and he couldn't accept it. Move on and live it'll only get better with time."

"If you say so."

"I do, now shall we go wait for your friend? I don't want you out there alone."

"O-Ok..." I said. "What if they're still out there looking for me?"

"If they are I'll show them what pain is. Your a child if they want to make things messy they'll learn I am not nice to people who try and hurt people because they can."

"Ok, thanks."

It wasn't much more than five minutes of waiting until Damon got there. He ran over to Josh looked at him and his eyes showed a level of anger Josh had never seen. "Who did this to you!? I will kill them!"

"I don't know. This is Stefano, he helped me. My Mom wants us to meet her at Lincoln."

"Ok." he said.

After the introduction and they talked for a few minutes Damon and Josh got in his truck. It was silent in the car and Damon decided he needed to know what happened. So he pulled over. Josh explained the break up and wandering off, and all the stuff that had happened. Damon wanted so badly to kiss Josh but he knew it probably would do more bad than good. Around ten minutes later the entered the hospital parking lot.

To be continued!

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Character List

  1. Josh - 16
  2. Rob - 16
  3. Damon [Josh's best friend] - 18
  4. Bonnie [Rob's best friend] - 17
  5. Jim [Bonnie's Cousin] - 15
  6. Frank [Josh's Step-Dad] - 31
  7. Mrs. Daniels - 70's old ladies don't tell ages, she plays a bigger part I think coming up. =)~
  8. Mr./Mrs. James [Rob's Parents] - 41/36
  9. Josh's Mom - 34
  10. David [Mrs. Daniels youngest son] - 37
  11. Sean [David's Husband] - 32
  12. Stefano Geovanni - 22