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Hey guys,

This is a longish chapter. There is some humor, but I think some tears too. Unfortunately, it concludes this series. I have sincerely enjoyed writing this series more than the others I have written. I've made a number of new friends, which I think is the only real reason I write. I've had many compliments, even some which compare me to the likes of Comically, DriverNine, DaBeagle - if only I were as good as them...maybe someday.

People to thank: David at Nifty for posting my stuff. John at GWG for words of encouagement. Ed - it seems all the stories I enjoy are edited by Ed. Trey who kept bugging me to write more. Mark Peters, a fellow writer, a co-author and a great friend who I love and admire - Mark's taking an okay story of mine and making it an awesome story! You, the reader, your comments and praises make it all worthwhile. And finally, my best friend in the world - no, strike that, my best friend in the universe - he gives my life purpose - Hootie, the Night Owl!

Sam Lakes


Just A Story - Chapter 16



"Hey, Chas! How is it hangin'?"

"How's what hangin?"


"I'm not hangin', I'm standing?"

I couldn't help but giggle because I knew it was going to be one of those remarkably funny conversations with Chas. He is so adorably cute.

"Why did you ask me if I hung?"

I burst out laughing.

"Paul, Sam's laughing at me - all I said was why did he ask me if I was hung. What's so funny about that? I'm not hung, I'm standing," he said to Paul. I heard Paul burst out in laughter.

"Great! What's so funny? What am I supposed to say?"

I was laughing so hard I nearly pissed in my pants. I'd start to say something, then go into a fit of laughter. He hung up and I just continued laughing for a minute or two, then called him back.

"Paul says to tell you that I'm hung really well! I-I don't get it...," said Charlie, then I heard Paul explain what was meant by being well hung.

"Sam, I still don't understand, you know what I, ugh, well, I ugh, shit! I saw you looking at uh, my ugh - ugh, you know."

"Yes, you are definitely well hung, but I didn't ask you that. I asked you how's it hanging, meaning how are you doing?"

"Oh. I'm hangin' good, so why did you call?"

"I didn't."

"Yes, you did, I just answered the phone."

I giggled, "You called me first, then hung up!"

"Oh yeah, I'm taking Paul shopping at Nordstrom's - I thought maybe you and J-dude would like to have dinner, go to a movie, my treat, and besides I have something really important to ask you and J-dude. "

"Hey, sounds good to me! See you at the mall."

"Cool! See ya!"

I called Jordan.

"Hey, dude! Your favorite shopper is coming over to shop for his boyfriend."

"Charlie's coming! God, that kid is so damn cute. I tell you, Sam, he is so funny. In a weird sort of way."

"Yeah, I know!" I burst into another fit of laughter and finally told J-dude what happened and about going to the movies.

I figured I had at least an hour before Chas would finish so I took my time showering and getting dressed.

I really like Paul and Chas. They are in my humble opinion the perfect couple - separated they aren't really- I don't know how to put it except that the two parts when put together are greater than the whole. I swear they have convinced me that there are such things as soul mates. I wonder what Chas has to tell us.


Jordan's POV

I saw Charlie and Paul coming into the department, I could tell something had changed - They were walking hand-in-hand! Neither aware of it nor caring and both giggling about something. I had a feeling that Charlie was about to try and embarrass me. He seems to delight in doing that.

Sure enough he did.

"Hey, J-Dude! How's it hanging!" Then he giggled, "Never mind! <giggle> I can see - It's hanging a little to the left!"

I subconsciously adjusted myself. At which point he burst out laughing and said, "You see, Paul, he adjusted himself and now it's hangin' to the right!"

I blushed. "Damn it, Charlie, keep your voice down! Not everybody is interested!"

"That guy over there is!" he giggled.

I looked.

"Ha! Made ya look!" He was laughing.

"Paul, can you keep you boy under control?"

Paul laughed and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, right!"

After the first hour Paul finally said, "Charlie, I'm hungry. Jordan's tired. Jordan's hungry." I nodded in agreement.

"Order some food, they'll bring it to us right here. Won't they, Jordan?"

"Yes, I'll take care of it!" I said and went to order a couple of club sandwiches and sodas.

Two hours later, Charlie had completed. He had bought Paul a completely new wardrobe. Paul had enough clothes for two weeks or more, a new watch, Rolex of course, everything. It's sort of funny, Paul usually argues with Charlie when Charlie wants to buy him things, but this time was different. They seemed more relaxed, when they were sure they could not be seen they'd steal a kiss or two, nothing vulgar, just a simple kiss. I guess what I noticed the most was they were so happy together and just having fun being with each other and being with me.

Sam arrived right on time, just as I clocked out.

"Hey, Dude, where are the boys?" he asked.

You know, it's funny, we'd only known the 'boys' for about a month, but there had been an instant kinsmanship with them. It was almost like we had known them our entire lives and although we were only two years older than them, it was like they were our kids. I've felt that way almost from the beginning and we sort of fell into calling them 'the boys'.

Sam and I were waiting in the food court when we heard them coming. The two were acting like a couple of kids, laughing and racing through the mall to get to us.

"Hey, Sam! Jordan! Look what I got!" said Charlie as he took a device out of his shirt pocket, "Paul has one too! It's called an iPod! Five billion mouthfuls! I can swallow a 1000 mp3 songs."

"Five billion mouthfuls?" asked Sam, starting to giggle.

"Yeah. Oh! You know, uh, bites! Isn't it neat and cute! Here, try it! Oh, hold on! I like this song." And he proceeded to sing and dance to Timbuk 3 - "The Future's so Bright, I gotta wear shades". Of course we all started laughing cuz he was so off key!

We finally got to look at their iPods. "Dudes! These are awesome," I said to the two.

"Good! Cuz we got you a prez!" said Paul as Charlie tossed us a shopping bag.

Sam's jaw dropped. So did mine! Both Charlie and Paul burst out laughing!

"See, I told you!" laughed Paul.

"GROUP HUG!" shouted Charlie and the two lunged for us and we all ended up in a group hug for a few moments.

"Hey, let's go to Roadhouse Annie's," suggested Paul.

"Cool! We'll meet you there!"


Charlie's POV

Roadhouse Annie's is a great place, smallish but quaint. All sorts of things hanging on the walls and from the ceiling, different things, all in all it was a neat place. The menu was a small book and the food was pretty good quality and cheap! But the neatest thing was I could lean over and give Paul a kiss without worrying if anybody cared because they didn't - Of course we didn't make out or anything like that cuz it was a public place, but you could hold hands and a quick peck on the cheek was quite okay.

We'd all ordered our food when Sam said, "Okay, Chas, iPod's nice, love it, but there's something else, huh?"

I looked at Paul who was smiling, "You wanna tell him?"

"You do it."

"Well, we'd like it if you two would come to Chicago with us next weekend...all expenses paid... Sam, I want you to sort of, uh" I blushed. I looked at Paul and he came to my rescue.

"He wants you to be his best man and I want Jordan to be my best man. Would you?"

"I knew it!" shouted Sam, "Whoa, Chas, this is awesome, dudes!"

"Sam was just saying on our way over here he bet you two decided to make the big commitment! So, details, please!!!" voiced Jordan.

Paul told them that all of us and our moms would go to the top of the Sears Tower and he and I would simply say our vows and promises in their presence.

"Paul, I would be most honored to be your best man," Jordan said, reaching over and giving our hands a gentle squeeze.

"Chas, the same goes for me," Sam smiled, "and Chas, if you need me to explain to you anything about the birds and the bees, you let me know."

I smiled and thanked him. Funny guy, Sam, he really didn't strike me as a guy who liked birds and insects; still, if I have a question I'll be sure to ask.


For me the week crept by so slowly. Our moms were great; they both cried; they hugged and kissed and both gave their consent and they got together and made all the arrangements for travel, hotels, food, etc.

All week I had tried to think of what I would say, over and over it seemed, a hundred times a day I would think of my vows to Paul - it got to the point where anything I thought of sounded corny and childish. Then I began to worry. I was in the middle of worrying when the phone rang.

"Hey, Chas, dude, it's me, Sam"

"Yeah, I know."

"Whoa, dude! You sound really bummed out! So wassup?"

"Nothing, you ready to go tomorrow?"

"Yeah, right! Dude, I'm here for you, Now again, what's going on?" He sounded genuinely concerned.

"What if we're up there in the Sears Tower and I can't think of anything to say, or I say something stupid or dumb or even worse what if I start laughing. I mean I look in to Paul's eyes and he's all serious and I just start laughing in his face. I mean, it would be terrible!"

"Chas, dude, what would you do if Paul started to say something to you and he went into fits of laughter?"

"I'd probably start laughing too cuz he always makes me laugh."

"So, it's cool if you laugh. Face it dude, you will laugh and Paul will laugh and you get Jordan and me laughing and your moms and probably all the other tourists up there. But when everything calms down you two will say the right things and they'll be perfect. I know this, Chas. I've only known you and Paul for a short time, but I feel I've known you my whole life and J dude feels the same. And tomorrow night will be your wedding night, just you and Paul, and I'm sure you'll have a special night. Now any questions?"

"I think you're right, Sam," I replied. "What questions?"

"You know, about the birds and the bees?"

"You know I was thinking about a question to ask you about that. 'Cause you asked me that question the other night and, well, I thought of something."

"Yes, ask away, dude," responded Sam in a funny strange voice for the usual Sam voice.

"How do bees make honey?"


"How do bees make honey?" I repeated the question.

"How do bees make honey?"

"Yeah, do they like spit it out or is honey bee pee or ...well?"

"This was what you were thinking about today?" he asked in sort of a half laugh.

"Why are you laughing at me again, Sam?" I was just a little peeved, after all it was him who told me to ask him questions about birds and bees.

"Hey, dude, you are just so damn cute, so damn naive!"

"So damn stupid, you mean!"

"No! Never stupid! Chas, I adore you...you're so innocent and yeah, funny - but that's what I love about you - that's what Jordan loves about you, so never change...look, people refer to sex as the birds and bees."

"Oh, well, I can't think of any sex questions I haven't asked Paul or Mom about, but thanks."


Nobody said anything on the way up to the observation area of the tower. I was a little nervous and I think Paul was too cuz our palms were all sweaty. It was the most perfect day and you could see for miles.

"I'm nervous, Paul."

"Me, too," he said as we stood there looking out over the Chicago skyline. We turned to face each other. Sam was on our right with my mom, but video taping us. Jordan was on our left with Paul's mom. It wasn't planned. I took Paul's hands in mine. I looked down and then up and into his eyes. He was so beautiful.

"Paul, you mean everthing to me. Since we met the first time in the theatre I've loved you and my life has never been so full of happiness and life. Life, I think life without you would not be life at all. You are the most important thing in my life and I will forever be yours to love, to hold. My greatest pleasure in life will be the happiness, love, and pleasure I can bring to your life. What is mine is yours from now until beyond forever."

"Charlie, I feel the same. You are my life and I do hereby commit myself to you as your friend, your companion, your love from now until beyond forever. I will always do all that I can to bring you happiness and love. I love you, Charlie Harrington-Ford, without any conditions - it spans this body, this time, this space."

We kissed. This was truly the most happy moment of my life. I could hear the two moms sniffing. Then my stomach growled. And we giggled.

"I think the boy is hungry," giggled Paul.

The moms were congradulating us and telling us how beautiful it was and kept rewinding the video and carrying on about our extremely short ceremony. Life couldn't get any better. It was getting dark when we all went to eat. We had about two blocks to walk to the restaurant. Paul and I were walking hand in hand, followed by Jordan and Sam, and bringing up the rear were the moms.

Then a short distance ahead of us were two people, suddenly one guy shouts out, "Fuck You! Asshole!" and he begins wrestling with the other guy who has a gun.

"Get back!" yells Paul as he steps in front of me and I hear the gun fire; Paul falls back onto me, knocking me over. I saw the guy with the gun run away.

It took a sec to realize that something was wrong. "PAUL!!" I screamed. Blood was everywhere. Paul was holding his side. The blood was pouring out of him.

He looked at me in desperation. "Paul! No! Don't die!" I was crying and holding him. His eyes fluttered, then closed. He was breathing no more and I knew he was gone. His body was limp and lifeless and getting cold, but I had to hold on to him. I had to. I don't know much of whatever went on, someone pried me away from Paul. It had happened so fast. No last second kiss or profession of one's love. Just his blood and my tears. Why? There was no answer.


A month has passed since Paul's death. Everyone has tried to help. Sam and Jordan seem like they are always with me. But inside I'm dead, no love, no hope, no happiness. When Paul died the best part of me died. I just want to be with him. I don't care about life or others to getting on with it. My Paul is dead.

I left school today right after lunch and walked over to Paul's. I still had a key so I let myself in. "Paul! Paul, love, I'm home!" I walked aimlessly around the house, calling out for Paul half expecting him to appear, but he didn't. I found his dad's gun in a closet, a 9mm Ruger. It was unloaded so I loaded it, walking into Paul's room. I lay my head down on his pillow. I could smell his scent very faintly. Sighing, I sat up on his bed. All I could think of was I wanted to be with Paul.

Life just isn't fair...I placed the gun to my temple. I knew and felt that soon I would be with Paul. "I love you, Paul,." I whispered as my finger started applying pressure to the trigger...

PS. Okay there you have it! Did Charlie pull the trigger? Does he meet Paul? ??? Well, that depends on if I should continue this or not - one or two emails won't do the trick as I do have a life - I love writing but only as long as I know people are reading and enjoying what I write - the more people who email me and become friends the more likely I will write. Sam Lakes.