Joshua's Adventures: Lovers

By Coolman69 --

This is Joshua's second adventure. The first one is published at Nifty Archive ( for you to read. This story is totally fiction. The characters portrayed in this story are products of my imagination and neither the situation nor the characters have ever existed.

In a special note I would like to thank all the people who sent me e-mail with great words and opinions on my story and those people I have met in IRC who have given me ideas on the story. I would like to thank FORRESTJE especially for his great messages that have given me inspiration for the continuing adventures of Joshua.

WARNING! This story is about homosexual activities between two or more young teens (16-18 years old). If you are either under age or find this kind of material offensive stop reading now! Go visit a more logical site (like

Joshua's Adventures: Lovers

My first gay contact with someone was 6 months in my past. Charlie and me had been having some fun since then, but nothing serious. We found that being way together was much better than being way alone. It was very fun because with would go to the park near school and sit down and watch the joggers pass and rate them in the "Hot-O-Meter" where the but was 30 points, 20 points was for muscle build and 50 points was for the size of crotch.

It was summer and after school was out I had planned to have some real fun with Charlie but my plans where upset by his parents and their trip to Las Vegas. I was so upset I didn't talk to him for a whole week before he left.

My first week of summer was very boring. Absolutely nothing to do. Most of my friends where either on vacation or where in summer school and grounded. So I decided to go to the public swimming pool and cool off from the humid summer air. I grabbed my swimming trunks and headed for the swimming. When I got there I quickly went to the men's locker room and changed into my trunks. I didn't really notice the guys that where there. I was too hot to start checking people out. I could do that in the evening when it was cool and I could do it with some patience.

In the pool it was cool and very refreshing. I could feel how the salty sweat of my body was washed off from in the pool and my nipples shrunk, contracting from the cold. I spent most of the day there, just soaking the feeling of freshness. And so the day in the pool. By evening most of the people had left and I didn't like to be alone so I decided to leave.

I opened my eyes got out of the pool. Then I noticed him. It was incredible because as I turned to see him I felt a jolt inside of me. Like electricity. He was about my size, my age and a little bit darker than I was. He had the most perfect lips I had ever seen, small and a beautiful skin tone that It felt like I was seeing an angel. He had golden brown hair and large eyebrows. I was paralyzed, too afraid to turn away. I truly though that It was an illusion and that If I blinked he would disapear.

He was on the trampoline ready to jump when he also turned to see me. He noticed how I was looking at him as he saw me, scared, with his light green eyes and quickly turned away. I could tell he blushed. What am I doing?! I thought to myself. Don't look at him that way or he'll kill `ya! I quickly turned away with great reluctance and headed to the locker rooms.

I changed very slowly (and still I don't know why) taking about 10 minutes just to put on my socks. I'm glad I took so long as the guy I was awe struck with entered the locker. He saw me again and just stood there, both scared and nervous.

"Hi." He said slowly. I turned to see him.

"Hi. Great day for a swim wasn't it?" I responded hoping he would keep talking. I think he noticed again that I was looking at him with great attention because he blushed.

"Yes." He smiled (God and what a smile!). "I enjoy swimming a lot, and with this heat I had to come."

"Yeah. It really is quite hot." I responded. And so are you. I thought. "My name is Joshua, what's yours?"

He then got even more nervous and started to turn away and leave. I quickly moved toward him and grabbed him by his arm.

"What's wrong?" I asked seeing that he was pretty scared. "Are you all right?"

"Yes. I'm alright. It's just that I don't know you and, well, I really don't trust you and--"

"I understand."


"Yeah, no problem. If you don't want to tell me your name its not problem at all."


"No problem." I grabbed him by the shoulder and escorted him to my corner to keep talking. But then he did something I didn't expect. As we where walking he grabbed me with his arm around my waist as we where walking. I got startled and turned to look at him.

I saw how he was looking at me. It was the same way Charlie saw me that faithful day.

From that moment my mind was no longer in control. My hormones what gone into turbo.

We turned to see each other intensely. He started proving my chest, first moving to my nipples and then moving down to my belly button there he spent a few moments, not knowing if to continue but he decided and went down to my crotch touching my half erect cock. It felt wonderful! I didn't just stay there looking at him. I quickly did the same, giving him pleasure. He then moved to my zipper and started taken my pants off. My job was much easier because he had his swimming trunks on. He had the most beautiful cock.

It was about 4 inches when not erect and uncut in a great golden color. His cock head was starting to poke out of its protective covering. Before he could say anything I moved down and moving the skin from the head I started to jack him off. He moaned and moved in a great way. Just seeing him move his thighs was turning me on.

He moaned as I kept jacking him off. Then I made a bold move and put his cock in my mouth. He screamed in pleasure as I started sucking him. He moaned and moaned all the way to his final moment when I saw him spasm and moved away so he could shoot his load. But I didn't move far enough as his first shot hit me in my shin and the second on my hair and the third in my lips. I was disgusted beyond belief. He opened his eyes and saw me.

"Taste it Josh. You'll love it." He told me seeing how repulsive I found his cum.
"I really don't think so. I don't do that."
"Are you sure? Have you ever done it?"
"No, but--"

"Then taste it." He put his dick in front of my face as a few more drops came from his dick and stayed there. I didn't know what to say. It was in front of me, tempting me. So I closed my eyes opened my mouth and sucked on his dick. I felt another spasm and a little bit more cum entered my mouth. I felt that I would throw up at any moment. It tasted kind of sweet and had the consistency of egg yolk. It wasn't bad actually and so I kept sucking. I heard him moan as he got off again, this time in my mouth. I swallowed again, filling my self with his milk.

"So, what do you think?" he asked panting.
"It was great!"
"I'm glad you enjoyed it."
"Now for your reward." He said and stood on his knees. He played with my balls for a while with his tongue and licked the under of my shaft a few times. He also only sucked the head of my cock a few times, I loved it as it drove me wild. I panted moaned and even screamed as he sucked me for all it was worth.

I had never felt this kind of ecstasy. I moved my hips up in down as he fingered my asshole. It was incredible. A few minutes later I felt my crotch was on fire and my balls about to explode. I had reached my time to cum and as I cummed in his mouth he put his fingers into my asshole making my ecstasy even more powerful.

He ate all of my cum without hesitation and moaned as I came in his mouth. He looked at me with his eyes and I knew this wasn't the end of it.


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