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West Fargo

Just A Story

New house. New Town. New School. Everything was new to me! This was all new, mom was driving her new Cadillac SUV; I didn’t even know she could drive!

“Do you like the neighborhood, honey?” mom asked as we drove to our new house.

“It’s okay,” I muttered. Actually, it looked pretty good, it was just going to be different living here than where I'd lived before. For fifteen years of my life I’d been kept isolated from it seemed everything. Life promised to be different now. My quote, father, unquote, was an asshole who never showed me one ounce of affection and made it clear that I was not his blood and not really his son. To put it mildly I had always been my mother’s excess baggage. I rarely got to see her and until three months ago she wasn’t aware of what kind of life I’d been living because he had successfully deceived her.

I’ve never been to school and never had any real friends at least not for very long. After all the tests, it was decided to skip me two grades.

“Well, here we are,” she said cheerfully as she turned into the drive and waited for the security gate to open. Once open we drove on up to the house. I looked at her. She was so excited. It was like Christmas for her and she eagerly wanted to show me all her presents and mine too. “Well, come on, Charlie. Let’s go!” she said as she got out.

“Inside or outside first?”

“Outside. I guess,” smiling faintly.

She made a sweeping action with her hands smiling and saying, “Okay, well, this is the outside. Don’t worry we have a grounds service to keep it up.” The place had nice grounds at least two acres, which were well groomed. The home had probably been a feature in Better Homes & Gardens!

She led the way into the house.

Wow! This definitely was mom’s dream house! Indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, exercise room with the latest professional hi-tech equipment, a racquetball court, a family theatre room, her study/library next to her bedroom which was huge and had connecting a connecting door to her study/library, another door lead to a huge dressing room and the bathroom with Jacuzzi bathtub, shower and European bidet. Another door led from the bathroom to the exercise room.

Of course there was a living room, dinning room and huge eat-in kitchen. And everything exquisitely furnished.

“Do you love it?” she asked.

“It is fantastic, mom!” She looked so pleased with herself and I could tell she had something up her sleeve for me. “Where do I, uh, sleep?”

She beamed and giggled as she opened a door. It looked like an empty closet.

“What do you think?”

“It is a closet, Mom. What’s the catch?”

“No catch. Go in and look at your room, hon.” She virtually shoved me into the closet and stepped in with me. A light came on and she closed the door. The closet was an elevator. I looked at her and smiled. She just giggled and up we moved. When we stopped she opened the door and we walked out.

I stood there unable to speak. I couldn’t believe it! My room occupied the whole top floor! Except for the bathroom and dressing room at this end of the room it was a completely open floor plan.

“You always said you wanted a bigger room,” she giggled, “You got it, four thousand square feet! Here let me show your bathroom!”

I was still speechless as she took my hand and we went into my bathroom. Not nearly as large as her bathroom, but more than adequate. The room consisted of large Jacuzzi tub, a big shower and a door that lead out to a small balcony. I could step from the balcony onto a slide, which would take me down to the pool! The balcony was a lift, which could take me down if I didn’t want to slide down.

I had a new stereo system, a new computer system with high-speed access, mom said she thought the man said T something. A library of books and CDs was here.

“So, Charlie, you like?”

I gave her a big hug. “I love you mom. I really didn’t know what to expect, but this is a dream! A real dream come true!”

“Good! Well, I’ve hired a housekeeper and cook. They start tomorrow. So, how about we take in a local restaurant or fast food place? I’m starved!”

“Me too!”

“Okay. Well, I suppose you want to take a shower and change out of your travel clothes so I’ll meet you at the car in about say forty-five minutes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She left going down the spiral staircase, which was through a door to the left of the elevator.

I went into the bathroom and undressed. I looked at my naked body in the mirror, flexed my muscles and shook my head. “Pitiful!” I said to myself. I’m not overweight or underweight I just don’t have a beautiful six-pack like the guys you see in the Abercrombie & Fitch pictures.

I stepped into the shower. There were no knobs, just a flat panel with numbers and a digital read out screen displaying a message:

“Enter desired water temperature…”

I entered 105. I was prompted for several other pieces of information. I chose gentle down pour and the shower started. I swear it was like standing in a gentle down pour complete with sound effects. And the water temperature was just right.

After my shower I toweled off and stood naked in my dressing room trying to decide what to wear and trying to remember what Julia had told me. Julia was a personal shopper mom hired who took me shopping last month in Chicago. It was the most fun I’d ever had and the first time I’d ever been shopping. She was twenty-four and I learnt a lot from her like ‘cool’, ‘awesome’, ‘hot’, ‘fine’. She said I was a babe. When I asked what that meant she said, “It means you’re really sexy and cute and she kissed me on the cheek!” Of course, I blushed and she thought that that was so ‘cute’ too!”

I finally chose white cargo pants, a red T-shirt and a white short-sleeve silk shirt, which I wore opened. Looking in the mirror I decided I looked pretty hot!

“My! My! Don’t you look handsome!” Mom said as I got in the car.

“Thanks. You look extremely beautiful too! In fact I think you’d be called one fine babe!” I laughed.

She smiled.

"So, how did you like the shower?"

"Mom, it was awesome! I wanted to try some of the pre-selects, but I figured I'd been in there for a couple of hours!" I laughed.

"You know, why don't we get some fast food and go to the movies?"

"Sure! That sounds like a plan. What's on?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure we can fine something."

The movie theater was in the mall and so was a food court, but I our movie was starting in ten minutes so I was elected or volunteered to get the food from the concession stand while mom got us our seats. As I turned to go to the concession stand I wasn't looking where I was going and wham! I crashed into someone.

Popcorn, soda, and nachos went everywhere. The two hot dogs covered with mustard and ketchup and the nacho cheese sauce appeared to be magnetically attracted to the person’s shirt and sort of slowly slide down the shirt dropping to the floor with the rest of the mess.

“Great! Just fucking great!” he said, “You stupid idiot! Why the hell don’t you watch where you’re going?”

“Oh, God! I’m sorry! I-I,” I stammered.

“Hey! Cool it, dude!” said a movie attendant, “You ran into him! Look, I’ll clean this up and replace this stuff. You go clean yourself up.”

“Yeah. Okay,” he said looking at me for a second then left.

“I’m really sorry, you want me to help?”

“Nah, it’s cool. The guy was being a jerk. You okay?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I got the refreshments for mom and I and was on my way to theater 9 when the movie attendant met me.

“Hey. You need some help? Don’t want you to have an accident too”

“Thank you, if you could take the popcorn, it would help.”

“So, what’s you’re name? Mine's Paul, Paul Downsley.”

“Charlie, Charlie Huntington-Ford.” I thought he had a really handsome face and a great smile.

After the movie I was waiting for my mom to exit the restroom and Paul walked over to me.

“Hey Charlie! How’d you like the movie?”

“It was good, very funny! Thank you.”

He smiled. “So, do you live around here?”

“Yes. I just moved here.”

“Where from?”

“Oh just some totally boring place in Iowa,” I lied.

So, how do you like it here?”

“It seems okay, I guess.”

“What school you going to?”

“Whitmore High School.”

“Hey! Cool! That’s where I go! I’m a junior this year. Are you a freshman?”

“What’s a freshman?”

“Ninth grade.”

“No, I’ll be in the eleventh grade. They decided to skip me ahead two grades. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a school. I was always taught at home. My ex-dad said I had to be educated at home.”


“He’s not my real dad and my mom got divorced, he’s her ex-husband and so that makes him my ex-dad.”

“Where’s your real dad?”

“Don’t know I never met him.”

“You know I don’t have to work tomorrow. Maybe we could hang out and I could show you around,” he offered.

“I’ll have to check with my mom.”

“You’ll have to check what with me?” she asked from behind me.

“Oh, uh, mom this is Paul Downsley. Paul this is my mom, Mrs. Harrington-Ford.”

“How do you do, Paul?”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Harrington-Ford. I was just asking Charlie if he’d like we could hang out together and I’d show him around the town. We’re both in the same grade this year.”

“That sounds like a great idea, why don’t you have breakfast with us then you could show both of us around and maybe sometime tomorrow I could meet your parents.”

“Sure! What time?”

“How about eight o’clock?”

Mom gave him our address and we went our separate ways.


Have you ever seen someone that just took your breath away? I mean some people I think are really cute, some damn handsome, but no one, girl or guy, has ever has ever had the effect of taking my breath away. Well, until I saw Charlie.

I work at a cinema, one of those 20 plus theaters and that's where I saw him. Some jerk-off ran into Charlie and spilt popcorn, soda and other stuff, then started acting as-if it was all Charlie’s fault. I sort of intervened which very much unlike me, to stick up for someone. I don’t know I just felt like I had to help him and I had to get to know him.

After I had gotten one of the dweebs that worked here to clean up the mess I saw him struggling with his refreshments and offered to help him. He accepted and then I meet his mom briefly, a good-looking woman in her mid-thirties I’d guess.

I cannot believe that during the movie that I actually went into the theater just to have a look at him. I saw him laughing at a part in the movie and I don’t know it really made me feel happy to see him laugh. I was fascinated and drawn to him like a moth to a light. After his movie I saw his mom dart off to the restroom so I took advantage of the moment and started talking to him. The end result was he and his mother invited me over for breakfast!

I come from a fairly decent middle class family. We live in a nice four-bedroom house in a nice sub-division. Mom drives a new Toyota SUV and Dad drives a new Honda Civic and I have a 94 Ford Escort GT. I love my car. It’s a stick shift and has a sunroof and an awesome sound system and 130,000 miles on it, it’s in excellent shape and I’ve never had a problem with it. I wish I’d had a GPS device because it took me nearly forty-five minutes to find Charlie’s place. I was fifteen minutes late! I hate being late!

To be honest I nearly turn around and drove off when I got to their drive, gated entry with security cameras! Pulling up in front of their house I felt really out of place. I mean these people were rich! But then I figured the worst thing that could happen is they could tell me to leave, so I got out of my car and knock on the door.

“Master Downsley?” questioned the man.


“Do come in. I’ll inform Master Harrington-Ford of your arrival, however, Mrs. Harrington-Ford wishes to see you in her study. Please follow me.” He led me to the study and bid me to have a seat as Mrs. Harrington-Ford was talking on the phone.

“Gregory, I understand, but there is no way I can leave. God man! I just arrived here and I just won’t leave Charlie by himself! Not yet…No, he starts school next week…No I’m not going to keep him out of school for another week…NO! Look, I have company here call me back later. Good…okay bye” She looked over to me a smiled. “Good morning, Paul.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Harrington-Ford. I’m sorry I’m late. I sorta got lost.”

“Not to worry, Paul. I wanted to thank you for coming to my son’s aid last night…I’m not talking about help with the refreshments, I’m referring to the oaf who ran into my son.”

“No thank you is necessary, ma’am.”

“Hi, Paul!” came a voice from behind me. I turned to see Charlie. “I’m really glad you’re here! I thought you might not come, but you did!” He looked so happy to see me I felt like running over to him and giving him a hug. I didn’t but I wanted to. This is just not me! I am not a touch-feely kind of guy! I’ve never been effusive or wanted to be effusive until now!

I stood up and said “Hey! Charlie! Sorry, I was late. I got lost trying to find your place.”

“Hey, you’re here and that’s all that matters! You hungry? I’m starved!”

“Man, am I ever!”

“Great! Let go eat!” he turned and started to leave and I was about to follow him when I realized I was still talking to Mrs. Harrington-Ford.

“Uh, is there anything else, ma’am?”

She was smiling, “No, no, you two gone on. Don’t wait for me to start, Charlie, I’ve got to call Gregory. I’ll be along in a while or better yet why don’t you have John serve me in here.”

“Okay, mom.”

I followed Charlie through to the kitchen.

“John, my mother would like to be served in the study. Me, I’m easy. Right here will do.”

“Yes sir, but wouldn’t you prefer the dinning room. The table there is already set.”

“No!” Charlie said in a manner, which startled John and myself. He looked down at his feet like he was instantly ashamed of his manner. “I-I-I’m sorry…I just don’t like eating there unless Mother is there or there are a lot of people…sorry…”

“As you wish, sir,” replied John. He started preparing a breakfast tray for Mrs. Huntington-Ford.

After a few moments of silence Charlie spoke again quiet softly. “John?”

“Yes sir?”

“Would you eat with us? Please? I’m sure my mother wouldn’t mind.”

“Well, I’ve already had my breakfast, sir, but I could join you with a cup of coffee,” he said with a wry smile, then left with Mrs. Harrington-Ford’s tray of food.

He looked at me then looked down. “You probably think I’m a freak or something…I am…I guess, but…”

It looked like his eyes were filling with tears and it was all I could do not to take him in my arms and hold him and keep him safe.

“Charlie, I don’t think that of you. If anybody’s weird it’s me!” I said quietly. A couple of tears rolled down his cheeks. “When I met you last night and helped you carry your refreshments back to your seat. I decided then that I wanted to be your friend and for me that’s weird.” Now it was my turn to feel embarrassed, I blushed and looked away, “I felt really happy that we met and became friends so easily.”

He smiled; no he glowed with happiness when he said almost in a whisper “Really?”

I nodded my head. John came in and served us breakfast and sat with us. All of us seemed to relax and get along really well. John had both of us in stitches by telling us jokes. When we’d all finished John announced that if we were going to eat in the kitchen then we’d all have to chip in and do the dish washing. I washed, Charlie rinsed and John dried.

I saw John, getting ready to pop the towel at my backside.

“Don’t even think about it, John!” I said too late as I quickly jumped out of the way. He missed. But he was getting ready to pop it again. “Ha-ha, ya missed me!” I laughed.
“Whack!” sounded the towel as he got Charlie on the butt.

“Ow!” yelled Charlie, but in the next second he threw a sponge at John and got him square in the face. I burst out laughing and Charlie joined me in laughter.

“Right! This is war!” said John.

In less than five minute we were all soaked and laughing our heads off. I had just thrown the sponge at Charlie and got him on the back. He dunked the sponge in the soapy dishwater. Looked at me and with a wry smile, aimed and fired; I ducked and I heard the wet sponge hit somebody.

She let out a yelp. Charlie’s face had a look of total shock; John’s face didn’t look any better. I turned around and there was Mrs. Harrington-Ford. Charlie had gotten here right between her two breasts. She looked at me sternly and my smile quickly disappeared, but then it came back for a second or two because I thought the situation was hilarious. Her expression didn’t change. “Gentlemen,” she said as she bent over to pick up the water soaked sponge, “the kitchen is not really a play room. And as for you young man,” Charlie was trying to say something, but not words were coming out, “when you aim at someone, you must anticipate their moves. Similar to fencing.”

“Splat!” The sponge hit me square in the face! She laughed. The other two looked at each other and then me.

“Suckered!” was all I said then I picked up the sponge. “Never! Again.” She looked at me.

“Now, Paul, I-I” she said moving towards John. I threw she ducked and I hit right on my target, Charlie!

Ten minutes later we were all soaked and John finally put an end to it all. “Okay, you guys win! Please enough! It’s going to take me all day to get this kitchen back in order!”

“Yes, guys, it’s been fun, but I have a very full day too. Charlie, you two go up and get dry. Paul looks about the same size as you, I’m sure you can find some clothes for him,” said Rebecca. She had told me that if we were friends enough to have water fight then we were friends enough for me to call her Rebecca instead of Mrs. Harrington-Ford.

“So, what are you guys going to do today?” she asked.

“Well, I brought my bike, I thought we could just bike around – no parking problems. What do you think?” I asked Charlie.

“Sounds like a great idea except for one thing…well, actually two things, one I don’t have a bike and two you’ll have to teach me how to ride one. I think mom would buy me one, if you offer to teach me how to ride it.”

“You’ve never ridden a bike?” I asked.

“No. See I said was weird, so where do we go from here?”

“A bike store, I would imagine. How much do they cost?” asked Rebecca.

“Anywhere between about a hundred to several thousand depending on quality,” I replied.

She thought for a moment then smiled and said, “Okay, Charlie, it’s your choice, just kept it below three thousand.”

“Yes, ma’am, I will, thanks. I love you,” he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you too. Now go have a fun day with Paul,” she said as she left.

We left John cleaning up in the kitchen. I followed Charlie as he led the way. “This is the pool area he said as he opened a door”

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

“Wow!” was all I could say. I had never seen an indoor swimming pool in somebody’s house.

“Neat, huh? You want to go for a swim?”

“Awesome! I’d love to, but I don’t have any swimming trunks.”

“Neither, do I. So you want to swim or not?”

I didn’t know what to say. I’d never swum in the nude before. What if I got hard! What if he got hard!

“Uh, what do you want to do?” I finally answered.

“I want to go buy a bike and have you teach me how to ride it.”

“Then maybe later, we can swim.”

“Sounds like a plan.” We walked over to the waterslide. He pushed a button and a balcony started moving down! When it was down we stepped on to it and it started going up. Half way up he said, “Wait until you see my shower!”

“Oh? Why?” I asked nervously. Think of taking a shower with Charlie was having a wild effect on me and I was trying desperately to think of something else.

“Because it’s the neatest shower in the world! Really! Come on! I’ll show you!” he said as the balcony stopped at the top. He grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom, which was huge! He quickly stripped off his clothes and opened the door to the shower as I stood there in awe of the place. This bathroom was almost the size of my bedroom! “Well, take off those wet clothes and come in here! You got to see this!”

Other than at school I’d never taken a shower with anyone, much less another guy and school was different there was always a bunch of other guys. His enthusiasm out weighted my reservations and I joined him although I wondered what could be so special. I stepped into the shower and he reached behind me and shut the door.

I was trying not to look at him below the waist, but my eyes sort of drifted downwards. I think he caught me.

“What? Is there something wrong with me?” he asked looking down at his own body then back at me.

“No!” I squeaked, “No. I, uh, I just never took a shower with anyone else alone before.” I was blushing.

“Oh, neither have I. Whew! I thought maybe there was something wrong with me.”

“No! You’re perfect!” Oh, God! Why did I say perfect? I should have said ‘you’re fine or okay, not perfect!’

He interrupted my self-berating by pulling on my arm and walking me over to the front shower wall, which had an electronic readout panel. He positioned me in front of it then got behind me and leaning in close to me said something, but I don’t know what it was because he was standing so close to me I could feel his body heat. Oh, God! This is torture!
“Paul, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I’m sorry my attention was elsewhere. What did you say?”

“Make a selection, try summer rain!”

I made the selection. Suddenly, warm water was raining down from above like a summer rain. It was then that I realized that there was no regular showerhead, the lights dimmed and then a flash of light followed by the sound of thunder.

“Wow! Neat!” I said.

He stood a few feet away from me his head tilted upwards, eyes close and arm stretched out from his sides. I could tell he was just enjoying the rain.

“I love this,” he said quietly, “Last night after I got home I spent an hour in here trying all the different pre-settings…this was my favorite.” He opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. “Go ahead try some of the other settings if you want.”

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back just like him and relaxed. It felt so good feeling the gentle warm rain falling on my face and body. “No, that’s fine, Charlie. I love this too, it’s really great.”

We said nothing for at least five minutes.

“Well, I’m ready to go get my bike. Have you ever been blown?” he asked.


“Have you ever been blown?”


“Well, today’s your lucky day! You’re going to get blown!”

To be continued.

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