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Joshua and Tobias

Chapter Two (part 1)


He was sitting in the car in front of Joshua's house waiting for Six thirty to appear on the car radio. He was nervous the butterflies in his stomach wouldn't stop, and to be truthful it was his first date with someone. Tobias was also excited as it was all new to him too. He really hoped that Joshua would enjoy himself tonight. Everything was planned first he was going to take him to the little Italian restaurant. Then they will take a walk in the park that wasn't far from it and just talk about everything and nothing, just learn about each other.


Six twenty the clock on the radio displayed, "Still ten more minutes to wait." Tobias said out loud to nobody.


Joshua was pacing in his room waiting for the doorbell to ring, he was nervous too. It took him almost twenty minutes just to find the right thing to wear, he didn't want to be too formal or too casual. At last, his sister rescued him because it would have taken him forever just to choose a shirt.


"Joshy stop moving like that just sit down and try to relax." Lydia said.


"I can't I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to puke everywhere," he replied passing in front of her at high speed.


"Nervous, really? Oh, I never would have guessed," she giggled.


"You think it's funny?" he asked her trying to look mad, which he was failing miserably.


"Not really big bro, but well you are a ball of nerves right now," she said grinning widely.


"What time is it now?" he asked not really paying attention to her comment.


"Five more minutes from when you asked me the last time." She laughed and added, "It's six twenty-five."


"He should be here any moment now," he said looking at the door. "I'm going to the bathroom, if he shows up let him in, okay?" He asked Lydia.


"Sure Joshua, don't worry," she said.


Joshua headed to the bathroom, Lydia headed to the front door and opened it to a very surprised Tobias, who was about to knock.


"Hi" she said grinning, "I'm Lydia Joshua's sister. You must be Tobias."


"Yea... yeah that's me."


"Joshua is in the restroom, please come in," she said still grinning.


"Umm... okay" Tobias said nervously entering.


"So you are taking Joshua out tonight?" Lydia asked.


"Umm... yeah ... he ... he told you?" stammered Tobias.


"Yes, we tell each other everything."


"And what else did he tell you, if I may ask?" Tobias said.


"Well I know for a fact that you and he are both gay and that you both like each other." She replied grinning and chuckling at Tobias's surprised face.


"He told you that?" Tobias queried.


"Well not exactly, I know that he is gay, but he didn't tell me you are only that you are taking him out for dinner."


"But how then did you guess about me?" he asked intrigued.


"Well because you are nervous like he is, so I deduced, and the fact that you were very surprised to see me answer the door and not him, but that doesn't really explain how I knew." She said and added, "You could also call it feminine insight." And she laughed.


"Wow, well you are right about me," he paused, "I am gay."

"How does it feel to be able to say it out loud?" she asked him.


"Good I think... Yeah it feels good."


Just then there was a sound from upstairs and Joshua came down the stairs calling for Lydia, "Is he here yet?" He asked.


She winked at Tobias and called back, "No not yet but I don't think it will be long so hurry down." She silently laughed and put her finger in front of her mouth telling Tobias to be silent. He nodded and stepped back into the living room. Joshua came down the stairs tripping and rolling the rest of the way down. "Hey be careful not to hurt yourself before your date." Lydia said going to Joshua, who gave her the look.


"Yeah I know but I'm so nervous and you know he's so nice and cute." Joshua said dreamingly, "You'll see when he comes."


"Come and sit down with me while we wait for him to arrive." She told him grinning.


They went to the living room where Tobias was sitting. Tobias grinned, "So you really think that I'm cute?" He said getting up and walking over to meet him. Joshua was so startled to see him that he fainted. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked, "It seems I am always picking you up off the floor."


"Ye... yeah I was... I was just startled," he replied stammering.


"Oh I'm sorry I startled you." Tobias hugged Joshua.


"So you met my little sister I presume. I hope she didn't give you the third degree." He said smiling.


"Nope she just asked me some basic questions, like if I was a good kisser and if I was gentle in bed." Tobias said straight face.


"She did not?" Joshua asked, a shocked look appearing on his face.


In the background you could hear a twelve year old girl laughing, rolling on the floor. "Joshy I like him you have to keep him, I want him as a brother in law he's so funny." She said gasping for air.


Joshua turned and looked at Tobias and saw him smiling a wide ear to ear grin. On that Tobias grabbed Joshua's hand and pulled him outside, they walked to the car and Tobias opened the passenger door letting Joshua get in before closing the door and going to the driver side. Just before opening the door he took a breath to calm his nervousness and then opened the door and sat down smiling at Joshua. Tobias started the car and they headed to the little quaint Italian restaurant to start their evening. The ride to the restaurant was silent neither of the boys knowing what to say, it was Tobias who broke the silence.


"How's your head feeling tonight?" he asked Joshua softly.


"Um... Oh yeah its okay I guess, the headache I had didn't come back." He said almost in a whisper.


"It really scared me when you passed out at school," Tobias said with concern in his voice.


"I'm okay now thanks to you and the aspirins the nurse gave me." Joshua smiled at Tobias, thinking how lucky he was.


"Here we are!" Tobias said looking at Joshua, when they pulled in the restaurant parking lot.


"Casa d'Italia" the Restaurant sign said Joshua looked at it and smiled; it looked cozy and had a romantic feel to it. It wasn't a big restaurant just a small family run restaurant.


"Shall we go in?" Tobias smiled at the wonder in Joshua's eyes which looked like they were glowing.


"Sure, lead the way." Joshua smiled back.


They entered the restaurant and where greeted by a middle aged lady, "Benvenuti alla "Casa d'Italia", quante persone, perfavore?" she asked them. (Translation: Welcome to the House of Italy. How many person, please?)


Tobias understood and replied in an almost flawless Italian, "Due, grazie signora." (Translation: Two, thank you miss.) Joshua looked at Tobias like he was an alien, seeing this Tobias smiled at him and they followed the hostess to their table.


After giving both of them a menu, the hostess returned to her dais near the front door to greet other arriving patrons. A young man came with two glasses of water setting them on the table and asked them if they would like anything to drink. Tobias looked rapidly at the drinking portion of the menu and ordered a non-alcoholic champagne for both of them. The waiter took off to get what he had ordered while they looked at the menu.


"How come you speak Italian?" Joshua asked.


"Oh, well I have an uncle that lives in Milan, Italy from my father's side."


"Oh I didn't know, so you are part Italian then? That's cool." He smiled


"Yeah I am, I guess." Tobias smiled at Joshua.


The waiter returned with their non-alcoholic Champagne. After filling two glasses he looked at Tobias, "Are you ready to order?"


Tobias looked at Joshua, "Do you know what you want?"


"Yes," Joshua smiled at Tobias, and then looked at the waiter, "I'll have the Chicken Piccata with Capelli d'Angelo please." The waiter turned back to Tobias.


"I would like the Manicotti Alla Romana Please."


The waiter smiled taking the menus from them, "Your order should be ready in about twenty minutes."


They talked about their favorite songs and bands and they talked about other non-important things until the waiter returned with their orders. They ate the splendid dinner in almost total silence, the food was so good and well prepared, and the presentation was very well done. Tobias's Manicotti were perfect with the white sauce on one side and the red sauce on the other and the spinach and cheese filling was to die for, Joshua's Chicken was perfectly cooked so that it was juicy and tender and the Capelli d'Angelo pasta were al dente, just like he preferred his pasta, and the Piccata sauce was magnificent.


The waiter watched for them to finish their entrée's and taking their empty plates asked, "Would you care for desert?"


Tobias smiled at Joshua and answered for him, "Yes please, may we have two Panna Cotta with Fresh Strawberry Sauce?" The waiter served them and the flavor was a total delight for both of them. After finishing the waiter came to remove their desert dishes and placed the check on the table near Tobias. Joshua went to reach for it but Tobias grabbed it before he could see it.


"Please, don't ruin the moment, my treat alright?" Tobias grinned. Joshua acquiesced and smiled back at Tobias.


They headed out to the car and Tobias drove to the park for a quiet walk under the moon and the stars.



To be continued



Sorry all for the long wait for this Chapter to get out but I had a very stressful few weeks and the inspiration wasn't to rendezvous. This chapter will be finish has a second part. I'll try and have the second part done faster now that everything is settling down for me.


I wish you all enjoyed this first part of Chapter Two.

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This story is a complete fiction, any resemblance to people living or dead is completely coincidental, if you have any comments or any remarks please send them by Email at Joshua.and.Tobias@hotmail.com


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