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Sam Lakes



Just A Story - Chapter 15

There is one thing I really love doing and that's watching Paul wake up. He lies there, breathing slowly, twitches his nose; his eyes are shut and there's no REM movement. His nose twitches a second time and he just opens his eyes and smiles at me.

"Hi, you were watching me sleep, weren't you?"

"No, I was watching you wake up. It's so neat! I want a kiss."

Paul puckered up his lips and I lowered my lips to his and we kissed. Gently at first and then the passion grew. He broke the kiss.

"Before we start, I really gotta pee!"

"Yeah, me too!" And with that we both got up and raced for the bathroom. 

I turned on the shower "I'm gonna pee in here cuz when I'm hard I can't aim worth a damn," I said, then stepped into the shower.

"Me too," he said and stepped in behind me. Next thing I know is I feel this warm stream of pee hitting my butt.


"Hey, yourself, you're in my way," laughed Paul.

I turned around and peed on him and we began fighting with our pee streams and making noises like light sabers and giggling.

"The Force is with me!" I exclaimed, but then my stream reduced itself to a dribble. I looked down at my dick with a really disappointed look on my face, then looked up at Paul, "Oops, the Force just left me!"

We laughed so hard that we ended up in each other's arms for support. Finally, I calmed down enough to turn around and rinse my pee-covered front. Then moved aside to let him do the same. I stood behind him for a moment and then wrapped my arms under his arms and around his chest and started nibbling his left ear lobe. Slowly, I began washing his ear with my tongue, which I knew would drive him crazy. Slowly he turned around and we began kissing, our tongues playing with each other and our passion grew. I broke our lip lock and worked my way to his other ear while my right hand found its way to his throbbing erection and I began slowly pumping away. 

"Oh! Charlie!" he moaned. I moved down his neck with gentle kisses, then down farther to his nipples, sucking and nibbling one, then moving over to the other. I could tell he was approaching a climax and I didn't want to spoil it and I wanted it to be great for him. I moved down and began licking and sucking his dick as I continued to pump away with my hand. He began to gently thrust and I dropped my hand to his balls, just lightly holding them and playing with them.

"Oh, God! Charlie!" he moaned loudly as the head of his penis swelled and his balls tightened. Gush after gush of warm cum flooded into my mouth and down my throat as I continued sucking away, not wanting to spill a drop of it. I love the feel of his penis in my mouth when he starts to go soft. 

"Oh, God, stop. It's so sensitive, well, you know what I mean."

"ut i uv eit. ant alk ith urrr ick n mi outh!" I said, half giggling.

"What?" he asked.

I let his dick slip out of my mouth.

"I said, 'But I love it'. Meaning the feel of your soft dick in my mouth," I giggled and added, "Then I said, 'can't talk with your dick in my mouth!'" He pulled me up.

"Dufus!" he said quietly. Then we kissed and the water started running cold.

"I hate your shower! It never has enough hot water! I gotta get out or my butt's going to freeze." I got out and toweled off, then went back to his bedroom. I started putting on my clothes.

"What are you doing?" he asked, sitting naked on the bed.

"I believe it's called getting dressed," I smiled.

"Uh-uh, nope, you can't. Not yet. It's my turn. Mr. Penis and I have a date."

With an offer like that, how could I refuse? A half hour later I was getting dressed. I really didn't want to get dressed, I wanted to stay in bed and make love with Paul, but I also had to find out who had set-up Paul and why and nearly caused us to break up. If Gregory hadn't been there I think I would have.

"I called my mom this morning, I told her everything that had happened, I told her I knew it was John behind it all, I just didn't know the connection with Alister and Tom. She wanted to make sure you were all right. She said she would handle it."

"I don't deserve you," Paul said in a sad tone of voice. I know he was about to continue, but I didn't want him to start feeling bad about himself and I knew he would if he continued along this track.

"You're right! You don't deserve me!" I said.


I smiled. "I said you don't deserve me. You deserve someone who will always be by your side, not someone who flies off to Europe on another's whim! I love you and this would never have happened if I'd stayed! I will never leave you again; I promise."

At that moment the phone rang. 

Paul answered it, then passed the phone to me.


"Charlie, this is Tim Mathers, your mom wanted me to call you, she'd like you to stay with Paul until she returns."

"Okay. Do you mind if I put you on speakerphone so Paul can hear?"

"No problem," said Mathers. I pushed the speakerphone button.

"Okay, we're both here."

"Hello, Paul, sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances. The low-life, John Avers, the butler, was the uncle of Alister Moore. Tom Westerson, alias Tom Burnett, was just someone Avers hired to get Paul into a compromising position. Avers planned it all and was the photographer. He was planning on distributing that photo to various people, but has since reconsidered due to the fact that child pornography is a serious charge. Alister Moore and family are in the process of moving to San Francisco, Mr. Moore senior has been offered a promotion, provided he and his family are there in 48 hours. Alister has been persuaded never to communicate with you or Paul, he's - uh, volunteered to work part-time for six months on a teen gay hotline under very close supervision. His accomplices, Pedro Gonzoles and Eric Latimer, realized the errors of their ways and won't be a problem."

"What about John?" asked Paul.

"Oh, yeah. Returning to England. His green card was revoked and he's being deported and told never to return to the US. Any other questions?"

"Yeah, how did you accomplish all this so fast?" asked Paul.

Mathers chuckled, "It's amazing what money and calling in a few favors can do."

We hung up.

"I don't think I could ever live without you," Paul said softly.

"Don't worry, I will always be with you and when I die I'll come and haunt you," I laughed. I felt so good, so relieved, and I know Paul felt the same. "Well, I was thinking of making love with you all day, but I got a better idea!"


"The Mall! Shopping!"

"Oh, no! Let's make love!" said Paul.

"Tonight!" I said and wiggled my eyebrows. "I'm going to buy you a new wardrobe!"

"Me? But why?"

"Firstly, because I love you. And secondly, you're always borrowing my clothes anyway. Thirdly, consider it an early wedding present! Fourthly, I thought we could hang out with Sam and Jordan. And plan our trip to Chicago."

"Chicago? Wedding?" Paul had the cutest, most thrilled look on his face.

"Yeah, Jordan told me that Sam and he have always wanted to see Chicago. And early this morning I thought, if you'd like, you and I could say our wedding vows to each other and Sam and Jordan could just be there as witnesses and of course our moms."

"At the top of the Sears Tower?"

"No, dufus! In front of the monkey cage at the Lincoln Park Zoo!" I laughed. "Of course at the top of the Sears Tower!"

Remember the kiss he gave me in the bike shop? Well, the kiss he just gave me made the bike shop kiss look pale. Needless to say, it took us another couple of hours to get ready for the mall.