Joshua's Adventures: The Beginning of my new life.

This story is totally fiction and any relation to any person is fully coincidental. This is a story involving homosexual activities between a group of young teenage kids. If you find this kind of material offensive or do not agree to it please stop reading.

Hi! My name is Joshua, but my friends call me Josh, and I live in a small town in Illinois. I'm currently 15 and just found out I'm gay. It was quite interesting how I found out, a very cool and delightful way.

I was just finishing third period and running to my Spanish class on a Monday. I was very late because I had to ask the teacher for some extra credit work that I had for chemistry. I ran because I thought nobody would be in the halls. Thank god I was wrong. I kept running by a corner and bumped hard on something soft knocking me off my feet. I fell on my butt so nothing got broken though all my papers where all over the floor.

"Shit!" I said, "Now I'm really going to be late."
"Hey man watch where you're going! You can really hurt somebody if you aren't more careful." A male voice said in front of me.
"I'm sorry man. I'm just in a lot of hurry." I replied.

Then I saw him for the first time. He was a tall lean kid about 16 years in age. About 6'1" in height with black neck long hair and with pale skin. He wore pretty nice clothes: navy blue jeans with a blue shirt. It was the first time I ever actually looked at another man in my life with such detail and never even thought about another man in sexual ways and at that moment it was happening. He suddenly paused himself to look at me with detail too. Something I had never seen from another person of my same sex do.

Sure a lot of girls in school did it when I passed and sometimes I could actually hear them make noises like moaning or take deep breaths and making sounds with their teeth. And it felt different and sensual.

"No problem. Just try to be more careful next time -- uh -- what's your name?"
I paused for a second and after blinking a few times to clear my head I said:
"Oh! My name is Joshua. And your name is?"
"Charles. But you can call me Charlie, all my friends do."

His eyes were an incredible green color with a few stripes of honey and had beautiful black and big eyebrows. We stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other. It was a feeling of attraction I had never felt before -- I call it animal attractions. At that very moment I wanted to hold him and kiss him all over. I was petrified with the feelings I was having and at the same time scared. I wondered if Charlie knew what I was thinking.

"I really have to get to class. I'm late already," I said with a grin. "Maybe I can see you at the cafeteria and buy something to make it up to you."

What am I saying! This is totally weird. I thought. He will think I'm a faggot and tell everybody else.

"Sure. That would be cool." He replied with a wide smile appearing in his face.

After that we hit it off. It was incredible how much we had in common, from the music to favorite kind of soap. We talked to each other a lot and saw each other on the weekends and sometimes we would go to parties together. And it went like that for about a year and during that time I had had a lot of fantasies about kissing him, at least on the forehead.

Then it happened.

We were invited to a party at a girl friends party. An unsupervised party, my first. I changed and drove to Charlie's house to pick him up. We left his house at about seven and arrived at about ten minutes later. We had a lot of fun in the party with music, friends and games. Then after nine the party really started with the arrival of some older kids who brought a whole keg of beer. Both Charlie or me had never drank beer and so we tried it. The first cup was not of good taste but after that I decided that I would never stop drinking beer.

Charlie and I drank worse than fish (well not really, but almost like fish) and we got kind of drunk. At about eleven we left the house and started our way slowly to our house. But we decided that if we did get there all drunk we would probably get in trouble so we decided to somewhere where we could get some rest before heading home. I chose a small hill just above town.

"Here we are." I said putting on the hand break and turning off the car and lights. I turned on the radio on the local Jazz station.

"Oh man. I feel so cool." Charlie said with a smile. He was obviously more drunk that I was and was really happy.

"Me too man! I have never felt so free in my life. I could just do anything."

"Anything Josh?" He looked at me and grinned.

"Yeah, Anything. What are you thinking about Charlie." I saw the face he was making. He was thinking off something pretty good because of the size of his grin and how his eyes were.

He moved his hand over to my leg and squeezed it. Then he looked at me with such lust that I couldn't help but touch his cheek in response. He quickly got the idea that I felt the same way about him.

"Then make love to me Josh. Make love to your best friend and lets make ourselves feel really free."

My heart jumped. I grabbed his face with great power and kissed him deeply, proving all the inside of his mouth. It felt great and combined with our heave breathing it was the most sexual tension I had ever felt. He moved his hand from my leg and hugged me. I did the same and we kissed for many moments feeling for the first time the flesh of another persons mouth.

We broke our bodies apart as we started to remove our shirts. He unzipped my jeans and put his hand inside my pants and he grabbed my groin and my growing member. The tension was unbearable and I started moaning in pleasure and ecstasy as I also did the same and felt his groin for the first time since I met him. The heat coming from the middle of his legs was overpowering and I quickly reached the bottom of his boxers and grabbed his dick. It was a wonderful and hot feeling.

He unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to my ankles and did the same with my boxers. He looked at my dick and then my face. I nodded.

"Please Charlie. Let me fill your mouth with me. Do it! Do it before I go crazy from the waiting!" and so he did sliding my dick into his mouth and starting to suck. The feeling overflowed my pleasure senses and I entered Nirvana where nothing bad mattered, only the feeling of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. I felt the wetness of his mouth and the movement of his tongue over the underside of my dick going up and down my shaft. It felt like jacking off but 100 times better.

I quickly got the orgasm and I started moving my body up and down in rhythm with his sucking and after a few more minutes of pumping, moaning and crying out his name I came in his mouth feeling the jet of cum shoot into his mouth. He let go of my member as he swallowed the last of my juice. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down with his boxers. I saw his dick for the first time shooting in a straight line upward.

"Please do the same to me Josh. I've been hoping for this moment since the first time I saw you and I can't wait any longer. Please Josh, give me pleasure. I beg of you.

And so I did as he moved upward to put his dick on my mouth. I had never had a dick in my mouth and really didn't care for much but to pleasure Charlie so I put it in my mouth and did the same thing he did to me. I started sucking and moving my mouth up and down his shaft. He started moaning and that was turning me on. I grabbed my own growing dick and started jacking off.

Moments of heated lust followed, as we both felt pleasure never felt before and enjoying, grabbing every moment so we wouldn't forget it. Always to have it in our minds as the first time we felt this for another person, for a man.

He started pumping his body more and started moaning more and louder. I knew he was cumming. In a minutes time he got to his orgasm and stiffened above me and I felt a salty semi-jelly kind of liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed quickly as more and more filled my mouth. Another trip to Nirvana came to me and quickly left as we both returned to reality.

He crumbled onto me with deep breaths. We lay there looking at each other, not moving, for a long time (at least 10 minutes).

"I love you Joshua." He said.

"I love you to Charles. And I hope this moment never ends." I replied.

I kissed him and he kissed me back.

That is my first expirience. But still I have another to tell you ...


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