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Cole Parker

Josh, Evolving

by  Cole Parker

Chapter 11

       From Chapter 10 -                  The two boys were on their sides, looking at each other in the dark.  Bryan got a smile on his face.  He nodded at Josh, then rolled over so his back was to him.  Then, to Joshs amazement, and absolute delight, he scooted back so he was up against Josh, so Josh was spooning him.  Bryan wriggled in, getting comfortable, then said, “Goodnight, Josh.”

          Josh laid his arm over him, his shyness no longer bothering him, a feeling of happiness and calm coming over him.

Night, Bryan."

The next day was going to be a busy one.  The boys had discussed changing schools with Dr. Warren.  If they were willing to let the process drag out, it wouldn
t matter how they approached it, but all three of them wanted this done immediately.  It was logical to first approach the Taft administrators to ascertain Josh could be enrolled there at this time, that they had room for him and the timing was acceptable.  However, the actual enrollment process would require a transcript and other papers that had to be obtained from Kennedy, and so they had decided that was where the process should begin.

          After Bryan had left for school, Dr. Warren and Josh had breakfast together, Josh having scrambled some eggs for both of them.  Josh had wanted to be at school when it began, but Dr. Warren convinced him it would be better to let the principal get his day started without interruption. 

          At 9 AM, Josh and his father walked into the Kennedy High School administrative office.  A severe looking elderly lady was at a desk behind the counter.  Otherwise the office was empty.  Dr. Warren and Josh walked to the counter, then stood and waited.

The secretary glanced briefly at them, then continued working on some papers in front of her.  She seemed to be ignoring them, and as the time passed, the ignoring began to seem intentional.  After five minutes, Dr. Warren cleared his throat loudly enough that it would be noticed.  There was no reaction from the secretary.

“Excuse me, maam?”

“Yes?” was the response, sounding irritated.  The secretary did not look up.

“Could you help us?” inquired Dr. Warren, attempting to keep his voice pleasant.

The secretary scowled and kept working for a full minute before responding.  Then she angrily threw her pen on the paper she was working on and strode to the counter.

Dr. Warren politely asked to see the principal. 

          The secretary gruffly asked what it as about, and Dr. Warren, his hand on Joshs shoulder, said, “My son, Joshua Warren.”

          “Mr. Gonzales is very busy.  I guess I can see if he has a minute.  You dont have an appointment, do you?  He rarely sees people without an appointment.  You should have made one.”  She went back to her desk and picked up her phone.  Eventually, she put it back down and, not bothering to look back at Dr. Warren, began doing paperwork.

          Dr. Warren and Josh stood at the counter, not sure what was going on, and waited for fifteen minutes.  Dr. Warren was getting unhappier by the minute and was just going to call out to the woman when the door on which “Mr. Armando Gonzales, Principal” was lettered opened and a short, dark-haired, heavy-set man stepped into the office.  He looked at the counter, saw Dr. Warren and stepped forward.  He had a frown on his face.

          “I see people only by appointment.  Im busy.  What do you want?”  His tone of voice was decidedly unfriendly.  He did not offer his hand in greeting.

          Dr. Warren, a very pleasant if occasionally somewhat vague man who was soft-spoken and even-tempered in almost all circumstances, was beginning to feel his emotions rise.

He paused before answering, letting Mr. Gonzales question hang between them.

Finally, he spoke.  “Mr. Gonzales?  Im Joshs father, Dr. Warren,” he said, extending his hand. “Could we talk a moment?”

“Go ahead.  Im listening.”  Mr. Gonzales ignored the hand.

Dr. Warren paused yet again.  He was wondering how this man managed to keep his job if such rudeness was his normal behavior.  “Mr. Gonzales, perhaps it would be better in your office?  Or another room where we can talk privately?”

“This is fine.  Get to it.  Ive got things to do.”  He made an obvious show of looking at his watch.

Dr. Warren slowly raised his eyes from where theyd dropped to Mr. Gonzales wrist, and stared very hard at him.  Then he said in a tone of voice that was hard as glass and showed no intimidation at all, “You know, you can be as discourteous as you want.  Your secretary can as well.  We came to get something done and were going to do it.  If you want everyone to hear your private business, perhaps hear about some of the shortcomings that are apparent here, I can do that.  It wont embarrass me.  Is that what you want?”

Mr. Gonzales simply turned on his heel and started toward his office.  “Follow me,” he said over his shoulder.

When both Josh and Dr. Warren were inside the office and Dr. Warren had closed the door, Josh looked around.  The office was small and the desk cluttered with papers.  The rug on the floor was worn and looked dirty.  Two wooden, high-backed and uncomfortable appearing chairs stood in front the desk.  Mr. Gonzales was already seated behind the desk, looking up at them.  He did not invite them to sit.

Dr. Warren was tired of the disrespect and lack of simple politeness he was receiving.  He pointed at one of the chairs to Josh, then sat in the other himself.  He then spoke to Mr. Gonzales.

“Weve come to get Joshs transcript and school records.  Hes going to transfer to Taft.  We would like them today.”

If anything, Mr. Gonzales showed relief.  “Oh.  I turn things like that over to my staff.  You dont even need to talk to me.  Just talk to my secretary, give her the information and shell take care of it.  It will take a couple weeks.  Youll be notified.”  He stood up, indicating he was done and the meeting was over.

Josh started to rise, but his father laid his hand on his leg, so he stayed in his chair.  Dr. Warren then stared at Mr. Gonzales, who remained standing.  The silence grew, until Mr. Gonzales said, “Were done here.  Im busy.”

“Mr. Gonzales, you dont understand.  I want this done today.  Not in two weeks.  Today.”

“Not possible.  Anyway, you have to talk to Barbara.  Now please leave.”

“Mr. Gonzales.  I start to see why there are problems in this school.  An organization takes its direction and attitude from the top.  Now let me be very frank.  Well have those records today.  In fact, within the hour.  Now that Ive met you, Im very embarrassed.  Ive allowed Josh to attend this school and I never should have done that.  I now understand why this school has a bad reputation.  It comes from the top, sir, and youre the top.  With a good and capable man in charge, this school would have a better reputation, students would be given a good education in a safe and nurturing environment and visitors would not be treated as discourteously as weve been.  But no matter how I've been treated, what's more important is how the students are treated, how they're educated, and how safe they are.  None of those things, none of them, are being attended to properly.  So Josh is leaving, and he's leaving today.  Now, I suppose you need an incentive to get Josh transferred today.”

Dr. Warren stopped, but continued to glare at Mr. Gonzales, who was still standing behind his desk, his face darkening.  Dr. Warren turned to Josh.

In a much softer voice, he said, “Josh, Im sorry, but please show him your side.”

Josh hesitated, then reluctantly stood and pulled his T-shirt up so his bruise, now black and blue and very unpleasant looking, could be clearly seen.  He held his shirt up for a moment, then lowered it.  He sat back down, feeling embarrassed.

“Mr. Gonzales.  We want those records now.”  Dr. Warrens voice had become as cold and brittle as sheet ice.  His eyes were focused directly on Mr. Gonzales and his entire body seemed to subtly enlarge as he spoke.  “Josh is not safe here.  You have not done what's been needed to make him safe.  You could have done that, but you didn't.  Now, you can see he gets transferred today, and believe me, that is something you will do.  I could go into what will happen if we get any more crap from you, but Im not going to even bother.  You had the chance to make Josh safe and you blew it.  You had your chance to be courteous today and you blew that too.  You thought that instead you needed to show us how important you were.  Instead of an hour, I think well make the deadline a half hour.  Youre obnoxious and incompetent and I want to be out of here for good as soon as possible.  Im going with Josh to empty his lockers, then were coming back to the office.  If the papers arent ready, then believe me, you will wish they had been.  If you want to continue to try to show me how important you think you are, go right ahead.  Youre a public servant, working for the school board.  We all know how that group loves public scrutiny and notoriety.  I cant believe they havent already received numerous complaints about you.  They probably have, and probably wouldnt be happy to have another.  Youre very much in the wrong here and obviously have no idea how to do the job you are occupying.  People should know.  Those papers had better be there when I return, or so help me, they will.  You have no idea who I am or what influence I have.  You dont know what relationship I have with two of the school board members.  How much risk are you willing to take today?  Think about it.  You have a half hour.  Good day, sir.”

Both Dr. Warren and Josh stood up and left the office.  Mr. Gonzales was still standing behind his desk as they left, his face as red as the stripes on the flag behind him.  Dr. Warren asked Josh to take him to his gym locker and then his hall locker so they could clean both out.

Josh was a little shaken up.  He didnt like confrontation.  It had upset him, seeing how Mr. Gonzales had acted, but he was also stunned with and proud of the way his father had stood up for both of them.  Hed never seen him act that way before.  He felt about three feet taller than usual, walking down the corridors of the school. 

Josh took what belonged to him out of his two lockers and left what was school property, including his textbooks, inside both, then locked them. 

When they returned to the office, a folder with Joshs name on it was lying on the counter.  Next to it was a form titled School Transfer Record.  It had been filled out and Mr. Gonzales had signed it.  Dr. Warren looked through the file, then picked up both it and the paper.  He then called across the office to where the secretary was now busily typing.   “Josh left all his books.  If we hear one word about something belonging to the school being missing or damaged, this school is going to be sorry it ever hired either you or that sorry excuse for a principal.  I hope thats clear enough for you.”

Dr. Warren waited, but there was no response from the secretary.  A small smile crept over his face, and he and Josh left the office.

“Whew,” said Josh.  “That was amazing.”

Dr. Warren winked at him.  “It takes quite a bit to rile me up, but when it happens, I guess I can hold my own.  At least in that type of fight.  The trick is, Josh, fight them on the battleground where youre best equipped to fight.”

----   []   ----


Their reception at Taft was remarkably different.  When they walked into the office, a secretary got up from her desk and came to the counter, a smile on her face.

“Hi there, Im Mrs. Tucker.  How can I help you?”

“Good morning.  Im Dr. Warren and this is my son Joshua.  Were interested it getting him enrolled here, today if at all possible.  I just left Kennedy High School.  These are his records, and this is his transfer paper.

Mrs. Tucker took a quick glance at the transfer document, then opened the folder and pulled out the transcript.  A quick glance, and then she smiled at Josh. 

“Josh, what a great record!  Youre just the sort of student we want here.  Congratulations!  Youre going to fit right in at Taft.  Please give me a second, I think Dr. Collins is free.  One moment, please.”

She stepped to an open door off the main office and, tapping briefly, stuck her head inside and spoke a few words.  Then she withdrew, and smiling across to Dr. Warren and Josh, said, “Can you both come in here, and bring those papers?  Dr. Collins would like to meet you.”

Dr. Collins was a tall, thin man.  He was scowling at a budget sheet on his desk, which otherwise was empty.  His office had one wall covered with bookshelves filled with scholarly looking tomes.  Upholstered chairs were set around his desk, and Dr. Collins, after rising, changed his scowl to a broad smile.  He shook both their hands while introducing himself and asking their names, then graciously invited them to sit.

Quickly glancing at the papers Dr. Warren handed him, he looked up at Josh.  “I see here youre coming to us from Kennedy, and you have outstanding grades.  Can I ask why you wish to transfer?”

Joshs shyness kicked in.  He was not good meeting new people, and someone in authority was always terrifying.  Dr. Collins smile helped calm him a little, but he was still nervous.

“I heard you had a creative writing course that was really good here, and I know someone who goes here, and I sorta wanted to take that course, and, and. . . .”  His voice trailed off to nothing and he looked down at is lap, blushing.

Dr. Warren stood up, walked out from behind his desk and took the chair next to Josh.  He put his hand on his shoulder.  “Thats great, Josh.  We do have an excellent writing course, in fact several of them.  Whom do you know that goes to Taft, if I can ask without being too nosy?”

“Bryan Fletcherson.”

“Oh yes, Bryan.  And he suggested you enroll here?”

“Yes.  Thats OK, isnt it?”

“Oh yes, its fine.  I just dont hear his name mentioned much.  Hes one of those students who, as the saying goes, stay below the radar.  I hadnt ever thought of him as someone whod advertise us to anyone or recruit for us.  But it makes me happy that he did.  Hes not the sort of student a principal gets to know that well is all.  I sort of have the impression hes a bright kid who might do a little better if hed apply himself a little more, but I dont know him well enough to say that for sure.  I do know he doesnt get in trouble.  Not that very many of our students do.”  This remark was directed towards Dr. Warren.

“Dr. Collins, is it possible for Josh to start here tomorrow?  I realize were a month into the term, but I dont want Josh returning to Kennedy.  You may only like to take students at the beginning of each term, but if possible, Id like to request you make an exception here.”

“I do prefer that, but Joshs grades show he can do the work, and I assume hes maintaining them at the same level this term at Kennedy.  Josh, are you keeping your grades up so far this year?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, I see no reason you cant start here tomorrow.  The sooner the better so as little time is lost with Josh out of the classroom as possible.  Its a little bit irregular, but we can make it work administratively without question.  What we need to do is set up a class schedule.  Then, if there are any problems, like if some class here is considerably ahead of what youve been doing, Josh, something of that nature, wed have to work through getting you caught up.  But these records show youre a very good student, and good students are able to take changes in stride.”

Dr. Collins stopped and looked at Dr. Warren.  “Did you by chance meet Mr. Gonzales?”

Dr. Warren met Dr. Collins look, and then a wry smile formed on his lips.  “Yes, we met.  I doubt either of us will forget it for a while.”

Dr. Collins smiled too.  “Well have to discuss that some day.  Right now, what we should do is have Josh get together with our 9th grade advisor so he can get his schedule set for tomorrow and we can show him around the school and let him know what hell need in the way of gym clothes and how lunch works and that sort of thing.  Itll take him a couple hours.  Youre welcome to accompany him, but usually students are embarrassed to have a parent poking along with them.  They think it makes them look bad to the other students, and we try to minimize embarrassing our students as much as possible.
How would you like to handle this?  He can call you to pick him up when he
s done, or he can simply get home by himself.”

“Im sorry, but Ill be at the university two hours from now and then for the rest of the day.  In fact, I should be getting there pretty quickly or Ill be late.  Josh, are you all right on your own from this point on?”

“Yeah, Ill be fine, Dad.  Thanks a lot for your help today.”  And he gave him a quick but firm hug.

“If you have just a moment more, Dr. Warren?  Could I ask what you do at the university?

“Im Chair of the Antiquities Department.”

“Not Dr. Frederick Warren?”

“Guilty, sir,” said Dr. Warren with an almost bashful grin.

“Well, this is a distinct honor.  I know youre rushed, so Ill let you go.  But it would be great if we could talk.  Wed love to get you here as a guest lecturer in some of our advanced world history courses.  Could I call you?”

“Id be delighted to help you out.  Of course, that might violate your rule against embarrassing students.”

Dr. Collins laughed, and Josh blushed.  The two men then shook hands and Dr. Warren left, a smile on his face.

“Josh, were really happy to have you here.  We try very hard to provide a place where all our students can achieve whatever is in them to achieve and where they feel safe and welcome and encouraged to learn.  Please come and see me whenever you have a problem, or if you just want to chat.  I love to know what my students are thinking.  This school isnt just my school, its yours every bit as much as it is mine.  Im going to have Mrs. Tucker take you to see Mrs. Betchmeyer now.  School starts at 8 AM, and Ill be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.  Please say hello when we pass in the hall.  And welcome to Taft.”

----   []   ----


When Bryan arrived at Joshs house that afternoon, he found a broadly smiling Josh in the kitchen.

“You look happy!  What happened?  Are you going to be able to get into Taft?”

“Not only am I getting in, I start tomorrow.  And even better, Im in three of your classes!”

“Really!  Thats great!  But howd you manage that?  I mean, howd my name even come up, so youd know I was in any of the classes they assigned you to?”

“Bryan, Taft is incredible!  The people I met treated me like a person.  At Kennedy, all the teachers and administrators are angry all the time, and they treated us like we were the enemy.  They were on one side, we were on the other, and they held the high ground.  When youd ask them anything, you felt like you were interrupting something important and you were treated like an annoyance.  Most of us never even spoke to a teacher if we didnt absolutely have to.  But at Taft, every adult I met who worked there was friendly and polite and treated me like I was an adult too.  The guidance counselor, Mrs. Betchmeyer?  She asked me all about what I liked and didnt like and if I had any thoughts about what I was going to do after high school and what hobbies I had and all sorts of stuff like that, and it didnt seem like she was being nosy or bossy, just real friendly and interested in me.  She asked about why I wanted to come to Taft and if I knew anyone here, and when I mentioned your name, she asked if Id like to be in any classes with you, and then changed what she was scheduling so I could get some.  And best of all?  Weve got lunch and gym together!”  Josh was beaming when he finished.

“Thats great, Josh!  You know, I guess Im just used to Taft, even if Ive only been there a month.  They do treat us well, I guess.  Its comfortable there.  I dont know any other high school or how it could be different.  I didnt know I was lucky going there, but it sure is different from what you say about Kennedy.”

“Im going to meet with my teachers tomorrow and see where their rooms are and what Ive got to do to catch up, if anything.  She told me what books theyre using and only one of them is what I had at Kennedy.  But Im sure I wont have a problem.  I just might have a little more homework for a while.  No prob.”

Josh had been making them both sandwiches as the conversation unfolded.  Now, they took them upstairs, along with cans of pop.

Josh didnt have any homework because he hadnt started at Taft yet and Bryan had very little today.  Josh looked at what he had, then suggested he do it right then so theyd both be free for the rest of the day.  While Bryan was doing that, Josh picked up a book he was reading and lay back on the bed with it.

A half hour later, Bryan closed his book and stretched.  “That wasnt bad tonight.  I wish every day was that light.”

Josh looked up at him and grinned.  “Do you want me to check it for you?  So you have it all correct for once?”

“Hey, screw you, Brainiac.  I do OK.”

“I dont know.  Dr. Collins said you could do better.  Just trying to help is all.”

“Yeah, well help with this!” Bryan retorted, and grabbed his crotch.

“Uh, maybe later,” said Josh and broke out laughing.