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Joshua Anderson was a shy boy even at sixteen years old he preferred to be alone and to spend his time by himself. Not that he was ugly or anything, at 5'9" with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes he was quite handsome, but every time someone told him that he was in fact handsome he'd blush and try to hide. It's not that he didn't believe it's just that it made him uneasy. At school he gained a reputation as a loner who never speaks up, even if girls wanted to have a piece of him. But he was not interested in girls, in fact he knew from the age of eleven that he was different, not abnormal just different. You see Joshua was gay, he knew what it meant but he was always afraid someone would find out about him. He heard other students say things about gays at his school. Some people are what you would call gay-bashers, even though he noticed that when it came to girls, being gay or lesbian as they prefer to be called, the boys at his school would just drool over the thought or ignore it completely. But for boys to be gay it was an abomination that most couldn't deal with. Not everyone was like that however some were even good and helped when needed.


The fact was he was more scared to interact with others, not because he was antisocial, but mostly to prevent them from discovering his secret. This was his main fear. Yes he would look at other boys in his school and some were really good looking, well at least by his standards. That's something his mother drilled into him, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and that you can't be handsome for everyone or loved for that matter.


But he never thought he would see the morning where he would find that special someone who would change his life. And he was right in a way. He didn't find that someone, actually it was the opposite. Someone had found him, and it did change his life, but for better or worse, well that is still to be discovered.


This story will relate that morning and the times that followed. I will tell of his first love and maybe even his only true love. But as the future is still un-written we will all bare witness to his growth. The first two chapters of this story are fixed and there is a story line, but I will ask you all send me your ideas as to where the story should go. The first two chapters will be a test. If I continue it or not, all depends on the replies I get about it.


Now that I'm done boring you all with this Prologue and hoping you are still reading and not asleep, we will start without any more delay. Please enjoy and send me your ideas, it will help me greatly.


Cheers and Enjoy.




Joshua and Tobias

Chapter One



It was a morning like no other, when he woke up to his mother calling, he found his bed wet. Really unsure of what it was he took a sniff but it didn't smell like pee well it had a salty-sweet smell, if I may. 'AH' he thought 'another wet dream'. It wasn't the first time it happened to him, not that he really cared, even though he would tell his mother she would just tell him to put them in the laundry. He had that talk with his mom years ago, the first time it happened he had been so scared she would be mad, but she wasn't mad, not even surprised. She just told him he was growing up and his body would make him have those 'wet dreams' as she put it. After he did some research he knew why it happened to him. It's not that he didn't pleasure himself, but he wasn't quite the type to jerk every chance he got. He took his sheets off the bed and put them in a laundry basket he had in his room.


"Joshua wake up or you will be late and I don't have time to take you to school" his mom yelled from downstairs. He chuckled though, 'Right on time as usual'.


"Coming mom" he called back. He grabbed his clothes for the day and headed to the bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth. Twenty minutes later he was downstairs fully clothed, he was grabbing a box of cereal when he was grabbed from behind. "Hey careful lil' sis, I almost dropped the box," he said putting it down.


"You didn't give me a hug this morning" Lydia said faking a frown.


He laughed and picked her up in a bear hug, "feeling better now?" He said kissing her cheek and then setting her back down.


"Yeah now I'm happy" she said giggling. "You need to find yourself a cute boyfriend" she added running away.


His little sister Lydia knew about him, she was the first one to actually tell him she knew. She was quite smart and very perceptive for a twelve year old, sometimes too smart. He didn't mind her teasing him about it, and she wasn't mean about it either. They really loved each other and their brother-sister relationship was never bad, unlike most families where boys and girls argue. They were always there for each other and always told each other they're secrets.


He ate his breakfast and washed his dishes. Yes he was a clean freak, well not a freak but you know everything had to be clean around him. His mom entered the kitchen giving him a card "Here that's your bus pass for the month, sorry but you'll have to take the bus from now on because I've been asked to start earlier at work." She kissed him on the forehead and she was gone out the door, he didn't even have time to reply to her.


'Oh well' he thought 'not like it's really a problem'.


"Where's mom?" Lydia asked.


"She's gone to work, she has to work earlier from now on" he told her.


"You know sometime I think she works too much."


"Yeah well it's not like we can do anything about it" he told her putting his jacket on.


"Hum maybe you're right" He gave her a hug and he was out the door to catch the next bus.


He never liked to be late, not that he loved school but he preferred to be able to take his time. He arrived quickly at the bus stop on the next street it wasn't a long walk just about five minutes. He got to the corner where the city bus stop was just in time, the bus stopped in front of him letting out a hissing sound. He boarded the bus and that's when he saw him, Tobias Simons, 17 years old with dark hazel eyes and golden-brown hair, he really liked him because Tobias was a very calm guy and was never out of place. He was a popular guy in the school. Joshua knew he could never have him as a boyfriend, it was impossible. Anyway what was the chance of Tobias being gay and even if he was, that he would like someone like him.


'No chance for me' he thought. He walked to the middle of the bus and found a place to sit down, he took out the paperback book he had in his backpack and started to read, something he really enjoyed reading that is, he was startled by someone calling his name.


"Joshua this is the stop for the school." He tried to see who told him but he didn't recognize the voice.


'Oh well' he thought, as he grabbed his backpack from the floor and headed for the exit.


It was still early and not even half the kids were there yet, and most of them were outside talking with their friends. He made his way thru the small crowd gathered in front of the school and as he reached for the door handle another student opened it from the inside hitting him right in the face. The only thing he remembered was all the other students laughing and someone catching him. The next thing he knew was waking up in the school infirmary.


"How did I get here?" He asked the nurse that was at her desk writing some notes.


"Oh he is awake," she said more to herself than anyone.


"What happened?" He asked trying to sit up.


"You were hit in the face when another student tried to go outside and you fell back and hit your head on the ground." she replied while checking his eyes.


"But why am I here?" He said rubbing the back of his head.


"You were knocked out!" She told him trying in vain to lay him back down. "Please stay down I need to check to see if you may have a concussion."


"Can I have something for my head it hurts." he said laying back down, no need to get himself in more serious condition.


"Here I can only give you aspirin," she said handing him two small caplets and a glass of water. "Try to rest again and give those a chance to work." He closed his eyes again and was asleep quickly.


"Is he alright?" someone asked the nurse. Joshua opened his eyes and trying to focus on the voice. He recognized the voice it was the same one that told him about the bus stop earlier this morning.


"Yes but he's going to have a headache for some time," the nurse replied to the mysterious voice. He tried to get up but felt dizzy and lost his balance falling on the floor. He felt someone grabbing him by the arm and steadying him. "How many times will I have to pick you up today? Try to stay down." The voice said. He tried to focus his eyes on the person talking to him, when he saw who it was he almost fainted again. It was Tobias holding him.


"Sorry I felt dizzy and I lost my balance." he said.


Tobias just smiled at him, "take it easy for now ok?"


"Yeah ok sorry," he mumbled laying back down.


"Hey no need to be sorry, you worried me back there." Tobias said sitting down on the stool next to the bed.


"I did? But why should you worry?" Joshua asked.


"Hum well I just wasn't sure you were going to be alright," Tobias replied in an uneasy tone. "You know," he said trying to hide his emotions.


"There must be a reason, I'm a nobody and you're one of the most popular guys in school." Joshua said fixing his gaze on Tobias, he wasn't mad at his reply just confused. "How can you not know why you get worried about someone?"


"Well, I don't know I'm really not even sure myself." Tobias replied.


'Oh well' Joshua thought what a strange morning it is.


"Thanks for helping me anyway."


"It's nothing don't worry about it. I'm glad you are ok though." Tobias said, his smile suggesting he was now more at ease.


"Tobias you should get to your class, you can come back to see him after this period," the nurse said from her office.


"Ok thanks, I'll see you later cutie," Tobias said becoming red like a tomato but before Joshua could reply he was gone.


'Ok now it really is a weird morning' Joshua thought laying back down, he fell asleep not long after the school bell rang the start of the second class of the day.


Tobias didn't know what led him to say what he did before leaving Joshua but he couldn't get it out of his head, how could he have called him cutie right to his face? Sure Joshua was very handsome and he was a bright and smart person which is what he liked the most.


'I need to talk to him at lunch time' he thought 'I need to explain it to him'.


All during his class he thought how he could explain it to Joshua, but each time he end up feeling dishonest and he didn't want to lie, then he decided to tell Joshua the truth, and if Joshua didn't like it, well he would have to try and persuade him not to tell anyone. He couldn't concentrate on the work at hand for the entire class. The only thing he could think about was how Joshua would take it when he told him. Finally the bell rang signaling the lunch hour. He grabbed all his stuff and hurried to his locker to get rid of it and then to go fast to the infirmary to speak with Joshua.


"Where is Joshua?" he asked the nurse after seeing the empty bed where Joshua was.


"Oh he was hungry I told him he could go get something to eat and he's doing better now anyway, so he can go back to classes," the nurse replied.


'Oh no' he thought 'I need to find him fast'.


He hurried to the lunch room to try to find Joshua but he couldn't spot him. 'Where is he?' he thought. He decided to go to the library but again Joshua was nowhere to be found. He headed outside to try and take a walk and think, and that's when he saw him, Joshua was sitting under an old Oak tree slowly eating a sandwich. He walked up to him and asked, "Do you mind if I sit with you?"


"No it's ok, as long as you don't mind being seen with me." Joshua replied.


"Why would that bother me?" he asked the boy in front of him. "Besides I need to talk to you about earlier." he added not letting Joshua answer. "You know earlier when I called you cutie I didn't..." he saw Joshua's face registering disappointment. "I mean yes you are cute but... damn... ok here's the truth, I am gay and I always kind of watched you, I like you." Seeing that Joshua was getting a little excited he continued, "I mean you are smart, kind, cute and you are... sorry please don't tell anyone." he said looking down. When he looked up he saw Joshua smiling and giggling... Giggling, "Why are you laughing?" he asked.


"Because I always watched you from a distance too, never really getting the nerve to go talk to you. You were always the unobtainable." Joshua paused for a second, "And it's you coming to me and to tell you the truth, it's a dream come true." Joshua said smiling nervously. "Tobias, I'm gay too."


Tobias's jaw hit the ground, the boy he always liked to watch, just told him he liked him too and that he was also gay and had been watching him too. He looked at Joshua and saw that he was starting to panic and because he didn't say anything. He grabbed hold of him, "Joshua calm down it's alright I was just a little stunned."


"Please don't be mad at me" he said almost inaudibly and starting to withdraw within himself.


"Why would I be mad at you Joshua? I'm happy, I've never been happier in my life" Tobias whispered to Joshua pulling him into a hug. "I know it's kind of fast and maybe a little weird but would you go out with me tonight? So we get to know each other a little more?" Tobias asked the boy in his arms.


"I would really like that" Joshua replied, silent tears of happiness running down his cheeks.


They didn't stay long in their embrace fearing that somebody might see them; luckily they were in a somewhat isolated place.


"We should head inside Joshua" Tobias said. "It's almost time for the bell." As he spoke the bell rang announcing the start of the afternoon classes.


Joshua gave a small piece of paper to Tobias, "This is my address and phone number, call me tonight or maybe we can take the bus home together."


"Oh I have swim practice tonight." Tobias replied sadly "But I'll call you tonight ok?" Joshua nodded and ran giggling to class.


The end of the day was long in arriving, both boys being excited about the prospect of maybe finding someone to share their love. Joshua finished his last Class of the day and headed to his locker and found a little note on the door,




Sorry I couldn't ride the bus with you but, if you wish you can come see me at my swim practice.




PS - I have written my phone number on the other side of this paper. See you soon."


After reading and folding it, he placed the piece of paper in his pocket. He grabbed his homework and headed for the school pool. When he arrived there was no one in the pool, but five or six people were already seated in the stands. He sat down and began his homework so that he didn't have too many to do that night. It wasn't long however before the distractions from the pool and the others in the stands made doing homework impossible. So he turned his attention to cheering on the swimming teens even though he was only interested in one swimmer. Tobias saw Joshua when he entered the pool area from the locker room. He was excited to see him and decided to show off a little for him flexing his muscles during warm ups, however the coach had other ideas and blew his whistle.


"Tobias, stop trying to impress the girls and do your exercises the right way," the coach yelled out loudly. Joshua started to giggle at that comment.


"Sorry coach," Tobias yelled back from the deep end of the pool thinking, 'I'm not trying to impress any girls coach' and he laughed quietly, if the coach only knew. Joshua was laughing when Tobias looked at him and winked, as if Joshua could read Tobias's mind.


For the rest of the swim practice Joshua watched intensely, as Tobias exercised almost naked in front of him. When it was over Joshua headed for the locker room and waited outside for Tobias to finish changing. When Tobias exited the locker room he didn't notice Joshua sitting with his back to the wall. Tobias was absorbed in his conversation with his team mate about the upcoming swim meet. It was only when Joshua started chuckling that Tobias turned around and smiled down at him.


"Hey you came. I'm so glad," Tobias said grabbing Joshua's out stretched hand and pulling him to his feet.


"Sure I came. Why wouldn't I want to watch you in that tiny Speedo?" Joshua said, blushing scarlet, not believing he said that out loud; not loud enough for the others to hear but Tobias heard it and blushed too.


"Thanks." Tobias said a little uneasy.


"Sorry" Joshua muttered seeing he was embarrassed as well.


"It's alright it just... well, it took me by surprise. That's all. Don't be sorry." Tobias replied hugging Joshua.


"Hey Toby, don't forget the meeting Monday after school." John, the swim team captain yelled back at Tobias grinning. "And your boyfriend can't come," he added, "He's too much of a distraction."


"Sure don't worry and he's not my boyfriend." He yelled back grinning and thinking 'not yet'. He looked at Joshua and saw his eyes were big like saucers. "Don't worry he was just teasing and I'd like you to be my boyfriend anyway, but you aren't yet," he whispered to Joshua and winked. Joshua let out a small sigh and smiled.


Tobias wanted to kiss him right there, Joshua was so cute when he smiled it made Tobias melt. He grabbed Joshua's hand and gently pulled him outside. "My mom will take us home, if you want she will drop you at your house." Tobias smiled down at him. Joshua nodded and smiled back, yet again making Tobias melt and he wanted to kiss him right there in the middle of the parking lot.


A car approached them and the window on the passenger's side opened. "Hey boy's need a lift?" Tobias's mother said thru the open window.


"Yep could you drop Joshua at his house?" Tobias asked.


"Sure hop in."


They both sat in the back and talked the whole way to Joshua's house. Sometime during the ride, Tobias's hand brushed Joshua's leg making him blush and Tobias laugh softly. Luckily Tobias mother was too focused on the road to notice it.


When they arrived at Joshua's house, Tobias got out of the car, "Don't eat, and just get ready for our date. I'm taking you to a nice restaurant tonight, my treat."


"No I can't let you do that. I have some money." Joshua protested.


"Non-sense, I won't hear of it. Be ready at 6:30." Reluctantly Joshua entered the house turning back to see him still watching, Joshua smiled and Tobias's heart melted. Tobias climbed into the front seat next to his mother and she headed home.


When Joshua entered the house he was attacked by Lydia. "Who was that cute guy with you Joshy?"


"I'm not telling you lil sis," Joshua replied sticking out his tongue.


"Aw you're no fun; at least tell me his name." She said grinning.


"Ok his name is Tobias, are you happy now?" Joshua replied grinning and letting out a sigh feinting annoyance.


"Do you like him?"


"Hey who gave you the right to interrogate me?" he said grabbing her in a hug and tickling her.


"Stop it I'm just asking that's all," she said gasping for air and laughing.


"Yeah I do like him," Joshua said letting her down. "And tonight I'm going out with him, I need to get ready," he added.


"Really he's taking you out?" she asked.


"Yeah," Joshua replied heading to his room to change.


Tobias was silent during drive home with his mom. He was so deep thought that he was startled back to reality when his mother asked him something. "What? Sorry I was in space," he said turning to his mom.


"Ah, I guess that answered my question, I asked you if you liked him?" His mom said laughing softly.


"Oh yeah, I do." He said. "Mom, I want to take him out tonight, may I borrow the car?" He asked.


"Where to you want to take him, if I may ask?"


"Well there is that little Italian restaurant about fifteen minutes from our place," he said pausing a moment to think. "And I thought maybe we could go for a walk in the park."


"That sounds lovely honey, you can take the car but be careful and keep your mind on your driving." She replied smiling.


"Thanks mom I'll be careful, don't worry." He said beaming.


"Hey it's my job to worry about you, I'm your mom, and it's what we do." She laughed.


When they arrived at their house, Tobias headed for his room to get ready for the evening, he wanted to make this a perfect evening for Joshua and himself.




End of Chapter one



Well that's it for the first chapter, I hope you all liked it, in the second chapter we will see how their first date together was.


This story is a complete fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead is completely coincidental, if you have any comments or any remarks please send them by Email at Joshua.and.Tobias@hotmail.com


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